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BillBlueEyes 12-01-2007 07:45 AM

The Beck Diet Solution Ė December 2007 Ė Group for Support, Discussion, Diet Coach
Welcome to The Beck DIET solution discussion group, support group, diet coach group concerning the book by Dr. Judith S. Beck:
The Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person.

The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

There are no eating plans, calorie counts, recipes or exercises; according to Beck, any healthy diet will work if we learn to think differently about eating and food. Beck's book is like an extended therapy session with a diet coach.

This is a place to discuss our daily efforts and, for some of us, serves as an on-line diet coach.

If youíve arrived from a search engine, youíve landed at the site of 3 fat chicks, a remarkable place for those interested in a healthy life style, including mindful eating, exercise, and weight loss. More about the site, including how to register so that you can post is at http://www.3fatchicks.com.

The book, The Beck Diet Solution, is available on Amazon through the 3FC store:http://astore.amazon.com/3fatchionad...216363-1799918

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BillBlueEyes 12-01-2007 07:58 AM

On the Road Ė Day Two
Well, itís the start of day two of my weekend trip.

Eating on plan in the minivan was easy: lunch was my favorite peanut butter and banana sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread ends. Snacks were soy nuts, Gala Apple, Clementine, and baby carrots. Took three rest breaks where I got quick 5 minute walks to get feelings back into the legs Ė a good drive.

Dinner for the big family gathering was take home from a remarkable store named Wegmans, chosen by six adults in familiarial anarchy. There were more attractive, healthy, whole foods available than Iíve ever seen in my life. And the prices were better than at Whole Foods. Wish we had one near Boston, but their stores are only in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland. Does anybody have access to one of these regularly?

We had rotisserie chicken (garlic and lemon) plus veggies, veggies, veggies: roasted autumn vegetables (that included Delicata squash), cold butternut squash with spinach and craisins, spicy green beans, BIG mixed green salad with craisins and mushrooms, an Asian stir fry broccoli mushroom combo, cold buckwheat salad, mixed fruit with very fresh pineapple, watermelon, and strawberries. Eating on plan was easy.

My big challenge comes in an hour when the hotel hot breakfast bar opens. Please point some diet coach glares in my direction. Just because itís FREE, doesnít mean I have to eat it. Beck would have me pull out my personal Response Card:
Eating FREE food gave me beat-the-system joy as a child. My adult joy is making the system work. Iím a doofus when I forget the difference.

Sue (CoastalSue) Ė Sending healing vibes to your back and your cold. I like your idea of sending your DH to the hotel buffet to bring back only acceptable food. When weíre all super rich from the CoastalSue Diet Spray, we can have our butlers do that.

Readers - May your day include a vegetable that youíve never had before.

Completed Beck Program-day 33. 9 to go. Keep going!

coastalsue 12-01-2007 04:34 PM

Hi guys,

A wave to everyone-hope all is going well.

billblueEyes-thanks for starting the new thread. You always do great job explaining the site and making easy for others to join.

Well the natural nose spray is working well for appetite supression-plus being rather nauseated with the pain killers. so now am down 7 lb for this week. I know that some may return but still it is a positive side to feeling so punk.

I am aware how important the senses play for me in overeating. I have such a sensory approach to eating-I am pondering how to best cope with this response when feeling better. Right now it is great that food has almost no pull for me-Low fat soups have been the best. I need more answers and more approaches once I am better.

Still really pondering emotional eating. Emotionally maybe I made the connection if it taste soo good, then I will be in a good mood coupled with some food i.e. chocolate-biological release some feel good hormones in the brain. I think it is great that the Oh Well works so well for you. For me Oh well is a type of repression and like Freud said "the return of the repression" At home the dieting feel natural and easy- but in group or about in the community-I get an Oh'boy it is time to have fun. But why why does food mean having fun?? Somehow I need more tools than Beck's checklist to fight the mindlessness when out and about. Or maybe just a better handle in catcing and fight the sabotaging thoughts that lead to mindlessness eating.

Your family gathering sounds like it's working well. How great to do tasty healthy food to go. My Dh just helped me make a simple low fat soup today and together it took over an hours of prep-would love some take out like your meal. all sounded yummy-plus great you all shared the same interest in a meal. My family goes for the chain store premade very caloric dishes and desserts. -Likely much cheaper just not the same nutritional value.


BillBlueEyes 12-02-2007 08:22 AM

On the Road - Sunday, Day 3
Start of the last day. Family visiting has been great. The common disasters of family gatherings have been avoided, the special moments have been many. The toddlers adorable beyond belief.

Great news for me. Eating at the FREE hot breakfast buffer was better than my adjusted plan. It was about my normal breakfast plus one (as in ONLY one) sausage patty. The industrial scrambled eggs were OK with some yummy salsa. The big deal for me was what I turned down. I took NO: cooked on the spot waffles, stack of sugary pastries, bagels, English muffins, blue berry muffins, extra sausages, hash brown potatoes, French toast, granola, etc.

The family event eating has been more on plan than I expected, although I feel silly because of the amount of time and energy I put into it in advance, and even in writing about it here. My behavior was what I wanted, but I want it to be easier. In Beck terms:

Sabotaging Thought: Mindful eating should be easy and intuitive; I look foolish making such a big deal of this

Helpful Response: Someday it may be, but you're in transition to there. You wouldn't judge others as foolish as they made this transition; you can cut yourself some slack also.

To complete the TMI bitter detail: At lunch yesterday, a plate of home made Christmas cookies was passed, all looking and smelling yummy, but the stand out were the oatmeal raisin cookies, my favorite. I said no the first round, not on my plan, easy to turn down since I don't eat dessert with lunch. I said no the second round, even though home made, I'm satisfied full. Beginning to falter on the third round, until I finally recognized that I was in a moment that I would do well to pull out some Beck strategies, even as I acknowledged that one d*mn cookie wouldn't break my calorie load for the day. But, I didn't want to eat it just because it appeared as a surprise. So, I pulled out my mental NO CHOICE card and killed the idea. Also pulled out my "you'll have to report this to your on-line diet coach since you've turned it into a crisis." I've converted one home made oatmeal raisin cookie into the Cuban Missile Crisis. Anyway, thanks for listening.

I used the full gym across the street from the motel; got in a regular weight session. CREDIT moi. Walking was light, Oh Well.

Sue (CoastalSue) Ė WOW to 7 pounds lost. Even if some is temporary water loss, it's a great inspiration.

Gotta figure this one out for me also:

...but in group or about in the community-I get an Oh'boy it is time to have fun. But why why does food mean having fun??
As you can read above, I need your help here.

Readers - May you have the opportunity today to turn down one item that's off your plan, and then turn it down.

Completed Beck Program-day 33. 9 to go. Keep going!

coastalsue 12-02-2007 06:08 PM

Congratulations BillBlueEyes

What a successful trip. It worked in all the areas-Fun, Family and Food. You were amazing in dealing with old food traps!! All that free food-you made healthy planned choices-You won over years of habits of which encouraged to eat this "free" but rather crummy foods at the hotel. We have had years of ads telling us how wonderful these sugarly white flour food can make us feel-Now they are finded some folks actually are more addicted to sugar than others, then add years of emotional reasons for eat these "feel Good"treats + the food was free-You kept to your Plan HURRAH That is Powerful Stuff

and it even gets better-3X you were given and encourage to eat some cookies-Your favorite type plus these were tasty homemade ones and you kept your personal goal of not eating off plan. I am in awe of your approach and success.

This is hard work-Overeaters can not completely remove the substance of their addiction and/or "weakness" from their life. People can forgo tobacco and alcohol and still live yet overeaters can not stop eating food. Thus some feel this adds to the failure rate of people maintaining weight loss. I post to show respect for your choices and why this is not an easy change but such a powerful process you are being successful at.

One of the advertising myths is that dieting is so easy-just spend your money, buy this book, drug, exercise material, find your right blood type ect-then add the morality of just stop being a pig, have some will power ect. Plus then I add that I know I am a smart, educated, self desciplined woman who understand intellectually how bad some foods are and still eat them when present or when I feel bad. So now I can feel so stupid when I fall in to old food traps-I spend much more time beating myself up for mistakes than celebrating and giving myself credit for positive food change. I am so glad you posted your success and know you should be giving yourself a HUGH amount of credit.

