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BillBlueEyes 12-19-2007 07:02 AM

Wednesday - 6 D B C
"Completed" 41 days of the book; I'm beginning to feel that I'll make it to the end.

Yesterday I walked and did a short gym session. Ate on plan without incident. A box of Christmas goodies arrived in the mail; we stuck then back in the box for Christmas dinner with the kids They're out of sight.

Bought our Christmas tree last night, only 6 feet tall but beautifully round and full - our shortest in 30 years. Will have to deal with the kids verbal disapproval ("parents are supposed to always have a BIG tree.") Of course, their memory of the size of a tree is from their young childhood when the tree seemed HUMONGOUS. Ordered some books from Amazon for 2 day delivery. I'm starting to get the spirit. Apparently, I still need a little more time pressure to get the shopping completed, LOL.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Glad that you're working on the "caloric blackout state" when in social situations. Hoping you figure it out so I can learn from you.

Your weekend sounds like a success. Thanks for the reminder of how much food it takes to feed teenagers. Even now, when we have them for dinner, I have to remember that they no longer consume the vast quantities of food that they did as teens.

SuchAtwin - "Do I need a shrink?" LOL, if you do, then we all do. I feel the same about being told what to do. Beck doesn't push my buttons too much because her strategies are so transparent. I feel that I choose to use them. I don't feel like she has a secret agenda to impose on me.

tofulover - Boy, I'm in the same boat with a learned response to certain emotions: food. The Beck strategies are helping me. For example, yesterday at work the thought struck me that I REALLY wanted a snack. I actually asked myself why. I was tense about getting a task done. So I took a small step toward finishing that task and was diverted from my hunger. Working for me sometimes, and getting better.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - I'm 41/42nds through with the book, then perhaps I'll use it as you described, for reference. Maybe review some chapters that I've not really "completed" like the Seven Questions Technique.

You asked: "What do the little icons below our profiles mean? Like the egg with yolk yellowed in? At the red exclamation point? "
The bottom of this page explains the eggs and yolks next to forums: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/index.php

The bottom of this page explains the envelops: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=10

I can't find a similar description for the question you asked. However, it works for me to move the cursor over the icon and an explanation appears. For example, the yolk inside the egg means the person is currently logged on.

Readers - Reminder: There are six days until Christmas; today is the day to send seven swans a-swimming as well as yesterday's gifts.

Completed Beck Program-day 41. 1 to go. Keep going!

Newlifestyle 12-19-2007 08:35 AM

Good morning everyone.
It is great to see so many posts here.
I have been gone for a little while as my father has lung cancer and have been dealing with doctors and things like that. I think he is in competent hands now so am planning to take care of me. I find when I don't have the BDS workbook in sight I am not as mindful with my eating. I have decided I need to take it with me every where. I have still remained sitting when I eat. So I should give myself credit for that.
Part of me wants to say oh I will not worry until after Christmas, but that was what made me gain weight in the first place.
I do hope you are all doing well and I am going back to read all the posts.
Have a wonderful day everyone.

coastalsue 12-19-2007 11:53 PM

Hi Everyone,

It is hard to return to the Beck routine. But I did pre record the day's menus, recorded what I ate, meditated and did a sit and be fit DVD. It is now 7:30 my time and I think I am hungry (actually don't think I am hunger but want more to eat. Anyway back to working the program!! The "little" girl who over indulged had a great time for awhileknows it is back to healthy reality. I truly want to be thinner. Now I have to endure the overindulgence wants for the next couple of days.

I sure need everyone's posting to keep me on task.

Ann,so sorry to hear about your dad's illiness. I hope for the best for him and your family.

BillBlueEyes-I truly believe your posting about recording everything helped me to record my menu today. Thanks for your guidance to help us stay on target. Good for you to still get a fresh tree, I use my mom's small ceramic one and a fresh wreath as we no longer have a tree. Sounds like your family will all get together on Christmas-wonderful. Our boys come up in shifts-eventually see everyone one just not on the same day.

