LAWL 8 week plan

  • I'm currently on the gold plan with lites and ask at my center about the 8 week plan but didn't really get an answer. I've been seeing all the commerials and want to know what the plan is. Anyone on that plan?
  • Look down a few threads at the "8 week makeover" thread. Dreamer has put together a nice list.
  • And the funny thing about this plan (and how you will see that the CODs differ), is that when they asked me if I wanted to do the plan at my COD, they told me it was just TO every 2 weeks, with no special menu, no bars, supplements or other products, etc. It was easy to say no!
  • What is LAWL?
  • OH DUH: LA Weight Loss...HELLO
  • rprbabe
    I'm on the gold plan and when I went in this week they asked me if I wanted to do the 8 week makeover. I just do the takeoff every two weeks and follow my regular plan the rest of the time. I am starting tomorrow, so I don't know if it will have any additional benefits yet.