Your successes are making me ponder on why I could not have passed up on one cookie-I would have done the mind game of reducing the cals off the evening meal so my total would have been ok. Ah the draw of the sugar for me.

Finally feeling better and able to do some chores about the place. I am forcing myself to underwork because last Thursday i did too much and really re-injuried the sore muscles. I still have this annoying cold which effects my taste and smell. I am down 6lbs from my last posting of weight loss, but will hold off for a week or so in case I regain when eating normal again. I am really noticing the taste of chemicals in food. We got some processed meats as I wasn't up to cooking and hated them, in the past I would eat sugarfree puddings-hated those now, A BBQ grocerystore chicken seems salted loaded.

Thanks for sharing your thought

To everyone else-keep posting-changing our core food habits takes alot of alertness which our sabotaging thoughts keeps us dull to.


maryblu 12-02-2007 10:30 PM

You're both AWESOME, and it's gonna be a long winter!
YOu are both awesome! BillBlue, good for you. I would have succumbed to the cookie; I know it. There is nothing in me yet that could resist it.

Sue, great on the pounds gone, and I think, even bigger, is the new awareness about the junk/chemicals in food. I know you will like the Omnivore's Dilemma when you get it. The other book that can really fire you up about the food industry is Fast Food Nation.

I have been on plan for two days both eating and exercising. Nothing like trying to walk in 10 inches of snow and shoveling said same. We are still snowed in......as I said, it's gonna be a lonnngggg winter!:rolleyes::rolleyes:

BillBlueEyes 12-03-2007 06:36 AM

First Monday in December
Light snow on the ground this morning.

Survived my second FREE breakfast as I did the first. I'm really pleased. There were small pancakes instead of French toast strips. I had one with yogurt instead of syrup - that worked, so I was able to avoid the sugar hit of syrup. Again ONE sausage patty. CREDIT moi.

For dinner at home last night DW prepared Spaghetti Squash with meatless Mariano sauce, and her Kale, Swiss chard combo with feta cheese. It's so easy to eat right at home with familiar food. And I have leftovers for lunches this week.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - I like to be reminded of your quote:

I have to remember that I can modify my diet in advance to have small portions of whatever I want from time to time.so I don't have to overdo it today.
because it reminds me that it isn't WHAT I plan to mindfully eat that's so important but that I plan to MINDFULLY eat.

Most recent thought is you getting ready to start your diet tomorrow. Are you immersed in your diet by now? Hope all is well.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Glad to hear that your back is enough available that you're getting about. Be kind to it.

Thanks for your good thoughts about my Cuban Missile Crisis Cookie (CMCC). I, too, am like this: I spend much more time beating myself up for mistakes than celebrating and giving myself credit for positive food change. In many places in my life I don't allow an arbitrary intrusion to change my plans - e.g. a vacuum cleaner salesman at the door doesn't replace the time I was spending with my kids. But with food, I act like a cookie showing up at my door in a mandate; all previous plans are canceled; the cookie is here.

MaryBlu - Congrats for two days on plan. Walking in 10 inches of snow sounds like a challenge. Do you have access to an indoor walking place like a mall or a gym nearby? Are Minnesota winters really harsh, or is that just east coast propaganda?

Readers - Winter offers the opportunity to try new recipes using winter squash and sweet potatoes.

Completed Beck Program-day 33. 9 to go. Keep going!

SuchAtwin 12-03-2007 12:41 PM

Hello to all. I am totally new here and to 3FatChicks. Of all the forums I have previewed this one looks like a good fit as I know weight control starts with engaging the brain. I really enjoyed and identified with the oatmeal raisin cookie struggle--and I say "enjoyed" because I've been there and thought that. Just in case anyone wonders why I call myself SuchAtwin: I am a twin, girl with a brother, who wonders if my attraction to comfort comes from an empty place inside myself (never a whole but always a part) that I try to complete with sugary doughnuts, margaritas and chips, cherry pie and a cup of coffee. Anyway, I am looking for a place to be made whole--a whole lot smaller body and a complete person.

coastalsue 12-03-2007 01:37 PM


MaryBlu-brrr10 inches-that alot of shoveling. been hearing about the snows across the Midwest and now in New England. I remember snow still on the ground on my June birthday when growing up in Northern Mn. Ca. has turned me into a weather weakling. People really whine here when it gets down to the 40's and if rains too many day in a row.

BillBlueEyes-still thinking about being offered unexpected free delicious caloric food-i.e. cookies. I was checking my response and I get the same sense of delight as when I find an easy nearby parking space opens up in San Francisco( We can spend 20 minutes looking and be over an mile away)-What a Treat., Am I lucky today!!, OH Boy, Oh Boy-The gods are looking out for me, Sort of a magical reward from the heavens. This sort of luck can really lighten my mood. -Now how can I turn that gift down? That is a serious question for me. This attitude that a unplanned cookie can be unexpected simple joyful reward is very ingrained and sabotages my food plan in a nono second.

The positive steps that I have taken: 1. Be more evaluating of the quality(not the calories-thus home baked harder to turn down 2. Stop at one. 3. Deduct the cals from the days total.
My next step is feel all those times which unexpected food is offered and the sense of treat I get and how"luckly" I am to be offered. Right now it feels like I am driving away from the easy parking space-whats wrong are you nuts? Look forward when I can look at food and not also deal with so many other emotions pulled in on the situation. The thought that a thin person could turn down something just because they were full seems almost magical to me.-trying to get there.

Anyway maybe this is all just mindless wandering-but am trying to get a handle on social overeating. Like you, home is where it is easy to stay on the food plan. Even have the plan for resturants -posted here- is to ask for a take home container and put half of the meal in at first. But gatherings are still the hardest for me.( I suppose bring my own take home cartons were be tacky) -tis the season coming up.

ps still down 6 lbs. yes

BillBlueEyes 12-03-2007 03:29 PM

Welcome SuchAtwin
:welcome: to 3FC and :welcome: to the Beck thread.

< and welcome to the oatmeal raisin cookie struggle discussion, LOL >

You're right in sync with Beck in believing the weight loss begins with the brain. Interesting thoughts about feeling for "completing" that lend themselves to over eating - you're way ahead in already working out some of the thinking that, in one of Beck's exercises, you ask yourself if it is completely correct and further what other interpretations might be possible.

So, you're on your way.

Where are you in your journey? Have you started reading the Beck Diet Solution yet?

Completed Beck Program-day 33. 9 to go. Keep going!

SuchAtwin 12-03-2007 06:31 PM

Thanks for the welcome Bill. I am currently just chasing my tail in that I have not found the will to choose to commit to any weight loss program just yet. I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers which I achieved 28 years ago. Over a lifetime of hurtles and excuses I now stand at 5'3" and 252lbs. My health is becoming enough of a concern that I have decided to start somewhere and that is here. I saw the Beck Diet Solution discussed on Oprah, I think, and I looked at the book in the book store once but having purchased other motivational tools which I did not utilize I passed on the purchase. Now that I see what you all are up to I will re-evalute and look into buying it.

BillBlueEyes 12-04-2007 06:34 AM

Tuesday with Ice and Cold
Managed to squeeze in a walk at lunch yesterday, otherwise little exercise other than the minor shoveling of both cars and sidewalks. Pavement was icy by evening, giving the thin layer of snow the appearance of being here for the duration. We were caught with some leaves still on the ground needing the last raking. Oh Well.

