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Debbie on LAWL
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Dan, Dan, Dan....The new avatar totally cracked me up. I need a bigger version to print out and post on my fridge!

Kristen- Your new bangs really got me! It's totally something I would do and then spend the next 2 days trying to get it out only to make it worse. Yep that's me!!!

Cassie- I can't wait to hear all your chef stories! I hope that we can be your first customers. I would totally hire you to cater an LAWL friendly function.

Nicole - Who says you have to accept the position if you interview?? Just a thought :-)

I was dreading the COD today, TOM is here and I just knew I would be up but to my surprise I was down 1.6lbs!!! Yaaaay for Buddha! My counselor was a dud - I think she was severely depressed....didn't even crack a smile or ask any questions....but hey I was down and I was outa there!!!!

Tonight I wanted something chocolate and gooey so I nuked a chocolate crunch bar and then topped it off with a dash of Lite whipped cream.....sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy!

Congrats to all you -2lbs and all those who stuck to it today...WE CAN DO IT!
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just a quick check in...i got on my home scale this afternoon and it was @ 229.6..I broke away from the 230's! But I know with clothes it won't be that way at WI on thursday..but at least i saw it and i'm pretty much there! whooo!
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oh and're freakin' hilarious! love the new pic! my dh calls me the sodium police at home too. i'm such a stickler for too much sodium.
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Lara on LAWL
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Hi everyone...well, I feel a little sheepish! I have been lurking for a little while. I needed to get back on plan and I learned that when I am active with you all, I do great!! But, when I am not so active, I do not so well!! So I PM'd Deb for the cookbook, but it was the WRONG embarrassed was I? Anyways, where's MTDebster? Hmmm?
And, I didn't open a separate screen, so I can't remember everyone's info, so here's my attempt at personal.
Dan - I love your avatar. That is hilarious!
Joni - That was a funny April Fool's joke...I totally believed it.
Kaite (?) - Yay for puppies! I think we are getting another one (our third, but they all weigh less than 20 pounds) from a rescue near here. I love dogs!!
Cassie - You could start a LAWL friendly restaurant! I hear cha chings!
Deb - The Budda pic rocks and I am jealous that you wen to HI!!
OK, that was all from memory...but there are some people that I definitely felt their absense...Pearl? Evette? that other guy that comes around once in a while (see, I really am a lurker!!)
Oh, and who is ready to start a Memorial day challenge?? I need a challenge!!!!!!
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Hi Lara - don't be a stranger. It's no longer allowed. LOL. If you need Deb's cookbook, PM me with your email addy and I can send to you. It's a zip file.

Dan - Liz is free to make this her new avatar!!
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hey all Wanna hear depressing? My best friend had a baby 6 days ago (so cute, not depressing) and weighed a whopping (SARCASM HERE) 155- today she weighs LESS THAN ME- DANG!!!!!!!!! Her normal is like 118, shes a little shorter than me, but HOW DEPRESSING IS THAT? Im struggling with a few pounds, shes almost back to pre preg weight -although still looks a little pregnant and yet, STILL LIGHTER THAN ME- WAHHHHHHHHHH (LOLLL!!!!!!)
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The pizza was great.

Dan- I need to type the time I finished replying, you were Mr. Sodium Police! How funny is that pic!?!

Tomorrow is WI at COD. Hope this losing streak keeps going. That is all I will say.

Off to watch DWS. Am I the only one to watching? I hope Barbie & Ken leave tonight. Maybe even Clive/Clide...

Good Night!
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Let's try this again . .
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Dan- Love it! That's a keeper . . .

Well-so far so good today. Got treated to lunch at Applebee's by a rep-had a salad . . ..did a spinning class (rubber legs!), came home and had a snack-and figured I better get on the computer so I don't rummage for more food before I make dinner-my "famous" foil-wrapped mahi mahi with spinach and tomatoes .. . . .

Wonder if I can lose another 2 lbs by tomorrow . . . .

Lara-jump back in-that's what I had to do. I was in denial for over a month.

Debbie-nice loss!
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Hey everyone........ the avatar. It's perfect.

