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6digmans 05-22-2007 04:26 PM

Ok I am going crazy on day 1
I am on day 1 and this SUCKS, I want a bread or dairy item .

I am assuming the eat greens means no tomato as well.

I have half of the drink left to finish today.

I hope I get more things to eat after tommorow or this is not going to be good at all. I am resisiting eatting the things in the cabinet but with being home all day and its in there boy talk about tempting.

Please tell me I will get more to eat cause right now this SUCKS

bizlawchik 05-22-2007 04:34 PM

Steph - You're 1/2 way there. You do get more, a lot more, after this. I wanted everything I couldn't have during FF also. It's just your mind playing tricks. Try having a salad w/dressing, or cooking your veggies with butter to make it feel like you're not depriving yourself. And keep sipping the drink. Try to take a few sips every 30-60 mins so you don't end up with a lot at the end of the day. This will do two things. 1 - Sipping the drink will keep you full, and 2 - the juice is a cleanser, so if you save too much for the end of the day you won't get the full effects of the "elimination process". Hang in there!

6digmans 05-22-2007 04:41 PM

well the woman told me put the water with the juice and so I did and it makes it all watered down and BLAH! So now I am stuck drinking water down stuff all day!

I thought the veggies had to be raw uncooked , oh good at least I can cook them in butter. things are SOOOOO Boring right now. I keep saying its going to get better and it really can not suck much more. I miss having a bagel and dairy things more then a Pepsi and for me thats a big deal. hello 6pk a day i can drink in pop alone.

I am sure I will make it but it is sure hard.
Glad this is not a daily thing!

JerseyMadchen 05-22-2007 04:49 PM

Steph, hang in there chica! It's totally worth it to see the scale after the first two days! I started out at 218 the first time and lost 6lbs the first two days. You can do it!!!

All of us here have done it multiple times. Yes, it's complete torture, but worth it!

Hang in there!!!!

hdsqrl 05-22-2007 05:03 PM

Hoo, yeah...just think of what that scale will say to you in the morning!! :carrot: It's VERY worth it, and it does get easier!!! :D

bringingsexyback 05-22-2007 05:13 PM

I am very new to dieting and this website.

could you all clue me in on this cleansing drink??:?:

bizlawchik 05-22-2007 05:14 PM

Steph - Did she give you a sheet of paper with the instructions? If so, read it through to see the little extras that you can have to get you through these first two days.

Dan2112 05-22-2007 05:33 PM

Did you mix all the juice, or did you save some for tomorrow? My secret was to just not use quite 4 oz of water... That boosted the taste considerably.. It's actually really tasty stuff..

Hang in there.. It's worth it.. Just keep your eye on the prize..

What you're really going to have a hard time with at first is wrapping your mind around the fact that you're going to be eating a lot more than normal with this diet...

BSBack... The juice is a concentrated mix of several different kinds of fruits. It acts as a kind of "system flush", but also give you some needed nutrients during the first two days when you're just eating protein and veggies..

6digmans 05-22-2007 07:44 PM

Well I hope you are right on this ( I am sure you are) this is ****. I almost licked a teddy graham my 1 yr. old had just to taste it. How pathetic is that. I never ever crave this stuff really , I must eat this more then I realize.

My day is so jammed packed I just eat on the run al lthe time. I think part of it is I know I can not have it. i am not a cookie eatter ever or chips or candy for that matter. Now i want it all cause I can not have it.

bizlawchik 05-22-2007 07:48 PM

I was the same way. This too, shall pass.

As Dan would say, "be one with your POP"


You're 1/2 way there if you can go to bed early!

6digmans 05-22-2007 07:48 PM

I did not mix all of it just todays. I still have alot to drink and I am sure i will be drinking this until I go to bed.

Well there are no extras on my sheet its meat, veggies and thats more or less it. aside from drinks but I have all this drink i need to drink now I figure I better not have anyother beverage.
veggies and meat and meat and veggies oh and my 2 eggs each day.

thanks for the support !

bizlawchik 05-22-2007 07:51 PM

Another thought. One thing that helped and still helps is hot tea. But I don't drinik regular stuff, I went to the store and looked at all the flavored ones. I have a Vanilla Caramel from Bigelow that I like right now, and Lipton makes Vanilla Caramel Truffle. Take a mug of hot tea with a packet of Splenda and the warm liquid will help to fill your belly (thanks to Katie on that tip when I started) and the flavor you choose can make it seem like a treat. When I was trying to stop the night munchies I started buying the teas and I would sip on it while watching TV. It actually works. And if you feel like you have to eat something, you make another mug. Can't eat too much when you have hot tea.

Mama Nicole 05-22-2007 09:23 PM

Steph......I thought I would die doing my first FF. Food is going to taste soooo good for you the day after tomorrow. Keep drinking lots and lots of water. Let that be your time passer and pacifier............water is going to become one of your new best friends. Also.......sugar free gum is a huge helper to me in the evenings. I can really tear up a piece of peppermint extra gum :) DH laughs at me at night. Sometimes I have to make myself stop, cuz my jaw hurts so bad. I am an animal......LOL. I never realized how much food I was eating either, until FF. Now, when you do start on the regular program, it is going to seem like a TON of food. You can do this......and we can help :)

6digmans 05-22-2007 10:09 PM

Thanks everyone for the help.

I still have that drink to drink its almost gone, but its 9pm guess I better stay up and drink up.

I know tommorow I am not mixing the 2 together or do I have to do that??

thanks again ! the gum is a good idea.

I feel kinda full with out eatting as it is. I ate a salad with shrimp today and a steak and salad plus 2 scramble eggs. I know I have consumed more then that on any given day

fan4u2 05-22-2007 10:37 PM

My suggestion to you is you have to eat more!!!!!!! I came from not eating to this and I had trouble eating all the veg and protein on those 2 days and the juice...GET YOUR WATER IN VERY IMPORTANT......I didn't eat much those 2 days and only lost a pound...yes only a pound...so eat lots of the aloted food and you will see a bigger loss than I did...I know if I was to do it again I would eat like a pig lol...just my 2 cents worth good luck

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