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Default July 23-July 29

Have a great week following your program!
Excerise and eat right.
Enjoy your Monday I know I will.

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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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What can I say....back in the saddle again! No weight loss last week, but I didn't gain!

The company I work for just announced (late Sunday afternoon) the sale of my division so this could be a very interesting week for me. How much does one get from unemployment....? Can I be a SAHM (stay at home mom) if all I have are dogs? Oh well, there's also a chance that the new company will keep a lot of us least for a while.
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The DSK(dear step kids) are going home today. 2 days of peace and quiet.
Whoo Hoo. Then they come back bright and early Wednesday morning. Through til Friday morning. Finally a place where I can vent my frustrations of being a step mom and not be judged. When I was doing WW every person who responded to a vent said that it was my fault that they were listening or always gave negative feedback.

Well my lunch bag is packed. IPOD for exercise during work and all the food that I need to get through the day. Tonight I need to print many fundraising letters. I need to raise $4700.00 for the leukemia and lymphoma society to qualify for this marathon. Please pray that I can raise the money.

Thursday is my first team in training marathon (walk) meeting. Saturday is my first training session. I am so excited. I will definitely be getting my exercise hours in from now until December.
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Started June 1st '07
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Morning everyone!
Deb thanks for sending some of the MT heat to us here - icky. Yesterday was 93 with high humidity. Yes I know it's not as hot as other parts of the country - But I'm a North Dakota girl and I'm not fond of 90's :-)

I did manage to get out for a bike ride last night - it was still 90 though. It wasn't too bad, did 6 miles. UNTIL I stopped, then the sweat just poured.

Is it possible to plateau after a 12 lb loss? The darn scale isn't moving, it's been floating at 193/195 for almost 2 weeks now. I think I'm gonna do something to try to break it....
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LAWL since 2/07
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Happy Monday all!! Hope everyone had at least a semi-POP weekend. Mine was pretty good. It was a burger weekend which isn't the best but hey, it wasn't Mexican food! I made a turkey burger on Saturday night. It was delicious. I threw in a bunch of pico de gallo and a little bit of bread crumbs. It came out tasty. DS got motivated to cook last night and made monster hamburgers. He had my 6oz all weighed and ready and I didn't have the heart to tell him I was only supposed to do 3 oz. I just counted it as 2P. It was delicious! I'm glad he's finally trying to cook. He's a great griller too. I know he won't starve to death when he moves on.

I'm having a REALLY bad hair day today. I even wet it back down this morning to try to tame it but it still looks like I just woke up and didn't brush it. Oh well, hopefully Mr Right won't show up today and if he does hopefully he likes bedhead.

I hope everyone has a great day and a POP week. I need my ticker to start moving down and staying down! Have a great one!
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New mommy again :-)
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Lots of chatting going on this weekend! I had to skim over the posts, so I know I didn't catch everything.


Pearl - you look beautiful

Liza - glad mini-me's coming home on Friday...WOOHOO!!!!

Big Hello to everyone I missed
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Good Monday morning everybody!!! I survived TOM AND my DD's 18th birthday party this weekend! Yipee! LOL I served cake and icecream Saturday and didnt eat any, whew!!

I told the girl at the COD Saturday when I went to WI that I had to convince my mind that its ok to stay the same at WI now. We're so used to getting on that scale and praying that it goes down. First WI after starting stabilization and I stayed exactly the same. This week I get to add an extra dairy! I'm so excited, I love milk! LOL

Just a few personals, I cant keep up on the weekends!

Joni-You'll get your big shorts soon chickie! LOL

Sherry!! WAY TO GO girlie! I knew you could do it. I know its nerve racking waiting to hear though.

Carrie-Glad your surgery went well, hope your vision improves quickly!

Hello to everybody else, hope all have an amazing week!!!
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Princess Heather
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Good morning all! Today is my second day of take off....yesterday actually went well. I did wake up dizzy this morning and it hasn't totally gone away. I can function and all...but just a bit swishy. I know my blood pressure is good...and other things are fine as I'm wondering if it's a food issue. We'll see! Catch ya'll later!
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Smile Happy Monday!

