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Default Favorite Clothes That Are Now Too Big

As you lose weight, your clothes get too big. Yea!!! However, if you are sad about losing a favorite here are some alternatives that I have used to solve the problem.

1. Find a Seamstress - I have taken several favorite items to a seamstress and for a small fee, she has taken in the item. The cost will depend on the city that you live in, but I don't mind paying $15 to alter something that I now can wear again. I sew, but not with the same expertise as a seamstress. Even if you have lost many sizes a seamstress can often still take it in enough to satisfy you. Obviously, get an estimate before making the decision to alter the garment.

2. Look on Ebay - I have searched and now found duplicates of two favorite tops of mine and purchased them in a smaller size on Ebay.

Enjoy and consider these ideas for you when you are considering how to reward yourself for the hard work involved in losing weight.

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Boy do I know what this is like...

I have a RL Polo rugby shirt that I bought as a BIG treat for myself a couple of years ago.. It's a XXL and looks so huge on me it's not even funny.. This was a VERY expensive shirt and while I've gotten rid of most of my big shirts, I just can't bear to get rid of this one.. How sad is that..

Thanks for the tips, Lynn...
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I too have probably given away enough clothes to cloth a small 3rd world country (except they would probably need a much smaller size that my old too big clothes)

I did though keep 1 pair of my "I can fit in these no matter what" Jeans and a "I can fit in this no matter what" top. That way when I am not losing the way I want to or when I am felling low ... I can put it on and remind myself were I am NEVER going back to. It gives me the boost I sometimes need.
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Thanks for the tips. I've been contemplating whether to buy new clothes or have my pants altered. I love this style pants and I have been all over trying to replace them. Even the store (The Limited) I originally purchased them at has changed the pants style. Maybe, I'll check ebay too.
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The whole pants thing... sheesh..

I wear jeans. Everday... I own one pair of kackies (sp?) and a suit... The problem is that I've yet to find a brand that really "fits".. The waist isn't really a problem, it's everything else.. I've been wearing Wranglers since I was heavy and they were fine then, but now, in smaller sizes, they're kind of "off", if you know what I mean..

I found one pair of jeans at JC Penny on clearance ($5!) and they fit wonderfully.. But that was the only pair they had that fit and even it's just a bit too big for me.. They were some Liz Clairborne for Men brand.. Oh well...

I guess the search continues...
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LOVE my seamstress! I even took some of my favorite clothes to her TWO seperate times while I was losing weight. I didn't want to spend time/money shopping for very many new clothes until I met my goal, plus I'm one of those people who has a hard time finding things I like no matter what size I am.

In addition to having better looking/fitting clothes when the alteration was done, I loved watching the seamstress gather up all that loose fabric and pin it next to my smaller shape! It's a great way to literally measure your success! I'd highly recommend everyone do at least ONE piece.

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I just loved getting rid of all my fat clothes....

I wore a lot of sweaters and knits, so after I lost a lot of weight, they had been stretched in weird ways. Strange bagginess in the underarms. I'm not sure why that is, but it was not attractive. I also did not have a lot of fine quality clothes when I was fat. I didn't enjoy shopping so I only spent the minimum and then got things that were rather shapeless to hide the fact that I did not like my shape... So it was cathartic to clear them out of the closet, a declaration of a new me.

I don't think I kept any of it... I had such a good time getting new clothes, and I got much nicer clothes than I bought myself previously.
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