LAWL Losers and Friends - April, 2007

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  • Quote: I hope she doesn't come out with a kit kat blizzard again!!!!!!! I'll choke her skinnny little ***.

    What??? There is a Kit Kat Blizzard now (*silently slipping away from keyboard and driving frantically to Dairy Queen like bat out of h....*) The old timers (not you Dan you are turning another year young) may have caught a recurrent theme (make that dream) of Blizzards in my posts.. whilst pregnant with both girls they were my favorite.. then after both girls were born.. they were still my favorite.. right when I started LAWL they came out with a Mint Chocolate Blizzard ( I love chocolate mint as much as I love Brett Favre and Nicole) and I never gave in and got one..Let the record show that as soon as I do not have to weigh in on a three or twice weekly basis I have made DH write me an IOU in blood that he will take me to DQ and we will share a small one.. unless my kids have a tantrum that day and then he can get his own... hmmm thinking...
    1/2 cup Fat Free, No sugar Vanilla Ice Cream with your choice of Lite (mine is chocolate mint) crumbled on top??? Counts as one Lite and 1 Dairy if I'm right Debster??? Add 1 tbsp SF chocolate syrup for 1 Condiment

    I hereby proclaim that dessert
    I hereby proclaim that fantasy in a bowl the KRISPIE LAWL SUNDAE

    WAIT .. why are you all running to your freezers???
  • Oh, Kristen!! That sounds yummy! Too bad I'm all out of exchanges tonight except for one measly veggie. I doubt I'll get it in because my tummy hasn't been quite right today. I hope I'm not getting the dreaded stomach flu that my girls just got over!! On second thought, that might put me closer to goal. Hmmmmm... Nah, that still wouldn't be worth going through the torture. Well, time to hustle the kiddies into bed. Grey's Anatomy is new tonight!!!
  • Oh, and about your DH's the MILF line. LOL!!!
  • Kristen, you MILF you.. that's too good!!

    The kit kat blizzard isn't that good.. that's my hubby talking. I'm watching him eat one while I eat my baked apple with ff cool whip.
  • wendy--glad to know that it's not that great...i was half tempted to have dh go and get one so i can have a few bites...but i'm not gonna give in! i'm gonna eat my luna bar and drink my water!
  • Danette- Poke it with a fork, nuke it for 1 minute, then cut it in half and squeeze it. You will get tons of juice that way. I use half a lemon in 16 oz of hot water, and chug it. Then I use the other half with 16 oz more an hour or two later.
  • Wendelina- He lies.
  • Sorry for bringing up the blizzard I got everyone drooling
    You know what i'm going to do this weekend as a treat i'm going to have 1/2 cup of ff ice cream with a triple chocolate biscotti crumbled on top with ff cool whip 1 dairy 1 starch 1 fruit ymmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that will make me feel like I'm cheating and still staying pop well i guess illl have to my daughter and kristen for that idea
  • Thanks katie i'm going to do my lemon now.............I thought i was 3 mins glad I waited for a reply
  • Hi everybody,

    Sounds like most are having a pretty good day. I spent most of my day going from one meeting to another and then trying to get certified to score calls for my new position at work. We won't know till next week likely how we did but I am optimistic. You know when they say " Your call may be recorded for quality pruposes"? Well that's going to be me listening at the other end to see how the rep handled the call!!!

    I saw my furkid tonight. I am going to change my avatar to a picture of my Jack Russell who I had to put down 2 years ago in June. She was 16 and I loved every minute I had with her. She was stubborn, loud, hyper...and the best dog I could have ever asked for as my first one that was all mine!!! her name was Casey.

    I am getting slowly hooked on Facebook too. I have two photo albums loaded up now, one for each of the dogs. I would add pictures of me but honestly I don't have any. So I have to wait on that one.

    I am just waiting now to hear from my ex to figure out when I can go over there on the weekend to see Chancey. I figure probably sunday...but I never know with him.

    Well, I guess I didn't have a lot to say tonight. I am going to read some more posts and I'll check back in a few....
  • Wow! I hadn't checked in for a day and there was a lot to catch up on! I hope everyone had a good day today. WI for me tomorrow. Last one I was only down .2. Didn't even get to update my ticker

    Congratulations to Kristen for reaching goal. You inspire me.
    Letisha - Congrats on your big loss! Keep on going!

    P.S. thank goodness Sanjaya finally got voted off, felt a bit sorry for him though, he was really crying!:
  • Hey MILF (love it, love it, love it....and knew what it was right quick).......oops, I mean know....if you take 1/2 c SF FF vanilla icecream, and add a couple of drops of mint extract, a couple of squirts of SF choc. syrup.........a mint choc lite.......and all the other good stuff (too tired to think......sorry), you could definitely make your own mint blizzard. And, a couple of weeks ago, when I was being oooh soooo naughty, I had a mint chocolate shake at Jack in the Box.......and it was a pure disappointment. Back home in Wisconsin, there is a brand of mint chocolate chip, that is better than any I've ever tasted. The brand is Kemp's........and had I known that it was not sold here in Sunny St. Louis......I'd have NEVER moved here. It was bad enough leaving my dear Green Bay Packers. Love you too, Kristen I also love that DH got you flowers and such a naughty, fun deserve it!!!

    So.....TOM arrived this afternoon.......and that would explain my less than delightful mood. Oh well, such is life.

    Ok, love to all........I must go watch The Office is sooo stinkin funny.........if you are twisted that is....right Katie???
  • Oh yeah, and it was great tonight too! I seriously do not know what would possess Jan to have a fling with him.
  • Good morning all! Hoping to stay more caught up around here. I am going to the COD today and the scale is up 2lbs due to yummy cooking school. I seriously have to figure this out. I also know that staying on purple isn't working. I wonder if I should push for blue? I get up at 5, am on the road by 6:20, school is until 11:30 and then I work from 12:15 - 8:15. Home at 8:50 and showered and then studying from 9-11. I want to eat breakfast before class, a small snack (fruit and/or string cheese) on the way from class to work, eat lunch, and then dinner at work and then I'm hungry around 9. The lunch and dinner are ok, but the lites, string cheese and fruit just don't cover breakfast, snacks and when I get home. I'm thinking I need the extra starch and 1/2P to get by. But then I think I just need to be stronger. I dunno. I'm calling the COD this morning when they open to set up a time to meet with the manager today because meeting with the other two counselors won't work. They read all through my diary not to help me, but to get ideas. I actually need counseled this time so I'm gonna have to go to the top.

    OK, guys, thanks for listening to me vent. I've missed everyone these past two weeks. Even if I only get here once or twice a day I've got to make a point of reading this thread.
  • Hey Cassie! I definitely think that you need to move to blue. Being that busy is a good reason for more food, no doubt.