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LAWL Salt Police
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Hey gang...

Late night posting here.. Just got back from grocery shopping and am relaxing with the Sopranos re-run from last Sunday..

Liz and I did a bit of damage to ourselves this afternoon, at a b-day party down the street.. We had lots of fruit and veg, as well as a few shrimp.. I also had a burger (no bun as I had two slices of lite toast for breakfast)... But the damage came in the form of a queso that was just SO DAMN addictive, I had to have some.. Now.. I'm not talking about a bowlful here, but I had a good sized handful of chips (no more than 12) dipped in the queso.. Oh.. Did I mention the queso had sausage in it..

I know, I know...

So it's back on plan for the rest of the week to get those last two challenge pounds off..

I'll be in Carlsbad, NM for 3 and a half days, and I'm going armed with lots of fruit and veg.. The crowd I'm going to be with isn't a McDonalds and KFC crowd, so I figure our meals will be at places where I can eat fairly healthy...

Have a good night!!
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Well I did worse than you Dan!

Had a nice date with DH, we went to Oscar’s steak house, very nice, dimmed lights nice ambience, and we were going to split a steak and order an extra salad which would have been better but we decided to go with sandwiches so I got the Philly Steak (HOGIE BUN!! AND FRIES!) then we orderd dessert, I had the crème brule…… oooooh my that was good. We both have been watching what we eat for so long, (DH has lost 25lbs) that our stomachs hurt so bad when we got out of there. This morning the scale is up 3 lbs and I feel nauseous. Hit the treadmill for 45 min already this morning, and have the water started, but oh I feel icky!!!!

The evening with DH was nice though we talked about our business and what we are going to do with it. Last fall my husband left the white collar world after over 24 years and started his own Tree Service business, (Acme Tree Service) and it has been hit and miss so far. I have been doing the delivering flowers for a florist here in town to make a little extra for gas and food, but it seems to take way too much time from the home, my house is always a mess now and evenings are rushed. In the mean time, the tree business is not getting the PR it needs and when Jim is up a tree….literally! it is hard for him to answer the phone and set up appts. So after talking last night I think I am going to quit the flower delivery thing. Before summer, so I can be home with the kids. And I will take on the answering of the phone, setting up appt times and following up on the advertising and promotion. It has been a tough adjustment to get used to be self employed, especially with 5 kids. It is so much easier to know when the paycheck is coming and to know you have insurance. Right now we have neither. I have only been working for the florist for 6 weeks, and I plan on giving her a two week notice in about 4 weeks. ……………..or maybe a 4 week notice in about 2 weeks……. I don’t know. But I dread it. She has already said she hopes I stick around for a while, and she is a really hyper excitable person, when she has problems with a flower supplier she screams at them on the phone…….. so I don’t look forward to telling her that she has to start looking for a new delivery person. She will probably yell……..

Anyway. I am going to go chug water and probably hit the tread mill again.

Do any of you ever go to the main community page on here and look at the before and after gallery? Some of those are so amazing and inspirational. I can’t wait to post on there, some of you could post on there already. It would be nice to see LAWL represented.

K…. this was way too long for a Sunday.

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Morning guys!

Lettie- Do not worry chickie, one cheat will not kill you. I'll bet if you do great today and get some HLW, you will be fine by tomorrow. GL quitting your job. We were both self employed for about a year, and it was really hard. The daycare always did okay, unless someone failed to pay. My DH has a spray in bed liner business called Vortex. It is similar to Rhino Linings. He had a shop and was doing bed liners and repairs. Unfortunately, his business was so hit or miss, especially over the winter, that he had to find a job. Now he is a car salesman, which is also hit or miss. Sometimes his checks are huge, sometimes they are practically nothing. I have been tempted to tell him that he has to find a job with better benefits and a steady paycheck, but he loves car sales. I have come to realize that if you do not like your job, it has a big affect on your health and happiness, so if he is happy, so am I. Hopefully with summer coming, things will pick up for your DH as well!

Dan- Doesn't sound like you did too bad. A few chips and cheese will melt away in no time flat. I have no doubt you will still make your birthday goal!

Kristen- Alright young lady, you go put that Easter candy into the trash right now!

Joni- Great job with all of the exercise, you are awesome!

Debbie- Glad that you had fun with your neice and nephew!

Jillian- Great job getting your workouts all in!

I am really struggling with my blood sugar the last few days, and have not been OP. I usually start out well, then blow it later. My blood sugar keeps plummeting down into the 80's after every meal, which results in me feeling awful for a while. Not sure why this is happening. We watched "Blood Diamond" last night. Dang, it was really bloody and violent. I liked it, though. We are going to hang around the house this morning then go to a barbeque this afternoon at my sister's house. Gotta go consult Deb's cookbook for a good salad to bring. Have a good day everyone!
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Debbie on LAWL
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Good morning Friends!

Dan - sounds like you had fun at the b-day party! I think you made wise choices based on the circumstances. I agree with Katie, the chips and queso will melt away quickly once you are back on your regular plan and drink HLW. I too travel for business and it's HARD to stay on track. Your plan to go armed with fruits and veggies is awesome. I just have to tell myself that traveling is not a green light for eating what I want. It is so tempting when I go to nice restauarants and am faced with yummy delights.