So......I had my interview........yeay me...I went. I almost didn't.......but DH came home early so that it would be less stressful for me to leave (love him). The interview was "interesting." I had gone over all the basic interview questions in my head throughout the know, the "why did you apply here"......or, "what do you feel are your strengths/weaknesses," and, "why do you feel you are qualified for this position," and all that fun stuff......only to find out that when I got there, 10 minutes early, that the HR manager would say, "well, it's going to be about 20 minutes......." I was a bit put off at first......but I was I figured I'd better not judge just yet. Also.........wouldn't this give me a free pass to be oh, about 20 minutes late if they hired me???LOL Anyway..........after about 30 minutes (apparently, my time is not as valuable as hers is..........oh, yeah, do you see my attitude...LOL)........I was seated in her office with her and her scheduler. So, they seemed friendly enough to me............although neither extended their hand when they greeted me. I found that odd, but forgot about it until just now. Anyway............oh, sometimes I even irritate myself at how long it takes me to get to the point of my I was saying...........the entire interview consisted of 9 essay questions that I was to answer orally. That's all.....nothing less, nothing more. I sh** you not. Now, I realize it has been a long time since I have interviewed for a job........but I really expected just a bit more substance than that. I will give you an example of one of the questions........Give an instance of a time when you had too many things to do in a set amount of time, and you knew you could not get them all done...what you did to rectify the situation, and how did it turned out? Please be specific. Now.......I was somewhat impressed......until about the 6th seemed to get a bit old to me............because it was WAY too over the top for a cashier postion. Also........I felt almost silly answering sooo many of the questions with instances of being a SAHM. I wasn't embarassed (I take a lot of pride in my job.....if you don't know me yet, I am the world's most women's libber SAHM) just felt a little redundant. I kept thinking.........this is what everyone deals with EVERYDAY.......we all have to prioritize, and make choices, and be time efficient, and multi-task, and what not. It ended with a role play situation, where I was the sales associate and I had to "handle" an angry customer. Oh, yeah, she read the entire drama out from her little pamphlet......which she recorded my answers to the essay questions on, in her words, not mine........and I had to assist her. Oh, and part of the game was that the store manager and assistant manager were both in an important it was all me. She further instructed me to just "make anything up" about the products she was asking about........cuz they didn't expect me to know their products............they just wanted to see how I would handle an angry customer. All I could think was..........does this happen on the sales floor all the time???? LOL. Anyway......I guess I didn't realize that I was applying to be the next president of the United States of America................I thought I was just going for cashier at this point. I know, I am bitc**ng a's just funny to me. The last time I was hired for a retail job, I got hired on my intelligence (a math test) and character. The last time I was applying for a job.......the managers who interviewed went with their instinct.........not a personality test. It's's like people stopped thinking......and having common sense. Anywhoo........they said they would let me know by friday. So that was a little I have never applied for a job that I was qualified for, and not been offered it on the spot. But, it is good to be humbled every now and then. It is also good, cuz then I have a lot of time to decide if I really want the job.........thank you all SOOOOOO much for your support on this today. Sometimes it's really uncomfortable to step out of your comfort zone..........right Cassi??????

And Joni..........too funny.....your quotes from my posts..... I don't really know what will happen.......guess I won't know until they make me an offer. You would think they would have given me SOME sort of info on the job, so that I could decide if I wanted to work for THEM, right?

WendyII....did you hear me calling........I stuck my head out the window, and yelled as loud as I could........"get your fat a$$ on the treadmill WendyII in Tropical Minnesota!!!" If the neigbors didn't already supsect my insanity.......they do now.

Ok, must watch AI now.............I"m sooo's like the highlight of my day.....LOL
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Default are hilarious! love reading your stories. i wish you worked at my starbucks. it's a super fun place to work!
hope you get the outcome you want on the job.
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Hey everyone. Trying to keep up with all the posts. Sounds like everyone's been losing. I go for WI tomorrow and hope to keep the streak going!