Ate on plan including my regular monthly potluck dinner evening meeting, where I turned down purchased cookies with no difficulty. The thought of the Cuban Missile Crisis Cookie is still fresh in my brain and will serve to ward off the easy choices, like packaged cookies, even if Danish tea cookies and sugar cookies. I actually wrote NO CHOICE in my notes just to be sure. It was particularly useful (i.e "strengthened my resistance muscle") to turn them down since I could see and smell them as they sat on the small working table all evening and were periodically passed around. I couldn't help but noticing that three people at the meeting, who had privately told me that they were trying to lose weight, had a cookie each time the tin passed. Good reminder that sugar is powerful.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Thank you for so creatively capturing the power of an unplanned cookie:

... an unplanned cookie can be an unexpected simple joyful reward, is very ingrained, and sabotages my food plan in a nano second.
Yep, I recognize that cookie. And I really like the pain of rejecting such a gift from the gods:

It feels like I am driving away from the easy parking space-whats wrong are you nuts?
You capture the magnitude of the unplanned cookie. If Beck had a program-day where, instead of skipping lunch one day to work our hunger issue, we were to pass up a San Francisco parking space, I wouldn't be able to do it. I hope you keep pounding on this topic until some of it's magic is broken.

SuchAtwin - Congratulations for achieving lifetime weight watchers status. Don't you have to reach WW Goal weight or something to get that? Do you get to attend WW for free for life after that?

The discussion of buying the book vs. the workbook vs. both occurred earlier in the November thread. I'm happy with the book because I do my Beck lists, exercise journaling and food journaling in an Excel spreadsheet. Others were happy with the workbook, presumably because it's easier to write in than the hardback book. I do recommend reading the book, even if from the library. The synopses in these threads necessarily leave out much discussion and motivational material.

Readers - Cold weather invites hot soup. Hot soup satisfies the stomach and the soul.

Completed Beck Program-day 33. 9 to go. Keep going!

coastalsue 12-04-2007 01:57 PM

Hi to all

Big Welcome to SuchATwin-this forum along with the book has been so helpful for me to change my eating habit. The book has a short series of lessons which is programed to run 6 weeks-I end up with both the book and the workbook. The book alone is fine, but I like the pre-done worksheets-yep I am a bit lazy. I really understand that sense of chasing your tail looking for your will to lose. Beck's exercises build are a good foundation for a couple of weeks before you even start dieting. For example one of the first exercises is to write down all the reasons why you want to lose weight and read this card often each day. Maybe I wasn't ready to diet but at least I could write the list out. It was the first step. I still read that the card-It continues to be a gently reminder to eat heathly. Hope you hang out with us and post your thoughts even if you don't have the book yet. The core idea is to eat what you have planned for the day and to learn to minimize all of the other emotional, social and sensory factors which may cause one to overeat. I am on my 6th month of this 6 week program. I have lost very slowly but continuously- no yoyo dieting. I am gaining a sense of success and I will lose the remaining 150 lbs or so.

BillBlueEyes-the cold and exercising is a tough one. Love the look of a gentle white snow, hate the icy walking!!. I have order a extra large "wet suit" type of top so I can continue water aerobic during the foggy low 50's in an out door pool. The water is about 82 but I do get so chilled about my shoulders. I don't think my back is ready for me swimming strokes for 45 minutes quite yet.

I actually remember watching tv alone-my folks were out of town for a couple of days-feeling absolute terror about the Cuban Missile Crisis-the show down as our ship neared Cuba and what was Russia going to do. Apart from that terrifying time and the sadness of his death, I do remember the much of the Kenndy era foundly.

Thanks for reading my cookie thesis-your cookie posting really got me going about my whys I couldn't turn down the homemade cookies if I liked them- Just looking at how powerful the draw is a help to break the cookie "magic" , I am hopeful and am working on just getting an image of a free parking spot and asking my self is this really where I want to park my body right now when offered unexpected food. It is parking place but I'll end up with sugar in the gas tank. Any thing to stop the mindlessness.

Also aware of the increditable role of food as a reward and the need to increase my own ability to give my self postive nonfood rewards-particuliar internal acknowledge of my own successes.

MaryBlu-still snow bound?


maryblu 12-05-2007 12:28 AM

You guys are great!
Hi, all, welcome, welcome, SAT.......may I call you that?? lol.

I SOOO appreciate a forum where people actually remember the Cuban Missile Crisis...I really do.........this is such an aside.........but when I was searching for my SO online, I was looking for someone younger than I, because I am not my age in any sense........especially not in attitude....but my criteria, after being open-minded and well-informed, was someone who remembered where he was when Pres. Kennedy was killed. I was in the 4th grade, and I remember it still. So, I figure anyone more than about 4 yrs. younger than I would not remember......and it was a very real consideration. The man who found me...lol......is way smart, and remembers everything! Not to worry.

BillBlue, say more about the kale/swiss chard dish.....how does DW do that? Let us know, please, and you do know how lucky you are to have a healthy cook in the house, I know!

I appreciate you all!

SuchAtwin 12-05-2007 01:54 AM

Thanks for the welcome everyone! Such a day I had today. I met with an old friend for lunch and shopping. It was a cool beautiful day here in Houston and we enjoyed our companionship, exercise, and I must say the wonderful Italian Cream cake and coffee for dessert. Ah, I need the book as I know my reason for giving myself permission to eat that must be in there. And then, my husband came home from the doctor to say he needs more tests as he may have a blood clot in his leg. Oh the stress. This is on top of my Autistic son calling to tell me his latest angst and the 8 month looking no buying real estate customer saying she wants to look at more foreclosures tomorrow. I want beer and more cake yet I resist. I am ready to push myself past the "it could have been worse" mentality (as in I was bad but I could have been badder) to a "I would not even think of eating that" one. Whew, I guess I needed to spew. Bill,to answer the WW question, yes I had to reach a goal and maintain it and now only must pay for meetings I choose to attend if I am more than 2lbs over goal. I would be paying a long time. I will get myself the materials to begin my self-shrink session ASAP. I congradulate you all for the strength to examine and heal thyselves. Oh, Maryblu, SAT is a bad handle for me as in someone might put "She SAT and got FAT" on my gravestone someday if I don't change my habits. My real estate moniker is Kitt. You may call me that if you like. The reason I chose SuchAtwin is strickly as a reminder to myself of my need to let go...of so many things.

BillBlueEyes 12-05-2007 06:32 AM

Completed Beck Program-day 34: Solve Problems
from the Beck DIET Solution: (Available thru the 3FC Store) http://astore.amazon.com/3fatchionad...216363-1799918

To solve a problem, you first have to define it. Sometimes, this is easy. Perhaps your boss put a lot of pressure on you, you bounced a check, or someone made a negative comment about you. Sometime, the problem isnít so easy to pinpoint. You might notice the emotion but not feel sure what led to it. Consider asking a friend or you diet coach to help you sort things through.

Once youíve defined the problem, be sure to identify the negative thoughts running through your mind. Then use the Seven Questions Technique to respond to your negative thoughts.
The Seven Question Technique

1. What kind of thinking error could I be making?
2. What evidence is there that this thought might not be true (or be completely true)?
3. Is there an alternative explanation or another way of viewing this?
4. What is the most realistic outcome of this situation?
5. What is the effect of my believing this thought and what could be the effect of changing my thinking?
6. What would I tell [a close friend or family member] if he/she were in this situation and had this thought?
7. What should I do now?
Once you recognize that food wonít make your problems go away, dieting will be easier.

When I respond to feelings with food, I often havenít identified either the feeling or its source. The big step for me is to acknowledge the existence of both and then to name them.

For example, a college rewrote a sentence I was about to send to our customer. I was pleased with the rewrite Ė it was just what I wished I had written. I remained pleased even when I then saw that my sentence a) was grammatically incorrect, b) was negative in tone, and c) would be interpreted in the opposite way than I had intended. However, when they added the comment, ďYou know, a sentence should have a purpose,Ē my feeling pleased evaporated and I absorbed a negative feeling as if their patronizing style affected my reality. And a Herseyís chocolate bar with almonds is the first antidote I apply to a negative feeling at the office without seeking a second medical opinion.

The benefit to me of Beckís strategy of asking why Iím about to eat is that I am forced to acknowledge the negative feeling. In my example above, I removed the negative feeling with the thought, ďGood man, even though he flunked his Dale Carnegie course,Ē and the need to eat evaporated as well.

