LA Snack subsitutes

  • I found in another thread where someone said that you can substitute the 100 calorie packs of Doritos & Cheetos for the LA Snacks - that they're very close to not the same as far as the numbers.

    Is this true? Does anyone do that? And if so - do they count as 1S ?
  • I don't know the answer, but I'm hoping it's yes!
  • That's what I've done in the past..
  • They are pretty close in some ways, but I know they are higher in fat and much higher in sodium... Baked chips and cheetos are a closer match, but there's still that sodium thing..

    Ain't I a party party pooper?
  • I only substitute the baked cheetos and doritos every few months. I like the cheetos brand better than LAWL, though. But I also don't think there's that much in the bag to blow a starch on so I really don't do it.
  • I substitute the LAWL snacks (most of which I think are disgusting) with 90-100 calorie packs of cookies and the like all the time. The extra sodium really doesn't bother me, because I usually drink upwards of 3 L (96 oz) of water a day (sometimes as high as 4 L!!!). As for the other differences in nutritional value, I figure it's still better than choosing a really heavy starch (like a bagel). Generally it hasn't slowed me down, as long as I don't get stupid and think I can get away with having more than one bag
  • That's the problem...if I buy a box of the 100 calorie bags, I have to make sure I eat one bag and not one box!
  • I use the 100 calorie pack of cheetos over the LA Curls all the time. The Cheetos are about 1/2 the calories, and frankly have better taste. Seeing that I'm the queen of 8 mini meals a day, I simply have them with either a dairy or some fruit to make them seem like more. Every so often I'll pop a bag of the Doritos if I'm really craving. 100 calories is a lot healthier than a major binge.

    I actually keep all my starches pre bagged in a basket in the pantry away from sight. I used to be able to eat a whole sleeve of grahm crackers in a sitting, now I have to chew gum when I separate any of the starches, if I don't I'll eat 2 starches in a sitting without fail anytime.