November 2007 The Beck Diet Solution

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  • Mama Cass could have been one of us on 3FC.
    Quiz: Betcha don't remember who sang:
    Monday Monday, so good to me,
    Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be
    Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee
    That Monday evening you would still be here with me.
    Quote: Bill, is it the Mama's and the Papa's who sing Monday, Monday?
    We have a winner. !!!!!!!!!!!

    Your prize is to fondly remember Mama Cass performing with elegance as a woman of size back when there weren't many.

    I always remember her voice singing "Dream a Little Dream of Me," and remember the Mama's and the Papa's best for "California Dreaming."

    She died of a heart attack at age 33. Had she lived she would have been 66.

    Rest In Peace, Mama Cass Elliot, you could have been one of us on 3FC.

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    Completed Beck Program-day 29. 13 to go. Keep going!
  • Hi Guys,

    I remember owning an album with that song on it-my infant son would calm down to Mamas and the Pappas They had such great harmony in their songs.What a wonderful innocent name for a group unlike some of them today. Here is to Mama Cass.! Many do remember her.

    Ann nice reveiw of the book 1 st chapters. This site has been a hugh help for me to return to the concepts i need that pounding in again and again like you mentioned billBlueEyes. The tasks are so easy to do once and can be hard to do on a daily practice-Those sabatoging thoughts are so powerful and a long term habit for me-so continuous review is so good for me. In fact i have worried about you finish the book BillBlueEyes and would no longer post-glad you also believe in the need to review.

    One of the most powerful itmes for me is my personal advantage list. It has really help to keep off diet times from being gross periods of weight gain.

    I am a bit worried of T-Day. Having it with friends who are dieting, but now the menu is getting so big and caloric

    need to stop right now -retrun to the posting in an hour or so

    Hi guys again,

    I am back to posting

    Back to T-Day. I hate not being around other folks but am worried about being in a big feast. They keep asking me to bring pies-I have asked to bring any thing else not made with sugar. But that is what they want. One great DH is making the pies and I already let the host know that No left over pie comes home with us. The whole things seem unneccessary as some one is bring plenty of bakery good. Really all I want is my salad, an green leafy veggie and turkey, nothing else. There are 3 potatoes dishes along with dressing. There are only 6 of us and we are all over 60 yrs. No young bucks around who can eat like crazy and not gain. I'll checking out those chapters dealing with social eating and possible food pushers. One person going to be there always asked me if I have been bad and not lost weight. I'll be the one with about 8 note cards stuck in each pocket which I continuously pull out and read. I am within a 1/2 lb of losing 5 pound during the the last 2 weeks and don't want to lost that momentum. Down to svelt 319 the next Week.

    dear diet coaches that for letting my sputter-my Dh is also happy not to have hear again, again, again my difficulty in losing weight. He is supportive about the results tho.
  • Completed Beck Program-day 30: Stay in Control When Eating Out
    from the Beck DIET Solution: (Available thru the 3FC Store)
    When you go to a restaurant, family gathering, holiday celebration, or other special event, you’ll encounter lots of triggers:
    The sight and smell of food,
    People eating and drinking,
    People offering you food and drink,
    A festive atmosphere.
    Many people apply special eating and drinking rules to special occasions. They give themselves permission to indulge.

    That’s why so many dieters come undone.

    Change Your Mindset About Parties, Celebrations, and Special Events.

    If you want to lose weight and maintain it for your lifetime, you need to develop a different attitude toward celebrating than you’ve had before. If you’re like most people, you have an idea that is quite strong in your mind. I’m entitled to make exceptions for special circumstances. There are three difficulties associated with this notion:

    1. You’re likely to encounter special circumstances repeatedly.

    2. You might go overboard in making exceptions. Instead of just eating a small to moderate amount more at a special meal (perhaps a couple of hundred more calories), you could easily eat much more. For example, if your usual dinner is 600 calories, you could end up eating 200 percent more – or a total of 1,800 calories. Once you go over your planned limit, you may think, I’ve already blown it… I may as well eat whatever I want.

