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Repo girl 04-19-2007 02:27 PM

Hey guys!

Liz- Great job!

Cassie- oooh, good thing I am not in that class. Are you having fun?

Nicole- Hey girl!

I am still just hanging out, battling the BS. (blood sugar)

mamato2girls 04-19-2007 02:29 PM

Nicole, maybe you're right and the applause was more for LaKisha staying. I hated to see her in the bottom 3 last night.

Oh, and since Deb (love your new hair cut, by the way!!) is sharing her yummy shake recipe, I have to tell y'all about the one DH made for me last night. He threw in 8 oz milk, 2 tbsp. peanut butter, 1/2 a banana, and a few ice cubes (1D,1P,1Fr). It was yumMY!!...and OP, to boot. I felt like I was cheating, it was so good. :)

bizlawchik 04-19-2007 03:01 PM

Deb – The shake sounds so yummy. What’s the count on that? Love the new avatar! And, yes, school is so awesome. I have been doing homework for 1 ½-2hr per night, but this weekend I will be able to work ahead a bit so it won’t be so much. But I don’t even mind it because it’s so interesting.

Nicole – Thanks for the update.


Katie – Yes, having a blast in class. There are about 20 of us. I think we had two drop out. But everyone is so nice and the class really gets along together. Even chef said we’ve done something no other class has ever done in his 16 years there because we acknowledge everyone’s birthday (we started a list) and we all hang out together during breaks, etc. instead of having cliques. I used my knives for the first time yesterday, which was kinda funny. I have some work to do, but it wasn’t bad for a first timer. How’s your furkid doing? Did she heal from the cut?

Wendy – Look at you in the 130s. You’re melting away!

MTdebster921 04-19-2007 03:16 PM

Cassi- I did full servings of fruit and full serving of ricotta, so PFFD and a lite.

That's cool that you all get along, it makes things so much more fun that way.

Wendy- Thanks! I had a shake like that the other day too. Only I don't like to put ice in the smoothies, so I freeze the fruit to get the same texture with more flavor, I like to add the powdered lites in there too. Makes it thicker like a milkshake.

Joni135 04-19-2007 03:21 PM

Hey Cassi - Can't wait to hear what your COD suggests for you...........

Ah, Nicole - sorry I failed to give you SCLAE credit..........LOL!! Nice of you to admit it. I'm not sure I would have been so open.

Hi Jillian - yes, I'm a dog owner, but I do like cats too and have had one in a prior life that I absolutely adored. They can be so loving and entertaining and if you get a purrer (is that a word??), that's the coolest sound to hear. I do hope he/she was still available and you can tell us the name and description. Oh, and a big congrats on such a great loss. You are on a great roll yourself. Keep it up.

I PM'd Juliemarie on another subject matter........she's busy with work and leaves next week to pick up Josie.........how exciting.
I also PMd Pearl, but no answer.

Thanks for sharing the Valerie B info. I agree that they have purposely dressed her about as frumpy as they could. I'll have to check out her blog; I'm a big fan of hers from way back when. I know her goal is to lose 30 lbs by September. I should jump on her bandwagon!

mamato2girls 04-19-2007 03:24 PM

Deb - Unfortunately, the only powdered lites we have at my center are the hot chocolate and cafe au lait. :-(

Joni135 04-19-2007 03:27 PM

Debster - unrelated question. I was looking at your webshots, which led me to want to look at your doggie pics, which led me to see the tv surround and I have to ask, did you buy or make that surround.....? I'd love to find something similar for our set.

JLem311 04-19-2007 03:44 PM

hey everyone.

well, i'm home..with our newest addition! the kitty that we were looking at yesterday was still there and we adopted him! :) his name is scooter and he's about 6 months old and is gray tiger striped with white feet and tummy. he's not itty bitty, but growing. :) they told us that he's pretty frisky and loves to play, so dh and i should have a great time with him.
we're not sure if we're going to keep the name or not, but we'll see.
dh wants to name him tater tot and call him tater. ha! not sure why either, but we'll see.

ok, gotta go and find the kitty, he's still getting used to his new place, so he's hiding somewhere. :)

