I am so worth it!

  • Hello to all;
    Well I started back on May 30 and have lost a whole .6 lbs. Ridiculous right. Why, because I wasn't 100% following the program the way I should. I realized last night, gosh darn it, I am so 100% worth it. I am so worth weighing and measuring and exercising! I am recommiting myself NOW 11:58 am Saturday afternoon. My POP Saturday begins NOW. I did have 1 LA Lite this morning for breakfast. Going to need encouragement as hubby, step-kids, a few friends, and I are headed to the lake on the boat for an afternoon of fun. Usually that means chips and dip brautwarst (sp?) buns etc. Not for me.
  • You Are Worth It!

    Congrats on making a decision to recommit.

    Maybe take some healthy snacks for yourself to the lake, like carrot sticks, cheese, fruit, etc.

    Come back often - we will be happy to give you some encouragement.
  • You're right! You ARE worth it! Congratulations on your HUGE decision!!
  • Great decision! Welcome to day two of your new POP life. I hope the barbeque went well, and I bet you feel really good about the healthy choices you made. You are totally worth it.
  • You ARE soooo worth it!!! I think sometimes you just have to reach that point where you say...Darn it, I matter too!!
  • You are worth it! You know, that old mantra, "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels" keeps rolling through my head.