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Happy Birthday Amy! I know I'm late...

Felicia - Good luck with the yard sale. How did the stove top come out?

Karen - That sounds like a fun day! I have a 76 mustang that is unfortunately just sitting with a cover on it. I got it from the original owner and it only has 75k miles on it! One day I will restore it to the original exterior condition. Mechanically, it's perfect and has been maintained very well through the years.

Katie - Your DH will warm up to the idea of the pool once it's set up. It's just the idea of work that is turning him off now! You'll have a blast in that thing! One year, I put a wading pool in my dining room (with an inflatable palm tree) during a heatwave. This was in a townhome with no pools or yards. The kids would stop dead in their tracks in my back window and stare. Hey, I was cool (literally)

Tina - Thanks for the good wishes! I did stay POP yesterday even with that hectic schedule! I was so proud of myself! My pilot wanted to go get burgers and beer, my neighbor called and asked if I wanted to split a delivery pizza with him and my boss invited me out to my favorite Italian restaurant in Little Italy. As tempting as those all sounded, I stopped at the grocery store instead and picked up a half of rotisserie chicken and ate that with some raw veggies and organic dressing. I got all of my food in for the day and no bad foods! Yay!

I was disappointed in the TV station with last nights flight though. I love flying, but they had no reason to send us up there and kept us flying in circles for 2 hours then never even went to me or used any of the footage. I hope tonight is not a repeat of that. I get paid anyway, but it's not quite the reason I'm willing to drive 30 miles out of my way on the weekend.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful and POP day!
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Enjoy enjoy Katie.. the work it saves us on long weekends, hot days etc trying to find 'something to do' has so won us over we wouldn't even dream of having a house now without a pool.. the girls love it, they keep themselves entertained.. are very confident swimmers already at 2 and 3 1/2 and oh yes they sleep incredibly well.. we are actually getting sleep ins on weekends..unheard of!
Felicia.. congrats to DH.. it's health not a number on a scale for many! Enjoy your athlete!
Off to take the girls outside.. it's raining but the natives are getting restless!
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Liza - I'm going to try all of the suggestions I got. We've been crazy busy all weekend, so I'll be scrubbing on Monday!
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Wendy II
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Howdy All!
I hope everyone's having a great weekend!

I've been doing a good job staying POP all weekend, and finally feel like I have some inspiration back (thank you, Pearl) I haven't been doing very well POP-wise these past weeks, and it's caused me to not want to post very often - which of course isn't good because then I lose focus when I don't have the inspiration of all of you. I also do believe that after losing the first 30, I was feeling pretty good about myself.. and now when I'm looking in the mirror I'm not satisfied with what I see anymore and need to kick it in the butt to get the other 30 off that I want to lose. I also have another new development that will help give me some inspiration - my dh's company has invited the wives to the annual meeting in September. That isn't very far away! I need to look fabulous.

Pearl - Joni only quotes things that are important. If you have said something deemed important, it becomes the property of the members of this site and we can use it and quote it as often as neccessary. Unfortunately that also is true for things that are said that are NOT important, but terribly funny.. i.e. "SCLAE" (Had to include Nicole in there) Hope your toe heals quickly.. OUCHers!

Joni - You just keep right on quoting and inspiring people. There are lots of us that need it!

Kristen - thank you for the link to the smoothies.. those look great, especially for summer.. of course I keep wanting to put some RUM in them! 100 laps a day?? Well you didn't gain muscle girl.. you're water logged!

Angie - I'm in the same boat, hun. I'm finally back to the weight I was at 2 weeks ago before I fell into the pit-o-cheesecurds. Shall we kick it in the *** now since we know how hard we worked to get it off??

Jillian - you gloat and celebrate your loss all you want, hun.. you earned it!! Way to go!

Liza - Good job on your food choices.. you should be very proud of yourself.

Hello to everyone else!

Ok.. it's raining outside and I'm antsy.. so I think I'm going to see a movie. Maybe Evan Almighty. I need a laugh.
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Wendy - thanks for sharing the legal rights I have on this thread...LOL. That Evan movie looks funny too. A group of the gals are going to see Hairspray when it opens here on July 20...can't wait for that one...I'm a huge Travolta fan.

Katie - lots of folks around me have gotten the pools you speak of and everyone seems to be enjoying them. I'm sure that will be the case for you guys.

Alannah - glad to hear Chancey is on the mend....frosty paws make great medicine! Charlie dog once had what I thought was a cut that needed stitches and the vet would never sew them up. Not sure what the logic was behind it, but eventually the wound healed. I just think the stitches would have made it a quicker healing process???

