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Princess Heather
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Default Starbucks

My absoulte favorite place in the world (food wise of course) is Starbucks. I love lattes and yummy coffee drinks. Since I've returned to LAWL i have not been back. I know they are missing me.......because i am missing them! My question is this: Is there anything at my favorite place in the food world that I can have that is OP? Other than just plain coffee?????? PLEASE HELP ME! LOL
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On stabilization
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I don't drink coffee, but when I get a craving for hot chocolate, I order a non-fat milk steamer with a shot of SF chocolate and 1/2 shot of SF Irish cream. I count it as a dairy and a condiment....
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Deb on LAWL
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Heather- You can have a tall non-fat sugar free latte for 1 dairy.
I get a venti iced americano and then put anywhere from 4-8 oz skim milk in and count as a dairy.
The new fruity light frapps in a tall are in the 100-160 calorie range. I have a handout from my COD for our state fair food that says the light caramel or mocha are 185 cals. and count as a starch and a condiment.
So you do have lots of choices, just make sure you get non fat, sugar free, no whip on everything.
When I was doing Atkins, I would get everything with full fat 1/2 and 1/2 instead of the milk. Sooo creamy and yummy, but ooohhh soooo much fat!!!
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Deb is correct! I don't do it often, maybe once a week but I LOVE the Non-fat, Sugar-Free Carmel Latte (tall). They also have Vanilla and Hazelnut Suger-Free syrup. Count it as 1 dairy.
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Heather--Jillian is a manager and knows all the counts. You could PM her your favorite and i bet she could give you some great advice. I LOVE the fat free/sugar free vanilla steamer in the winter and frapp in the summer.
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Amy- Red w/Lites
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Have you ever tried an iced coffee? They offer it sweetened (which is so good but a no-no) or unsweetened. I haven't been to the Bux since I started but I had been getting it before with room for milk and's delish!
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New mommy again :-)
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I love iced coffee too, Amy...yummy!
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I am drinking a homemade iced coffee right now. I agree, yummy!
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