Naturally, the bazillion vending machine purchases that contributed to my weight were made without attempting to identify the feeling or its source.

Completed Beck Program-day 34. 8 to go. Keep going!

BillBlueEyes 12-05-2007 07:29 AM

Wednesday and still cold
My replacement pedometer arrived yesterday. After nearly two years of wearing an accurate pedometer every day, I feel incomplete without it. I had a give-away substitute, but it had the reset button exposed facing outward. Every time I put on a coat or bumped it, the step count would reset to zero. So, my recording each day was an estimate based on similar walking days from the past. This new pedometer will increase my motivation when the walking is icy.

The Christmas cookies that are beginning to appear everywhere are keeping their distance from me, as well they should. By now, I have a reputation among the cookies. I have a mental image of the Adlai Stevenson in me standing before the United Nations

"I am prepared to wait for my answer until **** freezes over, if thatís your decision."
and watching my Cuban Missile Crisis Cookie blink.

I wonder what thin people do with all the extra time available in their brains if they aren't having thoughts such as these.

Sue (CoastalSue) - My kids insist that if I ever found a parking spot in Boston I'd pull right in, even if I was just passing through. Perhaps, but I am sure that I'm drawn to hard to find parking spots with the same feelings I have toward my CMC cookie.

With ice on the ground outside, it's hard for me to imagine you swimming in an outdoor pool, even with your wet suit top.

MaryBlu - Yes, I remember where I was when I heard that JFK was assassinated. And I still have JFK's response to me when I wrote him a letter of support during the Cuban Missile Crisis, even though I now know that his signature was mechanically applied - not a true JFK signature. But, it's a neat card anyway.

I'll get DW's Kale and Swiss Chard recipe and post it. Her healthy and fresh cooking has surely helped keep me on track.

SuchAtwin - Ouch, such a list of emotions worthy of eating to make them go away. I wish your DH well with his leg clot, I can understand the stress you would feel over that. And good luck to your DS with his angst causing situation.

Congratulations for taking the time to identify your feeling so you are able to distinguish then from hunger. You're well on your way to being a Beck person.

Re: Ann (Newlifestyle) - Ann has to take a break from 3FC to tend to her life, but says she remains on plan using Beck and will be back.

Re: Liannie - Liannie sends her regards to all her friends on 3FC. She has been taking care of her life, but says she will be back.

Readers - It isn't hunger if the need to eat is in response to a feeling. May you have success today identifying when the urge to eat isn't hunger.

Completed Beck Program-day 34. 8 to go. Keep going!

SuchAtwin 12-05-2007 03:16 PM

Bill:You made my day with the comment about your thought response to your co-worker:dizzy:. Failing the Dale Carnagie course will be my forever negative selftalk defense against know it alls. I am still laughing. I may put that one on a card and laminate it. There are so-o-o many know it alls in my business plus my family tends to breed them. Sigh, at times, I must confess, I would not please Dale. Just found out DH does have a small superficial blood clot in his leg which could be related to a number of his health issues. We are grateful it is not an emergency and is just something to watch. DS frequently has angst which is a challenge for us all. Without angst wouldn't life be dull.
Maryblue: I've been reading past posts and just want to say that I hope you have recovered from losing your tree. That would be difficult.
To all: I am so grateful to have found you all. Your intellegent conversations provide me with inspiration and entertainment which I needed more of in my life.

coastalsue 12-05-2007 10:09 PM

Hello all,

Well I am back in the work book doing lesson 9-scheduling my day to insure some exercising. These 7 week of a cold and/or sinsus infection then the bum back has totally undermined my both my abilities and determination to do daily workouts. I have tried the gym 2 times in the past, but had to quit each time due to joint problems-arthritis and bursitis. Swimming is perfect, but a hugh hassle with the weather and if I have an infection. So I am committing to my diet coaches here, that I will do some types of "sit and be fit" dvd for 1/2 hours on Thursday, Friday. I also want to walk around our bluff for 5 minutes a day if no rain-I do need a walker,but I still am moving. I do use blood pressure medication, but I can not get my pluse rate up doing the sit and be fit tapes-I feel discouraged that I can not get in aerobic range. With all the joint support in water, I can really push myself.

How do you all handle changes in your daily food plan-I do fine until dinner-had 2 meetings today and just arrive home at 5:30 with about an hours of prep time in front of me for the dinner that I had planned. so I am subsituting an easier but low cal pizza. -Credit tho-I only drank water while many yummy food options were around me. That was good!

I like the steps for dealing with negative emotions-What are your signals to start evaluate the feeling with logic and stop going into the down ward negative response either with yourself or with others? What is your success rate?. I think I am about 25% able to feel that pain in my stomach- a sense of Oh my god-I have done something wrong. Often I think in go right into a food want and then become preoccupied with should or should not eat something and skip the internal evaluation of feelings. Still kind of missing the skill of acknowledging and resolving my own feelings, but getting a vague the eating isn't going to solve anything. But more energy is spend in the wrestling the food desire than the resolving the negative feelings.

SuchATwin-glad your DH blood clot is not currently super serious. Your home life sounds very busy!

Liannie and Ann-look forward to your return and hearing about what is up.
take care


BillBlueEyes 12-06-2007 06:46 AM

Completed Beck Program-day 35: Get Ready to Weigh In
from the Beck DIET Solution: (Available thru the 3FC Store) http://astore.amazon.com/3fatchionad...216363-1799918

After you weigh yourself, calculate the change in your weight, place a dot on the weight-loss graph, and connect the dots. Contact your diet coach to tell him or her how much your weight changed. If youíve lost a half pound or more, great! If you havenít, donít get discouraged. Just remember to review your eating plan with your diet coach if it turns out that youíve stayed the same weight or gained weight for two weeks in a row.

Sabotaging Thought: I know itís reasonable to have lost only a half pound this week, but Iím still disappointed.

Helpful Response: My weight is going down. Thatís good! It means that what Iíve been doing is working. I should celebrate each and every half-pound weight loss. If I hope for something unrealistic, Iíll be disappointed. Iím going in the right direction. Thatís what counts. I really deserve a lot of credit for using the mindset and behavioral techniques Iíve learned and for weighing less than I did when I started this program.

Once I develop realistic expectations for weight loss, dieting will be easier.

The lazy part of me likes this Program-day because itís an easy one for me. I track my weekly weight (Sunday) as well as my daily weight using an automatic graph in Excel. The daily graph has enough jitter that upticks of a few pounds do not disappoint me because I can see that theyíve always come back down. Likewise, I donít get prematurely enthusiastic about downticks of a few pounds Ė thatís not uncommon for me and they are only passing spikes in the data. Since my loss has stopped and Iíve declared that Iím on maintenance, while I remain on plan real changes take weeks to appear.

Completed Beck Program-day 35. 7 to go. Keep going!

BillBlueEyes 12-06-2007 07:01 AM

Kale, Swiss Chard, Collard Greens, Onions, and Feta Cheese
Kale, Swiss Chard, Collard Greens, Onions, and Feta Cheese
1 Medium Onion
1 Bunch Collards, Swiss Chard, and/or Kale
1 Tbsp Cooking Oil
1 Oz. Feta Cheese
Pepper to taste
Remove tough stems from a bunch of kale, collard greens, or kale or a mixture. Wash, shake dry, chop into approximately 2-inch squares.

In a cast-iron pot with a lid, sautť a medium onion over medium-high heat in 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil until translucent.

Add the cut up greens and, over high heat, mix with the onions until the greens begin to wilt.

Add about 1/2 cup of water, and some black pepper, bring to a boil, then lower heat and simmer covered for 30-45 minutes. Check to be sure water doesn't all evaporate.

Just before serving add 1-2 ounces of crumbled or finely cut-up feta cheese. Replace lid and wait a few minutes for cheese to melt. Add more pepper if desired.

Any leftovers taste really good warmed for a few minutes in a microwave.

Completed Beck Program-day 35. 7 to go. Keep going!

