LAWL Losers and Friends - April, 2007

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  • Thanks, Katie. It sounds reasonable, but it's always easier to give advice than to listen to the same thing you've told others, ya know?

    On another note, I'm gonna brag and say check out the picture of the kids from Easter in my profile picture. The photo came out so nice.

    Of course since then DS has a nice big black eye. I got called out of school Monday morning because he fell and cut his eye. I took him to the doctor and he got four stitches. I joked with DH that they must be taking spring pictures next week since everytime he does something it's picture time. Well lo and behold, what came home the next day? The spring picture flyer! Pics are Tuesday and he's not getting the stitches out until tomorrow. His poor little eye is all black and blue all the way from the lid to the brow and all the way across. I'll have to take a pic of that this weekend and post.
  • Good news from my COD. The regional manager is there today and I am going in at 12:30 to meet with her and/or the manager (whom I love) to brain storm a strategy for me. I'll let you guys know how it works out.
  • Oh Cassi - the picture of the kids is so cute......and I love your new avatar too (that's your daughter in there with you, right). Can't wait to hear what the COD has to say. TGIF!!!

    Oh, by the way, where's the picture of you in your Chef Whites????????
  • Joni - These are from Easter. I'll get to the chef whites, don't rush me, girl! Actually, the batter to the camera was dead and I need to charge it. I'll do that this weekend and if I have a semi-smooth morning Monday I can get DH to take a picture or two.
  • Dan - Here's a little something to add to your arsenol.

    "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Consuming less salt can not only lower blood pressure, but may reduce the risk of heart disease overall, researchers reported on Thursday.

    They found that people with borderline-high blood pressure who reduced their sodium intake by 25 to 35 percent lowered their risk of total cardiovascular disease by 25 percent. And this lower risk lasted for 10 to 15 years."
  • Today, I am FINALLY in a good mood!! At 5pm today, I will be on vacation. No more work for me until April 30th!! I wish I was going somewhere exotic, but I'm just staying at home to get some things done, and then on Thursday, I'm getting my LASIK eye surgery. I can't wait!! Come on 5:00!!! Also, DD went back to school today, so it seems that everyone at home is healthy for the moment. DH and I seem to be suffering from allergies right now, but I can deal with that. Just hope I don't get the stomach bug over my vacation.

    Cassi - Love the new avatar, and the pic of your kids. I need to put the Easter pics of my girls in my profile. It's still sitting in my camera. That's the bad thing about digital cameras I guess. I always seemed to get film developed right away. Oh, and good luck with your COD. I hope they come up with a good plan for you.

    All this talk about Blizzards is starting to make me want a Cappucino Heath Blizzard (my fave). Anyone have any OP recipe suggestions for that???
  • question please
    Hello .... My name is Cynthia and I'm thinking about trying LAWL ... I need to loose about 25-30 pounds .... I was just wondering if someone could tell me a little about it before I decide to make an appointment. Thanks.
  • Raftermaid64 - I just bumped the following thread up for you:

    What is LA Weight Loss? A Program Explanation.

    Check it out!!
  • Hi all - Happy Friday! It's going to be 70 here this weekend - I'm tickled!!!!! I've got my crazy-assed in-laws (CAIL's) coming over tomorrow for DH's birthday. Should be a real circus - but luckily it will be nice enough to be outside too. The 'menu' is pretty LA friendly - steak, salad, veggies for me and then there will be roasted potatoes and birthday cake for "the Others" (Lost reference intended). I'm taking 1/2 day today to shovel out the house before the arrival of the damned. MIL and FIL have an insane Bichon who is 3 years old and never fails to leave some turds in one of the upstairs bedrooms. My dog gets all freaked like "Uh.... he pooped, it wasn't ME!" It will be a trip, I tell ya.

    Lizzy - Congrats on your loss - Glad you are joining in with a Memorial Day goal... I love company! PS - DH and I LOOOOVE Galaxy Quest. We quote lines from it constantly.

    Wendy - I've made a shake like that before. It is yummy!

    Cassi - glad you are lovin class. It is nice that you have bonded already - that is one thing that I never get in classes or seminars that I attend for work - everyone is so territorial - I don't understand it. It makes it so much nicer when everyone is included. Your daily schedule made ME tired. I'd say you are truly a Blue person now. Good luck at the COD - you'll get this figured out, I know it! PS - love the new pic - DD is beautiful, just like mom. Too funny about the black eye and picture day - proof that he is all boy!

