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BillBlueEyes 12-11-2007 10:08 AM

Have a nice day SuchATwin
Have a nice day SuchATwin,

Don't sweat mixing us up on this thread. I mixed my two kids up and one's a boy and one's a girl. They, of course, were unforgiving, making me more so.

Completed Beck Program-day 37. 5 to go. Keep going!

coastalsue 12-11-2007 08:26 PM

Hello all,

SuchATwin- in this weight struggle we all have our ups and down-loved you wrote saying that I was on the top of weight loss mountian- heck I bet I am the heavest one on this site being over 300lbs. Still loved the compliment. Don't worry about "correctly" quoting any one-just write what is important for you on that day. -One day I feel so successful and other days I feel like one of Pavlov's dog-just ring the dinner bell and I am programed to overeat. No matter where you are at we have been there and most likely will revisit that place again in our struggles.

BillBlueEyes-now after all these pages filled with rules Beck wants us to reduce our stress.. That white knuckle response to many food situation is hard for me-I do have a bit of a yoyo behavior pattern-perfect for days-then ignore TBDS for 2 days and then back again with the cards and checklist. I have been looking at the buddhist approach dealing with desire and it is our grasping for the objects of our desire which creates our unhappiness. I certainly agree with Beck that food craving are formed in the mind and I believe many of her tasks really help with changing the mind-but I have alway rebelled with the NO Choice card. In my heart I knew I had the choice to eat it.It just didn't work for me-But if I choose other actions I find it helps me-one is to slowly mindfully eat a small piece of the craved-kind like the 10 minute raisin eating practice of Jon Kabat-Zinn-nothing satiates the senses like sooo slowly eating something. I also meditate and work at understanding how temporary all of our thoughts are-pride, anger, fear, tension. When I am successful at calming myself overeating is automatically reduced. I really like TBDS and budhhist mindfullness together and learning that my addictive, stressed and occassional depressed mind can change. I guess it is called acceptance and compassion for all -including myself. Actually I think compassion to everyone is one of hardest lesson-as retired teacher my career was being charge and was telling other and myself what needs to be done next and even do it better next time,

the faux gumbo (sorry. we never measure)- equal part of diced onions, celery and bell pepper( i use about 1-1 /2 cup each to make alot) quickly brown in about 1 tlb spoon of olive oil and minced garlic (we use alot about 4 cloves or so) Add 14 oz cans of crushed tomatoes (we do 1- 2 ) and then 1-2 cups of chicken broth, add the packet of frozen okra- add cayenne, thyme, bay leave, worcestershire sauce and gumbo file Cook for 1/2 hrs or so-we add any dice chicken we have about, the TJ chicken cilantro chicken sausages as they are a bit spicy. Simmer until chicken is done. Just before we dish it up we place some of the frozen cooked prawns in warm water and then place them in the bowl and dish up the gumbo-The shrimp tend to heat up nicely without getting so tough. Basically we just do not dothe Roux-or the rice a bit of cheat but not so caloric. If it is bland we also add some hot sauce. I tend to just ballpark my calorie in each bowl -do others measure and calculate with the whole pot would be and get a more accurate calorie count for the bowl?

thanks for checking cold and sore back are better-but both flare up at times. Ed Brown had us do some Qiqong, or chi Jong exercises--those gentle chinese movements to improve health. Wow very gentle yet very energizing. I did them seated but still it was great stuff for me.

Hope all is well

BillBlueEyes 12-12-2007 06:42 AM

Wednesday - Humpday
Ate on plan yesterday. Before I took my evening walk that goes past Whole Foods I remembered that they have special tastings of local vendors on Tuesdays - usually a big spread. I began to drool, particularly as I remembered how many foods I sampled on my last visit. I really enjoyed thinking about it. Then I remembered posting about it. Then I remembered that my current goal in life isn't to eat as much FREE food as I can get my hands on. Then, finally, I had a rational thought: if I don't go inside, I have more time to walk and I won't eat anything. WOW, I felt like I had had a revelation. If I don't belly up to the buffet, I won't overeat. Perhaps I'll write a book. So, I didn't go inside. I didn't eat. I enjoyed my walk.

