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maryblu 12-08-2007 06:46 PM

catching up
Whew! You guys are moving right along! Don't know where to start...my manners, I guess.

CammieCam, welcome! :)

Kitt; thanks for your understanding about my tree.

CoastalSue, I so relate to your discussion about how food calls/signals you. Me too, waaaayyyyyy more than it should.

BillBlueEyes; thank you for the recipe. I wish my chard weren't frozen; it lasted a long time, but now under more than a foot of snow, unlikely to be found, let alone be eaten!

As for your adventure at Whole Foods, just two questions:

As for grazing your way through the store, what is the problem? lol....sounds as if you had lunch on Whole Foods and it sounds wonderful! Kidding, but it is what I would have done! That is my favorite kind of eating adventure....right , Sue?? ;) 100 times harder to resist than the Cuban Missile Crisis Cookie episode. Since I would have eaten exactly what I wanted, I feel hypocritical even trying to offer any advice...that is the first serious thing I have said in this paragraph, but it is true.

The other burning question is, what the !$%#@^%@^% is "vegetarian liver pate"? Sounds like an oxymoron to me!:dizzy:

Pamatga; my thoughts are with your family. This is unthinkable. I just don't know how it could happen; so sad.

BillBlueEyes 12-08-2007 08:34 PM

Welcome CammmieCam
CammieCam - :welcome: Just waving because I can see that you're still logged on.

I'm running out the door right now, but I'll post some thoughts later about having several passes through Beck's book going at once. If you read back, you can see that we had a second pass going - by a member taking a break to deal with real life, who will be back.

So, you can start a sequence within this thread covering Program-day 1 going forward, or wait for our other poster to return going at the middle of the book. Either way would elicit welcome discussion. I know that I have to review some of the early stuff. For example, I still haven't thrown any food away, and I still am stuck on FREE food.

Out the door.

Completed Beck Program-day 35. 7 to go. Keep going!

BillBlueEyes 12-09-2007 07:27 AM

Completed Beck Program-day 36: Believe It
from the Beck DIET Solution: (Available thru the 3FC Store) http://astore.amazon.com/3fatchionad...216363-1799918

Congratulations on completing the first five weeks of the Beck Diet Solution. You’ve come a long way! Now you know what to do when you want to eat buy you know you shouldn’t. You’ve demonstrated over and over that you can take control of your eating. You can decide what’s in your best interest to eat – and not eat – and how to get yourself to follow through with your food plans, even if you’re hungry, craving, seeking comfort, being pressured to eat, or just tempted by food.

To help change her perception of herself from someone who can’t lose weight to someone who can lose weight. Brenda read the Response Card below every day for weeks. Use it for inspiration in creating your own card. [Brenda’s Believe It Response card followed, page 240.]

Build More Confidence

Remind yourself what you were like five weeks ago, before you started this program.

It’s important to continually take stock of what you’ve learned and the progress you’ve made. You need to recognize that you’ve lost weight because of your own efforts. You can continue to make this happen. Reinforce this idea by writing in your diet notebook exactly how you’re different, as Brenda did. [Brenda’s Progress Report followed, page 241.]

My Believe It Response Card, and Progress Report were modeled after Brenda’s. Mine are more focused on continued maintenance rather than weight loss, reflecting the stage of my journey.

Believe It Response Card: I’m maintaining my healthy life style because I’ve learned how. I now know:

1) What I have to DO:
o Eat to plan.
o Eat Mindfully.
o Eat only to mild fullness.
o When discouraged, I focus on what I can do today.
2) What I have to REMIND myself:
o Hunger and cravings are never emergencies.
o When it’s desire, not hunger; I can turn down food, including seconds.
o To say NO CHOICE to strong urges; it reduces them.
o To say Oh Well to that which I can’t have; it helps me to let go.
o To say Oh Well to slips; it helps me to avoid guilt traps.
o I am not helpless against FREE food.
o I am, at most, a few hours away from a snack or meal.
3) How to MOTIVATE myself:
o Get support from DW and 3FC.
o Read my Advantages Card and other cards.
o CREDIT moi every day. It’s not patronizing to give myself credit.
4) How to keep myself HONEST:
o Daily record and graph in Excel my: pedometer step count, measured weight, measured body fat.
o Record my exercise in my gym journal. Review monthly.
o Daily record what I eat.
o Estimate my weekly weight on Sunday; record and graph in Excel.
o Report changes to my 3FC diet coach.

