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Cassi - you continue to show us how absolutely brilliant you are. In all honesty, if I could figure out my passion, I would at least try to pursue it, but I'm just not passionate about anything. I guess I need professional help to figure this all out....would I go to a life coach???

Kim - funny how you remember what your brother said ALL those years ago!! Humor must run in your family.

Juliemarie - sounds like you and I had pretty much the same kind of "binge" month. I will confess to discovering this Cape Cod brand of potatoe chip that is called something like Robust Russets. In all honesty, one day I was craving ruffle type potatoe chips and picked up a small bag at the mini mart. Well, "russets" didn't mean ruffles. But, all the chips in the bag were dark...I used to call these the burnt chips in a bag of regular potatoe chips and it was like finding a piece of gold if you found one. Well, this Cape Cod russet chip is a whole bag of them. To die for, and if I continue to eat them the way I was, I will die from them! I was down to 153 before my February vacation and when I hit 160, I decided enough was enough. I'm back on track. And suffice it to say, I was hungry when I went to bed last night but I did not give in. (Still haven't PMd you your challenge, but I will. I see that you put 211.8 as your pre-trip goal; that'll work).

Nicole - My best friend has five kids and when her youngest was in school all day (first grade, I guess), she went and got a job paying minimum wage at a Williams Sonoma store because she LOVES to cook. She really did not need the income, but wanted to (a) do something she enjoyed (b)get the store discount (c) interact with adults (d) put something on her resume other than wife and mom. She's been there about 5 years now and still enjoys herself and takes a lot of pride in what she does.
Go for the interview and then just follow your gut. Your boys may still need their momma for right now, but in a couple years you may be ready.

gotta work......gotta go find a life coach....
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LAWL Salt Police
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Where is everyone today??

Well, no change for me at WI, and I guess that's a good thing.. We weren't exactly POP this past weekend so I should count my blessings..

Have a POP day, all!
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Wendy II
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Me too I guess. I haven't been pop this past weekend.. and was sick all day Saturday (darn bottle flu!).. so the fact that I didn't lose anything at WI shouldn't surprise me. Would someone please help me get back on my treadmill???
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Cassi - Thanks for reminding me that you have to do what you love. Kim's response totally sounded familiar. I felt the exact same way when I was still in Hi Tech. I used to tell my husband that every day I spent there was sucking a little bit of my soul away. You have no idea how relieved I was to get laid off. That's when I knew I was going to follow my dream and start my own business painting and organizing. Of course, we have had to downsize. We sold our more expensive house - bought one for half the price - paid off all our debts (cars, CC, etc.) so we would only have 1 cheap mortgage, and had to move further out of the city. But so far it has been worth it. My stress level has diminished (which I really think is helping me to finally lose weight) and I am not so miserable that I don't want to get up and go to work every day.

You are an amazingly smart woman to know that you have to follow your dreams and the rest will come. I truly believe that. It is hard work, but it is gratifying. As they say, "Follow your bliss".
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I tried a recipe from Deb's cookbook last night. It was fantastic! I tried the Lasagne in a bun. My DH loved it, my DS liked it but is not big on ricotta cheese. I had leftovers so sent them with DH to work. I am trying chicken pizza tonight. I have been struggling maintaining lately- just too many nibbles and such. I will recommit to being POP to get the couple pounds that I have put on. Things have been rough here- my 17 yr old DD (maybe evil is better ) decided she didn't want to continue with culinary school so she quit college then decided that she didn't want to follow our rules. So she moved out with her bf.
We have told her it is all a mistake but she thinks she knows it all. My DH & I are heartbroken needless to say. I think it hurts my DH more because she was always daddy's little girl. So my eating has been a little rocky.
Enough of my whining- hope everyone has a great POP day!
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I remember that girl now Nicole. She was still in the recovery stage and doing well!