Kristen - dang sclae.............I just saw the new Bruce Willis movie (Live Free, Die Hard or something like that). It was really good and your scale destruction scene sounds like you could have written some of the scenes for the movie! Also, I'm having 3FC connection problems too...intermittent service. Oh, and great job on the swimmer. I'm a horrible swimmer but really need to add that to the workout routine...someday.

Dan - where are you...Pearl needs some computer help???? I figured you can do everything!! Unfortunately, my computer repair skills are non-existant. Sounds like a modem problem. Did you have a storm Pearl that might have fried something in your computer's modem???
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Happy Sunday evening everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Sounds like everyone is either swimming, getting ouchies, gaining weight, losing weight, having birthdays and is always interesting.

I haven't really been in a computer mood...but I am remaining positive about things. Thanks to everyone who said a caring word about my "sudden" and so quick weight gain. I just don't know what happened...I am eating POP on this anti-low carb plan, working out, drinking my H2O, and eliminating without any issues. I actually counted my carbs on on spark people with 2 POP diary days on the new plan...382 carbs/ a little over 2000 calores, 303 carbs/ a little over 1900 calories...the old plan was like 90-100 carbs and 1200+ calories. Come on LAWL...this does not take a brain surgeon to figure this one out. I have been told that if by the end of this week there is no loss, I am going back to the Red w/lites plan and 2 WL weeks will be given back to me.

For those wondering, here is plan 4 w/lites:
3 1/2 Proteins (4 ozs each or 1 oz nuts)
4 Veggies (1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked)
4 Fruits (varies by the fruit)
5 Starches (varies by the starch)
3 Dairy (2 ozs chz, 8 oz milk, or 8 ozs yogurt)
2 Fats (nuts, avocados, light mayo, oils, etc----I usually skip my fats per dieticians)
2 LA Lites(my counselor has put these on hold for 3 wks because of the daily weight gain)

Well enough about this, as it sort of makes me I will try to check in later. Have a POP Monday everyone!
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Letisha good to see you. come jump on my "absolutely unjustified, incredibly not fair, mind boggling weight gain" train.. you can sit in the front car with me!
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It's mine for the taking
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Angie - I'm in the same boat, hun. I'm finally back to the weight I was at 2 weeks ago before I fell into the pit-o-cheesecurds. Shall we kick it in the *** now since we know how hard we worked to get it off??
You bet Wendy...I'm totally up for pushing past my (3 month) plateau. I would kill to see 227 again, and God only knows what I would do to see a number smaller than that.
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Well, I had a friend over for supper and tried a new pot roast recipe in the slow cooker and it turned out awesome. Yummy.

Trying to figure out what to do with myself for the next two days. Really have nothing planned so it is whatever I want I guess. Problem is I have no idea what that is.

It is supposed to rain on tuesday so that may be a good day to curl up with one of the many books I have to read. I need to do that on those kinds of days because once I start a book I have a really hard time outting it down again.

Back to COD tomorrow too. That should be interesting.

The local strawberries are finally out up here and they are starting to come down a bit in price so I am getting some this week to have for snacks at work. I got some grapes yesterday. Those are my favorite by far. Now I just need more of the local produce. The mini-farmers market we have here called the Big Potato opened last weekend but I usually wait till there is lots of local stuff and then go each weekend to stock up. Their fruit and veggies are really good and well priced too. They grow most of the stuff themselves.

Well I guess I should call it a night. Have a good monday everybody!!
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LAWL Salt Police
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Hi gang...

We spent the weekend down in Roswell, dodging aliens and spending some quality time with the in-laws... We tried to be POP as much as we could, but my father in law has kind of gone off his diet a bit and so there were more temptations around their house than there were last time.. Liz was pretty good, but I'm disappointed with my own efforts..

Came home and went to dinner at my mom's house.. Since we had an early lunch at a chinese place in Roswell, I had a burger without a bun, veggies and fruit, so at least I ended the day in good shape..

Hopefully we won't have many fires this week.. I've been kinda hoping I'd get an offer to go to the big fire in Utah, but since we're in our fire season here, there's little chance I'd be able to go.. We'll see...

I'll read through your posts tomorrow.. My eyes are hurting too much to read a lot.. From what I did read, it sounds like y'all had a pretty good weekend for the most part...

OHH! I need to remember to tell y'all about the conversation I had with a rep from the Attorney General's office on Friday... Sounds a bit more promising, with regards to getting some reimbursement from our program...
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Good Monday morning everybody! I'm here for an official kick in the tushie! I havent posted all week because we've been on vacation. Its a miracle but I'm only up 2 pounds this morning from my last WI. I say its a miracle because I cant seem to get the munchies under control!!! UGH!!! I made the decision when I started back after the TT to not start stabilization until I could maintain my weight for a couple of weeks. I cant keep the scale from jumping around if I dont get my butt back OP! Soooo to me and all who are struggling, heres to a new week!!! The game is on!!!
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