Going w/NO Lites

  • I had a doctor's appointment on Friday and they are telling my COD to take me off the LA Lites due to soy intolerance. When I went to the COD on Saturday for my WI I was down 2 pounds (yea for me!!) and I told them what the doctor said. You think I had told them to go jump off a cliff by the way the counselor reacted. I got a lecture! I think in the end she told me that she would email the dieticians as my food plan would have to be changed (again...). Does anyone know what they usually do with someone that has been on Red w/Lites when they can't to the LA Lites?

    The counselor was even less impressed when I asked her about a refund. Lucky for me I should have no problem getting a refund for the 37 boxes of Lites I have not picked yet - but they can do nothing for me if I have lites at home - even if the boxes are unopened. I am not sure what to do with those.

    Any insight will be appreciated. Thanks.
  • I am allergic to soy becaue of thyroid medication and therefore cannot do the Lites. I am Red 1 with no lites, they just added a little more food.

    As far as the Lites you have, you could list and sell them on EBay. I see tons of listings for boxes of Lites there, I bought my cookbook on EBay for $9 including shipping instead of the $22 at the COD.
  • Try selling them online. I have found many auctions on Ebay and people are selling lots of them! Good Luck!