Shannon- to answer your question, the TT is needed more for me from having 3 c-sections. The first because my baby weighed 11 pounds 1 oz. With all that stretching and a vertical incision my doctor told me my stomach would never be the same. I could weigh a hundred pounds and my stomach would still look bad. Thats the reason I decided on the surgery.
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Kim - IP 9/10
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Originally Posted by LottaMe2MiniMe View Post
Kim - funny how you remember what your brother said ALL those years ago!! Humor must run in your family.

Years ago? He said that to me last week!

Actually he was a terror, not a comic. One time my sister was making a cake and I was watching and he walked past me and fed my pigtail into the beaters. Yup, sucked me in right up to the scalp! (He denies all knowledge of this)
I got off easy compared to my next oldest sis. She has a metal plate in her head because she kept asking for the hammer. He gave it to her, overhand thow. Of course now that I think of it, she CAN be a pain.... LOL.
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Sorry I wasn't able to pop in yesterday, but we were really busy at work. Still busy today, but I wanted to share my good news from WI. Somehow between Thursday and today, I lost 2.4 lbs!!! I don't think I've lost that much in such a short period the whole time I've been on LAWL. The best news of all is that this puts me in the 130's...and only 9.8 lbs. from goal!!!

Well, back to work I go. Hope everyone has an awesome POP day!!
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what's going on in the USA??? Everyone is losing two pounds!!! If I lots two I would hit goal.. but I think I may have stalled it..*entering confessional*
had a great POP day yesterday, was a tad hungry but measured and ate everything, then after dinner.. BOOM... some sick monster in me headed for the last of the mini smartie boxes that were left from Halloween. and ate 4 of them!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't keep any junk in the house but had those for the girls.. so not only did I cheat but with their candy!!! GASP!!! *Slinking under a rock*
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It's mine for the taking
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Katie and Joni and Juliemarie Or should I call you the 2lb club? Congratulations to each of you on your losses!

Katie The puppy is so cute! What is his name?

Juliemarie I had a bad month too, and I too can use any excuse and feel like my cheating is justified. Its never too late to stop it and turn things around though. Ill give you a confession in returnI ate a cheeseburger and onion rings last Friday. Makes me wonder what I would have lost if Id skipped that little cheat.

Jillian Hope the meds help and you feel better. Its lousy to feel like crap on your day off.

Nicole Good luck at your interview! Im with everyone else, Id go for sure, even if you dont accept the job. That way you wont have p!ssed them off if you decide later that you should have gone.

Cassi I admire your decision to change careers too. For me it would be a bit like the alcoholic working the bar, I dont think I could resist BLTs nevermind whole meals. My friends parents opened a little breakfast/lunch place in an office building. Perfect hours5:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m. Monday-Friday since the building is not open on weekends. Id love that!

Barb in BC Im sorry things are so rough with your DD. Shes young and impulsive, Im sure shell come around after a little venture out into the big world.

Wendy Way to go on 2.4 more lbs. You are doing so great, youll be at goal in no time!

Kristen If 4 teensy mini m & ms stall your losses, then there is no god. About stealing candy last week I said to DS Soon, the Easter Bunny is coming to our house and hes going to bring chocolate for you! and he said, for you too mama!, and I felt guilty knowing how right he wasIll be stealing an egg or some bunny ears for sure!
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Cassi….debt sucks. That’s all I have to say about that. Both DH and I have some pretty hefty student loans to pay off…….and I am not even finished with school yet. But you know…..student loan companies are a lot more cooperative and nice than other finance companies. If you are not working after you graduate…..or not making enough $$$, you can usually get student loan payments deferred. My stay at home status keeps me from making those payments right now…….and it’s a darn good thing. It will be soo worth it………even if you have to pay on it for a long, long time. You just cannot put a price on happiness.

Katie……….your puppy is soooo cute. I so wanted my kids to experience puppies, but my dog has never conceived. It’s ok………..I am busy enough as it is……..but I totally remember that experience from childhood…….and it was incredible.

Jillian……so sorry that you have allergies……I do too…… just sucks.