One of the best things to Beck is that is not all or nothing but step by step. Even when I over eat, I still can do things to keep working on the foundation of change-i.e. doing the exercises. recording all the food I ate even if the cals are close to 2000 for the day. I get credit for at least recording the data. For me I find I need alot of practice to consistantly follow the practice- I am a champ of doing it home and without restaint when others. So I just keep redoing the exercises and working on why can't I behave out of the house.

Hope everyone's holiday plans are working out-


maryblu 12-19-2007 11:57 PM

You are all amazing!
Hi, all

I don't feel worthy to welcome the new posters......... I feel like a "slacker" saying that....I am a Beck believer.....but there are some people here who are Beck "deliverers".......obviously BillBlueEyes is delivering.......and I count others in this thread as delivering, too.....and thanks to all for your wisdom.

I am treading water for now...getting back into the discipline that is involved in a life change.........again, I have to point to BBE and Coastal Sue, so willing to share their daily lives, struggles, and triumphs, ....and many of the rest as well...........everyone who has had that "aha" moment, and shared it.......everyone has been inspirational....I have posted before, when I read Beck, it "clicked" and I have the plan to follow.......and if I needed a second, I would name one.....but for now, I am treading water........2 or 3 days of good, healthy living, and then, I think......I deserve a break today......believe me when I say that is NOT McDonald's, but stilll......... it is easy to stray

We still have lots to discuss, and lots of wisdom to share......and lots of struggles to overcome...which brings me to Beck......and how she really does "get it".......with this time of year, and food EVERYWHERE..and how your head just turns because IT IS THERE!!! And then you DO resist it, but get home and give in...........to something far less tasty, just BECAUSE!!!..just because it is there, and you resisted something else.....

All I can say is, let's just hang together, be honest, and BE HERE!!

BillBlueEyes 12-20-2007 07:06 AM

Thursday - 6 D B C
Put in 20541 steps yesterday, about 10 miles, the most in three months. CREDIT moi. That included walking to the local Thai restaurant where I had Pad Thai, perhaps a little caloric, but not a huge serving, good enough for eating out. CREDIT moi.

However, that also included walking to Whole Foods, which was a problem - again. It's easy to record my samplings because they had a printed menu!!
Whole Foods Elegant Entertaining - Storewide Sampling Event:
o Seafood: Crabmeat Stuffed Portobello
o Specialty: Fromage en Croute – Savory pastry appetizer with gruyere cheese and asparagus
o Meat: Chateaubriand – Beef tenderloin stuffed with wild mushrooms
o Prepared Foods: Petite Crab Cakes, Shrimp and Goat Cheese Strudel
o Bakery: Profiteroles – Cream filled pastries drizzled with chocolate
o Whole Body: Jarrow Pomegranate Martini Spritzers with 4 blue berries on a toothpick
o Produce: Portobello Mushroom with Caramelized Onions and Goat Cheese
o Grocery: Fondant du Chocolate – Decadent Chocolate Torte with Aldens Vanilla Ice Cream
o Customer Service: Peppermint Bark – Dark chocolate with white chocolate
I will spend some time today thinking of reasons why accepting every single one of these items, without question or hesitation, was rational. Did I mention that they were all FREE? And handed to me by a smiling, nice person? With whom I chatted about the ingredients? That they were tiny samples (a portion of a profiterole, for example)? And that I had a piece of grapefruit at the front of the store before I caught on what was about to happen? I'm beginning to detect a pattern here.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Congrats for getting back on track. I think that's the most important step for a healthy lifestyle. LOL at the the "little" girl who over indulged. Would you diet coach me here on my Whole Foods indulgence? Am I ignoring the start of the slippery slope or am I just enjoying an occasional good thing?

