LAWL Losers and Friends - April, 2007

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  • Quote: Lettie - and this would be a bad thing?????

    Only because he is a minor "child" he is only 17, if he had a few more years under his belt I wouldn't care if he was thrown to the wolves. I am not sure that I would let him continue if he was my son. I would hate to see my son humiliated like this in front of all america.
  • True - Howard does disgust me. I have to remind myself that Sanjaya is just a kid! I wonder how all you parents would be reacting if this was your son???? hmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Debster - Great story about your dad not recognizing you... and as for the sugar free chocolate.. I'm not sure it would be worth the pain in the arse.. literally!

    Katie - I'm holding you to it! Don't you dare show up tomorrow without having at least stepped on that treadmill!

    Sanjaya is a sweet kid, and he actually has a great voice once in a while. Don't you remember his audition?? He OWNED Signed, Sealed, Delivered.. but that's the last time he really sounded good. Stern would shred him given the chance.
  • You have my word Wendy!!! I need to go work off the Easter candy I just ate. And no, it was not chocolate bunnies. It was just one of those Peeps. I LOVE THOSE!!! But, I just ate one, not the whole box.
  • I want to hear Sanjaya sing some early Micheal Jackson, I think he could actually earn his keep that way.

    on a totally separate note. I have a serious addiction to this site!! I can't seem to get anything done around the house. I catch myself coming over here every ten min to see if anything has changed! it is terrible! and I find if I don't then I get so behind that I can never catch up.!!!! I have to find a balance.

  • I love peeps if you open the package, and let them sit out for a few days.......they get all chewy....also, on the subject of peeps, did you know you can wrestle peeps (I just know Kim and WendyII and Joni, and well, really most everyone here will try this). All you have to do is put two of them on a paper plate, and put them in the microwave.......if yo can place bets on the winner. It's a good time.
  • good luck to you house has not looked the same since October when I found this site...............
    Where is that Cassi girl???
  • His father was high fiving people in the audience. I truly don't think they get it.
  • did you guys see Gina's people crying when she was singing???? Yeah, that totally put me over the edge..........
  • lol nicole, i'm gonna have to try the "peeps wrestling" match some time soon!
  • Nicole - LOL! There may be a wrestling match tonight... I may have to try that, but ONLY after I hit the gym!!!
  • Quote: oh Deb that is so funny. How long has it been since your parents have seen you slender?
    Hmmm- Good question.....Since I was probably 13, I was a chunky kid. I was 158 when I went to Europe in 9th grade. I was about 177 when I graduated from high school. I wore a size 20W wedding dress 4 years later. So I would say somewhere prior to being a teenager . My all time heaviest was 275 8 years ago, I did low carb and lost 87 lbs. and got down to 188, so I am currently lower than that, and definitely plan to keep it off this time. I am almost 106 lbs. lighter than I was at my heaviest weight.
  • Good afternoon everybody!!

    Congrats Cassi! Wooo hoooo! One of our own promoted!

    Angie- Sure, I'll take some before and after pics to post!

    WI this morning had me down .8. I'll take it, with TOM coming for a visit any loss is a good thing!

    My surgery is in 7 weeks. I'm going to challenge myself to lose 10 more pounds by then! My average is 2.4 a week so if I make it anywhere close to that, I'll have the 10 pounds then some!
    They told me today that they'll put my account on hold for 30 days after my surgery. I said why? She said because our bodies all react differently to anesthesia and my weight may fluctuate and that way I wont lose my weeks while I'm recovering. So good deal!
  • Oh yeah, that .8 put me at my 60 pound mark this morning! yeah me! LOL
  • Hi Everyone,

    I have been lurking on this website for quite a while. You ladies and gentlemen seem to be a very tight group and very supportive. That is what I need right now. I am on my last 15lbs and I am getting very discouraged with my stall. I hope you can keep me motivated because I am losing confidence that I will get my goal weight in the last 8 weeks of my plan. Although I have lost 21' and should be happy about that.