DW cooked Amaranth Pilaf last night: amaranth, chicken broth, mushrooms. Really yummy. Amaranth contains lots of protein and other nutrients. I liked the flavor, DW found it to be a bit "earthy." Each new item added to our food list makes it easier to drop the unhealthy items.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Another great idea to make us rich: we reverse Pavlov's bell so that when it rings, we don't want to eat. We could sell millions. LOL, you crack me up. We need MaryBlu on this for marketing; I think she could capture the spirit.

Thanks for the faux gumbo recipe, think I'll try it. The idea of serving the gumbo over the shrimp rather than cooking them too long to reduce toughness sounds like a good idea.

Perhaps you can lead us to mindfulness along this line:

I guess it is called acceptance and compassion for all -including myself.
I do like that Beck tries to address both acceptance and compassion in her chapter on Stress. Your comments remind me that some great thinkers have spent lifetimes trying to achieve this. Does make it feel kind of funny to have written Completed Program-day 37 Reduce Stress as if that's all done that now - on to carrot sticks and squats, LOL.

I really appreciate the way you are leading your journey.

SuchAtwin - Allow me to join you in giving you credit for thinking about being ready to commit. I agree, that's an important first step. I do hope you keep reading this thread and posting; as you lean toward committing, it's nice to have some place to lean on.

CammieCam - Good luck on your company party today. I'll be thinking of you, offering silent support from afar. Please keep me in mind also; I'm heading to a party this evening that every year puts more incredibly attractive and different food on its buffet than I see anywhere else. My plan is to eat up to 50% more than my normal dinner, but not 100% more. And certainly not 3 times normal, which is entirely possible. I'll report in tomorrow, using all you guys as my diet coach so I'll feel your presence this evening, as the Sabotaging Thought "no one will know" seeps into my mind.

Readers - May the holidays offer you delightful foods from which you choose wisely.

Completed Beck Program-day 37. 5 to go. Keep going!

coastalsue 12-12-2007 11:32 PM

Hi to all,

Been hearing about some very tough weather across the mid area-hope you all are doing ok- are warm and have power.

CammieCam-May you have fun and keep to your plan at your party tonight.

We should all give ourselves credit for even thinking about food plans this time of the year-many yummy but such caloric treats are everywhere.

tomarrow I make cookies and couple of dishes to take to the bay area on sat.
It will so hard not to snack on the cookies-sample the sauces ect. I think i am just count a portion of tomarrow on "tasting" cooking.

BillBlueEye-that was great to keep on walking by the food sample heaven-less cals and more exercising! You go skinny! have heard of Amaranth but not used it yet. I so agree the more whole grains, and fresh veggie and fruit I learn to use the better. Tonight we have some small organic winter squash-dh said how good it was with out butter and/or sugar/maple syrup. Just plain squash is now tasting sweet.
P.S. I am all for getting rich-at least confortable for awhile. I think it can't be a bell to stop overeating but more like a stun gun. I bet that would me stop.

Things are going well-I remain calm and focused on my food plan with very little cravings-one of those easier days-tomarrow will be harder with all the cooking.


BillBlueEyes 12-13-2007 06:55 AM

Completed Beck Program-day 38: Deal with a Plateau
from The Beck DIET Solution – Available from Amazon thru the 3FC Store

You should expect occasional weight gains or plateaus, even if you are doing everything right.

If you hit one of these plateaus, you have four options:
1. Continue to do what you’re doing and see if you start to lose weight again

2. Reduce your daily calorie intake by 200 calories, which should allow you to lose about a half pound per week. (Check with your health-care professional first to make sure it’s reasonable to cut down some more.)

3. Increase your daily exercise by 15 to 20 minutes.

4. Call this your goal weight and move into maintenance.

The small plateaus haven’t bothered me. There are many regulars on 3FC who have experienced weight loss plateaus, have worked through them, and have written about their strategies. Their stories are easy to find if you look around the site.

My next big challenge is when my weight begins to increase, most likely because I have drifted off plan. The posters on 3FC who have caught themselves and gotten back on track are my heroes.