BillBlueEyes 12-06-2007 07:33 AM

Thursday and still Cold
Eating on plan yesterday included Vegetable Curry over basmati rice from a small Indian take out place that I passed on my lunchtime walk to Trader Joe's. So yummy, and it was enough that I saved half for my lunch today. I'm already thinking about it.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Taking note of your commitment to do: "sit and be fit" dvd for 1/2 hours on Thursday, Friday. Let us know how you do.

I admire that you stand down all your itis'es to continue to exercise. You seem pretty clear in your determination.

Tell us more about your "bluff" where you walk. Are you near the Pacific?

Congrats on standing down all the "yummy food options." You know that I can find that difficult. I don't have a particular strategy for unexpected changes in my food plan; it's just wing it each time. Hope others have some thoughts here.

You're onto a big question for me; how to switch from eating to evaluating that I'm responding to an emotion. During the first 6-18 months of my journey, I did the equivalent of Beck's NO CHOICE, so I avoided the problem. Since I've been on maintenance with opened rules, I've exposed myself to the possibility of emotional eating, and thus, the need to try to catch it. I don't have a useful thought this morning, but I want to reread your comments and then continue this discussion; I could use an early warning system that I'm on the slippery slope.

MaryBlu - The Swiss Chard recipe is posted above. Enjoy. I love the stuff. Alas, the series of nights of very cold means that our garden crop is done for the year. We'll continue to buy it; it will taste about the same but emotionally isn't the same as home grown.

SuchAtwin - LOL at: I must confess, I would not please Dale.

Sorry that your DH clot is confirmed, glad it's not an emergency type.

Readers - May your weigh in be pleasing this week, and, if not pleasing, may you have someone to talk to about what changes you might plan for next week.

Completed Beck Program-day 35. 7 to go. Keep going!

coastalsue 12-06-2007 09:44 PM

Hello All,

I did my 30 minutes of exercise-did a gentle but needed dvd of yoga -really needed the stretches after all the rest for the back. It felt great. I don't know of the back muscles are ready to do weights quite yet. I am vey eager to get my new swim jacket. I hope it works-The one thing I hate about mail order is not to get my hands on it first- thanks for the acknowledge that I continue to exercise-I then gave myself credit also.

I post my weigh loss on FitDay-it is nice the see the graph with the downward lines. I have such a big loss with illness now I am just maintaining it even though I have been dieting. A big step for me is than I have cut out all alcohol-Just a step to remain more focused on healthy eating. Chard sounds yummy!!

The bluff-yes we are very close to the Pacific ocean. We see waves crash over a hugh rock from our front window. There is a serenity to were we live-rather isolated and far from common services-but we love the community and amazing people live around us and there is a very thriving art and intelluctual commuity all about. PS really miss Curry food and TJ"S-it is an 4 hr round trip to see such places. But a very well know buddhist monk from San Francisco is coming up and giving a one day retreat on Sat. here so there are other treats.

Hello to all

BillBlueEyes 12-07-2007 06:43 AM

Ate on plan yesterday: Went to work already thinking about the second half of my vegetable curry, LOL. DW made dal and nan (lentils and Indian bread) for dinner with California Navel Orange for snack. I don't know what we'd do if California didn't feed us. Sending gratitude toward the growers of California who are the only thing saving me from root vegetables for evening snack.

I'm still working on Program-day 36 - Believe It; not ready to post its completion yet. This one requires documenting a recap of all we've learned on the Beck plan to date. I want to give the process sufficient time to feel what I'm writing. I have a near infinite capacity to minimize positive steps I've taken with the

Sabotaging Thought: I should have known this stuff years ago.

Helpful Response: Giving myself credit now is a major part of accepting me, rather than focusing on an ideal me.

To complete the change to a healthy life style, I have to accept all parts of me before, including the thinking errors that supported my bad eating habits and couch potato'ing. I really want to live a healthy lifestyle without effort, as in I lost the weight, so let's coast for the rest of my life. It was a most useful thought from Beck that all thin people think about what they eat (acknowledging the few exceptions).

Sue (CoastalSue) - Congrats on doing your yoga DVD. Hope your back continues to improve.

And congrats on taking the extra healthy eating step of cutting out the alcohol. You have your Advantages Card to help you keep on that plan during your social adventures.

And continued congratulations on your maintained weight loss. Your location sounds ideal. I love living in the city for its obvious benefits. And every time I visit my friends in the suburbs and beyond, I enjoy experiencing those benefits. I dream of having a small flat in London, one in Paris, a shack on an island off Greece, a place in St. John's, a condo in Colorado, and a few other places. DW reminds me that I can go to all those places and use the hotels. She's right, of course, but I have no reason to change my dream.

Readers - May your day include a spontaneous exercise that brings you delight. 

Completed Beck Program-day 35. 7 to go. Keep going!

coastalsue 12-07-2007 05:20 PM

Hi everyone,

BillBlueeyes-your posting had me reveiw chapter 36-what have I really consistently been successful with. 1. have a foundation of very nutrious diet plan.- not perfect but really have strong sense of have hughly increased amounts of veggies and fruit, reduced sugar and fats and white flour foods-elminated most processed foods. Big step and generally stay within 1500 cals daily and really understand why i want to lose the weight.

Inspite of being 90-95% on program-that 5-10% slows my weight loss-I am not doing yoyo scales but sabotaging a more steady quickier weight loss.
The culprit behaviors to work on
1. Deal with triggers in social settings.
2. Identify and counteract my sabotaging thoughts.
3. Truly respecting and giving my self credit-tend to focus on the unaccomplished goals versus the successes.
4. Coping with emotional (negative and celebrating feelings) moments.
5. Combating sensory imput of foods-i.e Yesterday went to this absolute great small bakery-(truly increditable selection and quality of treats) because they a great selection of wonderful children toys-I got the things for the grandkids-never got a bake good but the craving and desire to get some "something delicious" is still lingering with me -only slowly lessening. But even as I did chores today about the community today at each location a food thought came up about what I could get a each place-candy bar, See's candy, sweet roll, a cookie ect. I did not get that but I did eat some white bread toast with breakfast. Just have not complete master no choice-I really wish had not even eaten the toast. Guess I am still making health sacrfices to craving gods-they still seem relentless in demand their due. Really admire your master of so many step.

Look forward toward your list. I really understand about expecting this to be easier-again thanks for continue to posting so I can share all the drama this is for me to work thru. Having heard advice, criticism, ridicule, pity and disgust regarding my eating habits all my life-even gone to therapy-honestly this has been most help to work the Beck concepts with some of the feed back and support from here.

Where to live-I have this dream of network of shared homes about the place.-I love it here, also San Francisco, Santa Fe NM. New Orleans prior to the floods-(lots of fun music and food there) Some warm beach like area. I have spent almost no time back east-would like to see Boston and other New England areas. Haven't traveled to Europe yet. It is part of my goal to increase my mobility to enjoy walking some about come European cities.

Appreciate each step taken to change unhealthy habits-it an't easy.


BillBlueEyes 12-08-2007 10:06 AM

Saturday - 17 D B C
Today is a day for running many errands. A small local store has some nice scarves on display - soft, long, tasseled ends, attractive colors and patterns; thinking of getting them for the three women on my list.

Still working on my Program-day 36 stuff, Believe It; it's important to me to get clear about what I believe I've learned from this Beck stuff that I'm going to use every day. I know it seems like dawdling and that Beck might say "Just DO IT," but some of her strategies are easy for me (e.g. eat sitting down) and some are hard (e.g. Identify Sabotaging Thoughts and create Helpful Responses.)

Ate on plan yesterday, during all my planned eating times, but do have a situation for which I request some help. When shopping at Whole Foods for some healthy soy nuts for snacks, I ate FREE samples of:

o grapefruit,
o navel orange,
o shrimp bisque,
o curry pumpkin seeds (turned down 3 other flavors),
o French cheese with pepper jelly on a cracker,
o French cheese with apricot jelly on a cracker,
o vegetarian liver pate on hard stick bread,
o rice pilaf with peas, orzo, and mushrooms,
o spinach hummus on whole wheat,
o lemon hummus on whole wheat,
o raspberry spritzer (turned down 3 other flavors),
o black olive,
o green olive.

