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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Default Nov 5 - Nov 11 Friends and Losers Thread

Happy chilly Monday! Hope your weekend was good!
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I wish it was chilly here! I'm so tired of hot afternoons! We'll be in the mid-80's all week. I'm ready for soup weather!

Have a great day, everybody!
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Happy Monday ladies.
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Good Morning and happy Monday!!

I am off work today but I have tons of stuff to try and cram into one day and then back to work the rest of the week plus overtime. Yes we are still flat out at work but I am not doing the OT like I was before I closed on the house but I still do about 20 hours a week extra.

On my profile as soon as I leave here I will put a picture of the outside of the house so anyone that wants to see it can.

Today is day one of getting back to plan. I am not doing the numbered plan I had just before my weeks ended because it was way too much food but I will go back to the red 1 no lites for now and see how it goes. Things got off kilter with moving and such but at least now I am more settled so it should be a lot easier. I just have to go back to pre-planning my meals from one day to the next and prepping when I can. Once I do it for a few days it gets more routine and easier. And clementines are on sale this week which are my favorite fruit so I can stock up on those while I can too!!

Chancey seems to settle in really well when she is here. She has been here the last 2 weekends and after a general snoop all through the place when she gets here thursday evening she settles down. This week I pick her up thursday after work and I have her for a week and a half until the following sunday. Ex is away next week so I get to have her for an extended visit. I am off next week too so I am hoping to do the park at least one day and she of course has to go visit a few people and say hi. She especially likes the girls in the Tim Hortons drive thru...but that could be due to the fact that they give her a timbit too!!! Mom gets a tea and the dog gets a donut. Seems fair to me!! LOL

Well, I must go get this day started. I'll check in later after my errands are all done and I am home attempting to put together my end tables for the living room I am buying today.

Have a great day everybody!!
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GM all. GOing to be another long week at work. Not in to much of a mood to work this early in the morning.

Getting close to TOM and the scale is showing it. I am fighting cravings due to TOM also. Had a great weekend, was mostly OP except for an extra dairy on Saturday.

Felicia I think the HI here tomorrow is only going to be ~ 56. I prefer the warmer weather myself, but I do love a good bowl of soup. Especially Taco or Southwestern Soup. Thats my favorite!
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here to a great week. I am going to really concentrate on getting my house clean for the holidays this week. so I can cruise into Thanksgiving and be ready for christmas.

here to a great week all!
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Hi all! I really am around here lurking. Glad to see you all doing so well. Here is to a great week!!!
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Hey Katie..........sooo good to see you I miss your wit and charm here How is everything going?

I don't have time for my usual saga......just wanted to pop in and say happy monday...........and I hope you all have a nice POP day
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Katie - it's good to hear from you. You need to come out of hiding more often.
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Happy Monday Everyone. Hope your weekend was good. Mine was OK. Slept through most of it. Hope this cold/flu stuff leaves me just as quickly as it came on. The weather here is supposed to be in the 40's during the day and the 20's at night. Yum - soup!!!
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Hi, happy Monday to yall. I woke up with a new determination this morning especially after learning on Friday that Ill be going to a special company meeting the end of January and possibly get an award; which means standing in front of a very large group. So time to get moving and make a very concentrated effort to truly get going on my weight loss journey!

Ive been with my company for 23 yrs and for the past 2 yrs, Ive been a full time teleworker (I have to say it was hard to get used to.its a wonderful opportunity but very different than being an office with PEOPLE which sometimes I really miss). All that to say, that other folks at other locations go to exercise at various times during the day and not just lunch so I talked with my boss and hes okay with me scheduling time to exercise (and not necessarily lunch time). Yippee!

So I checked out the gym near my house and think Ill join and start going to some classes. Now my next worry is that Im guessing Ill be the heaviest person in the class and in the beginning not be able to keep up. I realize you have to start somewhere but it bothers me. I have all the obstacles out of my way except for me - I guess I have to suck it up and just go for ME.

Did / do any of you guys experience this?

Anyway, all this talk about soup has me thinking I need to make some of the taco soup.

Thanks guys.
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Good Monday Morning! Haven't had a lot of time for posting lately and honestly haven't been following plan that closely. Hasn't been terrible just not making the smartest choices. Finally went to WI on Friday and was up a a lb so I'm back to basics today....following the plan and getting in my water.

Oh, had a question for you guys....I know some of you were using the SF Optima instead of the shakes from LA. They are a little less protein and I seem to remember someone saying they ate the RF string cheese with it to make up the difference. Is that correct? Oh and I actually tried the target brand ultra and couldn't tell the difference between it and the SF. It has the same in protein and carbs but a little less fat than the Optima.

Hope to be checking in more frequently to get some motivation to stay on plan. My buddy at work who was on the plan with me has basically called it quits so I'm counting on you guys to keep me straight.

By for now
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Kim - IP 9/10
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Katy - yes to the RF string cheese if you substitute slim fast. Plus, it makes me happy to chew something!
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Kim - Thanks, how much? Just trying to stay POP
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Katy66 - If you are self-conscious about working out there are some other alternatives that you could do until you get some of your weight down. I walked daily for my exercise (it was FREE!). You could go to the local mall's or even some high-rise and use their stairs. This puts less attention on you.

I walked on my own cause it was just easier for me. I don't have a convenient gym at home or work so that was just what worked for me.
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