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Hi everybody,

Long weekend is over up here but I am off tomorrow too so I don't go back to work till wed and then I am off next monday and tues before my training starts again. My birthday is next week too so I wanted to make sure I had that booked off as I usually do even though nothing is planned.

I have a drs appt tomorrow to get my regular shot and then its off to COD for the first time in a few weeks. I have been good the last few days and I plan to keep it up as best I can.

Joni - I made the homemade frosty paws and they were a hit. Chancey loved hers and I got 8 out of it for her. I did them in 1/2 cup servings as she is a big dog. I doubled the recipe too.

Had a bit of a bad day yesterday with the ex but hopefully that's it for awhile. He tries every once in awhile to get touchy about the dog and me seeing her but so far we work it through. It isn't him. I know it is the new live in girlfriend but he doesn't push it too far yet. I keep thinking I hopefully only have to do this for a few more months and then I don't have to go over there anymore. Here's to hoping.

Not much else new. I haven't done much over the weekend.

For all the Users out there enjoy your July 4!!
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It's mine for the taking
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Hi all!

I took a brief hiatus while I had to entertain out of town colleagues last week, and then spent a long weekend camping. I'm very very afraid to WI, and debating if I should try a POP week before I do. My rings are still nice and loose, but I've been tricked by them before, only to find out I'd gained. I'm still mulling this decision over...

I'm only going to catch up starting today...

I read that Pearl is back..welcome back Pearl!!

Felicia -- Good job at the restaurant. I have to be feeling pretty strong to do as well as you did. Great decisions. I just love your new home! The colours are right up my alley. When do you move in?

Cassi & Kristen -- Ahhh...the toxins must have been responsible for me eating 5-6 toasted marshmallows and a hot dog after preparing a LAWL friendly campfire dinner of chicken, cauliflower, broccoli & new potatoes. The toxin also made the healthy food taste bad, leaving me hungry enough to eat a mini thingy of Cheetos too.

Katie -- I'm so sorry to hear that your grandfather passed away. Camping is such a nice way to ground yourself and to really 'feel' what you are feeling. We got back to nature this weekend too.

Snowdogs -- My trick for personals is to right click on the reply button, and choose "open in a new window", then I can flip back and forth and type in comments as I read along. Good luck with your new plan. What types of things did your cousin recommend?

Kim -- Farewell to your gall bladder! When does golfing begin again?

TN Kim -- If I had your new tummy I'd laze around in my swimsuit all day long. If you're tempted to munch just grab a piece of celery and pretend you're a hollywood celebrity who couldn't possibly eat another stalk without hurling. Just tell yourself that the potato salad has probably gone bad in the sun.

Dan -- I love your new side by sides too! I didn't even realize it was you (duh!) until someone else mentioned it.... for some reason I thought it was someone who inspires you. Instead it's you being inspiring! lol

Kristen -- I missed the story of the lost ring, but I wanted to mention that my DH's ex-wife always prays to St. Anthony when she loses things, and so does my step mother, and they both ALWAYS find them. My stepmom lost her diamond from her ring after her first husband passed away, and she was so upset. She prayed to St. Anthony, and she said it was as though he took her by the hand and led her to the spot on the carpet (in a 300 sq ft room) where it was laying. Just a thought for you. Good luck in finding it.

Nicole -- I'm so glad to hear everyone was okay after the accident with the deer. It's so cute that your 4 yo thought the animals would be angry.

CA Amy -- Congrats on losing 3lbs!

Paula -- 1lb is great, 4 sticks of butter as Debbie in TN always says.

Holly -- 3.2 lbs is a super start!

Carrie -- I have the same frustrating pattern. I'm going to really hit the plan hard for the rest of the summer.
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Try eating some asparagus the night before you weigh in, sometimes that works better than the lemon water for me if I'm retaining one of the great lakes. One counselor even recommended drinking the water the asparagus is boiled in, but that didnt' sound too appealing.
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Princess Heather
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well all was going well until tonight! my dfs came home from his extended visit and as normal he was a total terror....don't get me going on how they are ruining this child with all of this back and by the time my husband got home I was totally stressed. So at dinner...i gave in and ate two extra rolls. I've made them several times since starting again...and no problem but tonight i caved!

i am hoping not to see drastic problems on the scale tomorrow at WI and I keep praying that I don't give in and go back downstairs and eat for the wrong reasons. I know it's all emotional right now......