MaryBlu - You describe so well one of the great pot holes: eating well, then coming home and, with defenses lowered, eating off plan. That's a tough one to beat. I so identify with that; I remain embarrassed that all of my pounds were not accumulated by Chateaubriand or Fromage en Croute, but cellophane wrapped Oreo's and oatmeal raisin cookies. Methinks Beck would give you great credit for taking the first step of acknowledging the issue with your 3FC co-Beckers. You're moving. Keep the faith.

tofulover - You asked, "Quick question - for those of you that work - do you carry your response cards with you?" Yes, I have my Response Cards with me at work - on my computer where they are easy for me to access during the day.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - My continued prayers and best wishes for your father, Ann. I hope the new "competent hands" treat him well. Congratulations for your decision to continue taking care of yourself even during the stressful holidays.

Readers - Reminder: There are five days until Christmas; today is the day to send eight maids a-milking as well as yesterday’s gifts.
[Kindly ignore the number in the title of this post; there's such a thing as too many swans a-swimming.]

Completed Beck Program-day 41. 1 to go. Keep going!

Newlifestyle 12-20-2007 11:50 AM

Hello everyone.

Thanks for your kind thoughts.
I hope everyone has a great day.

Bill, wow, day 41 you are doing awesome. I don't have any solution for not snacking on all the food. I guess you could look at the samples before leaving home and then decide how much you have to exercise to make it okay to sample things. Make them planned instead of unplanned. I know I can't even have one sample at say Costco or I can't stop I think it is my right to sample every thing. Good luck with that one. Way to go on all those steps.

Sue that is awesome you are back on track. I hope you have a great day.

Maryblu, wow, I did that yesterday. I was so good not having any treats while out. When I got home I did great once I finished doing everything I needed to do and then sat down I went and got a bag of chips, who knows why, and proceeded to eat them. I had much healthier snacks. The thing that bothers me is I wasn't hungry at all. Yikes.

Cammie I like reading about your adventures on Beck. I am going to live vicariously through you these next few days, I feel like I am treading water so as I watch what you post it helps me to stay mindful with my journey. I hope that makes sense.

Tofulover, I too have my response cards. They do help me especially the "Do it anyway one.". For some reason I can figure out an excuse not to do many things. That is why I like that one.

I do hope you all have a great day. You all have awesome posts here.
Thank you. I realize, I need all these posts to help me through this time.
I do appreciate you all.

Take Care

maryblu 12-20-2007 10:08 PM

OMG, BBE. 20,541 steps.....the # to beat. I realize you didn't post it as a challenge, but I took it as one.....I am not even sure of my top record, but it was no where near by a few thousand. I think that # "bought" you a few cheese blintzes....or even better, goodies at Whole Foods. I just think you need to make it part of your plan! You aren't going to make all those goodies and eat a bunch. Plan it, eat it, enjoy it and walk to it!!! :-)

Dr. Oz said one day that Amish men regularly take 17,000 steps per day and the obesity rate among Amish men is 2%...so, I now have a # to beat.....and of course, an average # per day to bump up, but it feels SO GOOD, doesn't it?

I must warn you all, I cheat. I do......pace in place at my desk, or if on cell phone and don't need to write, I walk the hallway. When I go down into the basement for any reason, laundry loads, getting things from the freezer or other 'fridge, I go down and right back up again..think I should get double credit for going up stairs twice, especially when not necessary, but I haven't found a way to fudge that yet. And get this.......this is WAY cheating, I know, but when I ride horse, I wear my pedometer......and it doesn't record walking steps, but trotting and galloping bumps up the steps....rightly so, I say, SOMEONE is moving. Truly, galloping burns calories for me, too...it does!

So, beware, BillBlueEyes, I am up for the challenge!

CoastalSue, I am glad you are back with us and back on track. That is all any of us can do.

Newlifestyle, I am keeping you close in thoughts and prayers for your dad. I am glad for his being in competent hands. One of network news casts ran a story tonight about how cancer patients without insurance don't get treatment; it was maddening as well as sad.