Completed Beck Program-day 38. 4 to go. Keep going!

BillBlueEyes 12-13-2007 07:50 AM

Thursday - 12 D B C
Ate on plan, including at the big party last night that had raised my concern. I chose a small amount of smoked turkey and some sushi. I accepted one bite of DW's ham on a role because "You gotta taste the best role, ever," which it was, but didn't immediately go make myself one. Ate a bunch of green beans with feta cheese, a modest amount of soft cheese with fancy crackers, fresh huge blackberries, one strawberry of the California industrial grade shipping variety, a few really good blueberries, and a couple of star fruit which I don't get very often. Had, as planned, a small serving of three desserts. Skipped: yummy looking ham, cheeses galore, appetizer meats, many many cheeses, breads, bread sticks, cider, wines, copious cookies, and candies including chocolates, All in all, no more than a normal dinner. CREDIT moi. Thanks to you all for being here to listen.

This morning the scale measured the same as yesterday, 153 pounds - remaining within my normal jitter range of 152 to 158 - so I don't even get to write about dealing with a small, temporary weight gain per Program-day 38.

Today's goal (besides a full work day) is to get to the gym and do some Christmas shopping.

MaryBlu - Can you generate some marketing slogans for our new company that sells the inverted Pavlov's bell - one ring and hunger stops?

Just ignore CoastalSue's stun gun comment above; it's too late to accept engineering changes to the design. Besides, there may be legal responsibilities if we sell a stun gun. If any of us could think like a thin person, we'd realize that this product doesn't have to WORK in order to sell bazillions and make us rich, it has to SOUND like it would work. If it really worked, the fat people would get thin and our marketing base would vanish.

Sue (CoastalSue) - The winter squash without butter or sweetener sounds yummy. How does it get to taste so sweet? Is that because your taste is getting more clear since you are decreasing the amount of sweets that you regularly eat?

Good luck with your baking and cooking. Sounds like you need your Advantages Response Card taped to oven door, LOL.

CammieCam - How did you do at the party?

Readers - Reminder: There are twelve days until Christmas; today is the day to send the first partridge in a pear tree.

Completed Beck Program-day 38. 4 to go. Keep going!

coastalsue 12-14-2007 04:19 AM

Hi to all,

Did a ton of cooking today along with having company and went to an increditably well done play. It is amazing how professional everyone was as we are such a small community. There were about 10 children in the play and they all were so poised. It was a great evening.

While pleased that I have not gone overboard with sweets-did have 3 more cookies that I would have liked-Still must give myself some credit for not becoming totally mindless.

billblueEyes-Sounds like you did great at your gathering. What a spread you had to make choices at. You are maintaining you weight loss so well. In less than 3 weeks this food/festivites/parties/gathering time will done. Plus you going to the gym still.

I just got my swim over top but now my sinuses are annoyed again so not going swim in this mid 50's weather as on Sat we leave to see family-one being a 3 month old infant and don't want to bring a cold to the gathering.

More cooking tomarrow-I am catering this gathering over this weekend with some of the family's favorite comfort foods-One trick is that I made the cookie dough but will not cook up the cookies until I am there so I am less tempted with a ton of cookies about the house.

I am reading Ominovore's Dilemma-what we have created with cheap corn and turning it to soo many additives and sweetners in processed foods! Very well written and makes alot of food seem very unattractive.

hope all is well for you folks-I am just barely maintaining my loss and holding on not to go on a sugar frenzy with all of this holiday stuff. I certainly am not a perfect Beck user, But I am doing so much better than any other holiday season-Hardly drinking any alcohol which really help in remaining aware of what I am eating.-plus less calories.


BillBlueEyes 12-14-2007 07:01 AM

Friday - 11 D B C
Shoveled snow last night - the 10 inches that fell between 2pm and 9pm in the Boston area. Got to use the arm muscles and stamina that I've been building at the gym. That felt really good. CREDIT moi.

Just remembered that one of the cheeses that I ate at my Wednesday party was covered with tomato aspic. I never see tomato aspic, don't know if it's out of favor or if I just don't travel in the right circles. Tastes like jello with canned tomatoes in it. Seems like an oldie fashioned thing.