So tomorrow I start again....POP on Tuesday! later guys and dolls!
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Liza - LAWL since 6/17/07
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Snowdogs (I'm sorry I don't have your first name) Buster does look very kissable. The first time someone leans in, he *does* give a kiss and it's so sweet. It's when they go in for a second that he headbutts. Probably because he's not allowed to lick my face so he thinks he's tricking them by doing it the first time. When they want more he thinks something's up! I just put a picture of all of us on my profile page from the day we got him from the Aussie Rescue.

Barbara - Thank you for the asparagus tip! I've never heard that one... I'll make sure to try it on wed night!

Princess Heather - I'm sorry for the complications with DFS. Back and forth is very hard on kids and even when going back and forth from two very good homes, they need a "de-bugging period" before they're back to normal. It used to happen with my daughter when she saw her Dad more regularly. I had to just let her do her thing for a couple of hours and then come to me when she wanted. The two extra rolls was a minor lapse in judgment but not a plan breaker. Stay strong tonight, nibble on some veggies if you need to eat and drink plenty of water. Tomorrow is another day for POP and every day for the rest of your life.

Jillian - You MUST post a picture of Scooter!!!! I've had these cats for 10 years. I can't imagine not having them with me!

Alannah - I'm sorry to hear about the stress with the ex and the new GF. Obviously, she's threatened or guilty or both by your presence. That is not your problem. Just keep telling yourself "This too shall pass" and look to the future when it won't be a hassle anymore. And you could always tell her the ex is her problem now. You just want the dog!

I'm wiped out. I just can't sleep without Mini Me here and neither can the animals. I just took some tylenol pm along with my night time supplements so I'm going to CRASH as soon as I have a little chicken and veggies to make sure I got everything in for the day. Night night everyone!
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Liza - hope you got a good nights sleep...Cute family photo with Buster and minime included, and I love the cat shots........

Alannah - glad Chancey enjoyed the Frosty Paws! Did you try them?..they really are tasty! Sounds like you are holding your ground (and visitation) with Chancey. Hopefully soon you'll be able to see him on your own turf and not have to ruffle any feathers back at 'his' place.
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LAWL Salt Police
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Hey gang..

Well, I finally got assigned to a fire that's actually a going concern.. I'm out the door early, heading up for the northwest part of the state, near the city of Farmington. We picked up a 200 acre fire this afternoon, burning on private and federal land. This land also happens to be home to a whole bunch of gas wells. None have burned, as luckily, it's the law to keep all vegetation away from them, but you never know..

But the State Forester wanted me to head up there to deal with the media types and chat with people about fire prevention, etc... Not sure if I'm staying in a motel or pitching a tent, but I figured I'd say ta ta for now, in case I'm going to have to camp out for the next several days..

I'm not too thrilled that I'm going to be missing a holiday off with the family, but duty calls...

I also decided not to both with a TO, as trying to deal with that and fire camp food would be just too difficult... Plus, since I was busy working tonight and Liz was working out, we ordered pizza.. And I have to say I over did it a bit.. opps...

Anyway.. Be one with your POP, and maybe I'll see you all soon, if I get a decent motel!
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Good evening (morning) all. Today (yesterday) was a good day for me. Several of my "regulars" commented on how much weight I had lost in the last couple of weeks and that always puts a little hitch in my gitty-up!

Snowdogs - I know I don't know you (yet), but I can tell you from experience, you're welcome here and you always will be! I'm proof of that! As for the pups and shedding, our German Shepherd is in what we call "molting" mode... OMG - it is sooooo bad! I'm glad my Yoshon doesn't shed because I couldn't take it! Your pups are beautiful! What great babies!!!