    3. You might find it difficult to return to restricted eating once the event is over. I plan in advance to eat about 25 percent more calories – at most – than usual. … I enjoyed what I ate and didn’t feel deprived. In fact, I felt really good that I’d stuck to my plan and avoided overeating. The reason it was easy for me to do so? It’s because of the idea I have: Being thinner is more important to me than the momentary pleasure of overeating on special occasions.

    Sticking to your diet every time you eat out or while celebrating is a skill that requires preparation and practice.
    [Didn’t cover the restaurant portion of this program-day, maybe later]

    Planning to eat a percentage more at family celebrations helps me avoid my BIG concern, massive overeating. I plan to eat 50% more, instead of Beck’s 25%, while I’m adjusting to this practice. I have stayed under 50% before and am not ready just yet to wo5k my ability to recover when I break my own plan. I can always adjust this number at a future date.

    It works for me to survey the whole spread and eliminate those items that are frequently available or that are not special. My going in list includes: mashed potatoes, packaged stuffing, creamed corn, cheese and crackers, mixed nuts, store bought pies and all other desserts. Then I select from the remaining, and use the common technique of first filling my plate half full of salad and simple vegetables. For Thanksgiving, turkey and homemade cornbread stuffing make the plate. A small slice of pie without ice cream is my rare dessert.

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    Completed Beck Program-day 30. 12 to go. Keep going!
  • Tuesday before Thanksgiving
    I'm looking forward to my Thanksgiving. We will walk to a friends house to celebrate with a large group spanning all ages. Will see some people we only see once a year.

    Sue - It helps me to hear you "sputter". My DW is also a bit tired of the minutia of my thoughts about food. This is a safe place for me to go over this stuff.

    I'll take the mental image of you at your Thanksgiving dinner with Advantage Cards sticking from every pocket.

    Ann - Really glad you're going over the basics.

    I'm going to steal your Response Card: Do It Anyway. I like it. Terse. Unambiguous. Covers all the excuses that I could never think of in advance that my old eating habits conjure up when opportunities for eating off-plan arise.

    Have you made your Advantages Card? I continue to tweak mine to keep it fresh. I just remembered to add Avoid Back Pain, which had been one of my earliest motivations for starting my healthy life style journey. Just had forgotten to put it on my Advantages Card.

    Readers - May you spend the next two days developing your strategy for joyfully celebrating Thanksgiving with all its benefits while comfortably staying on plan.

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    Completed Beck Program-day 30. 12 to go. Keep going!
  • Hello,

    Great timely posting BillBlueEyes-Even read the posting out loud to DH-The 3 reasons are so true for me-Especially with my Dh birthday celebration which went on for 4 weekends. Since we like to cook and serve wines, often i think guests expect the "royal Treatment" . While the laughs are great I do become mindless of the extra calores i eat. Then once they leave I keep the celebration going and have such difficulty return to moderation with a continuous promise of "tomarrow" I'll do all the Beck stuff.

    I actually is scared to go to the gathering tomarrow. I am in the best 2 weeks of following the Beck Progam that I have done for months and less than 0.4 lb short of a 5 lb loss. I am upset that both of woman are expecting dessert even tho I have 3 times told them rather do a non sugar dish. What a great Dh to make the desset and plan to leave any left overs there. I sort of feel like am too new out of "Rehab" to be in this environment. Although very proud and feeling successful and healthier being back preplanning and recording and doing the other beck tasks, I have a sense of fragility that when overwhelmed with food sights and/or strong emotions, the saboatging thoughts will flood back. I still get alot of support from a calm food/drink free envrionment.

    Again thanks for posting and letting me ponder them. I plan to focus on being calmer this holiday-keep those meditations and deep breaths going. It is odd but I can respect that I need it calm yet I "should" be able to have WillPower to resist food at all times. It is like focusing on being calm takes it away from embarrassment about my "lack of will power" and the "ought" to be able to enjoy the gathering with out over indulging. It is ok to stay home to be calm but not ok to say no just because I have no willpower. Never have I thought not going to a party or not having lots of guests was a good thing and a way to take care of me-it may be a necessary temporary step.

    BillBlueEyes- glad your Thanksgiving will be such a fun day. I repect all the work you have done to lose the weight and committment to make all the healthy eating habits permanent.

    Ann- hope all is well with you. What are your successes doing Beck and what is hard for you to do?

  • Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to pop in and say "hi." I am 24 weeks pg now, so I probably won't be back here until sometime after I deliver in March. I know I'll go right back to the plan, though, when I'm finished!

    Sue, it is so inspirational to me that you are still here--what happened to everyone else? It's only been about 5 months! Hope to see you back here in March!

    Take care,
  • Hello Sue, Bill and Karina

    the advantages of losing weight for me are strictly health related. I really want to be as healthy as I can be.

    Some of the suggestions in the workbook are
    I'll look better and more attractive,
    I'll have more confidence
    I'll be able to wear a smaller size
    I'll fit into more fashionable clothing
    I'll be able to buy fancy new underwear
    I'll feel happier when I look in the mirror
    I'll enjoy trying on clothes
    I'll feel better in a bathing suit
    I won't feel so self-consious
    I'll get more compliments
    My blood pressure will go down
    My cholesterol will be reduced.
    i'll be at less risk to develop type 2 diabetes
    and so on, I will type more reasons listed in the work book tomorrow.

    On day 2, it tells me to Commit to a diet plan,
    I have committed to calorie counting. My back up is ww points.
    I will be eating between 1200 and 1600 calories and I committ to exercising 500 calories per day.

    Sabotaging thought: Some diets must be better than others. The media is full of diets that say you can lose weight quickly and easily and still eat anyhting you want.

    Helpful response: No scientific research supports there is a magic diet pill or supplement. If I want to lose weight, I have to consume fewer calories than I expend.

    I read my list of reasons why I want to lose weight, my main reason is I want to be healthy.

    Day 3...was Sit down to eat. Wow this was a big one for me.
    I have now Sat down Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues.

    I am thourougly enjoying this work book.

    Response Card one,,,,Do it anyway.

    Response card two,,,,Give myself Credit

    I deserve credit every time I exercise. I deserve credit every time I practice a dieting skill. I deserve credit every time I stick to my plan.

    response card mindfully

    I need to eat slowly and mindfully While sitting down.- Every single time.

    Response card 4....It is okay to disappoint people.

    I'm entitled to do what I have to do to lose weight, as long as I am nicely assertive.

    Response Card 5 Say no to extra food.

    Get rid of food. It'll be wasted in the trash can or in my body. Either way, its wasted.

    Response Card 6 put dieting first

    I have to plan my life around exercise and dieting activities, not vice versa. I deserve to put myself first.

    Have a wonderful night everyone.

  • Thanksgiving Eve
    Ate on plan and took a nice walk in the dark after work yesterday. It was only slightly drizzling, so I could pretend that it wasn't.

    My new food is cottage cheese - I got interested because of the thread about it. I've hated it all my life, but that thread got me to remember that I'd never tasted it, just hated the sight and smell of it from childhood. Well, guess what, my tastes have changed since childhood. I liked it. Even tried it toasted on a bagel. It's a great addition to my fridge now. Who woulda guessed, LOL.

    Ann (Newlifestyle) - Your review is just what I need. Pound, pound, pound to try to get it into my head. I'm really enjoying it.

    Yes, I can disappoint people. Yes, I can put my healthy life style first. Yes, I can give myself credit. "I deserve credit every time I exercise. I deserve credit every time I practice a dieting skill. I deserve credit every time I stick to my plan."

    Wasting food remains a challenge for me. How are you handling that? Do you find it easy to discard food?

    Karina - Hello - good to see you back. Congratulations on your pg. And double congratulations for having survived the first three months. Hope you have a nurturing continuation and a safe delivery. Look forward to seeing you in the spring.

    Perhaps you post will nudge some of the people who started that first inspirational Beck thread in May to drop by and wave.

    Sue (CoastalSue) - Congratulations for your last two weeks of sticking to your Beck plan. I understand your thoughts about feeling a bit fragile going into the six person eating adventure ahead. I think Beck would remind you that feeling fragile, like all the others, is just a feeling - it's not necessarily completely true. With these last two weeks of "strengthening your resistance muscle" and with your goal only 0.5 pounds away, and with this group covering your back, I believe you'll be able to bring all of Sue into the battle and emerge still on plan. Will be sending you positive thoughts over the next couple of days

    Thank you for the kind words, and for reminding me that I'm in this to make my current habits permanent.

