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Default Question About Carbs and Fat...Looking for those with similar experiences


I recently started trying to cut my carbs. Previously, I would eat almost all carbs--70-79% of my diet--and very little fat. With this, I would still lose weight when I cut my calories. I started trying to balance this out. Not necessarily going low carb, but cutting them to about 50 % of my intake and increasing protein and fat (everyone said I needed more fat). I did this by eating pretty healthy fats such as cheese and olive oil (and sometimes some not so healthy ones too, of course ). But I've noticed that my weight has really leveled off. I'm not losing any more. And I've also noticed some VERY unwelcom extra "fattiness" in my lower belly. I'm not gaining weight. But I've always had a really flat, no-problem stomach (I have other areas that are problems). The only thing I can think is that this is due to increased fat intake. Is it possible that this "balance" isn't healthy for everyone? I feel like I was better off doing high carb. Anyone with similar experiences?? Thanks.
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Do you know how many calories you are eating? It is possible to eat too much and gain weight even on healthy fats, healthy carbs and healthy proteins.
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Have you drastically increased your dairy intake? You mentioned that youíre getting ďgood fatĒ from cheese. I know there are differing opinions about fat and what fats are good for you, but my definition of healthy fat is fat that is plant based and high in omega fatty acids (avocados, flax seeds, etc.). While I do eat some dairy because I like the taste of it, I believe that high amounts of dairy in my diet were a big part of the reason I was obese. Since Iíve cut drastically back on dairy itís really helped steer me towards healthier sources of calcium, protein, and fat, plus I feel that my digestion and general feeling of well being has improved since switching to a more plant-based diet. However, everyone is different and there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to proper nutrient balance, IMHO.

Just my $.02, something to think about.

And as always, calories in vs. calories out always trumps anything else when it comes to loss of weight. Fats are very calorie dense, so itís easy to over-eat them if youíre not very careful about portions.
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I've cut all but whole grain, high fiber carbs, and try to eat no more than 100 - 150 grams of carbs daily (100 g of starchy carbs which I count, and carbs from fruits and vegetables, which I don't count). I'm not calorie counting right now because I'm losing well enough as it stands. If I plateau, I may have to change things around, but for now, it's working well for me.

My husband loves all dairy (I think here in Wisconsin it's a law or something), I usually only have milk with breakfast cereal, which I also don't care for all that much. Since moving here I have become fond of cheese, but for me a very little goes a long way, so it's actually been a dieting help rather than hindrance. Still, I portion it out carefully (just like I do nuts) because it's easy to overindulge if you're not paying attention.

For me, lower carb has kept me from blood sugar spikes, and satisfy hunger much longer. I am very careful, though to keep fat intake moderate, as too much fat will give me stomache problems.

I think it is much easier to believe that the "perfect balance" varies from person to person than the idea that there is one perfect diet out there that is best for everyone regardless of their activity level, age, health, environment, and heredity.
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