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Question Ladies, Time to Come Out of the Closet!!!!

I've seen some posts on this site of ladies who are taking some kind of supplement to assist in their weight loss. I also see this board as a place where we can reveal our darkest secrets and not get bashed for it, bar none against any other support site out there. So with that being said.....

What are you taking to assist in your weight loss, meaning any vitamins, pills, hoobascoobas, tickytacks, flimflams, heebiejeebies... oh and don't forget skeebieskoos?

We are - if we are smart - already aware of the risks with some types of supplements, so I'd really like this post to just be admission time, a coming out of the closet... pray tell, what are you taking, and why did you choose that supplement?

I'll start.... (drum roll please)
-pine nut oil capsule/softgels: heard on webmd they help with hunger, and for me, they do!

-metamucil fiber capsules: heard on this board and elsewhere extra fiber helps with hunger (I used to eat a ton so I needed help). This is working too, extremely helpful for staying on plan for me.

-One a Day Weight smart Advanced daily m/v: just cause I know I need vitamins, especially when dieting, but I will likely continue to take them even after I meet goal. I like them a lot.

-Cylaris, a weight loss supplement, cause I don't sleep well (see my sob posts for details but still in mourning basically) and yes it has caffeine :lightning bolt just struck over here: and it helps me concentrate at work without jitters. It also gives me energy to do my workout when I get home. I only take 1 and not 2 like the bottle suggests cause I am using it more for energy than a magic pill. I've noticed a slight improvement in my sleeping since starting it, I guess, cause I'm able to exercise and thus help me relax more when its bedtime.

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Originally Posted by txangelgirl View Post
-One a Day Weight smart Advanced daily m/v: just cause I know I need vitamins, especially when dieting, but I will likely continue to take them even after I meet goal. I like them a lot.
I've tried the One-a-Day Weight Smart a few times and... well I guess it works, it leaves me feeling so sick to my stomach that I really don't want to eat. Although I've heard that it works better/doesn't leave you feeling icky if you take it after eating something.

I really should start taking fiber. Because I don't get a ton of it, it's just my being lazy and remembering it when I'm out running errands. But you've inspired me to go get some tomorrow when I go pick up some more yogurt.

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I am not taking anything to help me lose weight...that is all my eating habits and exercise.

However, I do take some supplements...but they are not for weight loss. I am a natural girl...

~Daily vitamin-for general health.

~Fish Oil-supplement for heart health, during weeks that I don't eat much fish.


~Valerian Root: I take this when I am very stressed, or when I have insomnia, rather than taking any sort of sleeping pill or antidepressant. I don't believe in about 98% of the prescription meds out there...

~Chamomile tea or Lavendar aromatherapy: for stress, relaxation, etc. Chamomile tea, and a handful of lavendar bits thrown into the bath.

~Black Cohosh: for hot flashes

~Echinacia: for colds instead of taking Nyquil, Sudafed, etc.

And so on...I just don't like the bad side effects of most drugs...so weight loss pills, etc. are completely out of the question for me.

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Last year I tried to take phentermine that I bought on the internet from some guy near Mexico. I always felt like it worked for a day or two, I would have trouble sleeping and feel like my skin was hot. But then I would forget to take it for a few days, long story short, it did not work for me, but I did not use it correctly either. Now I am trying South Beach and reading the Beck Diet Solution. It is harder than I thought to sit down to eat! I am also taking Wellbutrin. It helped me quit smoking last year, which is why I gained most of this weight, so I am hoping that it will help me lose weight this year. I also have started jumping rope, which may sound silly, but it is a lot of fun.
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1. I like using CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). It's a natural substance that's found in range-fed beef. Don't know how it works exactly, but it seems to mobilize the fat around the belly and gets it off. When you first start using it, you might want to be at home because you pee quite a bit for a couple of days. You can find it at Wal-Mart where it costs a little over $12/bottle and a bottle contains 60 capsules. GNC sells it too, for $24, but I don't remember how many capsules. I only bought it at GNC once when I couldn't find it at Wally World. I don't think it's effective after a couple weeks, though. So I'll stop using it and wait a couple of months and buy some more.

2. B-complex stress formula tablet.

3. Calcium with D because I'm over 50 and because calcium helps with weight loss. I forgot how, but the info is at WebMD.

4. Chromium picolinate. It helps keep your blood sugar on an even keel.
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