Kimphin - Sorry to hear you had surgery but so glad to hear it went well and you're on the road to recovery! Please remember - don't over do it. It really was major surgery, even if it doesn't seem like it! As for the warm fuzzies - back at ya! As soon as I saw your gorgeous face - I had 'em too!

Kim - Thanks for the welcome. Your photo is awesome!

Britt - 6.2 in 2 is GREAT! What a come back! It's great to see you again!

Nicole - You're so sweet! I don't know about complete now that I'm back, but you know it'll be busier! (I DO know how to post!!!) I remember both times I got that call from dh about his accidents. The first time it was a huge buck that did $4000 damage to the truck but dh was fine (WHEW!) The second time, it was black ice and a tree and dh was NOT fine! Three years later and he still experiences some minor complications from it. I just SO thankful to have him with me! So, I know what you had to go through and it stays with you for a while!

Amy - Okay, so you're a sweety! I don't know about "inspirational", but I'm certainly known here for cutting to the chase and putting it out there!

Jillian - Sounds like the scale was good to you this A.M. :
Personally, I'd rather "chew" my calories!

Paula - My motto all along has been, "One day at a time, one meal at a time and sometimes, one mouthful at a time"! With all that fresh air and exercise, there's no telling what your WI will be! Just try and look out for yourself by taking along some POP foods just in case!

Holly - luv your name! So you're one of the babies in the group! Just a couple of weeks?!? 3.2 and going strong!!! Sounds like you were really thinking ahead when you decided to host the cookout because you have control of what is served and of course - what you'll eat!!! So plan, plan, plan and have a great time! A cookout is absolutely do-able and you won't have to feel cheated or shorted in any way! Go for it - you can do it!

Carrie - do you keep a food journal? That might be a way to find out what you're doing on weekends that works and what you're doing throughout the week that isn't working as well. I know for dh and I, it's the opposite. We're always up on Monday because we have a meal out on Sundays with our boys after church (can you say "salt"?!?)

Liza - It took me a few pages to figure out who/what Mini-Me was! (okay, so I'm dense!) Now I know from your photos that she is actually a gorgeous young lady just like her... Sister?!?... Mother?!? I'm not a cat person at all although I don't dislike them, I just had a bad experience with a couple I tried to save from a shelter... but yours are adorable! If they cuddle as much as they look cuddly, OMG!!! You and your friends boysfriend can hold one another accountable at the party! What a great thing!!! I love it when I'm around folks that know I'm a healthy eater - it makes staying on track easier for me! Hope that will work for you too sweety!

BarbaraB - Congrats on Maintenance! You just joined in June?!? Wow - you've done great!

Alannah - HEY GIRLFRIEND!!! I've thought of you often over the past few months. So glad to see you!!! (love your avatar! You're adorable!)

Angie - Yep, I'm BBBAAAACCCCKKKKK! (that was my Arnold S. impression!)
I say, face the music and go on to WI!!! What the heck?!? Your COD has seen it all by now so why put it off?!? After all, you're paying THEM for THEIR services... go get some of your money's worth!!!

Heather - You know what's causing it - now find a way to channel your frustration/stress in a more productive way! If you need a way to "work it off", wash a couple of windows, re-arrange some furniture, go for a walk... if you need a way to escape it for a while, put on music or take a calming bath. Pull up a chair and read a book, color in a coloring book with dfs, or read a magazine. Call a friend, blow bubbles with dfs, build something out of blocks with dfs, plan a fun day with dfs,.. I know you can find something that will put you close to a POP goal! Come on girlfriend - YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!

Dan - You look amazing, congrats on your amazing success! As for the fire... I'll be praying for your safety and success and the safety of your associates as well! Thank you for what you are about to do!

Well, as you can see, it's been a long day. I closed tonight and of course, it was busy since it was "dollar bowling day". Dh will be home in another hour or so, so I think I'll try and stay up until he gets here.
I'll see ya'll tomorrow!
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Good Morning! Just wanted to check and let everyone know how inspiring this site is for me. Yesterday was my first POP day in weeks and I even walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

I keep reading everyone's posts so I can get to know the group. Hope that is okay and that you don't mind me jumping in sometimes.