Does anybody see a problem here? Any suggestions?

Sue (CoastalSue) - What a thoughtful response for your Believe It day. Good stuff here for me to ponder.

When I get me list together, this will certainly be on it:

2. Identify and counteract my sabotaging thoughts.
Congrats on your walk about without giving in to all the food thoughts. It's just amazing how often food thoughts are on my brain. Do thin people think of food all the time?

I wonder what thin people are thinking tonight?
Readers - May you make wise choices when offered food today.

Completed Beck Program-day 35. 7 to go. Keep going!

coastalsue 12-08-2007 01:08 PM


Just a short note prior to leaving on the one day meditation retreat. Plus tonight we have company so may not be able to write more later, What the heck to those thin think.!!! My husband also went to the bakery with the other day with me. He didn't even think about getting a treat for this lame reason-he felt full. Really what do that have to do with wanting treats. He was amazed about how much the treat and lusting after the treat for hours was in my mind. I think even see food for me is like how some folks react to porno-just seeing it gets them excited. Anyway-more later-company just arrived


pamatga 12-08-2007 02:00 PM

This is my experience
I have just recently starting reading the Beck Diet Solution. I am going to be honest and say that once I began reading how she writes the book, it did turn me off. To me, it seemed like she was being very flippant about a lot of the "meat and potatoes" about her topic. I don't like her writing style. She says "well, I can eat anything I want" but then goes on to say "however, it seems like I want to eat healthy foods." Well, there was a lot of transitions to get to that point that I don't see her discussing. I think, in that way the book fails for me. I have been working OA for 12 years and you don't wake up one day and say I think I will have start eating healthy today. It doesn't work for the majority of people that way. It may work for a few but a rare few.

The one thing I think it does address is how to put in place a lot of behavior modification skills that do work. I had learned them from other places but it is nice that it is all in one book. As I mentioned in some recent posts of mine, I avoided food-centered parties because I was terrified of "getting lost" in all of the food choices. This past weekend I went to a Christmas party, my first in decades, where I ate a truly normal portioned meal, had three cookies for dessert and finished the meal with a can of diet soda. I felt so at peace with the whole situation and I said to my DH last night, "Wow, I enjoyed myself at that party!"

I want to be open to everything this site and all of the great books everyone here is willing to comment on and share. I have gained INVALUABLE insights into myself by listening to what all of you have to say. The 12 Steps have one requirement----TO BE WILLING. I take this to mean, to be willing to be TAUGHT, to be OPEN, to be ready to LEARN, to just BE.

I had a really emotionally rough past three days that hit me in a couple of vulnerable places: my job, our bank account and my nephew and godson. I was so full of anger, emotion, crying, ranting and so on. I told my DH the other night I was too upset to eat supper. I decided to have 4 pieces of homemade fudge. That was supper one night. The next day I was so upset it took me all day to eat my toast from breakfast and I finished it two days later. I stepped on the scales and the stubborn couple of pounds I was wrestling with slipped off. Now, when life throws me some curve balls, I make a huge fuss. That is who I am! I wish I could be as calm as a cucumber but I'm not. I asserted myself with my supervisor and then our operations manager, I asserted myself with our bank and told them I was filing a formal complaint, and I cried with my sister who told me my nephew who is mentally ******ed is being physically abused by his caretakers. That is what life is made of! Not all the time, TG, but sometimes it just plain SUCKS and you know what I don't need to eat a hot fudge sundae to prove the point that I am hurting. IF I tell you I am, well, then take my word for it. I have FINALLY GOT IT.

I don't feel any body, including God, is punishing me or the people around me. It is a sign of our times but everyone has things that happen that suck in their lives. It is learning to find the good in all of that.

I think the Beck Diet solution is ultimately saying what Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz. We are looking into this inanimate object called food for love, comfort, to relieve our pain, to keep us from facing our boredom, our pain, our need for love and friendship, etc. ---you get the picture when all of that was not in the food but within ourselves.

If you feel pain, feel it---cry,stomp your feet, make a fuss! If you feel love, tell someone, give them a hug. If you feel like moving, move--dance, twirl, swing, whatever. If you want to go to Europe, start putting aside a little bit of money today. We are people of untapped energy, unrealized dreams, and unfailing love and hope. That is what she is trying to say. YOU GOT ONE LIFE, START LIVING IT THE WAY YOU THINK YOU SHOULD BE LIVING.

As someone once said, "This ain't no dress rehearsal." For a very long time, longer than I care to admit, I thought I had a second chance---I kept putting off tomorrow what I "should have" done today. Tomorrow I'll do this or that. Well, twenty plus years have passed. I can NEVER relive those days. I cried for a long time realizing this. This past year I have done more to make my life what I have always wanted to be than any one year in my entire life. When you mentioned about Europe I thought I want to take art classes (something I haven't done since the early 80s) and I'm going to do it. I don't know how I will but I will find a way! Today,and maybe tomorrow if we are lucky, is all we have! If you have to "pretend" you have six months to live to start living then that is what you need to do.

When I realized this in my life, I started getting started. Start where you are at. I have not let my age (54 1/2), my weight (severely obese), my occupation, whatever stop me from doing the things that I want and need to do. We have a lot of unused energy (which shows up physically as fat) and once we begin to have an interesting life we don't NEED food any more to fill in those gaps.

It takes repetitive effort until one day it is as easy as breathing. I have moments when it happens. I hope to string those moments together like pearls on a necklace until I am completely and thoroughly living the life I was meant to live. IMO, I think that is the core of the Beck Diet Solution. Basically, GET A LIFE!

That is all there is to it. I can do it. And, so can you!:hug:;):carrot:

BillBlueEyes 12-08-2007 05:03 PM

pamatga - Ouch - that's some rough stuff to be going through. I wish you well and hope that someone is able to help your nephew.

Thanks for taking the effort to produce such a thoughtful post. I do like your three word condensation of Beck's 288 page book

and I agree with your thought, that when we're into life, we don't need food to fill in the gaps.

Also good to hear that you find Beck's strategies consistent with so much that you've accumulated over the years - I'll take that as an affirmation that her stuff makes sense. It's interesting that her style just doesn't strike you. I'm quite happy with the book, but I also detect that she minimizes some things, specifically time. I found it has taken some time to absorb her writing and do the exercises every day. I'm pleased that I'm doing it and willing to spend the time, but do find it a bit galling that she refers to it as a few minutes a day. Maybe after I'm done with the 42 Program-days it will only be a few minutes.

Hope you'll continue to share some of your experience with us. I'm only 26 months into this journey and feel admiration for someone like yourself who has 12 years experience.

Completed Beck Program-day 35. 7 to go. Keep going!

CammieCam 12-08-2007 05:36 PM

Is it too late to be a part of this discussion? I just bought the book today so I'll be farther behind that everyone else, but I can just read and observe here as I read the book.

maryblu 12-08-2007 06:46 PM

catching up
Whew! You guys are moving right along! Don't know where to start...my manners, I guess.

CammieCam, welcome! :)

Kitt; thanks for your understanding about my tree.

CoastalSue, I so relate to your discussion about how food calls/signals you. Me too, waaaayyyyyy more than it should.

BillBlueEyes; thank you for the recipe. I wish my chard weren't frozen; it lasted a long time, but now under more than a foot of snow, unlikely to be found, let alone be eaten!

As for your adventure at Whole Foods, just two questions:

As for grazing your way through the store, what is the problem? lol....sounds as if you had lunch on Whole Foods and it sounds wonderful! Kidding, but it is what I would have done! That is my favorite kind of eating adventure....right , Sue?? ;) 100 times harder to resist than the Cuban Missile Crisis Cookie episode. Since I would have eaten exactly what I wanted, I feel hypocritical even trying to offer any advice...that is the first serious thing I have said in this paragraph, but it is true.

The other burning question is, what the !$%#@^%@^% is "vegetarian liver pate"? Sounds like an oxymoron to me!:dizzy:

Pamatga; my thoughts are with your family. This is unthinkable. I just don't know how it could happen; so sad.

