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Default Self motivation....

I found something that really helps with motivation... last night, James took before pics of me right before I lost too much more weight. So, tonight, when I got home, I printed them out. And posted them everywhere. On the fridge. On the pantry. On my bathroom mirror. Above my TV. Cause for me, I just think I would stay with it more, if the way I am now, is in front of my eyes.

I avoid looking in mirrors right (am I alone here LOL), at least from the neck down. I wear elastic pants cause I really don't want to know my real size. so this was a real moment of truth for me. The first time, in I don't know when, I have seen myself as I truly am. Wait a sec....this was the first time, cause there is a rear view. Anyway, I just thought I'd share. Cause although I can't stand mirrors, I gotta stand this, cause it's the best motivation, for me at least... no more lies or shadows to myself.
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Default greetings

greetings, newbie here. I weigh 184lbs and i am 5ft 8 inches tall. I was in a horrible car wreck last yr that almost killed me. I had to undergo a hysterectomy because of cervical cancer issues and had to have emergency surgery to remove my gal bladder and appendix due to more health problems

i discovered several major thing that motivates me.
i have a size 13 bikini i plan to get into by summer hanging in my kitchen as well as a pic of me as i am so that when i am tempted to go get that late night snack i am motivated to re think my snacking choices
i mean sure a bowel of heath bar ice cream would be dreamy but is that more important ( like a few moments of sinful pleasure lol ) or the bikini. my choice is obvious snack healthy
plus i also have a size 8 hip hugger blue jeans that hang in my bedroom. ones that have a beautiful glitter rose on it with vines coming from it ( my most fav pair i was able to wear yrs ago ) ..
I also have an advantage, the guy i started dating as of sept of last yr is a personal trainer. hes always educating me on food choices, excersizes etc
he keeps me on track and motivates me.
tells me " if you eat those doritos youll have to do 50 situps" lol
i am on weight watchers the program works
journaling your daily food and beverage intake helps big time. i recommend it.
i do the "shimmy" work out on fit vt when its on and i work out with resistance bands. you dont need a gym. get creative.
no i dont like looking in the mirror at myself. and yes the lights are always off when i am intimate with my new bf but in time i know my confidence will come back.
you have to be your own cheerleader, your motivation, and the captain of your journey, it all depends on how bad you want it. do you want to stay like you are or move on to better things.
i know what i want.
i want more energy, better health, a better mindset, and the ability to fit in my bikini and jeans again ,, lol
in fact just to give you an idea i used to look 8 mths pregnant. people kept commenting on how far along i was. so i went and invested in maternity clothes.
that was ok for a while but the shame and guilt kicked in. so i got off my pity party and i am now doing something about it.
i know i have said too much as a first timer but i am sincere, and honest and care about those who are in situations like mine. i believe in support and together we can do this.
angela in trinity nc
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