Hot Water with Lemon...does it work?

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  • Here's a question: my counselor at my COD keeps encouraging me to try and drink "hot water with lemon" - I have tried it and while it is okay, unless it TRULY works, then I doubt it's something I'd just do for fun. So the question is:

    Hot water with lemon...does it really work??
  • CW on lemon juice
    It seems that most agree lemon juice is a mild, natural and safe diuretic. In Fat Flush, which is a stringent, two-week detox, you drink a lot of unsweetened cranberry juice diluted in water, and the juice of half a lemon in one cup of hot water...... if I am holding water weight, which I have only recently started doing (didn't know how lucky I was all those years!) then I will do the lemon juice thing and stay close to the bathroom. I daily drink the unsweetened cranberry juice in my is so good for the bladder. Mary
  • Oh yeah, it really works. Major diaretic. If you have eaten something high in salt, for instance, hot lemon water will counter the subequent gain on the scales. The same goes for alcohol, which always makes me gain.
  • hmmm that is interesting... never knew about the lemon

    I started drinking plain hot water a few months back ... My husband and in-laws are from England and it seems to be common practice for them

    Its nice in cold NY winters to keep warm, get my water in, and keep it to 0 points.
  • and I know I am crazy but if I eat something greasy and off plan the hot lemon water settles my tummy. About 2 weeks ago when it SNOWED in Texas I caved and we ordered Pizza Hut meat lovers pan pizza. Wellafter 1 and 1/2 peices my tummy started cramping so bad it brought tears to my eyes. I drank hot lemon water and it helped my tummy and I did not gain any weight I still lost! So after all that rambing yes it works for me I know.
  • yes, it works

    Oh, and on the drinking hot water plain subject, my Grandpa used to say it was perfect for constipation relief
  • So, now that we've determined it works: how much would one suggest drinking in a day (that one is holding water weight), and does it count towards my 8 8-oz glasses of water?
  • i always put lemon in my ice water. i don't drink it with hot water. and about a year ago i discovered a product called True Lemon. it's packets of crystallized lemon and they are equivilent to a few tbsp of juice. that way my lemons never go bad and it's cheaper. now they have True Lime too. i always have a box of each on hand to use with my water. i love 'em! here's the website to check it out:
  • HI

    I have also just started drinking the lemon water as suggested by all the group here. I stab it with a fork a couple of times( which i find a small stress relief lol) then microwave for a min then cut in half it makes alot of juice that way and i store it for future use. I just stoppped using the lites because of tummy trouble and started drinking the lemon water and the tea from the cod it has reallly helped me. I will find out monday if it helps alot on the scale
    to all that have helped me with this
  • This sounds very interesting. I don't mean to push my way into your thread but how much lemon to water? And does it have to be fresh lemon or can it be lemon juice you can buy at the store with warm water?
  • The lemon juice from the store has alot of sodium in it so I wouldn't use it
  • lemon juice --Real Lemon
    Good old fashioned Real Lemon juice, the kind that has been around since I was a kid, has no sodium in it. The Fat Flush Diet is pretty extreme, and even that only requires the juice of half a lemon, or a few Tbsp. in one cup of hot water daily......I would be cautious, and not think that more is better, and remember, this is about water weight, it won't actually burn any fat. *darn!
  • Squeeze 1/2 lemon into 8 oz. of hot water. That is the ratio I was given. Drink a couple of times a day.
  • the COD told me a whole lemon in 8oz of water.
  • Funny...I just made my glass of lemon water to flush out the extra sodium I took in today...we made steaks, but marinated them (lots of sodium). I normally put the juice of one whole lemon in 8 oz of water and nuke it for 30 like a charm! Of course, I'll see for sure after tomorrow's WI.