    Wendy - happy vacation! Lasik is my goal gift to me, so I'll be all ears when you tell us about the experience!!! Good luck.

    Nicole - Boo to TOM. Down with TOM. Cheer up! How is your dad doing? My sister was going to have replacement (she's 55) but they told her that she might be a little too young. She's very overweight and has never been very active. So, she decided to wait and got fitted up for a humongo-brace and now gets cortisone shots 4 times per year. I'm a little worried about when she finally does have the replacement because I know that she will struggle with the rehab. I guess that's one of the reasons I'm doing this losing weight thing.... I hate how my knees look, but I am pretty attached to them, ya know?

    Deb - great tip about freezing the fruit. I am a freak about the texture of things and I don't like the chunks of ice in my shakes. I'll definitely be freezing some berries this weekend.

    Jillian - Have fun with your little furball!

    Kristen - Sigh, you know me all too well!
    Thanks again for all the kudos.. DH came home with some flowers that said (cover your eyes if easily offended) Congratulations to my MILF.. I'm so proud of you.. for those of that do know stop snickering.. for those that don't it's a term that young males use to describe their friends mothers.. meaning the mom is very attractive.. I always told DH when the girls got older I wanted them and their friends to think they have a hot mommy.. I'm sure that potty brained Nicole and Kim will know this one as it's listed in the LAWL Slang book next to WTF???
    Honestly - who in THIS group appears to be easily offended?LOL. Good for you to avoid the little evil farm goodies. You've had a great week - MILF flowers, congrats you're not a fatty cards... what more could a girl ask for?

    Nancy - on the 10's!!!!! And breathing is great, although I have been known to forego breathing in order to wear a smaller size, it's great that you don't have to!


    Everyone I missed - have a great day, stay POP, good luck!
  • Wendy - Happy vacation!

    Dan - Happy birthday!

    Kim - w/your CAIL this weekend, and their pooch. Here's some for the cookout.

    Nancy - Wow! 10s?!?! WTG!

    (I'm just a smilie fool today)

    Cynthia - I stickied the post about the program so you can check it out. Let us know if you have any more questions. (Thanks for the hint Wendy)
  • Thanks all.. I'm trying to get some work done that piled up on my desk before my WI.. If I don't quite make it today, I'm going to count my home COD WI tomorrow.. Hey! It worked last week.. I was down 2 lbs. from Friday to Saturday...

    Thanks again for the wishes...
  • Oh, and Dan, .
  • Happy Birthday To Youuuuuuuuuuuuu
    Happy Birthday To Youuuuuuuuuuuuu
    Happy Birthday Dear Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
    Happy Birthday To Youuuuuuuuuuuuu

    And Many Moooooooooooooooooooooooore
  • Thanks for commenting on my 10s jeans, Dan, Deb, Kim and Cassie. That was a huge moment for me and I sure did a few Needless to say, I had to 'shake" it infront of DH... When I needed small size, I refused to buy too many 12's, and got most of my new pants in 10s. Needless to say, I was in bad shape of no fitting clothes to wear, till now...

    Cassie - Those are great pic! I still can't believe that you have a 14 year old!! I had to go check your profile to verify your age.... You young looking hot chick!

    Dan - and you will be allowed for one small bite out of your

    Kim - I so feel you about the CAIL...

    Wendy - to you too! For the Lasik Eye Surgery!!

    Katie - Take care of your blood suger. It's really imporatant.

    Deb - Hope your boo boo is healing fast!

    Jillian - How's kitty doing? I LOVE kitties... I got 2 cats at the moment. I'd have 10 of them if DH allows. Got the name decided yet?

    Joni - We need to get Pearl's address and mail her a note that our own Cassie is made into Moderator!! Who was her Christmas Ornament Exchange buddy?

    Where's Jason?

    When is JM's flight to Vietname?

    to all, and a Happy Friday!!
  • Thanks, Nancy, Kim, and Cassi!!

    And, Nancy, WTG on the size 10's!!! I know when I first got back into my size 10's, I was elated. Oh, and it seems that JM is leaving on April 27th, if I remember correctly. The only reason that stands out to me is because it's my b-day. I could be wrong, though.