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Repo girl 04-04-2007 09:05 AM

Kim- Oh, no. Not naughty of you at all. Maybe you better fake sick so that you can lay around in your jammies all day!

Kimphin 04-04-2007 09:08 AM

Oh yeah, JM - the Mahi Mahi - sounds delish - is it posted here somewhere? Do tell!

Hi Katie! - Then DH would hover. He really is wonderful, just not when I vant to be alone! See - and then the Catholic guilt would set in and I would feel bad and not enjoy myself. I'm such a head case!!!!!

Oh, and I never finished my other post. I'm up .8 - Boo. I need to change my Easter challenge - what is our next mini challenge? Memorial Day? I signed up for the next Biggest Loser challenge - Kristen has inspired me.

Have a great day chicks and roosters!

ElleofALady 04-04-2007 09:26 AM

Good Morning all!

Katie- Good luck with TO. Hopefully, this will help move some inches for you.

Kim- I know what you mean about that blank time. My husband still watches me brush my teeth and we've been together seven years. Sheez. Just enjoy the day with him anyway. You know how easily their feelings can get hurt. Poor Men.

Kristen- Awww...picture day! I know your little ones are going to look so cute. Why did you mention Cashew Nut? hmm... Now I want some cashews. I guess I'll eat an almond or two after WI.

Everyone else have a POP day. Oh yeah, did anyone see Barbie and Ken get the boot last night? Shandi acted so surprised...


KrispieD 04-04-2007 09:27 AM

Katie I'm on the floor with your multi tasking answer for Nicole.. god Oprah's audience would demand we become a regular segment if they would let us on the show.. I'm going to call her! What's her number.. anyone???
Nicole for multi tasking tell them about all the ability to clean up poop, pi** and vomit all while maintaining a clean and sterile home and being able to prepare a wonderful POP dinner for yourself and another 2-3 dinners for you children with all different tastes.
Okay stayed the same at WI today so will paint off 1.4 lbs today as I have to WI again tomorrow since they are closed on Friday. Would be nice to get goal before as I started the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and could end before Easter.. I just want to get to stabilization so I can only have to WI twice a week!
Hope everyone is having a good day and look forward to more of your anecdotes!!

PS Dan I heard Rush is coming out with two new songs for the tour...
Shake your Salt All Over, and Sodium..It Makes me Crazy!!

equinetcan 04-04-2007 09:55 AM

Nicole - I hear ya about the interview. What you had is the behaviour interview and that is what most interviews are these days. That's what I had last friday too. That's why I hate them so much. I would rather the staright forward ones that would actually enable you to show what you know and are capable of doing the job in question.

No news on my position yet but I am not optimistic. The day just started and I expect to hear something before 5.

I'll be back later!

juliemarie 04-04-2007 10:39 AM

Kim-I don't really have a "recipe" per se . . . .it's just a really easy way to cook most any type of fish-salmon, mahi mahi, tilapia . . .

I take a big sheet of foil on a cookie sheet-put an entire bag o spinach (it REALLY cooks down-it's amazing!), some tomatoes, or onions or zucchini, whatever you like . . . .place the fish on top and drizzle just a bit of low sodium soy sauce on the spinach. Add some of your favorite seasonings or some lemon. Put another sheet of foil on top and seal the edges-bake around 350 or so until it smells really good. About 30-40 min.

I tend to buy the pre-marinated mahi mahi or tuna steaks at TJs-just add a fat serving for the olive oil that in there.

Tastes great and best of all-you just toss the foil. I'm lazy like that. Plus the fish is more steamed than baked and it's really tender and flaky.

kicker_RN 04-04-2007 10:40 AM

Morning all
The chicken pizza was delish!! Even my DS who doesn't like chicken ate it. I couldn't find turkey pepperoni so I used tofu pepperoni. Of course I didn't let my DH or DS see the package or they wouldn't have eaten it. :D But they both loved it.
Hope everyone has a POP day!

juliemarie 04-04-2007 10:40 AM

Oh-I didn't lose another 2 lbs. . . .but I am down .5 lbs . . . .

Boo'sMom 04-04-2007 10:42 AM

Kim--I totally understand--I think we all need ME time. The last time I took a sick day (ie:mental health day) the school nurse called and my youngest failed her 3rd hearing test, then an hour later my oldest wiped out on roller blades and they thought her wrist was broken! Remind me to unplug the phone next time--LOL.

If the "giving up your kids for Lent" thing works out I will be converting, too.

Okay--back to work--just had to drop in.

Nicole--the interview was a joke--I have never heard of such!

LittleBlueCat 04-04-2007 10:59 AM

JM - Your fish recipe sound delish! I think I'll try that tonight :) Thanks for the idea :hug:

Kimphin 04-04-2007 11:02 AM

JM - I think I remember you posting that 'JM special fish" before. Sounds really yummy - and... I'm with you, the faster the clean-up the better! I'll give it a shot tonight ( haha, after all my complaining about wanting to be alone, turns out DH is going out with some friends tonight! I'm all better now!)

