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  • Good morning everyone.
    I hope you are all well. My cold/cough/flu, whatever you want to call it, is so much better. I just sound worse than I am. Thanks for all your well wishes.
    I am so worried about posting because I feel I don't have much to contribute but I get so much from this thread, kind of like I am piggybacking off the efforts of others. That may be the kick I need to get me out of this going through the motions. I keep thinking of Beck, "Do it anyway."
    I say give yourselves credit for your honesty and posting sabotaging thoughts and letting me see you are all human and we all go through these things.
    Sorry if I am babbling, I am trying to say I appreciate you all and thank you for what you all do.
    I asked my DH to be an additional diet coach for me during the holidays, well he isn't a very good one, we are like two children at a candy shop. He will ask, "so do you want some ice cream." I say, "I don't know, do you?" I then tell him he is a horrible diet coach leading me astray like that. I do count it in to my flex points (ww), but I can see how it could be bad, if I didn't have any points left. I think what is great about Beck is she has given me an awareness to the problems it could cause if I wasn't aware of it. I hope that makes sense.
    Have a great day everyone.
  • New Year with all of you!
    [I am so worried about posting because I feel I don't have much to contribute but I get so much from this thread, kind of like I am piggybacking off the efforts of others. That may be the kick I need to get me out of this going through the motions. I keep thinking of Beck, "Do it anyway."] Ann(NewlifeStyle)

    That is pretty much what I have been saying in my "I appreciate you all" posts. And it is why I volunteered to lead the first discussion. I have been coasting, treading water, barely, and it is time to get my body back in the shape that I want it.

    I do realize we are all in this together. Sometimes we give, sometimes we take, and most often, I suspect, we do a little of both. You just never know which little bit of wisdom whether given or gleaned, will be exactly what is needed at that moment.

    Am off to "study" so I can "lead". Thanks to you for your well wishes and interest in my online MA program. It is in Ed. Admin. B.S. is in Horticulture, and it is 30 yrs. old, so this should be interesting to say the least!
  • Hi Sue,
    It's interesting you should mention the issue of a "caloric budget" because I was thinking about that in terms of junk food. I think one of the traps I'm falling into is the "I won't ever have X food again because I'm going on a weight loss plan on Jan 1 so may as well indulge now" and that unconsciously gets me into a panic and so I binge on the foods I'm "not" going to have. I was thinking yesterday it might be an idea for me to "budget" some of the junk food that I love during my weight loss phase in such a way that I'm learning portion control while at the same time psychologically not associating those foods with binging. So here's my thought:

    1. Make a list of my 3 favorite foods (peanut butter cups will definitely be on it )
    2. Decide what days I will allow myself each of these foods once during the week IF I DESIRE IT.
    3. Decide what portion (obviously, if chips are on the list I'm not going to buy a 99 cent bag but the smallest I can find)
    4. allow myself that controlled portion of that food once a week but allotted into my calorie budget. So, for example, if I decide on chocolate chip cookies and the package says it's 100 calories, then I'll give up some other grain for that day. Obviously, this will be within reason - I won't be giving up a salad with beans for cookies because nutritionally, it will be like a binge, where I eat junk food in place of healthy foods
    5. I will have each of these foods scedualed on 3 separate days, not all on the same day (again, psychologically that will spell binge to me)

    I'm thinking if I do this, it might take the junk food out of the realm of a binge, making it psychologically more controllable to me. Obviously, I won't buy the whole package of Oreos and then take a serving because I know it's a trigger food and having the big pack inside the house is too dangerous. But walking down to the 7-11 and getting the single serving package might work.

    I'm also thinking it might make the junk food less desirable in the long run, since there have been studies that show that if you eat a certain food consistently, your taste buds will get used to it and it will be less appealing. Again, too, I think the whole "I can't have it" mentality will go away when I realize that I CAN have it (within reason) if I want it. Then I'll want it less.

    What do you all think about this?

    I'm getting very excited about starting BDS on Jan 1. I'm still reading the book, reading through beyond each day but scheduling in my daytime planner the days to do the activities (like the hunger tolerance activity - which is going to be a tough one because I'm totally the type that is anxious about having food near me all the time!)

    Will we be posted a whole new thread for Jan 2008? I'm assuming we will, since this one is Dec 2007. When we do that would it be possible to ask if we can start by posting a short bio of themselves, what their goals are (short and long term, if desired), what their diet history is, and how they are eating? Totally optional, only if we want to, that is!

  • Hi everyone,
    I've just been catching up on everyone's posts and it looks like this is a very supportive group, which makes me feel lucky that I found it (but then 3FatChicks has always been a great site!). I hope we all continue in 2008.

