HELP with supplements!

  • Hi everyone! I just started taking OmegaTrim, and Vitamax today, and just had a couple questions.

    Anyone taking these, have you been able to tell a difference in your weight loss?

    And COD told me to start with one of each at each dose. So does anyone have any suggestions on how to and how often I should increase until I am at the full regular dose? (Ex: As of now I am only taking 1 Omegatrim at Breakfast and 1 at Dinner, instead of the 3/3 dosage recommended)
  • Kimberly,

    I tried using these same supplements. Unfortunately, I am extremely sensitive to vitamins and get sick to my stomach (read: vomit) when I take them, so I had to quit. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

  • Hi
    Good question. What are they for? I am doing OmegaTRim, 3/3 ratio, but not sure what they do? Anyone knows?