BillBlueEyes 12-08-2007 08:34 PM

Welcome CammmieCam
CammieCam - :welcome: Just waving because I can see that you're still logged on.

I'm running out the door right now, but I'll post some thoughts later about having several passes through Beck's book going at once. If you read back, you can see that we had a second pass going - by a member taking a break to deal with real life, who will be back.

So, you can start a sequence within this thread covering Program-day 1 going forward, or wait for our other poster to return going at the middle of the book. Either way would elicit welcome discussion. I know that I have to review some of the early stuff. For example, I still haven't thrown any food away, and I still am stuck on FREE food.

Out the door.

Completed Beck Program-day 35. 7 to go. Keep going!

BillBlueEyes 12-09-2007 07:27 AM

Completed Beck Program-day 36: Believe It
from the Beck DIET Solution: (Available thru the 3FC Store) http://astore.amazon.com/3fatchionad...216363-1799918

Congratulations on completing the first five weeks of the Beck Diet Solution. You’ve come a long way! Now you know what to do when you want to eat buy you know you shouldn’t. You’ve demonstrated over and over that you can take control of your eating. You can decide what’s in your best interest to eat – and not eat – and how to get yourself to follow through with your food plans, even if you’re hungry, craving, seeking comfort, being pressured to eat, or just tempted by food.

To help change her perception of herself from someone who can’t lose weight to someone who can lose weight. Brenda read the Response Card below every day for weeks. Use it for inspiration in creating your own card. [Brenda’s Believe It Response card followed, page 240.]

Build More Confidence

Remind yourself what you were like five weeks ago, before you started this program.

It’s important to continually take stock of what you’ve learned and the progress you’ve made. You need to recognize that you’ve lost weight because of your own efforts. You can continue to make this happen. Reinforce this idea by writing in your diet notebook exactly how you’re different, as Brenda did. [Brenda’s Progress Report followed, page 241.]

My Believe It Response Card, and Progress Report were modeled after Brenda’s. Mine are more focused on continued maintenance rather than weight loss, reflecting the stage of my journey.

Believe It Response Card: I’m maintaining my healthy life style because I’ve learned how. I now know:

1) What I have to DO:
o Eat to plan.
o Eat Mindfully.
o Eat only to mild fullness.
o When discouraged, I focus on what I can do today.
2) What I have to REMIND myself:
o Hunger and cravings are never emergencies.
o When it’s desire, not hunger; I can turn down food, including seconds.
o To say NO CHOICE to strong urges; it reduces them.
o To say Oh Well to that which I can’t have; it helps me to let go.
o To say Oh Well to slips; it helps me to avoid guilt traps.
o I am not helpless against FREE food.
o I am, at most, a few hours away from a snack or meal.
3) How to MOTIVATE myself:
o Get support from DW and 3FC.
o Read my Advantages Card and other cards.
o CREDIT moi every day. It’s not patronizing to give myself credit.
4) How to keep myself HONEST:
o Daily record and graph in Excel my: pedometer step count, measured weight, measured body fat.
o Record my exercise in my gym journal. Review monthly.
o Daily record what I eat.
o Estimate my weekly weight on Sunday; record and graph in Excel.
o Report changes to my 3FC diet coach.

Progress Report:
Before I started this program I couldn’t consistently:
• Leave food on my plate. (Remains a challenge)
• Discard food rather than eat it. (Remains a challenge)
• Feel hungry and not believe that I HAD to immediately eat.
• Say to myself, NO CHOICE.
• Avoid serving myself second helpings when food was available.
• Feel confident that I could stick to my exercise plan and eating plan.
• Refrain from spontaneous eating. (Remains a challenge)
• Stop myself from nibbling while serving myself.
• Eat slowly.
• Recognize and respond to my sabotaging thoughts. (Remains a challenge)
• Limit myself when I at restaurants, parties, and buffets. (Remains a challenge)
• Be assertive with charming food pushers. (Remains a challenge)
Whenever I worry that I can’t maintain my healthy lifestyle, I’ll tell myself that I’ve learned the Beck strategies, including getting back on track, and that I will continue to apply them.

Completed Beck Program-day 36. 6 to go. Keep going!

BillBlueEyes 12-09-2007 08:39 AM

Yesterday I ate on plan, did gym and even had a protein shake afterwards. (The protein shake is sorta like looking for a magic elixir to encourage some muscle growth. Realistically at age 64, I have better prospects of working on my spiritual growth rather than my muscle growth and accepting that I'm not on my way to looking like Schwarzenegger.)
Sabotaging Thought: You're not looking much like Ghandi either, bub.
Helpful Response: Oh, Well.

I also brought 4 Christmas presents from a small Tibetan store - nice scarves that are wide enough to be used as Buddhist prayer shawls. I have a hard time shopping for my adult children; they really would prefer money to get their own present, so I'll probably end up doing that.

Sometimes I'm made happy by such small things. Today I'm looking forward to baking a batch of granola because the almond extract smells so good when its baking. And the stuff is sooooo good when it's hot from the oven.

MaryBlu - LOL, Oh ye of little faith:

"The other burning question is, what the !$%#@^%@^% is "vegetarian liver pate"? "
Focus your mind on the biology of an eggplant. It must have an organ that I missed during high school biology, because the ingredients included: eggplant, hummus, tofu, and spices. I thought it rather good, given the constraint in ingredients, but was tickled to hear the woman next to me mutter, "I prefer the real stuff." Oh Well.

Thanks for this insight: "100 times harder to resist than the Cuban Missile Crisis Cookie episode." Funny that I was able to become aware that I was facing a problem with the Missile Crisis Cookie, but didn't even think that a problem existed with the grazing until I wrote it in my journal - slipped right under my radar.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Hope your retreat went well. Was it a stress for your back spending a whole day at the retreat?

I agree, feeling full is one lame reason for not wanting a treat from the bakery. Whatsamatter - isn't his nose working?

Reread your Day 36 - Believe It notes. Really appreciate your observation that being 90-95% on plan can be sabotaged by the remaining 5-10% off plan. It's like having a fully insulated house and leaving the front door open during the winter - doesn't take much to nullify the benefits of partially living right. You've got a lot of insights for discussion there.

pamatga -I just reread your post and felt the warmth of your closing thought, "That is all there is to it. I can do it. And, so can you!"

CammieCam - hummmmmm... I seemed to have already written what I stated that I would say later. Feel free to start discussion about the earlier Program-days. For example, I look forward to a new discussion about Day 4 - Give Yourself Credit. I still feel like I'm being patronizing when I give myself credit. Don't know if it's just a guy thing or not.

Readers - May you feel free to give yourself credit today for your progress along your journey and may you consider it a positive step that you do so.

Completed Beck Program-day 36. 6 to go. Keep going!

CammieCam 12-09-2007 12:37 PM

Okay.... I know I'm a little late, but I'll just start from the beginning and when I need to check in I'll do so. I'm going out to get my index cards today... I didn't think I'd like this book, I'm not really one for "self help" books, but this one is quite interesting, I couldn't put it down last night, until I was TOLD to do so until I made my advantages response cards! I think it's worth a shot if it will help me get to my goal weight and maintain it, no matter what's going on in my life.

I have the book AND the workbook... which one is more helpful? Or should I do them both?

coastalsue 12-09-2007 10:45 PM

Hello all,

glad others are joining in and posting. Welcome to CammieCam and Pamatga!!!.-CammieCam I use both-book and workbook.I do read the book and then the workbook- Easy to use the check list and pre made cards in the workbook. Pamatga-I like TBDS but it is not as easy as Beck writes it-And some exercises and approaches I do not like-but some I learned alot-my personal reasons for weight loss, skipping lunch and leaving some food on my plate-all have help be eat less. Sounds like you have done alot ground work in dealing with changing eating habits. Glad you had a great Christmas Party. So Sorry about all the complex painful things in your life right now, it is good you are respecting your emotional response.

I have been having a very rough time with continually thinking about food. Not hungry but always scoping the environment for possible munchies-Everyplace I go I think about food, I have resisted alot-but I personally feel embrassed how much I think about food-it is stupid focus-I have been trying some meditation techniques to help dissipate this focus. This has been consistent since that silly bakery visit.