Lettie -Sound like you and DH had a very nice date night. Isn't it funny how the food you use to eat all time will make you feel so yucky once you've been eating healthy? I absolutely LOVE Creme mouth is watering just typing it in!!! As for your DH's business there are several ways you can get the word out on a shoe string budget. Target emails, flyers, networking meetings etc. PM me if you want more detailed ideas, I would be happy to help. You guys can make the biz work! My DP quite her six figure corporate job and now works from home. Her goal is to get back to six figures and she is close!!!! If she can do it, you guys can too!!! I am off to look at the before and after pics, I need a little inspiration :-)

Morning Katie! Sorry to hear about your blood sugar. Have you seen a physician about it? Do you have a list of foods you are suppose to eat?My dad has type II diabetes and his blood sugar dipped after eating - he modified his diet and is now doing much better. Good luck!

Yesterday I paid no attention to my plan. I wasn't horrible but I did go over on starches. I am planning my menu out for today and next week and am hitting the grocery store this afternoon. I want to be down 15lbs before my trip to Boston (May 17th). I know I can do it if I stay on plan. ....I think I can...I think I can..I think I can...
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Thanks Katie and Debbie, that helps. this self employed thing is such a roller coaster. when we are doing good we are so excited and then when things are going bumpy it is just so stressful. But the Lord has been good to us. and all our needs are constantly provided. My DH quit his job in Oct and we are still clicking along, and have not really changed our life style any, but I just feel a desire to take things to a higher level and really get the business going good.

I like the sounds of your ideas Debbie, I will PM you later and send you my email address.

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Hi everyone,

I am not even going to attempt personals as this is the first time I have been here since friday morning and I just read 5 pages worth of posts. I am home again after spending the weekend with my fur kid at my ex's house. He was away for the weekend. I had a good weekend but when I had to leave (he was coming home and the new girlfriend would be with him) it made me realize how much I miss just having the pooch around. Hopefully my plans of being able to get my own place in the fall will happen so that I can have her a lot more to myself.

I did manage to get my laundry done there though. I took it over so I wouldn't have to pay for my laundry this week. Figured I was there all weekend so I might as well as have something to do.

I haven't bought the new Redbook yet but it is one of the ones I buy every month. I am a 100% magazineaholic. But I figure I don't smoke, drink or even go out right now very often that I can spend some of my entertainment $ on those. I tend to read them before I go to sleep at night. More of a habit now than anything. I also have 4 Nora Roberts books to read and the new Jilly Cooper book to read so I really have no lack of reading to do over the next little while. I also have 30 x-stitches to do for my MIL by the Fall. Luckily they are small ones but they will still take some time to do.

I am going to COD tomorrow. I don't expect much as I was off plan this weekend. Nothing bad but basically didn't eat anywhere near enough food. That is my #1 problem. I literally have to force myself to eat and being at his place this weekend I just didn't feel like lugging all the food over there. And I wasn't hungry anyway. So it is back on track tomorrow and we'll see how the week goes.

I'll check in later,
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just wanted to stop by and say a quick hi to everyone today. not much happening here. just had a huge thunderstorm all day here...tons of rain and wind. i love stuff like that. had to work til 3pm today and now i'm just relaxing. i made the red bean jalapeno burgers from the recipe thread last night. they turned out pretty good. not as "firm" as i would've liked, but they were good. not sure what's for dinner tonight. maybe "fake" chicken salads or something...not in the mood to cook anything.

enjoy the evening everyone.
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Wow. This board has been busy since I posted last.

I finished my second day on FF/Express Friday and went to weigh in Saturday morning. I am pleased to report that I was down 2.4 lbs. to the lowest I have been since starting this plan! WooHoo! However...

*entering the confessional*
After weigh in on Saturday I picked up my friend who was going to help me sort through some things in my basement while I prepare for a big job starting tomorrow. Since it was about 10:30 a.m. (and I hadn't eaten yet since I never eat or drink anything before WI) I suggested we pick up some storage containers and grab lunch. We went to Colorado Hacienda for lunch and I ordered the fish tacos (not too bad) but also indulged in some chips and salsa (bad me). Then, after several hours of sorting and moving we decided to go get some dinner too (it's now around 8:30 p.m. and we've eaten nothing in between). So, of course I am hungary. We ended up at Sweet Tomatoes (a salad bar place) which wouldn't be bad if it only served salad but they have soups...foccacia...pasta...soft serve ice get the idea. I tried a little of each - UGH! So, I say to myself, "OK, one bad day. You can get right back on the horse tomorrow and be good all day Sunday." Well, that was the plan. I started off innocently enough with 3 oz. of cottage chesse and a Western Alternative bagel for breakfast. But then friends dropped by unexpectedly and wanted to go out for lunch. So, off we went to On The Border! Sinful Mexican again! I had chips and salsa, soft chicken tacos and an empanada. I am going to ****!!!

