TO using subs.

  • Hey guys, I was thinking of doing the TO with either oranges or cantelope instead of the juice. I was wonder what are you guys normal amount of weight loss when doing it this way? I normally lose about 4lbs when I do FF or TO, so I am just wondering if this will be about the same.
  • Nisha - it should be the same, but I think everyone is different. I think if you do the math, caloriewise, they are about even. Personally, I just think fresh fruit is better for us than the juice. Let us know how you do.
  • Oh, drat! When I saw the title, I was like, We can eat sub (sandwiches) on TO now??? Hah!

    *walks away grumbling*
  • mmmmm a Sub Sandwich TO!!! hey wait, isn't that Jared's diet???
  • Hi guys. I am new here and have been lurking for a little while. I am trying TO with the Knudsens Juice Morning Blend. Should I be diluting that? I have 2 32 oz. bottles for 2 days and today was the first day and I didnt dilute it but I have been wondering about that!
  • This may be a little late, but my "TO cocktail" recipe has been the following (for each day):

    26oz Knudsen's Morning Blend
    6oz Water
    4 teaspoons Benefiber
  • I did not do to becasue of the diabetes but I thought you could do it with the way she's say with the fruit. Could someone tell me what to is and how long it lasts?
  • I don't know anything about how the plan is modified for someone with diabetes, but the TO with fruit instead of the juice is 4 oranges each day or 4oz canteloupe four times a day instead of the juice. Everything else is the same.

    You may want to check with your COD about the diabetes/TO thing, though.
  • I am so happy I read this! I am new here and I am an online member of LAWL. The nutritionist online told me that there is no substitution for the juice...grrrr. Thankfully I have a fridge full of oranges and I will start FF again tomorrow (fell off the wagon for a week....I am blaming it on the chocolate bunnies )
  • I'm sure the nutritionist said this because "technically" there isn't a subsitute. But... I have heard of some CODs being out of the juice when a client starts the program and they direct them to use the oranges or canteloupe so they start the program instead of waiting for the juice to come in. And one time when I forgot my juice bottle at work I called my COD to ask what I should use for the last two servings of juice on my second day and I was told the canteloupe. I'm guessing since they aren't out of the juice online that they told you no substitutes. I think the fruit thing is only disseminated on a "need to know" basis if you can't get the juice. (One of the great things about this board)
  • so is that all you eat all day? I can't do oranges for the sugar. I can do the cantelope but not sure what I could substitute for the oranges.

    Could someone do me a favor and go into the newbie thread and give a detailed descriptions of TO and FF, what they are and exactly what is involved, time frame, content, etc. I know these have been described in other threads but I've forgotten and don't know where those descriptions were at this point.
  • Shannon - Check out the newbie thread
  • excellent - thanks!
  • Thanks guys. I went ahead and got some of the 48-Hour diet Juice from WalGreens, buy one get one free-wwooooo hooo. Then I got sick and screwed my TO up completely. I started over today, but who knows how this willl work out be the end of the day. Thanks!
  • Thanks for the info Cassi...I ordered a bottle online to do the TO with in 2 weeks. They also told me online that I was not to do the TO, but I used to do it every 2 weeks at the center, and they conceded. Does every 2 weeks still apply? Thanks so much!