comments about LA Lite cold drinks and soups

  • I've only had the bars and hot drink lites. Has anyone tried the cold drink lites? Do they taste good? Any complaints with them?

    Does anyone have any comments about the LA Lite soups?
  • I haven't tried the soups, but the cold lite shake mix is my favorite. I love the chocolate blended with ice, water (or milk) and sometimes some peanut butter. To me it's a great sweet treat when it's blended. I haven't tried it any other way!
    The vanilla is also good to blend with fruit!
    Congrats on your weight loss so far!
  • Amy, have you tried the chocolate lite shake with the water and also a serving of low fat yogurt. Of course, it makes it thicker and more like a real chocolate malt kind of shake. Also, it is a good way to combine foods and use up a dairy. I also like the vanilla with fruit. My fav being with strawberries.
    Merem - I have tried the hot cocoa mix, the mixed berry and also the strawberry kiwi. I like them, but my favorites are still the lite shakes.