Lea Ann - well, that's exactly why I feel so guilty about wanting to be alone - it's not like I have kids! I really admire you guys for not losing your minds!

Mama Nicole 04-04-2007 11:26 AM

Thank you all for agreeing with me on the ridiculousness of my interview.
Katie......yeah........I am sooo with you on your mutli-tasking answer. When I was telling my sister about the role play question.......and I'll give you the highlights of the senario.......my interviewer instructed me that when she looked up, the scene would start........so of course, I said, "hello, how can I help you....", and she went nuts on me........"Well, I have been here for over 30 minutes, and have not been able to get any help......I am here for this grill which you have advertised in the paper........yet it is no where to be found. I still need to get to the market, as I have a dinner party later tonight.........so, why on earth would you advertise a product that you don't even have??????" So.......after telling my sister this scene.........I told her, all I really wanted to reply with was, "F*&# You very much, have a nice day," and walk out of the stupid interview. LOL. Of course, that is not what I did.......I apologized to the 'customer,' and assured her we would find her grill, that they were on the overhead shelves, and that I would remain there with her until the fork lift came to get it down for her. Give me a break. Common sense, right? LOL Whatever.

Kristen.........I about died laughing about your Dad and his poopy present demands as well. LOL. Really. You must get your sense of humor from him. So far, DS is still doing well. Isn't it such a wonderful thing when they finally do it???? I just keep reminding myself that at any time, he may regress, and I may be removing toxic waste from any surface.....and that if that happens.....we will survive. It seems to help me keep it all in perspective then.

So, Joni......I am very curious to see what you think of my "behavior interview." You know........I almost wanted to laugh at one point. I sure hope they couldn't tell........oh well.

Ok, my friend, the laundry, is calling out................(that was for you, Joni)....and the boys already headed downstairs. I will be back in a bit :)

MomOfThreeTeens 04-04-2007 11:27 AM

LOL the serial killer story had me literally laughing out loud at my desk. The kids looked up and said " Whats so funny"? LOL

Consultation for the TT went great yesterday. I loved the Doctor I saw. Surgery is scheduled for May 22! Wooo hooo! College graduation for my Oldest son on May 11th, highschool graduation for my DD on May 18th then surgery on the 22nd! I think by that time I'll enjoy a few days being a bum in bed and letting them wait on me! LOL

Hope everybody is having a great day! My weekend totally sucked! Chips and dip were my evil monster this time! I just couldnt seem to stop sticking my hand in the bag. I'm gonna blme it on TOM. I dont usually have such a hard time resisting the junk. Oh well like you all say, today is a new day!

Mama Nicole 04-04-2007 11:33 AM


Originally Posted by Kimphin (Post 1638945)
Nicole - OK, Home Depot goes through all of that to hire their employees? I mean , honestly, you are so over-qualified to work there it isn't even funny. Of the hundreds of people employed at the 3 HD near me, there are maybe 5 of them who know their a$$ from a hole in the drywall. With what you know just from personal experience you would be head and shoulders above most. Corporate hooey, that's what you just went through. LOL you probably know more about their products than the HR person! Ooh - I'm so mad for you - DO NOT feel bad! I'm sure you aced it, but now I don't think they deserve you. SO there.

Two days to go for spring break. Thank you, Lord. I'm the only one here next week, and I'm so happy about that! (I'm serious) SO - you all are going to think that I'm awful - but I have Friday off, and when DH realized that, he took it off too and I was like "Damn!" I really wanted the day to do my own thing. I know that sounds terrible, I really do love him, LOL... but we tend to do everything together.... I wanted some blank time. Argh. I sound like a whiny b**ch, but now my day will be running around doing 'projects'.Boo. I wanted to read a book.

Kim..........first..........THANK YOU.......you said just what I needed to hear.........it is so creepy.......like we share the same brain......LOL. What did you call it.........4 arms, 4 legs, one brain.....or something like that......anyway...........that's all I could think as I left the place as well.........and this is how bad I am...........I was thinking, "man, out of all the fu($o's that have ever tried to help me when I have shopped here............how on earth did THEY pass that interview?????" All I can think is that they all took drama in school........cuz it was just weird.

And......as far as wanting to be alone...........I don't think you are terrible at all. I LOVE TO BE ALONE. I never get bored when I am alone. I don't think it happens for many of us, whether we have children or not. Even when I didn't have kids.......I was rarely alone. I hear you........and I really hope you get some of that precious chill time.

Ok, really going to check on boys now..............sure hope they didn't paint the basement or anything..............

Mama Nicole 04-04-2007 11:34 AM

WHOOHOOO, congrats Kim#2............sooo excited for you.....and so glad you love your doc :)

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