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  • Quote: I just got back from WI- down 3 lbs!!!
    At curves the other day they had a sign reminding people to drink half their body weight in ounces of water. I did that the last 2 days and I think it really helped.
    Dan- The other night my DH and DS and I were playing poker and my DH said we needed something to be the button. So he grabbed the container of lite salt - I started laughing and said that Dan the sodium police would have a laugh over that. Then I had to explain who Dan the sodium police was.
    Congrats to Katiebug
    Kristen welcome to stabilization!!!!
    Hope everyone has a POP day- I am off to Curves.
    Congratulations, Barb! Wow!
  • Nicole - thanks for all that research and I'll go research some good high potassium foods to add into my healthy eating....believe me, I'm no where near (nor do I plan to ever go there) zero sodium intake. I truly think that is impossible. And at my next checkup (which is probably overdue), I'll ask what that doc has to say.

    I took the dogs for another ride and had every intention of getting a side salad from Chik Filet and wound up getting the new Southwest Salad from McD's . OMG - it is sooooooo good and filling. Not sure how to count it on LAWL; it's 320 cals and 950 mg salt without the dressing!! (I know, I know; one minute I obsess about salt and then this...) I didn't get the Southwest dressing, but got a light balsamic vinegar dressing and only used about 1/2T. Here's the description of this little piece of heaven. Available for a limited time only the Southwest Salad is a mouth-watering combination of ingredients, starting with a blend of up to 15 premium mixed greens and a cilantro-lime glazed, warm chicken breast (served grilled or crispy). The salad is topped with a delectable blend of vegetables including oven-roasted tomatoes, bold black beans, fire-roasted corn, and spicy poblano peppers. As a finishing touch and to add a final burst of flavor, this hearty salad is also served with zesty chili-lime tortilla strips, a fresh lime wedge.

    Katiebug - better late than never......

    Kristen - you set a new're gonna waste away! I set a new one too and if I lose just under a pound a week from now until November 1, I might just make it!

    LeaAnn - if I come visit, can I stay in the safe room? You know, Kristen can decorate this room for you. Okay, she stages, but it's sort of the same thing...I think. Oh, and I know why we don't care for Heather's those ultra skinny cheek bones!

    Kim - too funny about the vet saying Dodger will get french fries...are you supposed to buy some just for him??
  • Dan I liked the fair analogy because I took DS to the mini-fair last night and made sure to bring less than $20 with us. I'm happy to say we made it out with 2.75 still in our pockets.

    Joni - It was fun, thanks! DS went on two rides...firetrucks and the carousel, but wouldn't sit on a horse, we had to sit on the bench thingy, but he liked it. Then we played a game, and the man took pity on me and gave Cam a free little stuffed animal when I lost pitifully, and then he had one of those little cones of popcorn. I changed my mind on the candy floss when I saw the gargantuan size of the no no.... All in all, a great (sugar free) outing for a 2 and 36 year old!

    Danette -- Did you get the results of your IB testing yet? They may need to make other changes to your plan based on the foods your body can and can't tolerate.

    Letisha -- Good job on being down another pound, 15 sounds like a bit of a milestone for me, congratulations!!

    Beth -- Sorry, I can't be of any help, I was long past breastfeeding when I started. I could give you a link to check out though...try and their message boards for better advice. I would suspect the concern might be the levels of soy and whether an infant could tolerate that. Also, I know they have a new pregnancy plan at LAWL, so they should be able to tell you at your COD something about lites and pregnancy/breastfeeding.

    Nancy -- My DH might think I'm over thinking the disaster thing too, but he'll be happy enough that I did if one happens to strike.

    AI talk: I thought Melinda was great last night AGAIN, and actually I liked Chris as well, even though I'm not normally crazy about him. Right now my favorites are Melinda and Blake.

    Lea Ann -- I'm not crazy about Heather Mills either...the whole ugly divorce thing with Paul McCartney kept sticking in my mind. Almost as nuts as the Baldwins!

    Kim in TN -- I do some sunning too...but nothing like I used too, and always through at least some sunblock. Isn't it weird that something that makes you feel healthy and glowing is so bad for you?

    Shannon -- I want to be a fancy girl too! Golden skin, and white clothes that magically never get dirty. Ahhhhh.....

    *lifts her pretend champagne glass to toast Katie* sip sip..mmmm To a long and happy life together!

    Nicole -- It's okay, I was worried that I was going to start you thinking about your 'irrational fears' -- which I actually think are quite rational

    Deb -- So far I've only stocked extra food, canned and rice and pasta and that kind of thing...I need to move on to other areas. I decided to make a list by food group and try to make sure I have something from each one in my supplies. I need powdered milk...not that I'll drink it, but DS will have to. I th ink I'm just going to pick up a big storage container too and stick it in the basement, and add stuff to it. I need more medical type stuff I think.

    Shannon - OMG -- Just tell her to leave him at home and that it's true, he's not welcome... yikes! What kind of dog is he?

    Barb -- Holy smokes! Way to go!!!! Awesome job.

    Kristen -- I have a few ideas for your extra fat...with 3 fats, SURELY you could have the new Lays Lightly Salted potato chips...even just a few. Mmmm... So what are your total exchanges now? Do you still have lites?

