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  • Hello fellow 3FCers!

    I'm a longtime (well, not LONG, but long enough!) member, and have gotten so much wonderful support from everyone here. So, thank you all for continuing to share your experiences with the world. You are probably helping more people than you realize.

    The reason I'm here in this subforum today is because I have just recently started The Beck Diet Solution by Judith S. Beck, Ph.D. It's been getting some media attention lately and, because I'm in the process of losing weight, it has gotten my attention as well.

    What appeals to me about this book is that it's not really a diet at all. Of course, you have to choose a healthy eating plan for it to work, but the focus of the book is on changing the way we think about eating, our behaviors surrounding eating. In other words, the idea is to learn how to think and eat like a thin person. And - this is the best part - it teaches how to keep it up FOR LIFE, which means no more yo-yo numbers on the scale, no more quick losses and quick gains. To me, that sounds so good.

    Anyway, I'm only on Day 3, but already I can feel my outlook changing. I like the gradual, stepwise method of learning new behaviors and ways to combat sabotaging thoughts.

    Which brings me to why I'm here. I'd like to start a support group here, for anyone who wants to do TBDS with me. I have already heard from some folks who are trying it with varying degrees of success, and I think that if we all do it together and create a weekly discussion group, we can increase our chances of fully reaping the benefits of this program.

    So... anyone out there want to give this a shot with me? Of course, we can all progress at different rates - some are already on Day 15, and I wouldn't want them to start all over again! - but I think a place where we can all come and share our ideas every week would really help us.

    Who's with me on this? Want to give it a try?

    As always, thanks for listening... stay happy and healthy, everyone.
  • I just finished TBDS a few days ago and I am so motivated. Yesterday was my official first day with the plan. I am trying to incorporate as many daily tasks as I can for right now and I woud love to have someone to share progress with. There are a few tasks that I don't really care for such as putting extra food on my plate and then pushing it aside. I've been trying to watch portion sizes as it is. Of course, the extra food on the plate idea will work great at restaurants and I did practice this just the other night and felt great when I left the restaurant because I weren't stuffed. I've started my journal with weight and measurements along with other info that may be helpful. I use My Food Diary website for logging food and exercising and it also helps me with the food planning aspect. I think TBDS is a great tool and will help me as I tend to procrastinate and give up easily when the wrong foods are around.

  • Hi, Kathy - cute doggy, BTW! I have a black lab (mix), too. Sweethearts!

    So - just so I understand this - you read the entire book all the way through at once and then started the plan? Or did you go day-by-day and yesterday was your first day after completing? I'm literally reading the book one day at at time, doing one skill at a time and building from there.
  • I read the whole book and since I was already trying to lose a few pounds, I decided to just jump in full force. I use My Food Diary for logging food and exercise and would do great until time to prepare dinner.............I would nibble and while at the table I might would take seconds at times. This was clearly my downfall so I know the areas that I need to work on and decided that I couldn't wait for Day 15 to get started with the diet part. I was already doing several of the tasks and Week 1 (for me) was just a reminder of what I needed to be doing such as eating while seated, eating slowly, picking a diet, and just being more mindful of what I was doing. So basically, I read the book and will be applying the daily tasks where needed. Yesterday, after my afternoon snack, I was still hungry but I reminded myself that hunger wasn't an emergency and that I'd be having dinner soon - so drink some more water and forget about the hungries.

    In a nutshell, I'm going to follow TBDS but not concentrating on a specific task for a specific day.
  • OH, okay, I get it.

    I've been dieting, too, since Septemer - but I'm still going to do the plan one day at a time, right from Day 1, and follow the the instructions to the letter. Honestly, I'm scared it won't work and so I want to be absolutely certain that I'm doing it right; I'm doing everything exactly as prescribed in the book. Even though I could probably "work ahead," I'm probably not going to. I'm just not real confident and maybe not entirely sold on the promises of the book, I guess, and I want to see if the plan and the cognitive therapy works "as-is."

    I hope some others join us..!
  • Hi! I am using the book also. I have found making response cards to be a great tool. It really makes me think about how I handled a situation and how to find a better solution.

    I just figured out what diet I am going to use. After seeing Consumer Reports ranked Volumetrics and then asking a question here I got the book last night and I feel it is do-able.

    I go back and forth between wanting a plan with a lot of structure to wanting a plan that is less restrictive. There are a lot of great diets out there but I need to find what works for me (and my family).


    PS: I just read the blog and I think it is great! Could we use this thread for all of us to post daily and share how the day is going and what we have done to be BDS compliant?? Just a thought. I really find reading blogs helpful and also believe doing the blog is helpful.
  • That's great, Gina - I'm glad you have found a diet that will work for you! I agree, it's tough to find a diet that will fit an entire family's lifestyle and is structured/free-form enough. It's especially overwhelming because there are SO MANY diets, and all of them promise the world, don't they? I hope Volumetrics works for you!

