Anyone Jump Snap

  • Has anyone seen this yet???
  • Looks a little gimicky to me... I mean, if you're not going to actually jumprope, why not just get a couple of really light weights, hold them like you would jump rope handles and then jump to your heart's content..

    My PT has me doing jumprope and I gotta tell you, it's as much of a cardio workout as a treadmill... It kicked my butt!
  • OOOOOHH!!! This looks neat!!! THis would be great for apartment dwellers or those with kids (no smacking them in the face on accident, although then you wouldn't have something handy to tie the kids up with when they are getting on your last nerve!! JK). This looks like fun!
  • hmmmm, interesting. but i think i missed some of the sales info - looks like a jump rope, and that'd for sure be GREAT exercise. Not for me though - don't like my 'girls' smacking me in the face from hopping around!!!

  • Yeah, rope jumping is great exercise. My lovely mother bought me one for Christmas, as a joke I think. Imagine her surprise when I started using it in my workout!
    If you are able, just stick with the rope. No need to buy a $60 invisible one
  • I agree a plain old jump rope is a great investment. I was re-introduced to the rope during a boot camp training class I took in January. We would have to jump for just one minute increments and it was a tough workout....we warmed up real quick on those 10 degree moments. I guess if money was no object, I would probably invest in this just for the variety it would add to my workout....but I think it's sort of pricey and gimmicky.

    BTW Snowdogs, I saw you posted over on the Jillian/Exercise thread on the main 3FC site...did you decide to get her book? I'm tempted to get her first one or see if it's available from my local library or used on Amazon....
  • I guess it would be really good if you were kinda clumsy with a jump rope. No getting caught up in the rope
  • I'll just head to the dollar store, get a cheap jump rope, cut the rope off, and tie on a couple rocks. Got me a darn good knock off! And, if the DS stands in just the right spot down the way...
  • No, I didn't get the book Joni - still thinking about it. If you find it let me know what you think !
  • Hey, thanks! I was thinking about a jump rope but I don't have enough room in my place for the rope so this would be perfect!
  • Ok - I ordered it and just received it.
    It seems / looks kind of silly but that is perfect for me. Silly means I'm more likely to use it! Will update after a few workouts.