what would you do?

  • I hope that this is the right thread to put this is..anyway, I have been doing a weight loss "contest" at my local YMCA...called "The biggest Loser"....it started in May and ends November 3rd..as of two weeks ago I had lost 13 pounds..doing quite well...even better that I had thought..I was exercising 5-6 days a week and eating quite sensibly, but not perfect..but something happened two weeks ago..I gained 1 pound (believe me-it WAS not the end of the world-so I thought) and then two more pounds last week. I only went to the Y three times last week, and have been eating like *&#2...Now, for the question...You are supposed to weigh in every week..but the "rules" say that if you miss three weigh ins you are out of the "final" contest...I have never been a fan of weighing every week, but have come to understand the helpfullness of it...but on the other hand, I can feel myself comming "out" of whatever "funk" I have been in, and any more gains could send me spireling down...I'm thinking that if I get busy this week, not weigh in, and then weigh in next week with a loss from RIGHT NOW, I may come out of this swinging...I hope this makes since...So, is what I am thinking right on with what you would do, or would you weigh in tomorrow, "suck it up" and go from there? Any suggestions would be great! Oh, I have lost (as of two weeks ago!) lost 30 pounds since January...only (?!) 45 to go...
  • What I would do may not necessarily be the best thing for you to do because we are all so different. I would go ahead and weigh. For me, I've decided that I can never again hide from the scale. I went for 12 years without weighing and I feel like I need to stay in touch with it so my weight doesn't get out of control again.

    BUT, if you feel like it will be more harmful to you to weigh than not weigh, by all means don't weigh. The important thing is to do what is best for you. Congratulations on your loss so far, by the way.
  • If you don't weigh in, how will you know how awesome you do back on track? I would weigh in -- it won't change a thing -- you weigh a certain weight regardless of whether or not you get on the scales -- you know you weren't doing very well, so there shouldn't be any surprises.
  • I was kind of thinking the same thing! You are totally right...I am going to weigh the same weither or not I get on the scale...might as well know how awsome I do next week, right? Thank you so much to all of you ladies..I have been lurking for some time now, and have gleened so much good advice from so many of you...and the progress photos are the best invention since sliced bread...whole wheat of course! Thanks for the pep talk ladies...
  • ..sorry, but I forgot to ask..just how do you update your current weight and add your ticker... Maybe I will take a minute and look around and maybe I will find the answer somewhere else..thanks again..
  • there is a link to add a ticker...and you can update your starting/current/goal weight by going into your profile.
    Go under "quicklinks" there is a link to make a weight tracker.

    Good luck and enjoy your weigh in. Just remember, weight is just a number and size and heart is what matters.