Progress Report:
Before I started this program I couldn’t consistently:
• Leave food on my plate. (Remains a challenge)
• Discard food rather than eat it. (Remains a challenge)
• Feel hungry and not believe that I HAD to immediately eat.
• Say to myself, NO CHOICE.
• Avoid serving myself second helpings when food was available.
• Feel confident that I could stick to my exercise plan and eating plan.
• Refrain from spontaneous eating. (Remains a challenge)
• Stop myself from nibbling while serving myself.
• Eat slowly.
• Recognize and respond to my sabotaging thoughts. (Remains a challenge)
• Limit myself when I at restaurants, parties, and buffets. (Remains a challenge)
• Be assertive with charming food pushers. (Remains a challenge)
Whenever I worry that I can’t maintain my healthy lifestyle, I’ll tell myself that I’ve learned the Beck strategies, including getting back on track, and that I will continue to apply them.

Completed Beck Program-day 36. 6 to go. Keep going!

BillBlueEyes 12-09-2007 08:39 AM

Yesterday I ate on plan, did gym and even had a protein shake afterwards. (The protein shake is sorta like looking for a magic elixir to encourage some muscle growth. Realistically at age 64, I have better prospects of working on my spiritual growth rather than my muscle growth and accepting that I'm not on my way to looking like Schwarzenegger.)
Sabotaging Thought: You're not looking much like Ghandi either, bub.
Helpful Response: Oh, Well.

I also brought 4 Christmas presents from a small Tibetan store - nice scarves that are wide enough to be used as Buddhist prayer shawls. I have a hard time shopping for my adult children; they really would prefer money to get their own present, so I'll probably end up doing that.

Sometimes I'm made happy by such small things. Today I'm looking forward to baking a batch of granola because the almond extract smells so good when its baking. And the stuff is sooooo good when it's hot from the oven.

MaryBlu - LOL, Oh ye of little faith:

"The other burning question is, what the !$%#@^%@^% is "vegetarian liver pate"? "
Focus your mind on the biology of an eggplant. It must have an organ that I missed during high school biology, because the ingredients included: eggplant, hummus, tofu, and spices. I thought it rather good, given the constraint in ingredients, but was tickled to hear the woman next to me mutter, "I prefer the real stuff." Oh Well.

Thanks for this insight: "100 times harder to resist than the Cuban Missile Crisis Cookie episode." Funny that I was able to become aware that I was facing a problem with the Missile Crisis Cookie, but didn't even think that a problem existed with the grazing until I wrote it in my journal - slipped right under my radar.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Hope your retreat went well. Was it a stress for your back spending a whole day at the retreat?

I agree, feeling full is one lame reason for not wanting a treat from the bakery. Whatsamatter - isn't his nose working?

Reread your Day 36 - Believe It notes. Really appreciate your observation that being 90-95% on plan can be sabotaged by the remaining 5-10% off plan. It's like having a fully insulated house and leaving the front door open during the winter - doesn't take much to nullify the benefits of partially living right. You've got a lot of insights for discussion there.

pamatga -I just reread your post and felt the warmth of your closing thought, "That is all there is to it. I can do it. And, so can you!"

CammieCam - hummmmmm... I seemed to have already written what I stated that I would say later. Feel free to start discussion about the earlier Program-days. For example, I look forward to a new discussion about Day 4 - Give Yourself Credit. I still feel like I'm being patronizing when I give myself credit. Don't know if it's just a guy thing or not.

Readers - May you feel free to give yourself credit today for your progress along your journey and may you consider it a positive step that you do so.

Completed Beck Program-day 36. 6 to go. Keep going!