I went window shopping at a mall yesterday to try to get into the Christmas buying spirit. That didn't work, I'll have to keep at it. But, I did see a Lane Bryant store so I walked through it to see if it would be obvious to me why it is so unloved by the posters on 3FC. Nothing struck me, except that the manikins weren't laughingly skinny. And most of the shoppers were larger but not huge. Since I've never walked through any other women's clothing store I didn't have anything to compare it to, so, feeling a bit silly for being there, I walked on.

Today I'll take the subway to work so that I don't have to find out how well the streets have been plowed and whether everyone has their snow tires on.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Congratulations for not going overboard with all that cooking and baking. Your plan to bake the cookies at their site of consumption is so good - Beck could include it in her next book update as a great avoidance strategy. I shouldn't be left in any house with a tin of snicker doodles. I have a history there that isn't mindful.

Glad that you have your wet suit top; hope you get to use it soon to get back to your favorite exercise. It will be so hard for me to think of you in an outdoor pool when I have mounds of snow outside. Oh Well.

Readers - Reminder: There are eleven days until Christmas; today is the day to send two turtle doves as well as yesterdays' gifts.

Completed Beck Program-day 38. 4 to go. Keep going!

CammieCam 12-14-2007 09:54 AM

Hey everyone! The holiday party went very well, I had to give myself credit! :) Which surprisingly is very easy to do because I know I work hard at this and it takes ALOT for me to say no to food and drink, especially when it's free. ****, even when it's NOT free.

I scouted the buffet first, picked out the things I could eat (I'm on WW and on core so I made sure to pick only core foods, or foods made mostly with core ingredients) THEN picked up a plate and had small portions of what I had chosen, and sat down to eat it. I only had ONE plate and didn't go back for seconds. I actually didn't even finish what I had on my plate. I was eating some cocktail shrimp that had dill on them and I don't really like dill. Normally I'd just finish them anyway, because they were THERE, but this time around I just stopped eating. It wasn't worth it. I didn't even have desert; there were so many other things going on at the party, drinks, dancing, socializing, meeting new people, that I forgot all about it.

I did have a little trouble with the drinks though. I told myself I'd have 2 glasses of wine, 3 tops. I ended up having 2 glasses at the party and 2 cocktails at the after party. But I counted everything, didn't beat myself up, and didn't eat dinner when I got home. I guess you could say the two cocktails were my dinner because I didn't get home until after midnight and I wasn't going to eat that late at night anyway.

So overall, I was pleased with myself. I hope to have the same resolve on Christmas when I go to my mom's house for dinner. I'm afraid... Thanksgiving did NOT go well, I left my mom's house that night came home and cried because I felt like I had failed myself, so I hope to not have a repeat performance this time around.

The response card I made for the party really did help. I just remember hearing it over and over in my mind. "The food will be tempting, but I can resist it." It really did work. I think I'll create another one for Christmas, it really made a difference.

I'm having a little trouble with days 3 and 4. I didn't think I would, but it turns out I eat standing up more that I thought I did. Usually it's just a bite of what I've already put in my plate for dinner. I'll prepare my plate, and then pick up my fork and take a bite, standing right in the kitchen. Most of the time I stop myself, but at least one meal or snack a day I end up doing it. ARGH! I don't know why I can't wait until I sit down, I never even noticed it until I started reading the book. It's frustrating because I want to be able to check off that I sat while eating every single time and I just can't do that yet.

And I'm totally resisting the whole "eat mindfully" thing, although I KNOW I need to do it. I'm just so used to eating in front of the TV at home or the computer at home and/or at work, it's a really really REALLY hard habit to break. I also think that it takes longer to eat that way, but that's the whole point, isn't it? I do have a dining room table that I need to clear of mail and papers, so I plan to do that today since I'm off from work, and attempt to eat at the dining room table when I'm at home and will turn the monitors off on my computer in my office when I eat lunch so I can do this for real. I won't continue with the book until I accomplish these things for at least the next few days.

