LAWL Losers and Friends - April, 2007

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  • Deb - That must have been so scary. I'm glad to hear that it wasn't more serious. You should have a nice hot bath, I bet you're sore.
  • Deb--so glad you are okay!!! That is so scary.

    We are under severe tornado watch until midnight so my girls are freaking out--poor little desert rats can't handle much weatherwise.

    Thanks for the kind words--we clean up good on Christmas and Easter--lol.
  • Oh yeah--finally got my PB2--I like it in powder form--think it will be great in stuff. Tried it mixed with water tonight on a ricecake and it was yummy. I like that it's not sweet--just peanutty.
  • Deb glad you are okay and Lea Ann... stay safe.
  • Evening all...

    Well, the baseball game went well.. The ABQ Isotopes won! (yay!)

    Liz and I felt completely out of place among the many brats, pretzels, funnel cakes, hotdogs and popcorn being consumed around us while we ate greek salads (no olives for me) with dressing on the side..

    I came to the realization that I completely missed lunch today, so we took the plunge and split a small plate of nachos and I counted it as a CC.. (Hey.. it was my Bday yesterday and I didn't get a cake, so dammit, nachos were my cake!!)

    Our ballpark also sells fresh roasted peanuts and while they were salty, they were WARM.. It was a balmy 47 degrees (F) at the park, with a stiff breeze making it pretty darn cold.

    So we did ok, but kind of blew it toward the end... But I drank a lot of water today, so that should balance it out, right?

    The coolest thing of the evening was just after the 7th inning stretch and they run birthdays up on the Jumbotron.. Usually a list just scrolls up the screen with the names of spectators who are celebrating birthdays.. Little did I know that Liz had called the park on Friday and asked that my name be on the list.. However my name didn't make it on the list and Liz was pretty disappointed...

    But then, the screen changed and in HUGE letters, it read:

    LIZ, ALEX and DANNY..

    I mean this took up the whole screen.. Talk about an amazing surprise. Truely one of the coolest things that's ever happened to me..

    Liz was surprised too.. She thought my name would just be included with all the other birthdays... Seems like she talked to the right person at the right time and didn't know it..

    Thanks honey.. I love you!!!
  • Dan - what a great surprise at the ballpark...there's something about seeing our name in lights that is pretty cool, huh? .....your note to Liz actually brought a tear to my eye!! Your birthday nacho cake sounds, uh.......interesting!

    LeaAnn - thanks for sharing the new are just the cutest thing!
    Love the dresses on the, are your jeans getting looser?
  • Awww Dan how sweet! Liz is a keeper, for sure!

    Lea Ann - Love your new Avatar. You and your family are just georgous. I hope the tornado scare is over and you all are safe and sound.

    Dan - My DP and I are taking our niece to the ballpark today, we can't wait. I will have to take snacks and a LAWL bar to keep me away from all the yummy SALTY food. Next month I am going to Boston on business and one of the sales reps is taking us out to see the Red Sox!!! I can't wait!

    Jillian - We should clean out our closets and post our give-aways. I will sell them on EBAY if the group is not interested but thought it might be fun with all of us changing sizes. I know I don't want to keep spending $$ on new clothes when (hopefully) I won't be wearing them long.

    Deb - Hope you are feeling okay today. Hugs!

    I am trying to get the laundry done and straighten up the house for the cleaning ladies, yes I know..I'm sick. This week is going to be tough, as I will be on the road. I have several client appts. about 2 hours away and they ususally involve going out to lunch. I am going to stick to salad and then take my snacks for the hotel room. Dinner is always a challenge because there are SO many restaurants to choose from and my company picks up the tab. It's really hard to be good but I am GOING to do it! I want to make it to the 20's this week and head into the 10's. My summer goal is to hit the infamous ONDERLAND.

    You all have a fabulous Sunday....I will check back later.

  • Holy crap, Deb........I'd be a basket case if I were you. I am a bit of a freak, and crashing into a river is one of my "irrational fears," as my sis would say. I am always planning what I will do in events like keep the kids safe. Sis laughs at me, but seriously, if you have a plan, you might know what to do. I so want one of those window basher outers, just in case.........