CammieCam 12-09-2007 12:37 PM

Okay.... I know I'm a little late, but I'll just start from the beginning and when I need to check in I'll do so. I'm going out to get my index cards today... I didn't think I'd like this book, I'm not really one for "self help" books, but this one is quite interesting, I couldn't put it down last night, until I was TOLD to do so until I made my advantages response cards! I think it's worth a shot if it will help me get to my goal weight and maintain it, no matter what's going on in my life.

I have the book AND the workbook... which one is more helpful? Or should I do them both?

coastalsue 12-09-2007 10:45 PM

Hello all,

glad others are joining in and posting. Welcome to CammieCam and Pamatga!!!.-CammieCam I use both-book and workbook.I do read the book and then the workbook- Easy to use the check list and pre made cards in the workbook. Pamatga-I like TBDS but it is not as easy as Beck writes it-And some exercises and approaches I do not like-but some I learned alot-my personal reasons for weight loss, skipping lunch and leaving some food on my plate-all have help be eat less. Sounds like you have done alot ground work in dealing with changing eating habits. Glad you had a great Christmas Party. So Sorry about all the complex painful things in your life right now, it is good you are respecting your emotional response.

I have been having a very rough time with continually thinking about food. Not hungry but always scoping the environment for possible munchies-Everyplace I go I think about food, I have resisted alot-but I personally feel embrassed how much I think about food-it is stupid focus-I have been trying some meditation techniques to help dissipate this focus. This has been consistent since that silly bakery visit.

I ate much more sponataneously with the company-I did not preplan and record my menu - tomarrow will be better -yep gain some lbs back and will have to relose them again. My guest is a very charming and thin woman who just turned 60-looks 48 yrs old. I watched her and she did eat very sponataneously-enjoying "surprised" treats-but NEVER had any seconds. I think she intuitively lives at about 1200-1300 cals each day. She almost always some food on plate on every meal-bits of salad ect.- most all of her behavior are the ones your mention in your progess list BillBlueEyes. In fact your entire review of your strategies was well done. You have done a great job. -Don't know what to say about the sampling buffet in the store-one thing it all sounded great-not twinkie samples- Recently I had my 1st time every had triple cream french cheese-Oh Boy-I could never have that stuff in my kitchen lurking the refrig. I guess I would call it a learning experience and it is unlikey that you will repeat and eat that many samples again. I think a unexpected cookie will now make me smile about the the cookie cuban missile crisis.

MaryBlu-just got the book Omnivore's Dilemma-WOW Thanks for let us know about the book.

My day of meditation was wonderful-the leader was Ed Bown-wrote a book on making bread in the 70's-He can combine buddhism and cooking. When asked how he can enjoy cooking so much and remain so thin- He talked about eating mindfully-thanking all those who gave their lives for this food, for those who help get the food to us, savoring each bite-I look forward to when I can completely enjoy food without all this preplanning and recording and stop at modest amount consistently. There still lurks in me an attitude if one bite is good, 5 wonderful then 5000 most be heaven. I am so greedy about wanting more and more tastes. Too often the greed over rides the mindfulness. Even if I stop (dieting) too often I really have not enjoyed taste of what was an acceptable amount. Any way more stuff for me to ponder and change.

Good week to all

maryblu 12-10-2007 12:24 AM

You are all the best!
You are! All of you! I appreciate this thread so much. I have never felt this connected to another one, that is for sure.

This is a particular shout out to BillBlueEyes and CoastalSue:

BillBlueEyes, thanks for being our fearless leader; you are our sage. (and...someone has to do it......lol) As for the grazing through Whole Foods:

"Funny that I was able to become aware that I was facing a problem with the Missile Crisis Cookie, but didn't even think that a problem existed with the grazing until I wrote it in my journal - slipped right under my radar."

Here is where I deviate from Beck a little bit...or maybe not........maybe the fact that you are/were aware of what happened....even after the fact....is your saving grace. What I started to say was, at your goal wt. , if you "had lunch" on Whole Foods, even though unplanned, if you enjoyed it, and called it lunch, then "So what?" In the end, it really didn't derail anything...I just think at some point, we get to "lighten up" on ourselves...