Good luck to everyone today, hope you have a POP kinda day!
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Good morning group. Did I mention how happy I am to have Pearl back? Had a little insomnia last night and was awake from 2-4:30. Came here around 3:30, but I missed Pearl by just a bit.

Dan - Sorry you're away from the family for the holiday. Stay safe. And be one with your POP!

Gotta get some work done, but wanted to say hi to everyone.
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Morning everyone!!!

just a quick hello this morning as I am heading downstairs to make my breakfast and pack my lunch. I will be at the teacher center most of the day today working on things for my classroom!

I finally got my labor day ticker up and I decided to go big for this challenge and do 25lbs. I am happy to report that my scales says I am down another pound this am but I will wait till WI on Friday for an official change in status. I had really forgotten about them being closed Wednesday that is a normal WI day for me. So friday will be the big day. I hope to be down another 2lbs for the week and if I keep up the POP days maybe it will be more .

Thanks for the congrats Pearl and it is so good to be back!!!!

OK if i dont go now I will be late check in later!!
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Heading for WI this morning and then I'm off to finish moving from my current classroom and into my new one. I need to get that out of the way since we'll be moving into our new house on August 1st!
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Katy - glad to have you and only by posting will we get to know you! Congrats on your POP week and workout!

Now y'all can see why we missed Pearl so much!

I know Dan's headed out, but here's to your safe return. Already looking for your return posts. If you had one of those iPhones, maybe you could keep in touch anywhere they send you?? Liz, if you are reading, hope you and the kids enjoy your holiday.

I finally got to sample the Almond Breeze milk yesterday at a running expo for the Peachtree Road Race. They had the vanilla, sweetened one and it was soooooooooo goooooooooooood! That is definitely on my next shopping list. The chocolate was good too, but has three times the calories as the vanilla flavor; and when I asked the guy about the unsweeted, he made an ugly face.

Cassi - regarding the above...PLEASE HELP. Any idea what the 'sweetened' counts as? I just read your post from the LA Chef...
Vanilla Almond Breeze; You can have 8 ounces of the vanilla Almond Breeze unsweetened milk as 1/2 Dairy exchange.
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Joni - Unofficially, I've been counting it as 1/2D and a condiment. Told the COD and she was OK with it since it's 20 calories more than the unsweetened, and Publix can't get the unsweetened. I spoke w/the manager and the vendor. He showed me the order list and it's not there. There was something that said "Almond Breeze, Original DRK", but I don't know what that is. I may have them order it and see what comes in since they don't make a "dark almond breeze".
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Kim - IP 9/10
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Hi my little chickens. I think I am at the point where I can be back on plan. It is really amazing to see how the body heals itself. Each day I feel leaps and bounds better. It is going be beautiful here today (and then get crappy for the rest of the week) so I am going to venture outside and do a 'little' gardening.

Britt - great job on vacation. Hope you get your desk in order soon - I HATE that!!!!

Nicole - I am glad that no one was hurt!!! Your DS is too cute. I would feel the same way.

Amy - ooh - 3 lbs!!!! 20 will be a great b-day present

Holly - good luck at WI - don't worry about comparing your losses to others, take it from me!!! You will make yourself crazy. Enjoy every step you get toward goal.

Liza - sorry you and your furbabies are missing mini-me. If yours are anything like mine, most of the fidgeting is because one of them saw the clippers and told the others. I always laugh and tell people that I finally have a doll who's hair grows back after I cut it.

Angie - eh, go to WI, if it's bad, the pain is quick. On the flip side, if it's good, you can be happy all day!

Barbara - OK, I'm all for getting rid of excess water... but... YUk on the asparagus water. I draw the line there. Ew.

Dan - good luck and be careful.

Cassi - I'll be interested to see what Dark Almond Breeze turns out to be.... I'm a little scared. I do love the sweetened vanilla.

OK, I just called my DH to ask him to stop at the grocery store on the way home and in the middle of asking him... I realized that I CAN DRIVE!!! Woo hoo!!! It's day 5(or close enough). I'm not going far - just around the corner to the farm stand. How exciting!

Gotta go and re-acquaint myself with my Murano!
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