To all: Merry Christmas! I never get tired of saying that....happy holidays, blessings, joy!

coastalsue 12-21-2007 01:45 AM

Hi to everyone,

We all get alot of credit for posting during this busy time!
Another day I followed my eating plan, did an exercising dvd-Yeah

Hope the weather is treating everyone OK. We may have some frost tonight-this is as close to a season change here on the coast.-just can not get into that outdoor pool even if it is heated.

Maryblu and billBlueEyes-love how you guys walk and move. Keep it up. 10 miles-WOW!

BillBlueEyes-What an honest question about how to enjoy those occassional indulgences. What a treat- everything sounded yummy-plus free instead of $3.00 a plate tapas. Enjoy- estimate the calories and then have less food during the day. I have an occassional drink and then cut out a starch-i.e. sweet potatoe.

I record all that I eat on FitDay and double check where I am prior to dinner and if I made a change I make sure to reduce dinner so that I stay in the calore count. Now I have to learn to record while out with friends and family. I feel like I would look a dork with a notebook and calore counting book-plus it seems like a party pooper to be noting what I am eating. Sort of like people who moralize about their food choices or brag about their highly sensitive palete-especially if it is a under handed critique of the food. I absolutely hate drawing attention to the fact I am dieting- then everyone says just this once have some ???.. It is a party! enjoy your self! ect.

Other times i wonder if I am so strict at home, that I go into the twilight zone when eating socially-that little girl loves to party! Like if guests bring the wine there isn't any calorie in that bottle? I have worked thru so much emotional eating except that feeling that a party and/or a celebration need food/drink. Yesterday we had such a great time, saw old friends, got great gifts-made some cool stuff,- I wanted a martini to celebrate what a great day it was.

My dream is that I can eat like the French-enjoy quality food, cheese, pasteries, pasta, wines and keep everthing in very small portions along with the veggies and salads. I want to learn to consistently eat about 1400-1600 cal a day. I want a wide range of flavors but few processed foods with corn sweetners in them-I can get addicted to those. I think a meal of just the samples would be great.

ann good to hear from you. Take care and be kind to yourself as you support your family members.

big wave to everyone-Cammiecam, Heidi, Suchatwin, and Tofulover -I know heck of a busy time hope all is well.

hbuchwald 12-21-2007 01:47 AM

Hi there everyone,
I need to bring the response cards OUT more often. I have them in my purse in a baggie... I justify not looking at them by thinking that I THINK them at the right times but I am having a hard time exercising taht resistance muscle the last two days and need to have those cards more easily accessible to read. Tonight I was at my best friend's house and she had all kinds of xmas cookies and chocolates out...I KNOW better...I was just going to "have one" of these yummy shortbread with choc chips and coconut numbers that I love.... I went into the evening with no solid plan for dinner other than I wanted to eat lots of veggies (thinking that we would be going out to dinner with our daughters and that I would have salad). No...sooo.... I am cooking tonight-making a healthy/veggie filled pasta dish that is really tasty. I can have that for dinner tomorrow night. I am also going to make some soup to have for lunch.

So..onward and forward! I may just start over with the whole book again just to reinforce things and practice things that I don't use on a daily basis...

Thanks to Bill for listing the excel option for organizing all of your BDS stuff. I use my computer a lot for journaling and I put my reasons for losing weight into outlook that comes up everyday three times for me to read. I use *********** to record what I have eaten and all of my exercies. I love that site and it is free. It is easy to see the nutrient breakdown of what I have eaten.

Til tomorrow, Heidi

BillBlueEyes 12-21-2007 06:43 AM

Friday – 4 D B C
Ate on plan including a group lunch and a company Christmas Party dinner. CREDIT moi. Walked enough, traded gym for shoveling snow as required to reclaim my street parking space and clear my driveway for DW's car. Both CREDIT moi and Oh Well.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Thanks for your thoughts about my Whole Foods' tapas. I think you're right; it happens infrequently enough that I'll add up the calories and just enjoy. I do wish that in restaurants one could enjoy so many good tastes in such small portions.