    Readers - Experience joy, love your friends and relatives, relish the food, even dance on the table top, AND STILL remain on your plan.

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    Completed Beck Program-day 30. 12 to go. Keep going!
  • HI everyone,

    Karina- what great fun to heard from you I know you were moving along with finding about the new baby Two of our sons recently had babies-what a delight and joy-but were they busy the first couple of months until the baby got a sleeping and feed schedule. Look forward to hearing from you again. I'll still be here-I am rather slow learner-but am consistently changing those old eating habits. I am 100% sure I'll get to goal and maintaining it using the Beck approach.-just may take a bit of time. This site has been my diet coach and inspiration.

    I have the same eating plan-I count calories-I have done WW-but there is not meetings near by for miles-some how online didn't do for me. I figure the more I learn about calories the more I can use it in any food situation.-In our small town I can even ask the cook in the resturant how some thing is made and make a good guess at count of it. Have done super low carbs and seen the weight return rather quickly-even did optifast and regained it all. Those magic diets offer speed but for me never permanent results-I would get bored- and too quickly go back to eating as before-prehaps even a tad more.

    You have a great start and make sure to give your self alot of credit for the changes-Learning to sit down and not eat running about. Our family joked that food had no calories went it was eaten standing up at the counter or when running around at work and grabbing a treat. I cook by taste it-rarely follow a recipe so I became very aware of the cal taken while seasoning a dish. I still do some tasting but cut it way back.

    Being Mindful of each bite is so important and not that easy to remember as I have spend my life gobbling down my food. One of those very simple can do any time things-but I can "forget" to do.

    thanks for your posting and reveiw of the core actions to help us be more healthy.

    BillBlueeyes-You have been a great diet coach to me these past months- you educate and support-thanks

    I have had a love hate relationship with cottage cheese. Right now I love it-I put frozen Trader Joes blueberries on it with a bit of splenda and it my favorite breakfast! Glad you are finding ways to enjoy the stuff.

    It was great reminder that even a sense of panic can be passing. Been working at looking at sadness and anger as just pasting emotions.-but panic feelings still results in great deal of stress. Just need to use the looking process for other emotions.

    Today we are in a "old time" craft fair fund raiser for the local art community. It will be open today 5-7pm and then Friday and Sat-. We have worked hard on our birdhouses and feeders-hope we sell some. Although retired school teachers-we both did craft fairs in the late 60's and 70's. kind of fringle hippies then. We would enjoying doing some traveling and do them again.

    Have a great holiday tomarrow
    enjoy the day even if it not a holiday for you
  • Karina, congratulations and it is nice meeting you. I am just new here. It was Bill and Sue who made me want to check out the Beck Diet Solution book and workbook.
    I am so glad they did.
    Good luck with your pregnancy and keep posting with us. I know you aren't dieting right now but it is nice to have a conversation here with others.
    You might have some great ideas for us too.

    Sue, I do hope Thanksgiving day is a wonderful experience for you. I think for me now when I get to holidays, I hope I am eating mindfully. I know I would just eat my food and talk later. I am starting to learn that conversation and putting my fork down between bites helps me. I hope this sticks on holidays.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Bill, I have not mastered throwing food out off of my plate as I measure every thing. That is from WW. I am going to try and practice putting extra food on my plate and then throwing it out. It was a lightbulb moment when I read that I am wasting food whether I waste it by putting it in my body or waste it in the garbage. I would much rather waste it in the garbage, when she puts it that way. In a restaurant I have no problem, it is at home. People laugh when they come to my house as I use measuring cups to serve food. People have become use to it. When I go to others, I try to make sure half my plate is vegetables, 1/4 meat and 1/4 pasta or potatoes. When it is something I can't really judge like a casserole, I try to measure out about a fistful because it is about a cup. Since one meal didn't cause me to gain this weight, this has been working for me, until I find a new solution in this book.
    This book makes so much sense to me.
    I hope I am this excited about it when I get to day 30 like you Bill.

    I want to say I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

    I am truly thankful I found this thread. I wouldn't have got the book except you both piqued my interest.

  • Hi Sue, we crossed posts, I do hope your day is wonderful and that you enjoy the craft fair fundraiser.