That said, obviously, I have regained 20 #s and have lightened up on myself too much! But the good news, is, it is not THE WHOLE 80#s....it is just 20#.....way more than the window of 5#s you can sensibly allow yourself and then get back on track, but still, it is not the whole 80#s, and it won't be.

I did a joyful 19,000 steps today. And it was JOYFUL. Never stepped outside, just did the whole first half of the Vikings game on my treadmill with my headphones and Duke Robillard and Koko Taylor on, and it was FUN!! (Coastal Sue, hope your 49ers QB is OK)

CoastalSue; I am every bit as seduced by food and obsessed with it as you are.

"I have been having a very rough time with continually thinking about food. Not hungry but always scoping the environment for possible munchies-Everyplace I go I think about food, I have resisted alot-but I personally feel embrassed how much I think about food-it is stupid focus-I have been trying some meditation techniques to help dissipate this focus. This has been consisakery visit."

Well, Yaahhhh....seriously, every meeting, whether it is store bought cookies or really good scones, I am thinking about it......I am pretty sure that will never change.......and that is exactly why Beck is loading us up with so many tools.

I think for me, it will have to be a bit of a compromise.........I need to use Beck strategies to overcome the day to day fixation with food, and then when I get into Whole Foods on Demo Day........letterrippp.......!!!:D:D

SuchAtwin 12-10-2007 12:35 AM

fairly newbie checking in
Hello to All. Well, I bought both the book and the workbook today and just compared the first chapters. I think I will keep them both as there were insights both have to offer. Thanks to your posts I can skip around a little by observing your focus and benefiting by pre-thinking my direct challenge chapter by chapter. If that doesn't make sense to you, it does to me and I am, afterall, writing to help myself so--please indulge me. Tonight I watched "One More Day" by Mitch Albolm(sp?) and this movie brought up some emotions that were familiar and uncomfortable. I wanted to dive into something comfortable to eat but notice---I am giving myself credit here--I postponed my actions by reading a little of Beck's book during commericials. Now, I will confess that after the movie I chose to indulge myself with a bad for me snack but I still feel like I made a baby step towards progress. One of the thoughts I read in either the book or workbook, I do not remember which, is that I do need to come to grips with the reality that doing 95% of a plan is great but missing out on that 5% is like leaving the front door open on a cold day--it can really put the whole house temperature out of balance. This is going to be quite an adventure and it is great to know I am not alone. Thanks to all who post!

maryblu 12-10-2007 12:42 AM

Kitt, from what you said, I would say........overall..........."give yourself credit"!

BillBlueEyes 12-10-2007 06:58 AM

Monday - Thinking of you Mama Cass
Ate on plan Sunday, including a pot luck lunch where I made good choices, including a baked apple stuffed with banana for dessert. Then, one odd event happened.

I was chatting with a teenage friend of mine when he said "Those Turkish Delights are just awesome," so, without warning I ate one. Not a big calorie deal, but of interest to me because I had skipped a dozen tempting desserts with equanimity, then I just ate a piece of candy. It's the slipping under my radar that catches my attention. I might have chosen to do it anyway since I haven't had Turkish Delight in MANY years, and I might have wondered if I still liked the taste of dates (I think it's just dates and nuts pressed into a rectanguloid shape.) There might be some value to me doing a Beck style problem solving on this since it's about the third time in recent memory that I ate something without thinking right after someone made an enticing comment. The small calories aren't my worry, but the hole in my radar that could lead to the slippery slope concerns me.

Cooked New Orleans style red beans for the first time in my new adventure to start learning to cook, using a family recipe. Turned out quite good - DW thought them good. They are loaded with ham (euphemistically called "cooked with a ham bone for flavor.") I left out the sausage as a token to healthy eating. Next time I will attempt a little less ham, but if I go too little, they won't taste right. New Orleans red beans is not a dieter's dish, LOL.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Your day of meditation with Ed Brown sounds wonderful. It does just boggle my mind that he combines Buddhism and cooking and being thin. Hope you unravel the secret why that is possible and share it with us. By the by, do you recommend his book?