    Regarding rereading the book, where would that put those of us who are reading it for the first time? I'm on the second week and don't feel like I should start rereading the book again since I've just read that first week. However, I think it might be a good thing to hold off on reading the rest of Week 2 and reread what I've read so far starting Jan 1 when I'm totally committed.

    I'm still not ready to let go of the binge eating but I do see subtle changes. Friday was another binge day for me but again I stopped myself from going overboard. Typically, I make a schedule of fun activities like reading and watching movies in the evening when I eat most of the junk food. I had scheduled 8 hours of "fun" stuff in which to binge on Fri but after 3 hours I again stopped and asked the questions "do I really want to go on with this? Have I had enough? What pleasure will I get out of it if I go on? Or will I only end up feeling worse?" Of course I knew the answers to all of those questions and trashed all the junk food then and there.

    I feel almost embarrassed to post about all of this because it sounds so weak and sickening, like I'm a really sick person. I don't feel like a sick person. A person with major food issues, certainly. But I'm not feeling like I can't get a grip on them at all. These are major changes for me. I wish I could describe just how major they are. But I'm starting to realize that it's unrealistic for me to get into the mentality that I will give up the binges cold turkey, even after Jan 1. It's been a lifelong habit with me (though I've had periods when I've had much less binging episodes) and I can't just give it up all at once. But even these baby steps (using smaller bowls, making them shorter) is moving me towards hopefully eventually giving them up altogether, realizing I don't have to rely on them anymore for whatever I'm relying on them for (which I haven't quite figured out yet).

  • Hello to all,

    thanks again for posting-I am embarrased by my lack of Beck Behaviors yet I keep looking over my shoulder at Bill's posting and know that behavior is what I truly want to do on a daily basis. I honestly can't seem to face The New Year Eve Party with a severe caloric limit. But just writing down the food has helped limit my intake.

    Tammay-I understood your concerns mentioned in your postings. I really like the idea of planned indulgents-I seem to be very rigid most of the time dieting then overlax with company or a during a festive time. It is like I become an overindulgent 5 yr old who is going to overeat because it is a party and I want to have fun (eat). There is a fine line for me to have a treat and not have it become a trigger food. I bet the key for me is not to have the food in the house, but enjoy the treat in the community. I am pondering a game plan on enjoy some baked goods when having coffee with friends.

    You are making some good changes such as your choices on Friday-I like you are making changes but I must make more in order to lose weight.
    I have major food issues can't reach over 300lb with out them but good new-I almost reached 400 lb and did start making changes. I am the thinnest in my family-we all learned the food issues well. Any way never feel you are "sick" we just need to learn new skills, not to judge and shame ourselves.

    Like Maryblu said we all get some wisdom whether given or gleaned. looking forward to your leadership input in this group study.

    Ann my DH behaves like your Dh. One Doctor thought he might be a co-dependent in my over eating. My skinny DH loves treats and loves to share them. He is pleased to serve them. Once I am very serious about a food plan he will be helpful otherwise he would rather share the treats and eat them together.

    Bill-Sorry about your DW needing physical therapy. I say keep going to the gym. If you find joy in doing your exercising there-do it there. I loved the social support of doing work in the gym when I was able. I now just do the swmming alone-miss the chit chat and support. Take care of yourself.

  • Hi there everyone,
    I am having a fun time on my trip. I am not able to plan meals ahead of time but, luckily, my family eats really healthy food so I am just managing how much of everything. It is going really well actually. I am also able to get exercise in easily-skiing, ice skating, tubing, etc.. I feel really good and am enjoying myself. I am very much anticipating the structure of home and getting into my full routines again. I LOVE the idea of rereading the book and taking two days in a 7 day period as a group. I will read day one before I come home and will check in here to see where people are.

    I really like the idea of planning the "trigger foods"into the week ahead of time. I really struggle with that too-afraid of those foods that could put me into a feeding frenzy.

    I will be back to checking in each day-I too get so much out of everyone posting how they are doing (well and struggling)....

    Happy New Year everyone! Heidi
  • New Years Eve - 2007
    Did well enough at a party last night by calorie count. Had a good time and I didn't lose control. For that, CREDIT moi.

    However, I did break out of the behaviors that I was trying to follow: namely, after I ate one well planned plate sitting down, I later ate more, I ate standing up, and I sometimes ate straight from the serving tray without benefit of designing a plate. My concern is that I flirted with unaccountable eating, with out of control eating. For that, Oh Well. I have the opportunity to keep working at it at a party this evening.

    Sue (CoastalSue) - Will be thinking of you while trying to stay under control during my New Years celebration this evening.

    MaryBlu - Thanks, this was just the thought that I needed this morning:
    "Sometimes we give, sometimes we take, and most often, I suspect, we do a little of both. You just never know which little bit of wisdom whether given or gleaned, will be exactly what is needed at that moment."