    But back to real life....I bet you have had a few moments of nervousness since your accident. My mom was in a accident that ended up being pretty minor......but could have been really bad........and she was a bit anxious on the roads for many months afterwards. I am so glad you are safe.
  • Well we made it--tornados all around us and lots of destruction but we managed without a scratch. Thank God. We were through the worst of it by 10:00pm so we all got a good nights sleep--too good I guess because we overslept and didn't make it to church so now it's housecleaning time (long long long overdue!) then a b-day party and a soccer game to round out the day.

    Thanks for the kinds words on the new photo. Wish I could say the jeans are getting better--baby steps. I keep saying the warmer weather will help but then we just get busier and it backfires. Hope you all have a great Sunday--I better go help before the crew sneaks off.
  • Wow, Deb and Lea Ann, glad that you are both safe and sound!
  • Sorry Lea Ann......somehow I missed your posts about the tornados.......I would have been freaking more of my little "irrational fears." I am so glad you are all safe.....and I gotta tell are one smokin mama in your new avatar. Of course, the rest of the family is gorgeous.......but are looking soooo good.
  • Wendy - The Lion's Clubs take old eyeglasses and distribute them to others in need. Here's the website:
  • Wow - Deb and LeaAnn - Thank God you guys are okay

    Dan - Way cool! Your post gave me goose bumps! I'll be you and Liz were just so excited. Oh, and just say your made your birthday goal, okay?

    This weekend was so nice! It was sunny and high 70's all three days. I went for a 2 mile walk on Friday and again yesterday...I just can't do it today, though. My feet hurt (blisters), so I'm gonna take a day off. We had a cookout today and I did good...stayed POP. But, my husband bought stuff to make s'mores and I swear the marshmallows are calling me..."Tina...just one one won't make you fat...come one..." Make them stop!!!
  • hey everyone. not much going on today. just hung out with dh and the kitty.
    TOM showed up last night..ugh. and i didn't do my workout today either. so i only got 2 of my 3 workouts in this week. oh well. i'll try harder this coming week.
    i did make those LAWL brownies from the recipe thread...this is the 2nd time i've made them and they're really good. i added some chunks on chocolate to them, which isn't LAWL approved, but great for my chocolate craving..i'm blaming it on TOM.

    anyways, gotta go and make some dinner. have a good night.
  • Debbie Nashville - good luck this week and stay strong. Your goal to get to Onederland by the summer is doable.......We're here for you. Check in (if you can) while you are on the road!

    LeaAnn and Deb - We are supposed to get our excitement from all the crazy reality shows on tv, not your real life events. Glad everyone is okay and have a safe week!

    Jillian (hey, you put a new avatar while I was posting.....cute one) - I'm on an exercise roll again; you can do it! Went to a killer Body Work class yesterday morning, then did 15 minutes on the stair climber. Today I played tennis for about 90 minutes (we won, yeah!) and then did 2 hours of yardwork in the hot afternoon sun, so i'll count that as exercise. It's off to the gym tomorrow. I have decided that exercise is a must do for me. I am totally enamoured with Meg and Mel (3FC moderators, my age, and great success storeis). I spent a lot of time this morning reading posts on the Exercise site, and I just know I have to do this to truly change my life. Okay, I have to exercise AND watch my calorie count AND eat clean and start journalling!. My goal this week is to hit the gym 5 days. I will do this, especially since this morning showed me up an unbelievable 3 lbs (no doubt from the ice cream binge I had last week!). I'm still in shock, but know exactly what I did wrong.

    Tina - hope you stayed strong with those s'mores. MMMMMMMM......I would want one and then I'd say "gimme s'more!!"

    I read this today on another 3FC site and it really called to me...........especially since I am trying to figure out how to convince myself to eat smarter not just during this weight loss phase of my life, but for everyday of my life. Anyway, here is what I read and I hope it hits everyone like it hit me.

    No food is neutral - everything you eat either helps or hurts.
    If you've been blessed with an effecient metabolism and you think you can "get away with" frequent dietary indiscretions, you'd better think again! Everything counts. No food has a neutral effect. Everything you eat moves you forward or sends you backwards. Once you understand and accept the maxim that you are LITERALLY what you eat, and that every food you eat either helps or hurts, you'll start to get extremely careful about what you put into your body every day.