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Katiebug- How exciting! I hope that your wedding is all that you hope for and more! I can't wait to see pictures!

Morning Jillian and Letisha!
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Katiebug - I will definitely ponder that Mimosa next week..thanks for the "pass"! We'll have a virtual celebration in your honor.

Angie - yes, I watched the DWTS elimination round too. Clyde really wanted to go home and I'm glad he's gone. Billy Ray Cyrus is probably next plus he's got a busy schedule too filming Hannah Montanta and I guess cutting an album or something. Then the Cheers guy or Heather will go. I think it will be Apollo or Joey that wins; my guess is Apollo.....but I'm always wrong.

Katie - great idea on the Press and Seal. I LOVE that stuff and it should do the trick on her splint in the rain. Charlie's getting a chemo treatment today so I'm at the University Vet School all day. I'll check in with y'all tonight or tomorrow. Hope you have a POP day.

Deb - love your new picture....I wish I had your long, graceful neck! Oh, you get woken up the same way I do. Then, after the licks, one dog snuggles up on my right and the other dog snuggles up on my left and I feel like a hot dog between two buns, but it's the sweetest feeling and wonderful part of my day.

Morning to all your lurkers!
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Good morning,

It has been an awful week so far here weather wise and we aren't supposed to have any sun till friday. I can't wait.

I haven't been to COD yet this week. TOQ decided to pay a surprise visit and I feel like crap - which is why I now only have it 2-3 times a year. But, I'll deal with it and probably go to COD tomorrow or friday.

I joined facebook last night too so if anyone here is a member let me know and I can send you an invite. I don't have my full profile done yet, it was too late last night. I start working a bit with my new position at work today too so it will be interesting. No real training, they just throw you in and let you sink or swim so to speak.

I watch DWTS faithfully and I was very glad to see Clyde go. However I would have had Billy as the other person in the bottom two, not Heather. I figure she will go soon too. I would like to see the final 3 be Laila, Joey and Anton. Who out of those I want to win will depend on how they do over the next few weeks now that they have to do 2 dances.

Well, I should get going to work. I'll check in later this afternoon on my lunch break.
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Joni- Hope you and Charlie have a great day!

Alannah- GL at work! I think that you are totally right about DWTS. I am a huge Apollo fan, but Joey is a close second, no doubt.
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Started lawl 4/17/07
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Good morning everyone,

Well, I made it through my first day of fast forward

I was having a salad as Boston Market for lunch, and I didn't realize until I sat down that the server put a corn muffin on my tray!! I actually thought about eating it for a few seconds, but then I decided if I can't make it through one day, I will never make it to my goal. So, I got up and threw that corn muffin away!

The hardest part for me was drinking all of that juice plus 8 glasses of water! My secretary must have thought I was crazy because I stopped at her desk every 20 mins to get the bathroom key (sorry if that is TMI)

So far so good for day 2. I'm almost done with my 24 oz bottle of water and I'm going to go cook some egg beaters in the microwave.

Have a great day!
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Morning All!

Just checking in and wishing everyone a POP day!
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On LAWL since 1/10/07
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Michelle - Congrats on making it through day 1. Each day gets a little easier. I have a philosophy that it you can make it through the first 2 weeks without cheating, it becomes much easier. I think I spent my first 2 weeks gritting my teeth and thinking, "I know I can. I know I can".

Katie - Glad to hear the pooch is on the mend. My little dog (malti-poo) also has a life goal of getting her tongue into every mouth she can. What is it with that?

Katiebug - Congratulations on your impending wedding. You will have a blast in Jamaica!

Deb - Love the new picture.

Allanah and Joni - I agree on your take of DWTS. I love Clyde because I am a huge basketball fan. But the guy could not dance. I am pretty sure he just wanted out of there. I think Billy Ray, John, and Heather need to go next.

Letisha - Good morning to you too!

Angie - Hey there WL twin. I am STUCK! I have been losing and gaining the same 3 lbs for the last month! I am so frustrated! I think they moved me down to Purple prematurely. When I was on Red, I was averaging a 2.9 lb. WL per week. As soon as they seitched me to Purple, I dropped to 1 lb. per week. The frustrating thing is that they switch you based on your weight. It seems to me they shouldn't down-grade your plan until your WL slows down or stalls. Now I am thinking they should put me back on Red but I'm worried it won't be as effective now that my body is used to Purple. What to do... what to do...I also think that going to Purple made me feel subconciously deprived which has been making it much harder to stay POP. I don't know. What would you do? I know you are struggling too with staying POP so I think we might be in the same space.

I am off to my big job. Doing a colorwash on this guys entire first floor of his house, painting a medallion on his diningroom ceiling, doing a shimmerstone accent wall in the family room and a quote in the kitchen. Hoping all the work will give me a good work-out. Should be at it for the next 3-4 weeks.

Take care everyone and have a great POP day!
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Good morning everybody!

Deb- Love the haircut! It looks a lot like mine. This is the easiest cut I've ever had. I had decided to let it grow but I cant stand the in-between stage so said forget it LOL

I've avoided the COD this week because of my freakin Easter candy binge, ugh! I've been POP for 2 days, hopefully that will get my butt back on track!

Have a wonderful day everybody!
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Good morning everyone...............I made it through FF............can I get a waaaaah waaaaah, can I get a woooh wooooh? And......I am down 3.4 lbs.......which is incredible for me. I am very happy this a.m., and I feel like I can actually pull this off today.

