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Default I think my center is going to close

Let me first start by say that I was not able to go 3x weeks for about 2 months due to have no car. I did go once week for about the 2 months. I think I miss 2 weeks that I was not able to make it out there. Last week being one of the weeks. Friday I got a call from COD manger that she was going to give me 10 weeks and that the bars are on sale. I go in on tuesday
the manger asked me if i got her message. I said yes and thank her. She goes on to tell again that she was going to give me my weeks back. We go sit down once again she says something about the 10 weeks that she's giving me. Then goes on about the bars are on sale. There is a note for her manger that if I get to bars she would give me 20 weeks. I'm out of wl weeks. I don't have the money to waste on bars or for that fact on weeks. After we talked a little more she told me to go home and talk to DH. We deicde that we might be able to get 5 box or 4 weeks on friday. Today I went in for wi told her about want we thought we could do. Well someone helped me which she's very nice and seems to understand alot more. They were telling me about not having any heat this girl thinks that the heat was turn off. she goes on to tell that they are trying to get everyone to buy all these bars and they need to take them all if them that day. If I do deicde to buy the bars to get 20 weeks free. that they are going to try to get me to sign a new contract which says you have to buy the bars. Which the one I'm on right now I don't have too. It seems like alot of things are on sale like you can a bottle of the x-cel buy one get one free. I have the feeling that the center is going to be closing soon. I was told that the center that I go to and one other is the only to in ohio that are full staff and 40hrs weeks. which anytime i go there there is only one or two people there once in a blue moon you will see a 3rd person. Today I was able to get all the infor on the stabilization and the next book I would go on after the gold. I'm so happy that this could help me out like that I hope she does not get in trouble for helping me out. It makes me feel alittle better that I have that information now. I still need think about what I'm going to do come Friday . I will be mad that I loss that money on my week if the center does close, but atleast I will have a idea of want to do. I sorry for being so long,but sometime it helps to get it out.

I was wonder for those people that center did close if they had any kind of signs. It might not for even been something to you notice at the time, but now thinking back about it you can see.
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