Expanding your imagery: "into the twilight zone when eating socially-that little girl loves to party!" - love it. It is like a twilight zone where the laws of physics no longer apply.

MaryBlu - I concede to MaryBlu wearing a pedometer while riding a horse. What a kick. I wonder how many steps a Pony Express rider would count in a day. Your pacing about during the day sounds like good exercise to me.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - "planned instead of unplanned" is exactly the way to go. If I plan that I'll do tapas at Whole Foods, then I will avoid the guilt trap that leads to spiraling down, and I can adjust eating elsewhere to account for the calories. Just to remind me to keep my ego in check and allow my body to determine its own path, the scale read down 2 pounds this morning, despite eating out 5 times for the last 4 meals. That's just anti-water weight and will jitter back up, but it does keep me humble that I'm not in charge of the minutia.

tofulover, CammieCam, SuchAtwin - Waving, hope all is going well during the holiday mayhem.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - "Veggie filled pasta dish" sounds yummy. I'll be right over, LOL. Congrats on your fast recovery from the cookies at your friend's house. Am intrigued that you are happy using *********** to record your eating. I googled '***********' and was told to try different keywords, LOL. Perhaps you could try leaving the most important Response Card out of the baggie so that it is easier to grab. Sometimes I get unblocked by removing very tiny barriers.

Readers - Reminder: There are four days until Christmas; today is the day to send nine ladies dancing as well as yesterday’s gifts.

Completed Beck Program-day 41. 1 to go. Keep going!

hbuchwald 12-22-2007 02:19 AM

HA-I get it now that this site doesn't want other sites listed. I am NOT trying to advertise for anyone, just happy with what I am doing. We shall call it the "mystery program"... if that that "sparks" some interest in some "people". (dot com) then that is great.

Yes, good idea to move the important cards out of the baggy...or keep them in the book and take only the ones that are most likely to apply to the day. Or maybe a tattoo??? :) I really love the verbage of becoming unblocked from small barriers. That puts it in perspective.

So today is better as far as me staying on my eating plan. Yee haw!! In the spirit of "CREDITING MOI", I ate on plan, exercised, gave credit to myself, drank lots of water and am planning my food for tomorrow (including for when I go to a party). Eating out is my hardest issue right now. Luckily, tomorrow's party is an open house from 3-7 pm. We will go at 3 after eating something filling and healthy (my veggie/pasta number comes to mind!) and then eating dinner at my dad's house which is always healthy.

Yes, I really wish that restaurants offered small tastes of lots of tasty things.

I must go to sleep now... I love reading everyone's successes and challenges and being able to post my stuff each day for feedback and/or nonjudgmental ears (eyes I guess?). Thanks all!

coastalsue 12-22-2007 02:28 AM


Still followed food plan! Yeah

this is really becoming a countdown before Christmas-it is a bit scary how little time left and how many gifts left to make-

Still thinking about my overindulgent behavior when with others. Just got a book from the library called Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink-I had to get a book with that title. Just started it and found some of the experiments interesting-really looking at serving sizes The larger the portions size the more people eat even if the food isn't good. I do think your samples of fun foods are a great meal replacement. Even giving you the menu helped you slow down and know what you were eating. Tonight I did put my chili in a really small bowl. I have used ramikins at times for portions-plus two ramikins and meat looks like a lot verus piles of stuff by the meat. The book mentions in American we eat until we are full while others cultures eat until not hunger.

I always do better following rules when it makes sense that it is correct. The book may give me more reasons for some of Beck rules I have a hard time with. The author does show that mindless eating is very common and has many factors which are all part of the act. We make about 200 food choices each day. I do know that pre planning really does help me follow the menu. this sort of book takes away the guilt and feeling of inadequancy about being in not always being control and helps get new ideas of what to look for when I am having trouble.

