Is the free to live plan from Pure weight loss

  • Someone gave me a copy of their plan. It is titled the Free To Live plan, but it says on the bottom LA Weight Loss. I want to do the numbered plans that I thought was from Pure weight Loss. Any explanations on this?
  • Coming from a Pure center that was converted to LAWL, almost all PURE products carried the LAWL label. However, I don't believe FREE TO LIVE or the numbered plans are products of PURE, but LAWL, which from my understanding still exists. Or at least I know that my PURE did not adopt either.

    Hope this helps,
  • Free to live is the LAWL program that I started on 2 years ago. They just changed to the numbered plans right before the LAWL/PWL split, the numbered plan is called the feel full plan. I was told a long time ago that my center was corporate, but have recently found out that it is a franchise, hence the reason it's still LAWL and still open.