So last night I finished up (actually I only needed to assemble mine) state taxes, and did my baby brothers taxes, and went to go mail them at 9 p.m. Low and behold, our local post office was not postmarking after 5:30 (what a bunch of junk, huh?) we had to drive downtown to the main post office. It is really pretty downtown here at night........and it was quite the experience. There were people everywhere, and postal workers out in the street, taking your returns right from your a drive-thru. It was hilarious. There were also anti-war protestors there.......with signs begging us not to pay our taxes. I felt like we were in a movie. I told DH it would have been reallyfunny if we would have taken a horse and carriage through the taxes drive thru.........LOL. I always forget how fun and nice downtown St. Louis is on a spring night.........I guess I am going to have to plan something with DH or my sis or both soon, before it starts to get too hot.

I hope everyone is having a good day, and I will check back very soon.

WTG Michelle, on chucking the are going to kick butt!!!

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Good morning all.

Most important things first!! PHIL ROCKED or countried I guess you'd say. I have always liked him so I was really happy he did well last night. I love his voice, it's very calming to me for some reason. Quite frankly I loved all the guys last night and for the first time since AI came on I actually voted for Phil and Chris. Yes I love Chris (Justin Jr), nasal sound and all. Blake, I normally like him but I really didn't like what he did to that song last night. I love the original version and his sounded off to me, I don't know why. I think everyone did well last night and I'm crossing fingers for the dip to be tossed tonight.

I actually watched dancing with the stars (parts of it) last night for the first time. Boy that Apolo is one sexy little thang. Talk about your cradle robbin.

Katie: You confuse me. If you're having low blood sugar issues why would you go no/low carb? Wouldn't you want to up your sugar? My problems are just the opposite of yours but I seem to be leveling off finally thanks in large part to this diet.

I'm happy about the little friend doing better. I hate when my pups are hurt or not feeling well. They are like my kids.

OK dr appt yesterday. They took lots of blood so I'm crossing my fingers on my counts. One problem is that I've been very dizzy lately. They are worried it's a .... dan are you sitting..... low sodium problem. The choices are sodium or blood pressure. The blood tests will tell the tale. If it's sodium then I'll happily tip the shaker, blood pressure they can reduce my meds till I level off. WOOHOO ON REDUCING MEDS!!! They didn't do an A1C so I won't know what's going on with my blood sugar. She checked it in the office and it was 98 which is incredibly low for me. Bad thing is I was up 2 lbs according to their scale. Again, I was fully dressed though.

I have not been hungry since Monday for some reason. Not sure if I'm sick or what. Can't eat breakfast, force lunch down at 2-2:30 each day and then I seem to eat fine at dinner. Not hungry but don't feel sick. My son actually did get sick yesterday after lunch though so maybe there is something going on.

Michelle - YOUGOGIRL on the corn muffin toss. Not sure I'd have resisted. good for you.

Meagan - Come out to plaaaaaaaaa a aaaaaaaaaay (obscure reference to the movie Warriors...sorry) Bigger yay for your POP victory

Letisha - WTG on the loss! Every pound lost is a good pound.

Nicole: waaaaah waaaaah, woooh wooooh

Boy these personals are hard to keep up with. Sheesh - everyone else HI and this is too long and I'm now exhausted from scrolling all over the place! Wonder if I lost any weight in my fingers!!
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Kim - IP 9/10
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Hi guys - Sorry I've been MIA, but it has been a busy week, TOM to boot. Ugh.

I'm pretty much staying steady, which is both good and bad I guess. Dh's b-day was Monday, so we went out on Sat with some friends. Needless to say I had a few cocktails. Then, we went to dinner at Hattie's (don't know if any of you food TV-ers out there watch "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" - but it was on an episode back in January and they won.) I did manage to only taste some of the famous fried chicken, not have the whole meal.

Nicole - I am probably not the person to give hair advice. I've spent the past year growing my bangs out, and the rest long, and right now I am in a permanent bad hair day. So now what, I've spent 12 months growing, and now that it is there, do I cut it off? People think Brittany Spears was crazy/drunk when she shaved her head - I'm telling you, I think she was onto something.

Deb - love the new do. I can't do short. I look like the illegitimate child of Mrs Potato head and the Chia head guy. If I had your bone structure I would go short and spiky too.

It is one of my busier times of year, work-wise. Gotta get the school budget presentation done for our public vote in May. The Board just agreed to extend my contract for 3 years, so at least I know I have a job!

Have a good day all!

Katiebug - have a great time in JA!
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awesome job nicole! you rule!
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Kim - IP 9/10
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Nicole - we were creepily posting at the same time.... CONGRATS on the loss!
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Okay I'm back...hold the applause, tears and jubiliant jumping up and down.
I think my TOM sent me close to the loony bin.. The kids were having tantrums, my outlaws are driving me crazy, and I went up last week despite being POP and only had till Friday to meet goal in order to get rebates. Add to that both kids being sick AGAIN.. one or both have been home at least one of their school days the last 5 weeks so I'm so behind work wise it's insane... but alas a ray of light!
I was 161.2 on Monday and went in today..................158.8 so at last, it's happened.. I MADE GOAL!!!! another 8 lbs and it would be 100lbs I've lost from my heaviest.. 61 of them on LAWL. So my sanity is starting to return.. I'm in a much happier place today.. ohhmmmm ohhhhmmmm ohmmmmm
and back to the boards! Now I'm going to find a bunch of experts that can help me write a book called Smarties and Self Sabotage to explain why we crash when we are doing well on program.. stay tuned for autographed copies
You are all doing well.. Nicole... you have already lost 1/4 of the little add on you were worried about!
I will be back to do personals soon but had to check in as I thought I heard a helicopter hovering and suspected Joni, Kim and Nicole were looking for my house!
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Awesome job, Kristen!!! I knew you would make goal soon!!! You have been such an inspiration to us here!
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