Thanks for all the encouragement and well wishes guys! You did good, like guardian angels on my shoulder. Stick around for Christmas, okay??? :)

CammieCam 12-14-2007 10:09 AM

SuchAtwin - WW is great that way, a built in back-up plan for weight loss! I lost most of my weight on Flex, and Core has really motivated me to stick with this even though it does get difficult. Whenever you're ready, I think WW is a really good way to go.

Bill, Sue and Mary - add me to the "thinking about food all the time" bandwagon. I remember that was one of the reasons I stopped going to WW back in 2004, because I found myself constantly obsessed with food; I was thinking about it WAAAAYYY too much. But honestly I've realized that this is just what I'm gonna have to do for a lifetime. I want to hope that just as Beck said, it will become second nature after a while, just like the "thin people" she talks about in the book. Although I do believe that some folks who are thin just don't have to work hard at being thin, it's just natural. I know there is at least one woman at my job who drinks beer and puts food away like nobody's business, she's just naturally thin. But I'm sure there are other thin people who DO have to work at it, who DO think about food as we do, but they for whatever reason, don't let it make them angry or feel obsessed, they just do it because they know they have to. I hope that for all of us it will eventually be that way. I don't want to get to a point ever again where I don't care what I eat because I never want to get back up to my highest weight. That's why I commend you Mary for recognizing that you've gained a little weight back and are working to lose it instead of gaining more. You certainly deserve credit for that.

Bill, thank you for encouraging us, I know I do appreciate it. I did read the chapter about picking a diet coach, and although I do have friends and family that would be willing to help, sometimes there is something about the anonymity of the board, that allows me to be even more honest here than I would with even my own mom! So here I shall remain...

CammieCam 12-14-2007 10:55 AM

I just ate my breakfast - oat bran, some blackberries, a slice of Canadian bacon and water. I still haven't cleaned off the dining room table, so I used one of my dinner trays instead. Turned the TV off. Silence, just the sounds of my spoon hitting the bowl. It was weird to say the least. But I understand why it should be done. I'll do it for lunch as well, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Took me 13 minutes. At lunch I'll try for 15.

Have a great day guys! :)

maryblu 12-14-2007 11:08 PM

Kudos, all!
Good going, everyone!

You guys are going GREAT!! Everyone of you (us)!!! I have only been gone for 48 hrs. and even though I have "sped read" so to speak, I am WAY behind.

Don't know where to start.

BillBlueEyes, you asked me a question about pulling out of a "dive" ie. an escalation of wt...and well, *gulp.......another time.....another musing, but I am, after all, "Minnesota Nice", so had to at least respond.

My question back, though, Mr. Bill.......How in the world from my posts, did you come up with the idea that I should come up with our marketing slogan? How did you pick up on the sales thing?? Am I *that* shamelessly transparent??

I did wonder about you under all that snow, but should have realized you would RELISH the challenge.

My dear CoastalSue: I am happy you are absorbing the implications of The Omnivore's Dilemma. It brings me back to my hippie years......30 years ago!!

To CammieCam and Kitt: I am glad you are with us; this is such a great team. We depend on Bill(the scholar) to lead us, Sue for our moral compass, and I ........hmmmmm......the rebellious one......I see the BRILLIANCE of Beck, but for now am just hanging on by a thread (sorry for the pun).....Truly, I am getting better, getting closer to the commitment it takes........for the holiday season, I am doing great........

I am hanging in there.....If I would just pick Beck up again and FOLLOW it...I would struggle less....call me rebellious, but, I am reading and LOVING, You, Getting Younger, by Roisen and Oz...One of the lines in there is: "Stop reading self help books and start doing" how cool and how TRUE IS THAT?? And there is compelling reason in there to restrict calories for longer life.....and better life. I can honestly say, I am not for longer life, if it is not "better" .yanno?

Good tidings, all........Merry Christmas!!

Liannie 12-15-2007 01:19 AM

Hi Everybody,

Wow, what a long thread to catch up on! I just wanted to say hello, and that I will be stopping by again soon (as soon as I've read the whole thing, that is). A lot of "life" stuff got between us, but I'm working my way back.