    On facebook I'm Angie Linton-Durando, so anyone here who would like to add me, please feel free.

    Tina -- Yes .2 is better than nothing, and it's waaaay better than gaining!

    Once again, I'm such a NERD, that I can't wait to weigh in tomorrow and see how POP and purple is working for me. I've FINALLY started exercising too...walk last night pulling DS in his wagon, and a 20 minute walk with the dog at lunch today.
  • Joni - she didn't specifically say, but I think so. Yeah, didn't stay POP for that one...

    A lot of that sodium must come from the tortilla strips. I saw that salad, looks yummy.
  • Hi ya'll!

    Boy, you don't post for a day or so and it really adds up!!

    Thanks for compliments on my family - I kinda like them too!

    Joni - I've been asking myself how to top the dress for her wedding too.. I guess we'll have to go back to Mexico to buy her dress since that's where we purchased this one. I'm game!! :-) I LOVE that salad at McD's too.. isn't it yummy??

    Angie - I hope TO pays off for you at tomorrow's WI!

    Facebook Users: feel free to add me too! Wendy Osmek. I also belong to the group "I have no money because I spent it on LA Lites". :-)

    I'm doing TO - started this morning. I'm using grapefruit instead of oranges. Well see if I can still feel the inside of my mouth by the time tomorrow is over! I did find some great Texas Ruby Reds though.. and they're very sweet. We'll see on Friday if it yields any astonishing results.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Nicole - Yep.. my ods's hair is pinkish-red. It was dark purple last month. I have no problem with it -- I've always let the kids "express" themselves within reason. He's a college student now and an Art Major, and has always had that "one board off center" sense of humor. Like everything in teenagers lives.. it's a phase. Why fight it? :-)

    Welcome to the new Nicole! (Browncoat? - What's up with that?) :-)

    Kristen - Stabilization sounds pretty heavenly! Esp today.. I'm doing TO. Nice to hear what we'll be getting back soon!

    JM - are ya packed and ready to go?? :-) Are you going to have to stay the extra week? We'll be thinking of you and missing you while you're gone!

    Tina - Love your new avatar!
  • hey everyone. just thought i'd stop by and say hi for the day since i didn't yesterday. i opened yesterday and had to close the night before, which meant getting off work @ 11pm and having to be back by 4:15am, so i was unbelievably tired yesterday. i ditched my workout and napped for 4hrs instead.
    today is a better day though, now that i'm not zombie-eyed. i do need to get my workout in for the day since i've only gotten 1 in so far this week. scooter is getting declawed tomorrow, so i finally don't have to worry about him tearing up my furniture!

    kristen--it's great to hear about maintainence! i love it when you mention starbucks..makes me smile every time and wish that you were closer so you could come and visit my store!
  • Ok.. that was wierd! My post ended up being inside-out!!
  • Hi all! I've caught up on the reading but gotta get some work done so I can't type personals.

    Congrats on stabilization Kristen!
  • Nicole - Good article from Tufts. Just more proof that we/I need to eat fresh fruits and veggies (actually says about 9 servings!); my sodium should be around 1500 mgs and I now need to also watch the potassium. I think if I watch my sodium and potassium I can forget about calories, carbs, fat, etc. hmmmmmm....this could be an interesting change of pace. I'm not really going to do that....but it is a thought.

    I'm turning you all into saltaphobics!!!!
  • Wow, you all are chatty today

    I went to the mall at lunchtime and took one lap around (1 mile), then stopped in JC Penney's to do some shopping for my DD. I got her some okie dokie shirts - Buy one get one for 88 cents and some new jammies...nothing like some retail therapy to boost my mood a little.

    Thanks for all the compliments on my avatar.

    Maintenance...will it ever come into my life?
  • Quote: Ok.. that was wierd! My post ended up being inside-out!!
    Wendelina - Whuuuut?

    Angie - American Eskimo. I think they are supposed to be good and smart dogs - she got a defective one. Actually, is bad owner not training him. He's going to end up hurting her. She needs to train his wild behind.

    Dan - I was feeling an invasion of the body snatchers kinda vib happening here but was just ducking in the corner trying avoid the spinning heads and green salt soup erruptions. In the immortal words of Fletch, "Demons Out".
  • Crazy doggie day, Shannon. I'm glad it's not just me that experiences these hijinks.
  • Hmm a peeing dog or a 2 year old having tantrum...hmmm

    Wanted to share some measurements as I know we all get frustrated with the dang sclae and sometimes it's the inches that keep us sane when the numbers of the demonic machine do not.. I had them take my numbers today so I could compare from day one of starting on Sept 25 to today at goal.. and also when I went clothes shopping yesterday I had NO idea what sizes to try on.. seriously I was in the store and the clerks were.. can i help you find a size in those pants?..what do you wear... my witty reply.. I DUNNO

    So here goes the before and after numbers

    Bust 46 1/2 inches 38" Now
    Waist 41 1/2 inches 30" Now
    Hips 47.75 inches 39.5" Now
    Thigh 26 inches 21.5" Now
  • Nice numbers Kristen! Our very own LAWL-built Barbie doll!