KrispieD 04-19-2007 04:56 PM

Hello Everyone!
I have been out in the sunshine! It was the first time we've seen it in a LONG time.. the kids even got to wear shoes and spring coats today. Took them to a local farm that has a petting zoo, big straw maze, giant sandbox etc and spent about 5 hours with them outside. Then took them both to dentist.. my 3 1/2 year old got up in the chair and let them count and polish her teeth.. I was awestruck!
Did I happen to mention the farm I took them to today makes 12 kinds of fresh pies and also their own fudge.. I was so close to buying myself a little treat but I know myself well enough that I would not have had just a piece or two.. it would have been the full slab or at least half so had them attach a chain to my ankle and the other end to a tractor and had them haul me out of the shop :)
Thanks again for all the kudos.. DH came home with some flowers that said (cover your eyes if easily offended) Congratulations to my MILF.. I'm so proud of you.. for those of that do know stop snickering.. for those that don't it's a term that young males use to describe their friends mothers.. meaning the mom is very attractive.. I always told DH when the girls got older I wanted them and their friends to think they have a hot mommy.. I'm sure that potty brained Nicole and Kim will know this one as it's listed in the LAWL Slang book next to WTF???
I'd like to say a congrats to all the newbies that have joined the boards.. I have two little ones that have been keeping me very busy the last while so have not had time to do my usual personals.. but welcome to a fabulous board.. tons of information in the newbie thread and feel free to always ask a question.
To the old timers.. congrats on staying POP, getting back to POP, just remembering what POP means.
I will hopefully have both kids in school tomorrow and will attempt to sit down and outdo Mama Nicole in personals and will set an LAWL record for longest note on forum

Love you all

LittleBlueCat 04-19-2007 05:17 PM

OMG! The size 10 Levi jeans that were in closet patiently waiting for me? Well.... Not anymore!! They fit! They fit! They fit perfectly!! I can still breath... I didn't have to "suck" it in... I am so estactic!!

Congrats again, Kristen!! That is a great compliment, coming from your DH!! You sexy thing!

Dan2112 04-19-2007 05:48 PM

Hey gang.. Made it home in one piece..

Great NSV Nancy.. That's always the best way to tell what we're doing is working!!

YAY to DW on her loss!!

Talk to y'all later..

Joni135 04-19-2007 05:53 PM

Post #1,000
Okay, since I cannot celebrate goal weight, or even a change in weight, I'll celebrate my 1,000th post!:carrot:

Jillian - congrats on the new addition. You'll have a blast. Can't wait to hear what he gets into in the next week or so. Post a picture soon.

Note to self: Dr. Oz will be on Oprah next Thursday (April 26).

Kristen - sweet hubby!! But I hope he doesn't get you the t-shirt for mother's day! I actually had to go look that one up and realized I missed that line on American Pie....Another great NSV on the fudge....and the visual of the chain to tractor had me laughing.

Dan - Welcome home......and happy (almost) birthday!!

Dan2112 04-19-2007 06:08 PM


MTdebster921 04-19-2007 06:16 PM

Joni- The surround was made my very handy DH. Made custom for that stinkin monster TV. He used to build houses and makes furniture too. He refurbished our kitchen cabinets and built all new doors for the cupboards. He is currently building me a hutch to go in the kitchen, if I can get him away from that darn car long enough to finish it.

Kristen- How cute and naughty of your husband. :love: :o

Nancy- WTG on those size 10 jeans!!!:carrot:

My thumb is healing up, the wound finally closed up. Bad thing is that the chunk of skin that almost got cut off is completely numb. Hopefully with time, the feeling will come back.

fan4u2 04-19-2007 06:55 PM

Hi all

I purchased the tea at the cod today and it's not to bad to drink! While i was there the girl at the desk asked if I wanted to jump on the scale I told her she was nuts but if you insist i'll jump all over it and break it lol. I was noting getting on the scale with all this gas . I didn't buy the gas x I was looking at it and said to myself i'm not putting nothing else in my system at this time. Since taking tea 3 hours ago i'm burping like crazy so the gas is leaving :o . Good thing I'm not at work now or my clients will be wondering what the heck is wrong with this girl. Oh by the way I'm a hairdresser and have been one for 22 years now. I also bought my lemons for my hot lemon water I remeber a post about putting the lemon in the microwave after being peirced by a fork but don't remember how long! Does anyone know? WI tommorow I hope I'm down ( crossing fingers toes eyes and whatever I can at this moment). Well I'm off to pick up my daughter at work I hope she doesn't come out with a kit kat blizzard again!!!!!!! I'll choke her skinnny little ***. I'lll check back later to see if anyone has the answer to the lemon


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