Best wishes to all!


coastalsue 12-15-2007 03:07 AM


Great to hear from you Liannie-hope your job is improving or are you still thinking about a change? Look forward to an up date.

Maryblue-were there Hippies in MN 30 yrs ago? I was a social worker in San Francisco then and even live in a co-op living venture-very tame commune. My mom was so worried about my "morals" back then. Later even sold handcrafts for a living. I really did have a grand time in San Francisco then. Now 30+ yrs later my Dh and I are planning to do craft fairs again to to earn some extra bucks. So now I guess we are aging hippies. DH still has a beard. So understand the struggle of being so food regulated-hang in there.

I eagerly await January!!!! A dear friend who was my reluctant my diet coach until I started posting here just brought over a box of incredible cookies-I have had a mini sugar frenzy-help, this is a tough time. Along with being super busy and food everywhere.

CammieCam-Sounds like you were prepared for the party. Alcohol is one tough one for me to deal with. I love social drinking, wine with meals-luckly I have not been around eggnog yet this year. It is great that you counted the drinks-I find if I alway record everything it helps reduce some of the more caloric stuff. I figure I'll make mistakes but at least not go into denial about them is a hugh help. So glad the focused eating helps-my Dh is a very fast eater who speaks little during a meal -If I am not careful I keep time with him. It took me a long time, but now I like just eating instead of multi tasking and eating.

BillBlueEyes-you didn't spend your childhood in Minn. I was raised and there was Jello in everything. I have had and don't like Tomatoe Aspic. Jello with canned fruit cocktail was considered a salad back then.

That is some cold weather you are dealing with. I am an california wimp now when it comes to snow.

We are goiing out of town until at least Monday and I can't post as I forgot my password. I e-mailed 3FC hoping to get it but they never responded so I'll read your posting but will get back to you all later. I really am not eating alot. but what I am eating is "holiday" treats. not good, but not going totally food crazy.

hey, this too will pass


BillBlueEyes 12-15-2007 07:56 AM

Completed Beck Program-day 39: Keep Up with Exercise
from The Beck DIET Solution – Available from Amazon thru the 3FC Store

Use the same techniques to motivate yourself to exercise that you used to motivate yourself to diet.
Focus on how you’ll feel after you finish exercising.

Put exercise in the NO CHOICE category.

Meet a friend or trainer.

Give yourself lots of credit.

Focus on your progress.

End your session with something positive.

Make sure you’re doing a type of exercise you like.

Sabotaging Thought: It’s okay to skip exercising today because I don’t want to, I’m tired, and I’m too stressed out.

Helpful Response: It’s not okay. Exercise in an essential part of losing weight and maintaining my weight loss.

Once I accept that exercise has to be a permanent part of my weight-loss program, dieting will be easier.

This is a useful strategy for me to work on, since lately I find it easy to think of the reasons to skip going to the gym. I’ve been consistent in going to the gym (CREDIT moi), but still am not back up to my previous full workout plan.

I just had a remarkable thought as I was spell checking what I had written: why not read the suggestions of this Program-day and apply some of them to helping me break out of my rut. OK, did that, and here is my plan:
• I’ll continue to try some variations in the workout that I do in an attempt to work toward a full session.

• I'll schedule a session with my trainer, since that is pricy and I’ll do the full hour just to get my money’s worth.

• CREDIT moi for sticking to 3 gym sessions per week.

• CREDIT moi for improving my chest press from 35# dumbbells to 40# dumbbells.

• CREDIT moi for starting to drink some whey protein shakes in an attempt to improve my gym work (contains NO steroids).

• I commit to my diet coaches here to make one of my three workouts over the next week a full workout and to report here on 3FC when I do, and request you guys to bug me if I haven't.
hummm... Seems that I have to remind myself to work this program, not just to whine this program, LOL.

Walking is easier for me to keep up with – I love my walking and have incorporated food shopping at the small stores that DW doesn’t go to. (Which is OK because this is the session about exercise, not about unwanted obsession with food, LOL.)

Completed Beck Program-day 39. 3 to go. Keep going!

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