Has Anyone Tried Opti Fast?

  • Hello all! I have been looking at different plans and one that has caught my eye is Opti Fast. I know that any 'diet'/lifestyle change is not a magic pill/shake/surgery, that it takes work, etc. BUT! I was wondering if anyone out there has been on Opti Fast and how they felt/feel about it as a kick start to weight loss.

    I used to be so active and now...I feel like a lump. I have been looking at Opti Fast for about 6 months but haven't done it yet.

    SO! Any ladies out there who used Opti Fast, let me know what you thought!

  • Didn't Oprah Try This Once?
    Isn't this the famous diet that Oprah tried about 10-15 years ago? She lost 60+ lbs on it and then gained it all back.

    I used to work at a hospital who had a program using this but it also was medically supervised.

    I understand your desire to have a quick jump start and I think it would be good only for that purpose. Any time you reduce your calories or food groups you really need to be careful of not losing some valuable vitamins and minerals your body needs.

    I have been on some extremely strict diet programs that were supervised and it really does things to your metabolism (you think you are sluggish now) that took me years to correct.

    I would proceed with caution on something like this. However, IF you could work with a doctor or registered dietician who could monitor your body's functions, they would be able to spot "trouble" before you or I would.
  • I have tried Optifast previously, under the supervision of a dietitian. For some reason my body completely rebelled, and I would develop a migraine within 1-2 hours of drinking one of the shakes. At first I thought it was caffeine withdrawal, but I often don't have a cuppa until halfway through the day, so I can only put it down to being a reaction to the shakes, as illogical as that sounds

    Optifast is also quite low in fibre - my dietitian recommended adding a fibre supplement such as psyllium to prevent constipation.
  • Thanks for the info!
    Hi Ladies! Thanks for the replies. There is a weight loss clinic here in Denver that specializes in Opti Fast and other diet sundries like phentermine, B12 injections, etc. They also have you meet with a dietician, a physician and a nutritionist, from what I read on the website and what a friend of mine told me.

    I definitely do not want my metabolism to shut down, I want to FIRE it off! I used to be active and I know I can do it...I am the fattest I have ever been and I was thinking the OptiFast would be the way to go...but I will rethink it and check with my own DR.

    Thanks so much for your info!