Nicole, re: your interview. Whew! What a lot to go through for a cashier's position! I'm proud of you for going because it is a big step (I'm a SAHM who just started working again last year - I don't consider it really working though as I help my friend who manages a store here and only work during school hours, still take all holidays, including all summer off to be with the kids). I went for a "real" interview this past summer and it was eye-opening for me too. I guess a lot has changed in the interviewing process. Good for you for going It's always a learning experience!

Hope everyone has a good night -- I'm off to watch AI!
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Lorraine on LAWL
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Hi all!
Sorry about being MIA for so long. Never fear, I'm still gaining and losing the same pound I've been losing and gaining since Christmas. I've spoken with on of the counselors at the COD and she's going to contact the dietician about it. Let's see what they have to say.

Kristen - I am still dying laughing about your father and the potty money! You tell the story so well I can almost imagine myself being there to hear the conversation!

Sorry about not posting any personals... life has been so crazy I'm still trying to catch up here!

Have a great POP day everyone!
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Lorraine you are too cute! How nice to see a photo!

Well for those that heard about me sticking my bangs on the wall into white primer I found a solution.. I painted the first coat of color last night, it's called Cashew Nut so a very soft beige.. since I'm a blonde I think I'll just brush up against this color and it will look close to my own! Hmmm cheap fix for highlights.. maybe longer lasting!

I'm up early as DH was out last night, gone this am for a meeting and I have to get both girls up and to school for 'picture day'. Heaven help me get two perfect pony tails on the little one and some ringlets on the big one
And for all those keeping count.. and I know you are... remember only3 more days until I can have the coffee again that I gave up for Lent! I hope the Easter Bunny drops Starbucks gift certificicates for me.. he can keep the chocolate but I'm going to live at the coffeeshop next week and drink lattes every day.. okay decaf and non fat.. but to me that is still coffee.
Next year for lent, after reading about all the hard times moms have down the road.. and I thought I was dying right now with the tantrums... I will now officially declare that I am giving up my kids for Lent.. so Aunt Joni.. I'll let you know when the 40days are so you can ready their room and mark it off on you calendar!!
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Kim - IP 9/10
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LOL -Kristen you are killing me. I think the Pope decried giving up your children for lent a few decades ago, back when my Mom tried it. Sorry. Now you have low lights to go with your highlights! Just think of the money you have saved!

Dan - LOVE the pic. You crack me up! Now we need to get you a badge.

Nicole - OK, Home Depot goes through all of that to hire their employees? I mean , honestly, you are so over-qualified to work there it isn't even funny. Of the hundreds of people employed at the 3 HD near me, there are maybe 5 of them who know their a$$ from a hole in the drywall. With what you know just from personal experience you would be head and shoulders above most. Corporate hooey, that's what you just went through. LOL you probably know more about their products than the HR person! Ooh - I'm so mad for you - DO NOT feel bad! I'm sure you aced it, but now I don't think they deserve you. SO there.

Two days to go for spring break. Thank you, Lord. I'm the only one here next week, and I'm so happy about that! (I'm serious) SO - you all are going to think that I'm awful - but I have Friday off, and when DH realized that, he took it off too and I was like "Damn!" I really wanted the day to do my own thing. I know that sounds terrible, I really do love him, LOL... but we tend to do everything together.... I wanted some blank time. Argh. I sound like a whiny b**ch, but now my day will be running around doing 'projects'.Boo. I wanted to read a book.
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Morning all!

Kristen- Giving up your kids for Lent? Okay, now I need to find religion. That seems like a super plan! Catholic, right? LOL.

Nicole- Maybe you should have lied to them, started playing out serial killer scenarios. "Well, this one time, I had 5 heads in the freezer, and the cops were on their way to my house. Instead of panicing, I tore up the floor boards in the nursery and stuffed them all in there. By the time the police knocked the door down, I had a batch of banana bread in the oven, and they did not suspect a thing. I think that this a great example of how quickly I can move under pressure, react without panic, and multitask."

Dan- Too funny!

JM- Way to get back with the program. Your mahi mahi sounds wonderful!

I am on limited TO with bars the next 2 days. I already thought that I was starving to death on gold, now this! Ah, well, I am sick and tired of tight pants, so this should be my ticket!
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