Morning everyone! Well today is my last day of vacation and tomorrow is back to work...i fell off the wagon a bit on vacation but i did TAKE OFF with the knudsens and am trying that summermeltdown that was listed in the newbie section to try to get back in the swing of things.

Thanks Deb and Prazteam
for ur help! I was totally
One more question the STARBUCKS FRAPPUCCINO coffee drink i read can be subbed for JETSTART...just wanna make sure thats right? It says it got 180calories 3gmfat 33 carbs doesnt say lowfat or anything...(hope i got the right stuff) and BOY is it hard to find in canada....took me alot of trips to stores and finally found it in an Irving Convience store about 20miles from where i am...our other irvings didnt carry it. ( i will cross my fingers this is the stuff)
Prazteam- We love bowling parties had my 3yr old sons there...what a blast. we made all the kids thier own bowling tee too.
Dan- I must say u truly are an inspiration...your picture shows an amazing tranformation! Do u think maybe some of the benefibre wld help?
Joni- No gain is ALL GOOD baby!!!
amy2liz30- WOW a marathon! We will say some prayers or you!
Snowdogs- Stay on track and motivated this time shall pass...the scale will start going back down..dont give up
SMJezzy- Sounds like you got a good boy cooking for you!
Emmysmom- Im trying to get back on track for the labourday challenge....looks like ur doing great girl...good job!
Kim- WOW! Thats will power!!!! way to go!

To everyone else i missed have a great POP DAY!

Mizz T
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mizzt - absolutely! anyone cooking for me is a good thing.
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Hi everyone, sorry I have been MIA, this last week has been insane for me.

Joni- I hope that all goes well with your new company!
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Amy- Red w/Lites
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Good morning all! My 6 day POP came to an abrupt halt at disneyland. I didn't go off the deep end ,but I defnitely found myself taking bites of dbf's ice cream and had a handful of M&Ms. I thought my family would be a little more militant about helping me/keeping me on track...but it all comes back to my own willpower. Luckily everyone here at home noticed my loss and inches gone. Went shopping with my Mom and actually got a pair of capris one size down! That was pretty exciting!
I'm determined to be back to POP today so that tomorrows W/I goes smoothly.

Still catching up on the weekend chatter, but I hope you all had a great weekend!
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Happy Monday everyone!

I didn't do to good this weekend but I am not going to dwell on it...I must move forward! We are going to our family cottage this week...I am going to stay POP!!! And there will be lots of exercise too!

Take care all and have a great week!
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LAWL Salt Police
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Hey gang...

Just a quick in and out post here, as I'm going nuts with stuff to do today...

Mizzt - I took some fiber last night and had my "activa" yogurt for breakfast.. I'm hoping for some results today.. Of course, Liz and I are going to a movie tonight, so it will probably hit right then...

Amy - As good as their intentions may be, we should never completely rely on family when we go to visit them, to make sure we stay on diet.. I know that all too well, by eating at my mom's from time to time... She puts out lots of veggies and fruit, and keeps the salt content down, but then throws out a big plate of cookies for dessert!!!

Have a POP day all!!
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Liza - LAWL since 6/17/07
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Hiya Everyone!

Joni - Yikes on the job! Been there done that with corporate media. Go to a doctor and complain about depression and anxiety tell them it's from the job. Then you can get disability that pays twice as much as unemployment while you search for a new job. I've never done it but my former co-worker did when we both got let go at the same time. She did much better than I in that scenario! Good luck either way!

Snowdogs - I'll bet you'll see a loss tomorrow after that long bike ride. Sorry about that heat.

Shannon - I hear ya on the bad hair day. Stupid TV station called me while I was in the middle of getting my haircut yesterday causing us to rush through it. Not good with long hair. I have to wash it again today to see how bad it is.

Dan - hope things are uh.. moving along. I thought you'd like this. The Comic con is this weekend attracting every geek in this country and others. Apparently, a replica of "The Black Pearl" was on it's way down the freeway last night so they sent us flying all over trying to get a shot of it. There were tons of events in town all weekend and several no fly zones. The conversation with Air Traffic Control went like this "Chopper 8! What are you doing?" "I'm trying to find The Black Pearl" silent pause "I'm not amused" "Yea, well neither are we."
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