LAWL Losers and Friends - April, 2007

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  • Hey, Shannon.......I think it is time for you to put your picture up in your avatar. That goes for any of you that are really makes things more fun when we can see who we are talking to.......
  • Yeah, I need to update my avatar...that's a really bad picture of me, but it's the only recent one I have. Maybe when I get home I will take one.

    I'd like to take a walk tonight because it's supposed to rain Wed, Thurs and Fri, but I'm on Day 1 of TO and I don't want to feel like I'm gonna pass out when I get done. What do y'all think?
  • Go for the walk! Usually I have a lite before I workout when I'm doing TO. It holds me over pretty well.
  • Angie - Welcome to purple! My COD encourages the splitting of proteins between B and L. As long as they are the same type, all should be well.
  • Hi all... I was hoping to do personals but it's not working out that way today. School was good. Our first quiz is Thursday. Tomorrow we are in the kitchen making an LAWL nightmare... potatoes! All of our groups are going to cook different kinds of potatoes and make mashies out of them (with butter ) and then we have to taste each group's dish to see the differences in the types of potatoes. I'm changing my menu to allow a starch and fat for that one. Today the world foods class brought us taboulleh, which is israeli couscous, flat parsley, oil and other stuff. I ended up using my fat for that one. Apparently I'm going to have to allow a little flexibility in my menu planning!

    Gotta run back to work, but welcome to our newbies, Nicole and Kim you guys still crack me up. I'll be back to play later.
  • it with Shawirma (sp?) and tahini sauce.

    Kim - Thanks for the welcome! Too funny about your doggy...mine thinks EVERY trip in the car will end up at the dog park and cries like a banshee until we get to the real destination. I wonder how dogs experience disappointment? lol

    They've set up a little mini carnival in the mall parking lot near our house. DS and I are going to walk over there and check things out. I'll get exercise, and he'll get to try cotton candy. Life's just not fair.
  • Kim - How funny! My maltese and golden LOVE to go in the truck. They even know what it means. "Do you want to go in the truck?" immediately the little white head cocks to the side. When we had our house on the market we would load up the truck and take the dogs for a drive and to Sonic for french fries every weekend while the realtor hosted an open house. Lily is seriously addicted to the truck and french fries!

    Angie - Welcome to Purple. I have to say that since they switched me my WL has seriously slowed down. On Red I was averaging 3 lbs. per week. On Purple I am now averaging 1/2 lb. per week. Of course, part of that might have to do with the fact that I felt seriously deprived when they took away my starch and 1/2 protien so I think I have been more inclined to BLTs (which I NEVER had on Red.) Stick with it though. I think you will do very well. I recommitted this week to staying POP and I am starting to lose again.

    Off to shower so I can watch AI. Hoping Phil is gone next. Nice guy but not a great talent. I agree that the final 3 will be Melinda, Jordan and Blake. At least, I hope...
  • Kim...Your DH is amazingly supportive AND smart to boot! He is have lost the equivalent of a kindergartener so a pound is nothing. Keep going!

    Angie...Way to go on the loss! 2 lbs is awesome!

    Cassi...School sounds great! I know you will still seem like a good planner. did you fare at WI?

    I went to WI today for the first time since my trip to AK and was delighted that I was exactly the same. I did well the first four days of the trip but then it was just like I lost my friggin' mind. Pizza and a burger and pizza...obviously my danger foods. I did get right back on it on Saturday so I guess the damage control worked. Whew! I am hoping to be down 2 lbs by the time we leave for AZ next Thursday. Cinco de Mayo, 98 degrees and shorts! Yikes! I did have a NSV today...I was down to an 8 in my favorite dress pants at Express. Yippee!

    (My 2 cents on the Kim/Alec thing: She is nuts and he has a crazy temper. I always liked his work but I must say that I found the fact that he would call his daughter a "pig" (good lord!) incredibly disturbing!)

    Good luck and POP to all!
  • DenverChick - funny about the Sonic reference, since Charlie & Emma (boxer dogs) get to go to Sonic (outdoor seating) all the time with DH. He loves showing them off.

    AI is a bit depressing tonight....but I'm watching. So far no one has bowled me over...maybe Melinda. Jordan was good, but like Letisha...she shouted a bit more than she needed to. I'll vote for Melinda and Chris also helps the charities out tonight!

    Angie - how was the mini carnival? I always wonder how those carnies make a living.....hope you enjoyed your walk and that your little one enjoys his sugar buzz...enjoy the dance too! How precious.

    Cassi's starting to sound like a Brit -- "mashies?" I give you credit for even thinking and planning your exchanges.

    So Joni - What do the dogs do to let you know they want to go for a ride? Jingle the keys? Do they have a favorite route? Dodger loves car rides, just do not turn right out of our driveway - apparently the only time we turn right is when he has to go to the vet or the groomer! (i.e. Maltese torture)
    very funny Kim...but here's how it works. The minute I put on shoes they start running up and down the hall and give me "the look." Then they run to where their collars are (if they aren't already on). Then they go and sit by the door that leads down to the garage. The "look" continues at all times. Eye contact is key. They usually win. They have no favorite route; I think I could drive around the block and they would think they had been to paradise and back...."wanna go for a ride" is music to their floppy little ears.