The constant thinking about food is familiar to me. My dream is that with enough mindful eating it will decrease. I am moved by the story of your friend who always leaves a bit of food on her plate. That's still in my future.

MaryBlu - Appreciate your comments on the need to "lighten up" on ourselves during maintenance. You're ahead of me in dealing with this, and I admire that you haven't bounced back through your entire 80# loss. Do you have any insights on how you managed to stop the bounce back? Any insights on how to limit the bounce? I'm here primarily because I've seen the bounce back hit so many people who've lost weight and I don't know of any reason that I'm so different that it won't happen to me. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Loved reading that 19,000 steps were joyful!

SuchAtwin - Kudos to you for working strategies to confront the desire for food while watching the movie. And kudos for spotting that your desire for food was related to the emotions that came with the movie. Both are BIG steps, and I hope you revisit them and give yourself bigger credit. It's been a topic here that spotting that we are in a emotional eating situation is a hard step, and a required step in order to have a response.

CammieCam - You can't be late, you're on CammieCam time. Let us know what insights you have when making your Advantages Response Card. For example, I was surprised how vividly I am able to recall a small embarrassment caused by my weight.

Readers - You can confront an emotional eating situation after you recognize that it's an emotional eating situation.

Completed Beck Program-day 36. 6 to go. Keep going!

CammieCam 12-10-2007 12:38 PM

The Advantages Response Card took me a little longer that I thought it would. Since I've already been on WW and losing weight, and my outlook on alot of things has changed in the past year, it took me a while to go back this time last year and try to remember WHY I wanted to lose weight in the first place. It was exactly what Dr. Beck talks about. U think you're always remember why you wanted to lose weight, but when there's unplanned food in your face you're not thinking about those things, you're thinking about the FOOD.

I won't write the entire list here, because most of them are the same as anyone else's I would imagine - wanting to feel better, have more self esteem, be more attractive to the opposite sex, more energy, etc. But the one thing that stuck out for me was that before, I would never want to go out with a particular friend of mine and her sister because they were both slim women - big into fashion and clothes, shoes, etc. I always felt out of place hanging out with them and their friends because I was "the big girl" in a group of slimmer women. I tended to hang out more with the friends who looked more like me. I never told my friend my reasons for not going out with her when she invited me to a club or house party her sister was having and our relationship became strained as a result. We're not as close as we used to be and I regret that. I assume she thinks that I no longer want to be her friend, but quite the contrary, she's a great person. I just never wanted to tell her that I felt like the fat girl whenever we all went out together. She probably would have told me I looked great and that I was being silly because that's the kind of person she is, but she would never have been able to understand because she'd never been a big girl. So one of the advantages I wrote was to be more socially active and not be afraid to go out because I'd feel like the only big girl in a group of smaller ones.

I did Days 1 and 2 together, because I've already chosen a weight loss plan (I hate the word diet, I wish she wouldn't use it in the book). WW has been working for me since the beginning of the year, and I find it easy to work into my life, so I'm sticking with it. WW Core is my primary and calorie counting is my backup. Honestly, I did exactly what Beck recommends, that if you find one is no longer working for you, have a backup. I was doing Flex for majority of this year, but had begun to feel a little obsessed with the point counting and weighing and measuring, and started to feel deprived. Thank goodness WW had another plan I could try, so I switched to core instead of just giving up, which honestly, I had thought about doing several times, thinking maybe this was just the weight I was supposed to be and that was that. Now I know that I can lose more weight, I just had to switch to something else.

I also made myself a card to remember not to eat unplanned food at my company's holiday party on Wednesday. I had already mentally rehearsed in my mind what I am going to do when I get to the party, but the response card will also be in play as well.

Today is Day 3 - eating while sitting down. I DO taste while cooking. I DO go into the refrigerator and grab a handful of this or a small pinch of that and act like it doesn't matter. I DO go to the grocery store and eat samples. I just did it without thinking, and put it out of my mind just as quickly. This will be an interesting one to see if I can correct.

