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Mama Nicole 04-04-2007 03:45 PM

I might go with the Memorial Day challenge.......but I really don't seem to do very well with longer challenges. I did best with Joni's 2 week challenge :) I truly am an instant gratification girl............

zambejaly5 04-04-2007 03:49 PM

Oooooh! Memorial day challenge, sounds good to me. Seems like I have always come in on the middle or tale end of one of the challenges so it would be nice to hit one at the beginning.

AI- I thought it was funny when simon said “I am not even going to comment on the vocals anymore” I would love to hear the three judges talk off camera about sanjya and why he is still on there. As far as Phil goes, he sings ok but he is , a …. Not eye candy. He reminds me of Scmeagal from Lord of the Rings.

I was trying to get caught up on everybody but man there is just too much! I have been AWOL during our spring break, but man did we have fun. I was completely off plan the whole week! Weighed in on Monday and I was only up 1.2 ! I will take that. I am doing TO yesterday and today and weighed in this morning and was down 2.2! Spring Break plus one! So I feel like I am back on track. And I need to get on here more often, it is just too easy to get behind!


ElleofALady 04-04-2007 04:04 PM

Hello Everybody! Hope everyone is having a POP day. WI was good. A 0.6 loss. So, I'm happy. I found out my favorite counselor has moved on. So, I am stuck with Bobble Head and Tranny. The other counselor works at two different locations, so I rarely see her. Oh well, life goes on and my weight loss will continue.

No one discussing Dancing With the Stars either...oh well.

JM- I have never tried cooking spinach with fish in all my days, but I will try it soon. It sounds dee-lish!

Cassi- You are really feeling yourself today! Everyone should feel good about their weight loss accomplishments...EVERYDAY in my book! Good for you with your medium pants self!

Liz- Keep swimming!

Well, gotta go to the post office. Bye.

equinetcan 04-04-2007 04:55 PM

Letisha - I watch DWS and have seen every season. I was happy to see Shandi go last night. Now they just need to weed a few more out. I do hope some of them get a little better as I found Monday was not that show stopping compared to other seasons.

Now.......I got my position at work :carrot: :carrot: . We don't know when it will actually start due to some of the work I am currently doing but there should be some sort of transition shortly. I may be 50-50 for a few weeks. I am happy. I will still be on phone for some hours each week but not all day every day most times unless service levels need some help.

No furkid tonight but I should be over to see her tomorrow night and then likely again on saturday as I believe the ex has a commitment that day. He has someone else in his life now too. I think I know who it is but he hasn't said anything yet. He will once it is inevitable that I will run into her at his place when I go see the dog. But he will delay that as long as possible.

I am working OT tonight for a couple of hours so I will touch in again after I get home around 10. I hope everyone has a great night if I don't get back later!!!

zambejaly5 04-04-2007 04:59 PM

how come my weight loss tracker thingy doesn't show tenths... I entered my current weight at 214.8 and it shows that I am 214.

Joni135 04-04-2007 05:01 PM

Late start...

Cassi - you hot, knife wielding momma!! So cool about the size and weight revelations...I too got goose bumps reading your post. I just realized why you don't start school until AFTER Easter. You cannot wear white until after Easter...get it...LOL!! Post the picture before you get too busy (but wait till after Easter!!)

Nicole - okay - changed my mind again....stay home and just blog all day long....you make my day girlfriend. I was just reading your interview stuff...truly amazing. Lord knows what kind of money HD shelled out to come up with those interviewing tactics. And like so many folks have said, you are way overqualified and I guarantee the folks at my local HD weren't given that kind of interview. I think the employees at my Home Depot had to play a game of hide and seek and if you got found you don't get the job (in other words, I can NEVER find anyone to help me there, which is why I go to Lowes more than HD lately). Your shout out to Wendy II cracked me up. I wound up watching AI last night and voted for...Jordan, Gina and Melinda. The guys are not doing it for me. I liked Chris..but he's gone.
Also, I don't do too well with the longer challenges....my attention span is only good for so long. I have a little personal challenge with Juliemarie that goes for a few weeks....then, I'll need another one...so I'll count on you joining in on that one.

Juliemarie...I'm watchin ya!

Kristen - funny fix for your bangs...sounds like something I would do! You didn't really do that, did you? Hope my girls looked ADORABLE for their picture!! I just realized...your "claim" that my darlings were having tantrums could be a result of your caffeine withdrawals.....Don't people hallucinate when they give up their drugs? Oh, and you wouldn't know what to do with yourself without seeing your babies for more than two days in a row......I'm not falling for the "lent kids out for Lent program." Oh....tell me what happened on TBL challenge Kristen...did you win? did they ever come up with prizes or was it just a pat on the back? Either way, you sure did great!

Katie (Repo) - okay, no more CSI shows for you!! You played out that scenario for Nicole a bit too professional!

Shannon - good line back to Dan..."It actually says DON not Dan. You're safe." You're funny too!

Welcome Roxie...is Roxie your real name....or do you prefer to be called Roost! Actually, Dan and Jason are our resident Roosters...the rest of us are chicks!

Megan - very cool about your kids.....you must be doing something right!

AI talk - if Sanjaya makes it another week (and he probably will), I swear I'm going to make a Sanjaya voodoo doll (with the mohawk hairdo)! Cassi, can I borrow your knives?

Kim - keep your bunny...it's only for a few more days...he's cute.

Wendy - sorry your job is sort of sucky. I have moments with mine too, but after reading about Nicole's horrific interview, I don't know if I feel like putting my resume out there. My DH just got a new job and he's thrilled with it (of course it's all still very new). So, best of luck to you too.

Hi Lettie - welcome back and congrats on the TO loss.

Letisha - yes I'm watching DWTS too; I don't vote on this one; I'm not bowled over by anyone...YET.

juliemarie 04-04-2007 05:04 PM

I think that if you want your tracker to show tenths-you have to use a tickerfactory one . . .I think . . .

zambejaly5 04-04-2007 05:04 PM

have any of you seen the sanjya song on You Tube? check it out:


juliemarie 04-04-2007 05:06 PM

Joni-I thought Gina did well last nite too-I love the song Smile . . . .I've always wondered why no one had sung that yet . . .but they sure dogged her. Don't get it.

zambejaly5 04-04-2007 05:06 PM

if that link doesn't work for you, (it didnt' for me) go to youtube.com and enter

sanjaya anthem

in the search box. too funny

Joni135 04-04-2007 05:08 PM

Allanah - congrats on the new job!! Hugs to the furbaby. Hope that you, too, will soon have someone worthy in your life. Not that this is necessary, but sometimes it's just fun to share stuff with another two-legged somebody!

Wendelina 04-04-2007 05:25 PM

Oh man! I can't tell you how much the funny comments and Cassi's story about her chef whites made my day today. Thanks folks!! I really needed the pick-me-up!!

I'm feeling so melancholy -- I can't stay POP, I can't make the scale move, and I STILL haven't gotten back on the treadmill. Maybe the challenge will help motivate me again. I need serious help!!

Love to all.. gotta run

Mama Nicole 04-04-2007 05:42 PM

WendyII......you are not alone my dear :)

juliemarie 04-04-2007 05:48 PM

<singing in a really high voice> I always feel like-somebody's waaatching me . . .

juliemarie 04-04-2007 05:59 PM

AAAhhhh! Free food! Free food! So not free . .

A rep just came through with his big giant drawer o candy . . . .good candy. Sitting here eating my apple . . . . . . mmmm apple (trying to convince myself it's better than peanut butter cups!).

Man-I sound drunk :D

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