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raj 12-04-2007 10:47 AM

New year resolutions started early. :-)
I am currently 246.4 pounds. I am 31 years old and 5feet 11 inches tall.
I wanted to reach my goal weight of 176 pounds by December, but that was in September.(i had started thinking of it seriously in march this year and I have been wanting to lose weight since I have put it on :D)
I was at 269lb on October 1st. When i decided to do something about it. I went on a steamed vegetable diet(not a strict one I kept binging quit often) and i was down to 260 by Oct 18th.
So starting from there on a raw diet and also Hot water with lime in the morning and went down to 250 lbs by 29th October. Then I went for a vacation and have put on weight and i was 254 lbs till 28th Nov. Since I have been binging and eating when i was stressed.:(
From then I though of seriously following my diet which I did but only since Dec 1st :-(. I was down to 247.5 Lbs. Then I had a attend a marriage and then I had a Lamb steak sizzler and chocolate brownie :devil:
I put on a pound but I started cycling for half an hour a day and have started drinking hot water with lime in the morning. I shed that 1 pound and more and now I am 246 Lbs as of yesterday.
I want to reach my goal of 187 by Jan 31 2008. I am still trying to figure out how to put a ticker.
I know this is an easy goal but I wanted to be at least 198-200 lbs for Dec 31st. I want to be there so that I can enjoy and even if I put on few pounds I can easily reach my goal by Jan.But I think it is too late as I have wasted more than a month by not following my plan properly and binge eating. :-( So i hope to get my goal by jan 31 and hope i lose most of it in dec itself.
So I this is the challenge I have given myself.
I am on a raw vegetable diet I have 3 meals of raw vegetables I really stuff my self with it.
Then I have Garcinia Cambogia (10 grams a day). I have the real thing not the extract or capsules.
Then I am trying to have 1 grapefruit everyday but sadly it is not freely available.
1+litre of hot water with two limes squeezed in every morning.
I am awaiting a shipment of Fucothin. So i hope to speed things up with that naturally.
I have just started cycling for 30 minutes everday on a stationary bike at an average speed of 18 miles per hour. It is really tiring and I might do this 3 times a week.
I want to go to the gym from today. I am just wondering if i should do it everyday or should I go to the gym on the day i dont cycle.
I have to decide that today and join a gym.
I have learnt this clapping therapy from a yoga class and that really makes you sweat.
So I was thinking of cycling and clapping therapy on alternative days and gym on the other days.
I just hope everything works out as planned. I have to go out of station for business and i really want to avoid going until this month has passed as it might affect my goal.
I am going to put it off and I hope everything goes my way. :-)
This forum has been really inspirational. Joining this forum has made really stick to my plan. The more I get active on the forum the more I get motivated. There is only positivity here and that is so hard to find these days.
Thanks to everyone.

HeatherAngel 12-04-2007 11:48 AM

I'm so sorry - have I misunderstood?? You want to lose 59 pounds in 8 weeks? Is that right? Almost 7 and a half pounds a week??

If I HAVE misunderstood your post, I apologize. If, on the other hand, I have understood correctly, then I wish you well, but there is nothing I can say except good luck to you.

pamatga 12-04-2007 02:07 PM

This does not sound healthy-mentally or physically
I know that there are a lot of different cleansing detox programs out there and by what you have described it does sound like one although I am not sure if that is what you are doing right now.

Why the hurry?

If you just want to cleanse your body of toxins to begin a healthy life style change then I would say fine but if this is something that you are going to do to lose weight quickly are you aware of the strain that you are putting on your body and mind?

There are a lot of different food plans and programs on this website. If you have the time, I would suggest sitting in on some of the different discussions and threads.

Long term, which I consider anything longer than a couple of weeks, this is NOT healthy to do.

It's your body BUT since it is your body and this is YOU whom you are putting through this extreme eating/exercising "binge"(of a different sort but a binge nontheless), why not treat yourself and your body just a little more gentler? And, by reverting to unhealthy foods you are undoing all of the hard work you are trying to do by eating the vegetables and exercising vigorously. In the end you really haven't acheived any real sustainable health benefits and if you pursued this long term, I would think you could damage your body in one way or another.

This sounds like an eating disorder and I am a recovering COE of 12 years. It comes in different shades but the elements are all the same.

Again, what's the rush? Good health takes time to develop and more time to maintain. Why not invest in something that will reap more benefits than a few pounds lost here and there?

raj 12-04-2007 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by HeatherAngel (Post 1950194)
I'm so sorry - have I misunderstood?? You want to lose 59 pounds in 8 weeks? Is that right? Almost 7 and a half pounds a week??

If I HAVE misunderstood your post, I apologize. If, on the other hand, I have understood correctly, then I wish you well, but there is nothing I can say except good luck to you.

Yes you understood me correct. For a moment I was shocked when you repeated my goal..then I realised you were speaking in pounds. It is sound so much in pounds :-D.
It is only 3 kgs a week. If you see I lose that easily in a week without much effort and in a healthy way. I should just stick to my diet.

Thanks for the advice you recognised it right I think I have an eating disorder. But since semptember even if I go on an eating binge it is not junk food.
I have been trying to lose weight since 5 years and pamatga I have been doing exactly what you have described. The reason was I was not on a raw diet and I was counting calories. I took me more time to lose weight and if i binged i would binge on a dominos cheese crust pizza and big bottle of coke.(with cina sticks).
This time I went raw because of a yoga class(a camp actually of 15 days). And he he just told me if would better if i went 100% raw as i was overweight. There only people with diabetes or other chronic conditions went 100% raw.
After 2 days I got newfound energy. I was very active and at the end of the week I saw that I lost 3kgs. It was not "initial weight loss as i was already on steamed vegetables and low fat low carb diet and with that I had my initial weight loss of about 5 kgs. So it is not at all taxing. I just don't feel that I am on a diet. Only when i started exercising I feel hungry, but only at the right times. I normally can control hunger very well. But after exercising If I dont eat on time i get uncontrollably hungry.
I am sure I am not going to binge this time. I am on track.
Thanks for you replies.

aphil 12-04-2007 05:14 PM


Actually, HeatherAngel was correct to be startled. A healthy rate of weight loss is only about 1-2 pounds per week, not 7 or more pounds per week.

59 pounds in 8 weeks is not only next to impossible, but very unhealthy. It takes many people here a year to lose that much weight, not 8 weeks.

A healthy goal of weight loss in 8 weeks would be more like 8-16 pounds, not 57.

addisonsmommy 01-05-2008 08:02 PM

Good luck to you!

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