Heidi, what is the web site you use to record-I just see a bunch of ****** when I read the posting. I understand the downfall of not having a menu plan for one thing lower cals tends to mean lots of veggies and salad green which means cleaning, chopping and dicing.-it is so much quicker and easier to pop some processed food into the microwave. Credit to you for cooking after a long day.

I am like you looking for clue to help me stay on track when eating with others- I have had the cards posted on the refrig and on the table To me reading the cards is a private act-hard to do in front of others. I think once Beck mentioned wearing a rubber band or some thing like that to remind yourself to not implusively eat. Let me know what works.


BillBlueEyes 12-22-2007 06:47 AM

Completed Beck Program-day 42: Practice, Practice, Practice
from The Beck DIET Solution – Available from Amazon thru the 3FC Store

Congratulations! You've learned the Cognitive Therapy skills you need to think like a thin person. The longer you use these new thinking skills, the more automatic they'll become. Dieting will continue to get easier and easier. Do you remember the differences in thinking between naturally thin people and people who struggle with dieting, which were described on pages 34-41? Your thinking has fundamentally changed in the past six weeks. If you ever find yourself slipping back to your old way of thnking, review "Reminders to Think Thin" on the facing page.

Reminders to Think Thin:

If you think ... I hadn't planned to eat this food, but I'm hungry. I have to eat right now!
Remind yourself... Barring a medical problem, I don't need to eat. I just want to eat. But I want all the benefits of weight loss much more than I want the momentary pleasure of eating.

If you think ... Even though I've finished everyting on my plate, I want to keep eating. I like feeling really full.
Remind yourself... Trying to become overly full is a habit that is likely to lead to weight gain. I need to stop when the food I've planned to eat is gone. My hunger will subside withing 20 minutes.

If you think ... It's okay to eat this [unplanned food] because: everyone else is eating it; it'll go to waste; it was free; I'm celebrating; I'm upset; I really want it; I don't care; it won't matter.
Remind yourself... It's not okay to eat this; I'm just trying to fool myself. Every single time I eat something I'm not supposed to, I strengthen my giving-in muscle and weaken my resistance muscle.

If you think ... I can't believe the scale has gone up! This is terrible! I'll never be able to lose weight.
Remind yourself... My weight is supposed to go up sometimes. I should continue with the Beck Diet Solution program and wait two weeks before assuming there is a problem.

If you think ... It's not fair that I can't eat normally and have what everyone else is eating.
Remind yourself... I''m now eating normally for a person who has a goal to lose weight. It would be even more unfair if I let feeling of unfairness keep me from becoming thinner.

If you think ... Now that I've lost weight, I can stop being so careful.
Remind yourself... If I want to keep the weight off, I need to use the techniques I've learned for the rest of my life. If I don't continue to maintain my new mindset and eating behaviors, I'll invariably gain back weight.

Remember that you'll hit rough patches from time to time. All dieters occasionally give in to cravings, forget to give themselves credit, or neglect to follow their food plan. All dieters occasionally question whether losing weight is worth the time and effort. Whenever you hit a rough patch, go back to this book. Flip through each day of the program, reread the passages you need, and start doing the relevant tasks again.
Good reminders for me. The biggest, for me, are:
o I have learned strategies here; I can use them.
o I will have rough spots; I can keep going.
o My current eating is normal for a person who wishes to maintain weight.
Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve Met your goal. Congratulations!

BillBlueEyes 12-22-2007 07:34 AM

Saturday – 3 D B C
OK, finally posted the 42nd Program-day. YAHOOO. CREDIT moi. It feels really good, but it reminds me clearly that I am to work these strategies to eat normally for me. The work lies ahead. My thanks to all who have read through my typed quotes from Beck's eloquent book and posted discussions. I am also reminded that my selected quotes are a reminder of what's in the book; they are a poor substitute for reading the book. After the holidays I'll post some quotes from the last two chapters; they're important for me. Don't go away.