I ate much more sponataneously with the company-I did not preplan and record my menu - tomarrow will be better -yep gain some lbs back and will have to relose them again. My guest is a very charming and thin woman who just turned 60-looks 48 yrs old. I watched her and she did eat very sponataneously-enjoying "surprised" treats-but NEVER had any seconds. I think she intuitively lives at about 1200-1300 cals each day. She almost always some food on plate on every meal-bits of salad ect.- most all of her behavior are the ones your mention in your progess list BillBlueEyes. In fact your entire review of your strategies was well done. You have done a great job. -Don't know what to say about the sampling buffet in the store-one thing it all sounded great-not twinkie samples- Recently I had my 1st time every had triple cream french cheese-Oh Boy-I could never have that stuff in my kitchen lurking the refrig. I guess I would call it a learning experience and it is unlikey that you will repeat and eat that many samples again. I think a unexpected cookie will now make me smile about the the cookie cuban missile crisis.

MaryBlu-just got the book Omnivore's Dilemma-WOW Thanks for let us know about the book.

My day of meditation was wonderful-the leader was Ed Bown-wrote a book on making bread in the 70's-He can combine buddhism and cooking. When asked how he can enjoy cooking so much and remain so thin- He talked about eating mindfully-thanking all those who gave their lives for this food, for those who help get the food to us, savoring each bite-I look forward to when I can completely enjoy food without all this preplanning and recording and stop at modest amount consistently. There still lurks in me an attitude if one bite is good, 5 wonderful then 5000 most be heaven. I am so greedy about wanting more and more tastes. Too often the greed over rides the mindfulness. Even if I stop (dieting) too often I really have not enjoyed taste of what was an acceptable amount. Any way more stuff for me to ponder and change.

Good week to all

maryblu 12-10-2007 12:24 AM

You are all the best!
You are! All of you! I appreciate this thread so much. I have never felt this connected to another one, that is for sure.

This is a particular shout out to BillBlueEyes and CoastalSue:

BillBlueEyes, thanks for being our fearless leader; you are our sage. (and...someone has to do it......lol) As for the grazing through Whole Foods:

"Funny that I was able to become aware that I was facing a problem with the Missile Crisis Cookie, but didn't even think that a problem existed with the grazing until I wrote it in my journal - slipped right under my radar."

Here is where I deviate from Beck a little bit...or maybe not........maybe the fact that you are/were aware of what happened....even after the fact....is your saving grace. What I started to say was, at your goal wt. , if you "had lunch" on Whole Foods, even though unplanned, if you enjoyed it, and called it lunch, then "So what?" In the end, it really didn't derail anything...I just think at some point, we get to "lighten up" on ourselves...

That said, obviously, I have regained 20 #s and have lightened up on myself too much! But the good news, is, it is not THE WHOLE 80#s....it is just 20#.....way more than the window of 5#s you can sensibly allow yourself and then get back on track, but still, it is not the whole 80#s, and it won't be.

I did a joyful 19,000 steps today. And it was JOYFUL. Never stepped outside, just did the whole first half of the Vikings game on my treadmill with my headphones and Duke Robillard and Koko Taylor on, and it was FUN!! (Coastal Sue, hope your 49ers QB is OK)

CoastalSue; I am every bit as seduced by food and obsessed with it as you are.

"I have been having a very rough time with continually thinking about food. Not hungry but always scoping the environment for possible munchies-Everyplace I go I think about food, I have resisted alot-but I personally feel embrassed how much I think about food-it is stupid focus-I have been trying some meditation techniques to help dissipate this focus. This has been consisakery visit."

Well, Yaahhhh....seriously, every meeting, whether it is store bought cookies or really good scones, I am thinking about it......I am pretty sure that will never change.......and that is exactly why Beck is loading us up with so many tools.

I think for me, it will have to be a bit of a compromise.........I need to use Beck strategies to overcome the day to day fixation with food, and then when I get into Whole Foods on Demo Day........letterrippp.......!!!:D:D

SuchAtwin 12-10-2007 12:35 AM

fairly newbie checking in
Hello to All. Well, I bought both the book and the workbook today and just compared the first chapters. I think I will keep them both as there were insights both have to offer. Thanks to your posts I can skip around a little by observing your focus and benefiting by pre-thinking my direct challenge chapter by chapter. If that doesn't make sense to you, it does to me and I am, afterall, writing to help myself so--please indulge me. Tonight I watched "One More Day" by Mitch Albolm(sp?) and this movie brought up some emotions that were familiar and uncomfortable. I wanted to dive into something comfortable to eat but notice---I am giving myself credit here--I postponed my actions by reading a little of Beck's book during commericials. Now, I will confess that after the movie I chose to indulge myself with a bad for me snack but I still feel like I made a baby step towards progress. One of the thoughts I read in either the book or workbook, I do not remember which, is that I do need to come to grips with the reality that doing 95% of a plan is great but missing out on that 5% is like leaving the front door open on a cold day--it can really put the whole house temperature out of balance. This is going to be quite an adventure and it is great to know I am not alone. Thanks to all who post!

maryblu 12-10-2007 12:42 AM

Kitt, from what you said, I would say........overall..........."give yourself credit"!

BillBlueEyes 12-10-2007 06:58 AM

Monday - Thinking of you Mama Cass
Ate on plan Sunday, including a pot luck lunch where I made good choices, including a baked apple stuffed with banana for dessert. Then, one odd event happened.

I was chatting with a teenage friend of mine when he said "Those Turkish Delights are just awesome," so, without warning I ate one. Not a big calorie deal, but of interest to me because I had skipped a dozen tempting desserts with equanimity, then I just ate a piece of candy. It's the slipping under my radar that catches my attention. I might have chosen to do it anyway since I haven't had Turkish Delight in MANY years, and I might have wondered if I still liked the taste of dates (I think it's just dates and nuts pressed into a rectanguloid shape.) There might be some value to me doing a Beck style problem solving on this since it's about the third time in recent memory that I ate something without thinking right after someone made an enticing comment. The small calories aren't my worry, but the hole in my radar that could lead to the slippery slope concerns me.

Cooked New Orleans style red beans for the first time in my new adventure to start learning to cook, using a family recipe. Turned out quite good - DW thought them good. They are loaded with ham (euphemistically called "cooked with a ham bone for flavor.") I left out the sausage as a token to healthy eating. Next time I will attempt a little less ham, but if I go too little, they won't taste right. New Orleans red beans is not a dieter's dish, LOL.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Your day of meditation with Ed Brown sounds wonderful. It does just boggle my mind that he combines Buddhism and cooking and being thin. Hope you unravel the secret why that is possible and share it with us. By the by, do you recommend his book?

The constant thinking about food is familiar to me. My dream is that with enough mindful eating it will decrease. I am moved by the story of your friend who always leaves a bit of food on her plate. That's still in my future.

MaryBlu - Appreciate your comments on the need to "lighten up" on ourselves during maintenance. You're ahead of me in dealing with this, and I admire that you haven't bounced back through your entire 80# loss. Do you have any insights on how you managed to stop the bounce back? Any insights on how to limit the bounce? I'm here primarily because I've seen the bounce back hit so many people who've lost weight and I don't know of any reason that I'm so different that it won't happen to me. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Loved reading that 19,000 steps were joyful!

SuchAtwin - Kudos to you for working strategies to confront the desire for food while watching the movie. And kudos for spotting that your desire for food was related to the emotions that came with the movie. Both are BIG steps, and I hope you revisit them and give yourself bigger credit. It's been a topic here that spotting that we are in a emotional eating situation is a hard step, and a required step in order to have a response.

CammieCam - You can't be late, you're on CammieCam time. Let us know what insights you have when making your Advantages Response Card. For example, I was surprised how vividly I am able to recall a small embarrassment caused by my weight.

Readers - You can confront an emotional eating situation after you recognize that it's an emotional eating situation.

Completed Beck Program-day 36. 6 to go. Keep going!

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