Why is it that when we break through these impossible plateaus, we feel this incredible need to self-sabatage??? I am way too scared to go for a WI tomorrow, so I am going to hold off until Tuesday and hope that between tonight and tomorrow I can redeem my horrible self. ARG.

Just needed to vent...

*leaves confessional*

Dan, great job on the WI! You stick to your guns about the guarantee. That is just slimy.

Lettie, I was downsized out of my hi tech job in August. Since then I have been self-employed. My husband is still at his 9-5 which helps but I know it is scary. I think you are doing the right thing to take over the administrative side. YOU CAN DO IT!

Off to drink HLW and recommit.
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Nashville Deb - LOVE your new avatar............I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the scale these days. More hate than love......???

Libby - great loss and, ah, confessional just made me really hungry. We have OTBs here; unfortunately, I like them for their frozen margaritas and they are oh so I have to stay away from there.

Awwwww, Alannah. I feel so badly that you miss your furkid so much. Someday, soon, I hope you can have her with you more.

Katie - hope you had fun at your party...did you find something good in Deb's cookbook? Hope you figure out your blood sugar situation...Oh, how's your Dane's leg healing? Hope she's doing okay.

Lettie - I think your plan to help DH with his business sounds like a good one. Good luck and don't fret about having to tell your boss that you are leaving. That goes with the territory of being a business owner.

So Kristen - hopefully your wet noodle lashing wasn't too bad! Did you have a good day today? Are you showing your house yet?

I had a busy, not so POP, day...exercise, church, lunch with the girls (that's where the Not So POP comes in!), visited family and then went and saw some new Martha Stewart homes that just opened up about a block from my house. I love looking at model homes; I don't want to move, but I got a few decorating ideas. Overall I wasn't as impressed with the homes as I thought I would be. They used a lot of wainscoating (not sure I'm spelling that right) and wide planked hardwoods on the floors (which were gorgeous) and the stand out feature was all sinks were every bath and kitchen. Made some spaghetti sauce with ground turkey for dinner and now I've got some work work to do. Taping Desperate Housewives and calling it an early night.
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hdsQrl - Megan on LAWL
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I'm glad I had company in spirit this weekend with being bad...This whole weekend was like, "What? What LAWL? I've never heard of such a thing!"


I dunno why I've fallen off the wagon so badly lately...I hate it! I WILL get back in the game first thing tomorrow!!! I WILL.
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LAWL Salt Police
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Hey gang..

Just a quick post before getting the kids to bed. Had a pretty good day all totalled, so I think I'm in good shape for the trip..

I'll post tomorrow night after I arrive and spend the afternoon in meetings..

Good luck and stay POP, everybody!!
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Kristie- Hope things are going better for you today!

Thanks to everyone about the nice comments about my pictures. Nothing special going on today. Just wanted to say hi and congratulate all the losers.

Will check in tomorrow.
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Wendy II
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Hey everyone.. hope you all had a great weekend. Weighed in on Saturday.. lost 1.6 this week.. and I'm .2 from the 20# mark! Should hit that on Tuesday.. then I have to think up how I'll celebrate!

I've been pop all weekend with the exception of a very small piece of ham I ate today.. so feeling pretty good! Spent lots of time with my parents explaining how to count things. It's kind of funny because dad just eats what mom tells him to.. and then asks "can I eat this? how about this, can I eat this?" and she keeps telling him no.. no.. no you can't eat that.. I had to giggle at them at dinner tonight.

It was so beautiful here today I took a 25 minute walk with the stroller.. and we have lots of hills by us. My rear end already hurts.. I can't wait to see if I can still walk tomorrow! lol

I hope we're already for a POP week!! Happy thoughts & willpower dust to all of you!
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wow! it is 8:14 central time. where is everybody! are you all sleeping in? can't believe I am the first here this morning

Well after my gorge fest on Sat. night, I hardly ate anything yesterday, but what I did eat wasn't really OP. So we will see, but I did get on the treadmill for 45 min in the AM and 45 min in the PM.

avoiding weighing in again. I am up at least a pound maybe two. maybe I will go in tomorrow. I am getting into a really bad habit, --- naughty on the weekends, skip monday weigh in then watch it really close and go in on wednesday. hmmm

Here's to POP today!

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Lettie- Been there done that. was weighing on Friday then felt like that was my license to cheat over the weekend. Last weekend I was determined that I was going to do good, Easter and everything and I stayed POP, because I promised my favorite counselor I would WI on Monday. Had a great week, lost almost 3 pounds at WI on Thursday afternoon. I was out of town with my daughter all weekend. Got to spend some time with a best friend who moved a couple of years ago. Spent the day shopping and I ate good, stayed POP the whole weekend ......until last night and I dipped into the freakin chocolate Easter candy! Sheesh Kristen, see what you started! LOL I hadn't had ONE itty bitty bite then blew it last night so NO WI for me today. Its POP for me today or die trying! Soooo hang in there everybody,this too shall pass!

Be tough Lettie :-)

To everybody else, Happy Monday Morning!!
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