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Default La Weight Loss Is No Longer La Weight Loss!!!!

Hi guys-
I never post- just lurk- but with the plan changing I inquired in my center. It is not available here in NY yet- but the girl told me the center name is changing to Pure Weight Loss!!! I was a little perplexed. But when you put in and it is the same screen!!!!! I can't believe the center that I have known and loved is no longer LA!!!

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The name changed in a few other places as well. I think we heard due to some franchises needing a "fresh start" to put it nicely. There is a thread a bit back that this was mentioned in too.
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Yeah, I remember reading about this. It is the exact same thing as LAWL just a diff name.
There is a post about it, Dan described it as "market saturation" LAWL was getting a bad name (esp in NY due to class action lawsuits) and needed to remake their image.

Don't fret!
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New name! Oh no! Now they will really be trying to sell us a lot of new products to pay for changing all the signs! (LOL)
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The difference to, when I restarted, was that supplements (Slim Down, Slim Down bars, Mac and Cheese meals) are all required every other day and they count as 1 P, 1S, 1F, 1 V.
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Marleymom -- ROTFLMHO!!!!!!! Changing signs and manufacturer of bars....yeppers!!!!!

Buffy -- mac & cheese meals???? haven't heard of those.

VNo -- sounds like you should still get the same treatment at this new-named LAWL then....that's good news!!!

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Changed at our center already.

Introducing training on glycemic load too.

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I asked at my center today if they would be changing. My counselor had no idea what I was talking about. I told her about the name change, adn that on the new website, their address is listed too. That's two things now I questioned them about and they looked at me like I had three heads.
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It hasn't happened at my center yet. Interesting.
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My center is changing to Pure Weight Loss. It's happening about the same time as the new plans are coming out. But I was assured that "NOTHING ELSE WOULD CHANGE". We'll see... So there will be PWL and Family WL, both of which used to be LAWL. Will we have to change the name of this forum??
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are any changing names up in Canada? what about changing plans up here?
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