I almost feel silly writing these response cards and putting them in places where I can see them. I've never been one for self help books and whatnot. But what have I got to lose? It's certainly worth a shot.

coastalsue 12-11-2007 01:15 AM

Evening to all,

Hey, I worked on our up coming taxes-recording receipts for my husband's small business and did not overeat. Hours of paperwork in the past has sent me over the munchy edge.

I have just reread "The Zen of Eating" by Ronna Kabatznick, It did remind me to work on letting my negative and craving ideas go. I am combining the TBDS tasks with a mindful vigilance. I find it is easier to concentrate on being mindful than remember all the check lists which Beck suggests for questioning sabatoging thoughts. Many of suggestions for behavior changes are great. But I still have re occurring bouts of cravings with short binges. Got to add more ideas to the beck ways. Like you said BillBlueEyes-sometimes things just get under the radar. But Maryblu you are so right about accepting the behavior and just re-doing some of the eating for the rest of the day. I find that my Dh will do that if he has had a rich treat or ate more than he expected-reduce the food for the rest of the day. The real key is that it not become a common pattern as continual eating too spontaneously can result in too many calories the majority of the time. It certainly not that common for my DH.

CammieCan-I remember feel that ackwardness at some of TBDS exerciese-yet many really do help with time and repeating them. I now love my response card-It does help to remind my self of my true goal even if I over do it some weekends and it helps get back on track. It was tough to read about how you limit yourself socially with your sister. Tough as we all have done this-I am still over 300lbs and just get the "vibes" about feeling a "Hugh" in some scenes. And I bet your sister is right that you are beautiful. Much continued success on your food plan.

suchATwin-glad you got the materals-It has taken some some time me to do the many tasks. Giving yourself credit for each step is great. I am one certainly struggling with losing focus 5% of the time- I do lose but I sure slow the trip down the scales. But overall I have a very good nutritous foundation which I did not have a year ago.

Maryblue great job on the tread mill- I love Koko Taylor (like other bluezy singers?) -Don't know Duke-Cajun?

BillBlueEyes-It is amazing how the mind can lose it's focus in a social setting with food. I really understand the effect of visuals with someone also talking about the food. I become like a "simon said" player-listen to the talk, feel the enthusiaum, see the object and then do the eating. I think it was great you stopped at one!! There is always something to learn about eating in a new situation. I have been working so hard not to eat sweets when out and about so when a friend raved about cheese-(that great 3 cream French stuff) and handed my cracker with some, I just ate it. If I had to spread the cheese myself I would have not done it, some how just being inches from my hand I took it and ate it. I swear if it was cookie I would have said no-kind of have that rehearsed in my mind, the cheese was a new spin to learn. I have got a very simple WW recipe for Gumbo-use chicken, some TJ lower Calorie chicken sausages and then add TF cooked but frozen shrimp at the last minute-it is not the orginal but lower cal and passable. Just love the food, music and people of N.O. One of kids went to law school at Tulane-we loved it there.
I have not used any of Ed Brown's books-He does have a new film out about cooking and being mindful. It has had a small showing about and will soon be a dvd. On Sunday he had a small class about the power of touch and connecting with other-we placed our hands on other's shoulders and then he would talked us thru different emotions-It was so powerful we were talking in a non accepting way to others-the muscles were so tense. Again the power of acting compassionately with others and our selves is so healing.

BillBlueEyes 12-11-2007 06:01 AM

Completed Beck Program-day 37: Reduce Stress
from The Beck DIET Solution – Available from Amazon thru the 3FC Store

Three Steps to Lower Your Level of Stress

Step 1: Solve the Problem

Use the Seven Question Technique (pages 199-203) to respond to negative thoughts that interfere with problem solving. You might also find it helpful to ask a friend or diet coach.

Step 2: Relax

Chronic stress can make you body tense. Consider getting an audiotape that teaches relaxation techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation or guided imagery.

Step 3: Change Your Mindset

Many people are chronically stressed because they allow unreasonable rules to guide their behavior. These rules usually have the word should or shouldn’t in them.