    Sodium Dan - question...what are your top 5 tips for keeping sodium at bay? A nutritionist recently said I was extremely dehydrated even though I drink about a gallon of water a day. Somewhere I read that I should keep my sodium at around 1500 mg a day; I'm tracking it and I'm almost double that the last two days. Share some tips please.
  • Thanks to all who responed to my issue with the slow weight loss this week...I am going to calm down and take each day at a time. WI again tomorow. I stoppped the lites because they blocked me up when I joined I told them I was getting tested for IB sydrome and the wanted me not to have the lites but I wanted to try them.....Drinking the tea from the center of DOM and drinking my hot lemon water hopefully my body will finally ajust and start losing again like I did at the start........
    Dan my COD told me to keep the sodium low but with listening to you I read everthng I pick up at the grocery store
  • Hey Everybody! Thanks for the well wishes for my kids. Thankfully, they are doing much better. Hopefully, I can get a little sleep tomorrow.

    No personals tonight...sorry, but I'm just pooped. But all you guys know I am rooting for you! Stay POP and keep losing.

    I'm down another pound and I have lost 3.5 inches since begining the plan. None in my waist, as I was hoping for. Oh well, it will come. Keep swimming.

    Take care!
  • Thanks for the warm welcome!
    Hello all! Thanks for the warm welcome and all the compliments on the baby! I have a question---I had talked to one of the counselors who informed me that when I re-start on 5/9 I can continue to use the majority of the lites bars (even though I am breastfeeding)---this is very good because those caramel-crunch lites keep me away from the EVIL snickers bars!!! Before I got pregnant I was also using LA slim downs (chocolate, of course!) and I was wondering if anyone knows if LA slim down drinks are safe while breastfeeding??? Hope everyone has a restful evening!!!Beth
  • Quote: Sodium Dan - question...what are your top 5 tips for keeping sodium at bay? A nutritionist recently said I was extremely dehydrated even though I drink about a gallon of water a day. Somewhere I read that I should keep my sodium at around 1500 mg a day; I'm tracking it and I'm almost double that the last two days. Share some tips please.
    Well, without knowing what you ate, it's hard to tell.

    As y'all like to joke, I've become quite the saltaphobic.. I check lables incessently while I'm at the store.. Things I can't get a low sodium version of, I just don't eat anymore for the most part.. I hardly eat lunchmeat anymore, except low or no sodium beef and low sodium turkey. I make my own marinara sauce now, using Delmonte low sodium diced tomatoes. I also use either the lite salt or "NoSalt"...

    I wash out any canned veggies I use, with tap water, so honestly, I don't know how much salt is in there..

    Again, without knowing what you're consuming, I can't really tell, but if you don't eat out much and really watch the lables of things you buy at the store, you should be able to keep your sodium level down..

    And make sure you really do drink a lot of water, especially as we get toward the warmer summer months...
  • Thanks, Dan. I know a few of my worst culprits were things like frozen (processed) food: 550 mg sodium; some light salad dressing (I should have checked the label before using!), looking back I was even surprised to see 180 mg of sodium in a SF pudding. Okay, I need to look and read before I consume. Who makes a no sodium beef sandwich meat - Boarshead?

    Morning everyone........sorry if I'm boring you with my salt questions. I'm just tired of the puffiness and dry skin lately.
  • GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! It's a bit of a slow day today. It's colder here fingers are chilly as I type because I hate to turn the heat up again when we haven't used it in days.

    I have a discussion topic if anyone is interested...

    This Friday we are doing a mock exercise for our disaster recovery plan at work. We will run through a pretend Avian Flu Pandemic, and plan our actions for various outcomes. I remember reading about how many companies failed after 9/11 because they didn't have a disaster plan in place. That makes me think that I need plan, to also improve the odds for my family, in the event of a disaster.

    Since I always hear that this is a when, not 'if', situation, I've been starting to stock up a little on things. It makes me feel a little paranoid and crazy, but I keep thinking 'what if', as if 'what if I didn't prepare and Cameron was hungry?', 'what if we didn't have any water to drink?', what should we do, where would we go? Where is safest?

    I am going to make a point in buying some things extra case of water when I go shopping, bag of rice, canned veggies, pasta etc. I think I would try to go somewhere outside the to my aunt's place in the country, but she will only have so much room, so my back up plan would be to stay with my Dad and stepmom. I would stay in our basement at home, but I'm assuming there will be some looting by the people who are unprepared. It's hard to know what to assume, isn't it?

    What medical supplies would you need on hand?
    What would I do with out pets, are they more susceptible, could they be carriers?

    It's a little freaky to think about, isn't it?