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  • I had an aweful experience shopping the other day.
    I was looking through a rack of pants and this young tiny gal came over and said that those pants fit small so you may need a bigger size.which kind of got my knickers in a knot,but then she said how tall are you? the petits section is just over here.
    I wanted to say the anorexic section is over in the kids section but I was so upset I left.
    Now I am over sensitve to shopping anyway but why do people have to be like that.

    I would love to hear anyone elses experiences whilst shopping.
    and why is it that all the skinny people come out when the weather gets warm.
    Its like they hide under a rock until spring.
  • Well, I don't think what she said is so bad, she was trying to be helpful, that is her job.
  • Debbie - I'm just sayin... You may see yourself as large but at 5'4 (the top end of the petites) and 146 lbs, you're not. You may have misread the situation. She may have been doing her job. But if you didn't misread it and Miss Anorexic was being snotty, one of the things you can do is tell her you're doing fine without help and then give your sale to someone else (maybe even the biggest girl there).
  • I still shop at Catherines. Which my daughter calls the fat lady store. So no one that works there is smaller than a 14 more like 20. SO I can be no help on this one. Sorry.
  • I can actually take it from both perspectives.

    For a long time I shopped the Woman's Department, I mean as I graduated from college in a 3X top. I wore the young fat and frumpy thing quite well.

    I'm also a Department Store Merchandise Coordinator. My job is to know my merchandise well enough that I can train the sales staff to sell it to most customers. Ask me a question about any of my regular brands and I can tell you exactly how they fit and how well they hold up to wear, tear, and the washing machine. When I'm training on a brand, I make sure the better sales associates know exactly what they need to know about the fit of the brand.

    A couple of weeks ago, my store manager decides to be the PIA that she can be and reorganize everyone's responsibilities in the store. Thus I find myself now reading style guides, floor plans, and all the other fun stuff that shoppers don't have any clue about for the Women's Department.

    Fast Forward a few days, I walking the Women's Department with the sales manager, who's known me to never be bigger than a 14-16, which is 55% of our Ready to Wear Business. He makes a comment on how well the Caribbean Joe Women's line has been selling, and it had to be because of the way I set it so well. I come back with I just remember what it was like having no luck finding anything fashionable up here. He looks at me with a raised eyebrow and goes "What do you mean you actually shopped up here?" I assure him that I spent many of years shopping the department, and I am determined to drive the numbers so the non-Frump stuff sells, so the buyers send more and we get the sales numbers back up.

    Bottom line is, good sales staff is going to know anything they possibly can about a brand. There are brands that run small and brands that run big. If they don't know the differences, that's a customer lost because of dissatisfaction.
  • Megan... I was waiting for your input on this one.
  • I just don't see the problem in being told to try a size larger than usual, nor in being told where the (both shorter and smaller overall) petites department is.

    It's not like she looked at you and told you that nothing in the department would cover your fat a** or that the big shirts that would hide your hips are over there.
  • well i am afraid I am going to have to agree with Debbie, a sales person should always error on the side of pleasing the customer, It is like when My DH was a waiter, He always carded the 50-90 aged women. they giggled and he got a big fat tip. That sales girl would have made way more points if she would have simply said, if you would like to try those on the dressing room is over there. if and when the jeans didn't fit. One can chose to put them back. or maybe, like me, I like to buy things that are a size too small, then hang it in my closet and motivate myself.

    Sorry that was not so fun Debbie.
  • I have one ? why did the sales girl assume you were shopping for yourself???????? Maybe you were buying a gift for someone.I have many times gone into a store which does not sell my size to shop for my 15 yr old daughter and have been told by the sales clerk that nothing will fit me there as I'm looking through the racks.... I tell them I know but i'm shopping for my daughter who is a size 1 yes I said 1...with that they turn red in the face. They are just young and maybe there first job I tell myself...I'm sure they learn buy my comment and won't make that mistake twice
    Just remember they may be skinny now but as they age they might catch up...It's all a learning experience for them
  • interseting topic
    u guys are right maybe i am just overly sensitive now,but it was interesting to hear the different input.thanks
  • I went into a Victoria's Secret store last week. When the gal asked if she could help me ... I said I was kind of lost and need to find something that fit. She said "This is all the really sexy stuff up here. You'll want to go to that room at the back."
  • Quote: I went into a Victoria's Secret store last week. When the gal asked if she could help me ... I said I was kind of lost and need to find something that fit. She said "This is all the really sexy stuff up here. You'll want to go to that room at the back."
    wow... that wasn't very nice!!
  • Apparently I'm not sexy lookin'
  • Susan, I'm afraid I might have had to punch her in her condescending face! LOL
  • A few days ago a sales clerk asked me where I got my cute maternity clothes, saying that she wished she had found such cute clothes when she was pregnant. I told her coldly that I am not pregnant, and these are not maternity clothes. She was not even embarrassed or apolagetic. I was so mad!

    Debbie- I have been treated the same way in stores before. I know exactly the attitude you are talking about.