Today DS and his GF will cook a Turducken in my kitchen for a party tonight. That'll be my first, and I get to see it prepared. Interesting to note that I have a visual image of having a modest serving. If it were a honey glazed ham, I would have a mental image of eating as much as I could. Could that be because I've never had Turducken but have previously pigged out many times on a BIG attractive ham?

My Diet Coaches: - I did a full set of exercises at the gym, as I had promised. CREDIT moi. I thought of dozens of reasons to cut it short; having to report to you guys helped me. I rewarded myself with a protein shake afterwards, feeding that part of me that still believes that I'm going to build muscle mass (I'm well passed that 20 year old muscle building body time).

Sue (CoastalSue) - It's encouraging that you like Mindless Eating. One commenter suggested that if you wanted Mindful, go read some Buddhist writings. Please keep telling us what it says.

And thanks for suggesting ramekins; the small serving dish idea is so easy to do and easy to forget its power.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - What a great idea: "Or maybe a tattoo???" :rofl: What do you have in mind? Right on the forehead? Perhaps:
Do not Feed

Will Eat When Hungry

Your Need to Push Food is Not MY Problem

Driven to Vegetables
Congrats for being on plan, giving yourself credit, and planning today.

Readers - Reminder: There are three days until Christmas; today is the day to send ten lords a-leaping as well as yesterday’s gifts.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve Met your goal. Congratulations!

coastalsue 12-22-2007 09:16 PM

Dear Beck Buddies,

Happy holidays to your all-I have appreciated all of your input here-It has really helped me lose weight and most importantly not return to the old ways when I do over indulge. You all are a witty, fun and thoughtful group-thanks for being here!!

BillBlueEyes-what a great gift to yourself and us to have finished the Beck book-thanks so much for sharing all of your insights!! I hope you continue to post during 2008. As the group mentor we still need you, but you may be ready to move on-thanks to you!

The crunch is really on at our household-Many meals to make, transport, and to attend with family and friends. There is a strong possiblilty that I may not post again until 12-26-07. I shall return even if missing for the next 3-4 days.

I really like the "Mindless Eating" book-He goes over those factors which we use to judge when we are done eating-almost always external clues versus internal ones. I get credit today as my Dh wanted go to his favorite place for breakfast- I order my egg omlette and a "to go plate" at the same time-as soon as it came I place 1/2 into the to go dish and covered it. I actually was no longer hungry just eating half and cancelling the toast. I am really working at not being full but just no longer hungry as the sign to stop. We had a great time there as the place is closing down from tomarrow until mid Feb. So glad we were there-

Wansink-the author of the book even goes into what makes a comfort food-men tend to like Pizza-they like the taste good and makes them fill full-also often they like a sense of being pampered, taken care of. Women tend to like "hassle free foods" ice cream. cookies, chocolate-no prep and no clean up afterwards. For me it is so true that a comfort food is one when I don't have to work at it. Some research shows that people often go for comfort foods to celebrate, feel good, reward themselves more than using them to fight depression.

Bill, I am in a buddhist study group which meets bimonthly, meditate regularly and still occassionally binge-I need more tools all the time. I have gained a great deal of patience, understanding, compassion and lessening of my negative emotions by studying buddhism, but I always like logical reasoning over rules. I can rebel against some of Beck rules, they are actually correct but I do better understanding what makes me binge than just the rule of DO NOT BINGE. I find much of "Mindless Eating" explain those factors which lead people to overeat. I am learning to eat only to hungry instead of full and how important to limit the visual portions

I still want to be a skinny woman living in France with a love of food but understanding of quality not quanity for food and wines. Laiser Les Bons Temps Roulez.

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