Insert the word ”reasonable” into your rules.
E.g. I shouldn’t rely on others becomes I should rely on others when it is reasonable to do so.

Change ”should” or ”shouldn’t” to ”it’s realistic to expect that …” to relax your rules for others.
E.g. Other people should always be grateful. becomes It’s realistic to expect that not everyone will be as appreciative as I’d like them to be.

Sabotaging Thought: If I lower my expectations for myself, I’ll become completely unmotivated.

Helpful Response: It’s not all or nothing. I don’t have to lower my expectations completely, just enough to reduce my stress.

Once I take steps to reduce my overall stress, dieting will be easier.

It’s easy for me to fall into the common stress generators that Beck lists:
I shouldn’t let people down.
Other people shouldn’t misunderstand me.
Cutting some slack without feeling that I’m compromising my life remains a challenge for me.

Completed Beck Program-day 37. 5 to go. Keep going!

BillBlueEyes 12-11-2007 06:51 AM

Ate on plan yesterday, including at a company retirement party. Spread sand on the front steps before I left even though it was getting late for my pre-dawn dental appointment. Arrived at the dental office on time to have my teeth cleaned. Had the $65 ("not covered by your insurance") oral cancer test with negative results. Put in a days work at the office. Went to the gym. Returned a library book before it was overdue - which i had frantically finished the night before realizing that I had renewed it three times because I was done with it and could just speed read the last two chapters and physically be done with it. Bought bananas for this morning's breakfast. Read Beck Program-day 37. Flossed my teeth before going to bed.

Real life does seem to have back-to-back minutia to be conquered in order to have time for grander thoughts. Makes me admire the cavemen who invented civilization.

I'm delighted that after being annoyed with Beck for 243 pages of referring to what we shouldn't eat, she asserts that we'll reduce our stress if we replace the word shouldn't. Maybe the second edition can fix that, as well as replace diet with eating plan as Cammie suggests. [ /font=rant]

Sue (CoastalSue) - Noting that you didn't mention your back or your cold, hope that means you're conquering both.

Your workshop with Ed Brown sounds like both a relaxing and a growth experience. What a gift that he appears near you to provide that. I'll definitely watch for his DVD. The 10 year old version of his Green Cookbook sells for very little since the new version is available. I might put the new version on my Christmas list.

I hope you keep pounding on the ways to be mindful that might lead to closing the gap of what comes in under the radar.

Would you be willing to post your simple chicken gumbo recipe?

Cammie (CammieCam) - Neat insight about writing out the Advantages Response Card. I can feel, from here, the power of your feelings about not going out with friend and her thin friends. What a motivator.

I recognize that Sabotaging Thought you mention of feeling silly for writing these cards; I feel that all the time. Thankfully, you guys here on 3FC allow me to voice that which reduces the feeling of silliness a bit. Would you let us know how you do at the party on Wednesday? You seem prepared.

Readers - You might choose to reduce stress in your life by laughing at the contradiction between following unsolicited suggestions to reduce stress and reducing stress by ignoring unsolicited suggestions on how to improve your life.

Completed Beck Program-day 37. 5 to go. Keep going!

SuchAtwin 12-11-2007 10:00 AM

Its a brave new world
Hi, Bill, I see you are online right now. Those of you (Bill, MaryBlu, CoastalSue) who seem at the top of this mountain of weight control challenge make it worth it for those at the bottom to believe we can make it up there too.
Cammiecamm and Pantamga: nice to meet ya! You've both inspired me. I was sabatoging my positive self-talk by thinking I don't want to think about a back-up diet plan when Cam-cam reminded me that WW has its own back-up plan. I haven't decided which plan to start with as I am just not ready to make this all the priority in my life. My organizational muscles are flabby but I will give myself credit for thinking about getting ready to commit. Also, I want to apologize if I get you folks mixed up when making references. I have noticed that my short term memory is falling apart--my friends say it is my messed up female hormones. Anyway, without either a) printing out your messages, or b) repeatedly hitting the back button to refer to your posts, I most likely will screw up or leave someone out I wanted to mention or compliment. Oh well. I am off to another busy day.

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