    Ann (Newlifestyle) - Glad that you are posting even when faced with the Sabotaging Thought that you shouldn't post. Appreciate your demonstration of how to use Beck's "Do it Anyway!"

    SuchAtwin - Waving. Cammie (CammieCam) - Waving in French.

    Heidi (hbuchwald) - What a hat trick: All that exercise, healthy food, and family.

    Tam (tammay) - Thanks for the courage to share your journey with us. I don't hear "weak and sick", I hear confronting the demons, one step at a time. I'm proud to be side by side with you here.

    Oh yeah, add me to the list of people who are not to have a bag of Or*o cookies in the house. Remembering that my serving size was: One bag.

    Readers - May you celebrate tonight within your plan.

    Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve Met your goal. Congratulations!
  • Good morning everyone.
    It is so refreshing to read posts that make me realize I am human like all of you.
    Maryblu, Good luck with your MA. Congratulations for having the courage to tackle it.
    Thank you so much for offering to reread the book. I am starting to get excited about the idea of two days in a 7 day period as a group. I think I do so many things on my own, like running and walking, I do like it as it gives me time for me....learned to enjoy it as when I did this with others I relied on their schedule. I was a bit scared to try anything on my own but I realize now that it is fun and if I just do it anyway I will be successful on my journey.

    Sue, thanks for your post too, it is funny how I can identify with everyone on here. I was embarrassed about my lack of Beck behaviour too and I as read your post I thouhgt, just acknoweldge it, because I can't change what I don't acknowlege. Thanks for your honesty. At the party tonight could you plan maybe to eat fruits/vegetables first and then have a treat, or a strategy that works for you, or have a glass of lemon water and then snack. I find if I have a plan that in place I do less damage than if I restrict myself. For example I will always have that glass of water and then I don't mistake thirst for hunger, I plan to eat healthy choices but don't beat myself up if I have a treat. I find it I try to restrict myself, I end up saying no to everything and then I binge like a wild woman out of control. I hope this makes sense. Good luck tonight with your party. Oh yeah great job writing things down. Give your self credit for that. I think a lot of peope find it extremely difficult to journal their eating. Most of all have a wonderful time with everyone. Enjoy.

    Heidi, wow, it is awesome you are getting to do all those things and enjoying them too.

    Cammie, I do hope Paris is a wonderful experience for you.

    Tam, I read your post last night and thought wow, it is not just me who feels like this. Thanks for the honesty. I found that when I plan certain foods I do much better. I measure out my snacks and count them in my daily calories, also if I really want something, I exercise extra for that. I know that caramel is one of those trigger foods I have no control over so I don;t even start eating it as I know nothing good can come out of it. Thankfully it isn't a treat I crave but for some reason once I eat it, it causes havoc for me. Reading your post made me realize we are truly in this together and we all have these feelings.

    SuchaTwin, Hello to you.

    Bill, yeah you....having a good time and not losing control,,,,isn't that what it is all about! I laughed at your serving size of cookies. The sitting down while eating was a real eye opener for me. One of my friends no longer asks me to sample anything because when I do I find a chair and sit down. I just want to follow that one because I can do it. I still struggle with others, which makes me human....that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

    I think I am babbling....ooops. What I want to say is:

    I do hope everyone has a great day and a Happy New Year to all. Remember we all had successes this year and thank you all for your honest posts. I not only need them but appreciate them so much...
    Take Care
  • Happy New Years Eve to all,

    So glad you all will be here to be Beck Buddies and help me get back on track in 2008. I am starting to look forward to eating much more nutritiously and much less.

    Ann thanks for the idea that I could plan for the party-even though not doing my rigid food plan I'll bring my sparkling water. It is always the first bit or drink of /foodwine that is the best-after that food/drink is just consummed without really tasting it.

    Heidi what a great winter vacation-all that snow exercising sounds like so much fun. I love the look of clean snow, mountain and crystal blue skies. Glad you are having so much fun.

    Bill-much success on your up coming parties-You have done so well in a time of so much food draws-we all are struggling through ton of treats which are every where along with traditional attitude of "tis the season" Here is the challengeTonight -I will not eat on thing which I do not put on my plate or napkin first to catch my breath before eating and let me know if you do the same tonight (if you time to read this prior to leaving for New Years eve) Nothing directly from the nut dish to my mouth.

    Have fun , be safe, Happy New Year

  • Challenge Accepted
    Quote: Nothing directly from the nut dish to my mouth.
    On my way out the door. This will be difficult, as this party specializes in grab-n-go platters. Howsomever, Challenge accepted. I'll report back.
    Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve Met your goal. Congratulations!
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    Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve Met your goal. Congratulations!