    Oh yes you reminded me, after reading about the cottage cheese, I went out and bought some. It is delicious. I didn't think I liked cottage cheese, who knew, it is great and a lot of protein.

    Have a wonderful day
  • Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
    Had a good gym day yesterday. I've increased the weight of the dumbbells for the chest press to 40 pounds, so I've dropped down to 2 sets of 10 from 2 sets of 20 at 35 pounds. Because friends have insisted that the value of resistance exercise is TOTALLY LOST unless you consume serious protein within 30 minutes, I had salmon and cottage cheese on toasted tortillas for my post workout snack. The same friends insist that only whey protein can get into the blood stream fast enough for the "window of opportunity" to regrow the damaged muscles. Therefore, according to them, this was a wasted workout with no benefit. Is this for real? Does anyone passing through here know, or should I take this question to one of the exercise threads?

    Working on my frame of mind for dinner today. Trying to wake up that peevish part of me that delighted in losing 2 pounds during Thanksgiving week a couple of years ago when I started.

    I have decided to try pumpkin pie. I just remembered that I've never liked pumpkin pie because I didn't like winter squash. Now that I absolutely love winter squash, maybe pumpkin pie is my next new food. Besides, it has about half the calories of other pies, particularly my old favorites: mince meat and pecan.

    Do thin people, or people who think like thin people plan for Thanksgiving dinner like going into battle, covered (like Sue) in the armor of Response cards in every pocket? What do thin people think about for the 24 hours before Thanksgiving dinner? Inquiring minds need to know. Earworm: "Wonder what the king is doing tonight?

    Ann (Newlifestyle) - Your comments on wasted might just be the thing for me. I've made myself a new daily read Response Card:
    Excess food is wasted if I toss it and wasted if I eat it. Choose my wasted.

    Sue (CoastalSue) - It helps me to know you are working your feelings stuff. Beck is so clear that we can use the seven questions technique for sabotaging thoughts. Wondering if that would work for feelings also.

    ummmmm... thinking about cottage cheese and frozen blue berries. I've got cottage cheese in the cheese part of my brain. This will require that I also put it in the yogurt part of my brain.

    Hope your bird houses were appreciated at the craft fair. Can you post a picture of them?

    Readers - Enjoy. Mindfully. Enjoy. Mindfully. Enjoy. Mindfully.

    XXXXXXX 7 XXXXXXX 14 XXXXXXX 21 XXXXXXX 28 XX||||| 35 ||||||| 42

    Completed Beck Program-day 30. 12 to go. Keep going!
  • Good morning

    Bill, I would ask in the exercise thread. I know my doctor told me to eat protein within a half hour after working out. The doctor suggested apples and peanut butter. Have you found it difficult to maintain? You have done well.
    I think for me this Beck Diet Solution should be called the Beck Solution because I see how I can fit this totally into my life. Being aware of everything. It is like my eyes were closed and now are open.

    Sue, I do hope your craft fair went well. I too would love to see your bird houses if you have pictures. You are doing awesome on your journey. Look how far you have Give yourself credit for this.

    Day 4 - Build Your Confidence

    This chapter speaks of one of the biggest problems for dieters which is a sense of helplessness either by the scale not going down or by straying on their diet.
    Beck speaks of needed to build a sense of confidence in your abilities to do what you set out to do (lose weight).

    We need to give ourselves credit and practice this habit. She goes on to ask what you would say to a friend if they did something and you thought they deserved credit for it. Beck wants us to say whatever we would say to our friend to say to ourselves and to keep practicing this. She mentions putting a special bracelet or rubber band on your wrist to remind yourself to give yourself credit.
    She also reminds us we need to watch out for self criticism that could undermine our confidence.

    Sabotaging Thought is I haven't really done anything that difficult so far.

    Helpful response in book is It doesn't matter whether the changes I make are easy or difficult. I need to get in the habit of giving myself credit to build up my sense of effectiveness and control.

    Sabotaging thought- is that it seems childish to praise myself.

    Helpful response: It is not childish, it's absolutely essential to my success to recognize my achievements. Not giving myself credit in the past didn't lead to permanent weight loss.

