LAWL Losers and Friends - April, 2007

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  • Everyone has been very AI quiet today so I'm gonna start the chatter. What was your take on Sanjaya last night? I found it sad that even Ryan was crackin on him. Since it seems to be that he stays no matter what, who do you think is going?
  • to Deb & Cassi!

    WTG, Nicole, on your interview!

    And Dan...oh my...that avatar is EXCELLENT!!!

    Deb, I'm gonna PM you for zee cooookbooook...I need to get out of my rut!

    I've been avoiding the COD this week, but haven't really strayed off plan too badly since the weekend. The at-home sclae is sitting still and hasn't budged since Sunday. I'll go WI tomorrow or Friday and am hoping to see SOME good news, even if it's only a teeny bit of good news.

    In happy kid-bragging news, my two kids were the only ones who got 100% on their latest Young Marines test. W00t! They received cool USMC lanyards in recognition of their efforts. *hugs herself* My kids rock!
  • Ooh, AI-chatter! I'm betting that there are enough people on the keep-Sanjaya-bandwagon, that he'll be around till it's just him and the 4 really good singers. I'm thinking Phil will go home tonight, probably. I'd say Haley, but her sternum-baring dress bought her a few votes, I think, heh. I couldn't even look away from the sides of her boobs during the interview. I was just boobs....they're just....OUT THERE. Wow.
  • Congrats on everyone's great losses and NEW SIZES (my personal fave).

    Cassi--I'm with the others (they just beat me to it) about a photo--bet you are cute as a button in your whites--do you get a big puffy hat at some point? The chef/culinary arts teacher at my old school was great about being addressed as chef and he always wore his hat--even in the student/faculty ballgames!

    Isn't shopping in a new department the best? I bought my Easter dress in the Junior department at Dillards (didn't even realize it--they keep moving everything on me!). I've decided while I will never be a small girl, this whole size 10/med/large things works for me!

    Looks like we will be having another photo challenge--maybe for Easter--except Cassi still has to post a pic in her new stuff.

    Hi to all. I have some hellions--same ones as usualy really--5 boys!! Still have the one whose parents have decided to take him off meds--cold turkey--he's a real joy. I think they should take him off on May 25th (yes--the day after school is out!).
  • Quote: I'm up for a Memorial day Challenge. It's 7 weeks after Easter. What do you all say?
    Haven't participated in one of these yet, but I'm game.
  • i'm betting Phil goes home. Sanjaya-man, he's so bad it's PAINFUL to watch him. He's smile gives me the heebie jeebies . . . . .

    Debster-I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for a 160'sCOD WI . . . .
  • Nicole-I flat out told the SW that I didn't do most of the exercises in the workbook but did read it all. She just laughed and thanked me for letting me know-and we just talked about all the topics. She's pretty cool-she totally understood my issues with the questions . . .
  • I'd sign on for a Memorial Day Challenge as well...I did agree to do the TBL one, too. Challenge me up!!!
  • Thank you Deb for the cookbook. It will definetley help with staying POP!
  • What's the "TBL" challenge?
  • Quote: What's the "TBL" challenge?
    The Biggest Loser . . . .different forum.
  • Hey gang...

    I'm up for a Memorial Day challenge.. But I'll wait until after my birthday challenge.. That will give me an even 20 lbs. to goal.

    By the way.. Liz is very busy today, but she did a WI this morning and is down another pound to 177... Looks like she's battling slowly but surely through her plateau...

    On another note, I've been told that the Santa Fe COD I've been going to on Tuesdays and Thursdays is shutting down those days.. They only have one staff member at the moment while the other is on an extended leave.. So starting next week, my WI days are going to be all messed up...

    Oh well...
  • Dan - sounds like that is happening to a couple of centers. Haven't heard anything about mine yet....

    OK, Memorial day challenge it is.... I'll kind of miss my little bunny though....
  • Good afternoon, everyone!! I skimmed through the posts to get an idea of what's been going, but don't remember enough to do personals. I did see that Nicole had her interview. Sounds a little intense for a cashier interview to me!! I cashiered at a grocery store during college, and my interview lasted about 5 minutes, and then they said, "When can you start?" I guess things have changed! Today has been pretty good. The weather is nice for now, but a cold front is supposed to come through tonight and highs will only be in the 50's for the next few days. Also, I had Mexican for lunch today and did pretty good. I got the chicken fajitas and didn't eat the tortillas. I just topped the meat, onions, and peppers with lettuce and salsa. I also saved both of my starches so that I could have some mexican rice. I've been having to drink lots of water since then; however, because it was SO salty!! Oh, and I didn't have ANY tortilla chips!!!

    I need some good vibes from all of you because I am so unhappy at my job right now. Last July, I almost got laid off, but was offered the position in my current group at the last minute. My group is supporting a new account, and at first, I was excited to be doing something new and different and to be in on something from the beginning. However, everything is so unorganized and uncertain, and either our management doesn't know what the heck they are doing, or they just suck at communicating. People are leaving the program left and right, and just last week, our direct manager left. Now, our Sr. Manager is expecting us to fix everything that is wrong and work miracles in just a couple of weeks. Anyway, I've updated my resume and am looking for something different. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

    Hope everyone has a great day!!
  • Hey there Skinny...............oops, I mean Wendy.........we will all cross our fingers for you. I bet it is soooo hard to stay OP at work when things are out of whack. I know I would be snacking......but you won't. You have done soooo well so far......and you are sooo close to goal. You can do this