    And yes, we could absolutely use this thread to talk about how we're doing... we can set up a weekly thread right here in this forum on 3FC if you want - or, if you really find the blogging thing helpful, you can set up a free journal at the same place where I did ( and we can link up our journals and read up on each other's progress..?
  • Now that I have to volumetrics diet I can see that it is doable. I haven't really been able to read it as well as I need to.

    Diets do promise a lot! It is interesting that a lot of diets that I have tried or read about appear to be the same with just a different focus. But Volumetrics does seem different.

    I love the idea of linking our blogs---I will go see if I get one started. Should we still come here to make comments?? I know I can post a comment on your blog but I would prefer to talk to you here.

    I will go see if I can start a blog. I will come back and give you a link once I have it started.

    PS. I am really glad I have found you (Suz and Kathy). I feel like you are in this for the long haul and will be consistent. I really am looking for someone to do this with.
  • Hi everyone! I recognize Gina from Volumetrics board; I'm on that plan too.

    I bought the Beck book several days ago and haven't read it yet. I see the workbook will be published in October.

    I bought the book because I am familiar with the type of therapy that it uses, and I feel this book will really help me. Now I just have to start reading it!

    So count me in ladies.
  • I ordered my book it wont be here until this coming thurs. or friday. But Im glad I poked around to see if anyone started something for book.

    I havent decided my diet yet....Ive been low carbing for years, and yes it works great, but its getting into the summer, and I really dont want to skip the watermelons and fresh peaches and stuff. So I have time to look around and see what might suit me.

    If you have your blog set up, pls post a link in your siggy....that way everyone can find you.
  • Oh, good! Lots of people starting from the very beginning! Awesome! I think we can definitely start a little group here.

    RobinW - you'll see when you get the book that you don't need to actually choose a diet until Day 2 of the plan... so don't sweat finding a diet before you start the book. Maybe you can use this time while you're waiting for your book to arrive to gather some information about diets you're curious about and narrow it down to a few you really like.

    So far, I have been doing everything the book says, right down to the letter, and I can really feel my outlook changing. I'm starting to feel good about resisting unplanned eating, snacking and grazing rather than feeling deprived or somehow cheated out of something I "deserve." That's really empowering! Of course, DH thinks I've lost my mind because I've put sticky notes all over the kitchen, but he knows this is important to me.

    Actually, that's something that I'm having trouble with... because I'm changing my eating habits and I am the sole food-preparer in the house, DH is starting to rebel a bit. I felt kind of bad about it, but I asserted myself and told him that eating healthy is now a priority for me and that I'm not cooking two different meals at the end of each day. In other words, he's welcome to eat what I make, but if he wants something else he's going to have to fix it himself. Was that nasty of me? I just feel like in this situation I really had to assert myself...

    Anyway - thanks for listening to me ramble, girls.

    Hope you all have a terrific day!
  • Hi! I have started a livejournal.

    Here it is let me know what you think. Do you think it is ok to post my planned menu??

  • Gina, you can post in your journal whatever you think will help you - it's your journal, after all! I hope it'll be a good tool for you. I'm pretty sure it will be for me.

    I added you to my "friends" list.
  • Hi Born Again! I will be visiting the volumetrics board soon with questions. It really like it that we are doing both the volumetrics diet and beck solution together!! How fun! Have you started working through the Beck Solution book yet??

    Robin I agree with Suz. Really take some time to think about what it is that you like to eat. Do you need something super structured or something that allows more individual interpretation? I have done some low carb diets and they just didn't work for me. Lower carb is great but low carb just doesn't satisfy me. I don't really like to measure and journal everything I eat. While I think that is a good tool I don't really see myself doing it forever. Just give it some real thought and try to be practical.

    Suz! You go girl! It is so easy to be the caretaker and put ourselves last. It is great that you stood up for yourself and you shouldn't feel guilty! I am happy for you. I always ramble so we should get along really well.

    I am excited about the journal! Thank you Suz for letting me know about it.
  • Hey guys,
    I was just wondering you all could tell some information about the book. The basics, the specifics any info at all, if its worth buying. I have bought diet book after diet book and if I could lose weight as fast as I lose money, I would have a glorious figure.
    What really attracted me to what you guys are talkin about the book isn't mostly the weight loss but the way you look at food. I currently battling/pulling myself out of an ed and I realized it is not at all about my weight or size, I have some issues with food and how I react to it and all feelings I have when I eat and especially after I eat.
    Ok iim goin on and on, but any info would be helpful! Thanx so much!!!