    Day 5 - Slow Down and Be Mindful


    By taking small bites and chewing slowly

    Finish chewing and swallowing each bite before you put more food on your fork

    Put your utensils down between every few bites and then count to 10 before you pick them up again

    Take a sip of water every minute or two

    I will try and eat mindfully today.

    Have a wonderful day.
  • Dear Beck Buddies,

    Thanks for your interest in our first real fair-We did rather well for this small community and with a total attendance of about 100 including other helpers/volunteers for the fair. We are lucky that we can met our monthly expenses but have very lttle left over for play or purchases -These birdhouses do fit our love of doing projects together, and may earning enough to travel and cover that expense going to other places in Northern Calif to sell them. Back to one of Willie great songs-"On the Road Again".

    Ann, great posting as I was lying in bed this morning working on forgiving myself for last night over induglence. Last night we were excited and exhausted at the fair and there was that old nemesis-free and very taste wines and caloric foods. I have done a great job been adhering to all of the changes for 2 weeks-I am determined that one evening will not undermine all of the changes.

    Ann I really had to work on the concept of self praise also-If felt so patronizing to my own self. Kind of telling the preschooler "what a good job" But I am feeling the destruction I can do to myself with so much self criticism. I now do really appreciate and respect myself for working on these changes-Food has been my drug of choice for decades so for true changes I need constant awareness. But in the beginning this self awareness seemed rather self indulgent-a big no-no in my family (other than with food). Yet being more aware and compassionate to myself only increases my ability to be aware and compassionate to others.

    BillblueEyes-Hope you soon get a satifactory answer to working out and eating protein. I have a friend who owns a gym and when I run into him again I'll get his response. It as nice to read the posting "Had a good gym, day yesterday" You have revitalized the workout versus quiting/dreading the gym.

    The thin and feasting-My guess based upon my thin DH and other thin friends-it is fun, pleasurable, social time, looking forward to old taste treats-they do overindulge and groan at the end of the meal. Then they stop. Then they automatically undereat for the next couple of days. So by the end of couple of days they are back at their normal weight. I want to keep the overindulgence going-I can automatically over power my own body's desire to return to the be pre-indulgence state. I am using beck strategies re-learn what the thin folks never unlearned.

    Day 27 questions and dealing with feelings-I think some of them can work-Any steps which help me to stop, examine and then let go of life's sabotaging feelings is good.

    Thanks for the posting and letting me ramble on about they affect me.
    Have a great day

    would love to share photos of our birdy creation but don't know how to do that yet.
  • Completed Beck Program-day 30: Stay in Control When Eating Out – Part 2 of 2
    from the Beck DIET Solution: (Available thru the 3FC Store)
    Dining-Out Strategies

    Tell the Waiter how you’d like your food prepared.

    Don’t hesitate to ask for substitutions or other special arrangements.

    Order smaller portions.

    Order an appetizer as an entrée, or ask if you can get an appetizer portion of an entrée.

    If you’re eating at a buffet or family-style restaurant, look at all food options before filling your plate.

    Of the foods allowed on your diet plan, which look the most appealing?

    Would you feel more satisfied with very small tastes of several different foods or with lager potions of just a few foods?

    Make a decision and then put food on your plate. Remind yourself that this is it – no seconds.

    Practice what you know.

    Eat slowly and notice every bite, even if you’re distracted by your companions and the environment.

    When you’re finished eating, make it final.

    Arrange the flatware so that the handles rest in the remaining food. If you can, put your paper napkin on your plate. Push your plate away.

    Once I start preparing myself in advance for eating out, dieting will be easier.
    LOL that Beck recommends the strategy mentioned earlier on this thread by Ann (Newlifestyle) to put your napkin on your plate. I wonder why she states "paper napkin". Is there a reason not to do the same with a cloth napkin?

    The buffet remains a challenge for me, although I did well yesterday at Thanksgiving by preparing in advance. The first big hurdle for me is to avoid going back for seconds.

    Restaurant sized portions also remain a challenge. I’ve never heard of asking for an appetizer sized portion of entrée. Has anyone done this? What happened?

    XXXXXXX 7 XXXXXXX 14 XXXXXXX 21 XXXXXXX 28 XX||||| 35 ||||||| 42

    Completed Beck Program-day 30. 12 to go. Keep going!