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  • There has been an ongoing discussion of Fucothin on the Chicks to the Finish Challenge thread, but I thought I would post a new thread because of an article in the current Woman's World (9/11) issue. This sea-vegetable supplement is being touted as the diet pill breakthough and there is a recommendation from the well known natural health expert, Dr. Andrew Weil.
    I started taking it yesterday and I know several others on the board have started taking it this week as well.
  • Quote from Chicks to the Finish Challenge thread
    Funny name...???
    FucoTHIN (pronounced few-coe-thin). I was off on my initial pronunciation!! LOL. Here's another link on 3FC (Tina is quoted in here as well); some good stuff; some not so good. Considering all I've been going through with my dogs, and reading up on holistic stuff, I'm almost tempted to try this. That, and combined with my very slow weight loss no matter how good I am!


    I googled and there's a ton of info on this stuff....of course, I was looking for a positive blurb and ran across this from NewsRx.com (which probably got some kickback, but who knows...it was dated August 2007):

    Visceral fat, or the deeper internal fat concentrated in the belly area surrounding the stomach, liver, and other major organs, affects 46% of Americans. That's why Garden of Life has developed a marine thermogenic supplement called fucoTHIN(TM) that specifically targets visceral fat.

    FucoTHIN is a natural, whole food based supplement made from marine vegetables and pomegranate seed oil. It contains fucoxanthin, a carotenoid found in brown seaweed.

    "FucoTHIN contains the first marine vegetable derived ingredient with a clinically researched thermogenic effect," said Jordan Rubin, Founder and CEO of Garden of Life.

    A clinical trial pending publication showed fucoxanthin helps burn fat, particularly visceral fat cells that accumulate in and around the abdominal region. In a double-blind, placebo controlled study of 110 obese females, those taking fucoTHIN and following an 1800-calorie diet lost an average of 14.5 pounds compared to 3 lbs. in the placebo group. The average metabolic rate increased by 18.2%, compared to placebo after 16 weeks.

    Recently, 126 members of the Cathedral of Praise church in Toledo, Ohio participated in an 11-week consumer trial called "Healthy Toledo." Health expert Jordan Rubin coached 70 women and 56 men in a program that emphasized dietary and lifestyle changes such as eating an organic, whole foods diet, engaging in moderate exercise, and taking fucoTHIN. The results were significant, with participants averaging a weight drop of 13.5 pounds and a reduction of 8.5% in body fat.

    "The Toledo program is exciting because people attained these results without the usual side effects often attributed to thermogenic supplements due to ephedra, bitter orange, or other caffeine alkaloids that work by stimulating the central nervous system and causing the jitters or insomnia," said Rubin, the New York Times best-selling author of The Maker's Diet, GPRX for Weight Loss, and other health-related titles that have sold millions.

    Melony Bradley, a Healthy Toledo participant who was not overweight and was regarded as thin by her peers, said "I was struggling to lose the baby fat I'd gained with pregnancies for a long time, but I finally lost it!"
  • I have seen a lot of people try this and all of them have said it is working I am so tempted to try this!
  • I think what helps in it is the iodine that helps to speed up a sluggish thyroid.
  • Sounds interesting....may just give it a try. Is it best to order online or do the supplement stores carry it?
  • That name cracked me up too!
  • Katy - I think we have found that it is much cheaper to order online.
  • I ordered online from someplace called vitacost.com. Try to find it for around 26.99 a bottle and since it takes a couple months to really start working, order at least 2 bottles. I also found an online coupon somehow and got a few dollars off and since I went ahead and ordered the Fish Oils I take, I got free shipping. FYI, my local good nutrition store was charging 42.99 a bottle for the fucothin and I think I saved about $20 ordering my fish oils from this site. As much as I want to keep my local retail stores in business, it's hard to pass up such significant savings.
  • I bought the woman's world mag yesterday just to read this article. It is very interesting, and I know some of you (think maybe Tina??) are seeing good results with it. It is so tempting to try, but I am not sure. Are you taking it with the lawl supplements? And do you think it is one of those things that weight will come back when you stop taking it?? AND I am supposed to go back to the doc the first week in October for a followup to check a borderline low thyroid function--anyone think it might mess up those numbers?? Sorry to be asking so many questions!! Thanks!!
  • Donna - I have seen good results with it. It's certainly not a miracle diet pill or anything. It's all natural and has lots of antioxidants which is why I figured I would try it in the first place. My average weightloss has been around 2.1 - 2.2 pounds/week, so maybe the fucothin has something to do with that.
    I don't take any LAWL supplements. I take a multivitamin every morning and sublingual B12 at night.
    I don't think that the weight will come back on if I stop taking it because I'm still eating right and exercising and that won't change.
    As far as your thyroid, I would just tell your doctor what you're taking. My thoughts are if your thryoid is or could become "fixed" by a natural supplement versus medication, then you're better off. I really don't think that you'll see a huge benefit with your thyroid, though.
  • Tina--
    Thanks so much for the info!! I am going to see how things go the next week or so--if I don't see some results by adding exercise and just generally trying harder, I will order some. And you are right about the thyroid thing--if something natural can help me, better than being medicated, that would be great. Good luck in your weight loss goals---I hope you have great success!!!
  • well I was just at the health food store here and it was $52.99 a bottle YIKES!!
  • I found the Fucothin at Vitamin Shoppe's web site for $24 for 90 softgels. They said the regular price was $49. There is a local VS near my COD so I will stop by on Friday and get a bottle. I take thyroid meds (Hashimoto's) - does anyone know if the Fucothin is ok to take?

  • It was $29.99 at the local Vitamin Shoppe. It doesn't look like it has anything in it that would be of too much concern - the primary ingredients are Brown Seaweed, Pomegranate Seed Oil, then it also has gelatin, extra virgin olive oil, glycerin, purified water, and naturally occuring iodine. There is a warning on the package that it's manufactured on equipment that may process soy, wheat and/or fish (anchovy, sardine). It's dairy-free and contains no artificial preservatives.

    Of course there's the standard "hasn't been evaluated by the FDA" on the box, but then I remind myself that these are the people who APPROVED aspartame, which can lead to a host of health problems. Just looking at the ingredients, I would be willing to bet Fucothin is safer than your average diet soda.
  • So has anyone seen a difference since taking this????