Nashville Debbie………soooo good to have you back…… your Buddha picture. My kids all call their tummies their Buddha. My fault. LOL.

All the talk about surgery and the skin and all that………..there are really no subjects that I know of that are offensive to anyone here. We pretty much talk about it all. I would have a TT in a heartbeat…….but I am too scared………and cheap. Someday, I may change my mind………and it is purely for vanity reasons. I have never had a flat tummy……or even close to a flat tummy, even when I was a size 4…..and that would fulfill a life dream for me. So, please, don’t ever be afraid of offending anyone with a question or concern……..if you are thinking it…someone else is too.

Kim….one time, when I was about 8 years old……I walked into the bathroom, only to find my favorite Barbie, hanging from the fan/light……….by her hair…..with a nice slash across the back of her hairline……so she appeared to be hanging by her scalp. Brothers are idiots. LOL. I love mine. Both of them.

Thank you everyone, who encouraged me to go on the interview. I do need to get out of the house……and Joni…..your list of reasons is exactly my list of reasons………..but I am a bit nervous. Mostly of how things will go down here………DH isn’t exactly the world’s best housekeeper. He is a bit spoiled. But so am I. It would definitely be a learning experience for both of us. I will go to the interview…..and decide what I want to do later…….if they offer me the job that is…..LOL.

JM…….I would be exactly where you are with the eating thing if I were in your shoes. I eat for every reason. My dad is having a knee replacement next week (I will be in Wisconsin), and he has had a few surgeries over the last few years. Well, my sister and I eat at the hospital to pass time. We are really just pretty gross. Last time dad had surgery, the stinkin cafeteria ladies recognized us, and gave us the employee discount,. They told us that when they see the same faces for a few days in a row………they know a family member is in rough shape……..and that is one of the ways the hospital tries to make it a bit easier on the families. Pretty nice of them……..but that is just too much for me to resist. Sis and I have had many discussions on how you feel about food when you are in the binging state. It’s like you start to eat something because it tastes good……and then….you HAVE to finish it…….even if it kind of hurts your tummy. It’s like some fatty devil takes over your brain and forces you to do it. And for me……all it takes is one bite of something off plan. It doesn’t happen every time……but it is a big risk every time. The whole cycle of it makes me feel completely out of control……and really just disgusted with myself. I feel completely unattractive and well…….just kind of sad. It is not a good place to be for me………so, if that is anything at all like how you were feeling……….the only way to break it is to get OP……and it’s not even about the pounds anymore…….it’s about getting control back. So, as I read that back, I realize that I sound completely crazy…….and most likely you don’t feel quite that way……….but we all do to an extent, I think. So, even though I just made a big old speech, what I really want to say is……….I am glad for you that you are back in the game J Also……I used to wash and fold my newly expected baby’s clothing many times during the last month or so………..and hold them up to my face and smell them…….and….you know. We are so excited for you!!!

Joni…….a life coach………you know, my DD’s counselor has that printed on her business card………..and the name of it almost makes me giggle a bit……but dang…….couldn’t we ALL use a life coach???? I know I could.

Hi Wendy II……..I am glad you are feeling better J Now, get you’re a$$ moving on that treadmill!!!!

Barb……I am so sorry to hear about your heartache with DD. My DD is 16 ½………and she struggles a bit……and you know, it is sooo bizarre to me to think that she is almost an adult………I just don’t want to let her go…….EVER. I empathize with you my dear……and please, whine away…….that is why we are here!!!

Hi Kim#2

HOLY CRAP WENDY!!! WTG…….you are withering away before our very eyes! WHHOOOOHOOOOOO!

Miss Kristen………it will be ok. 4 smarties is NOTHING. I’m sure you burned them up within an hour. Candy is the devil……for sure. And don’t worry………I didn’t lose two pounds…….I’ll wait for you, my dear!!!!

Hello to everyone and anyone I missed. I think of you all, and am continually inspired by you…….even if I don’t remember all of the names J

Ok, have to get something done here today……’s grey and rainy…….but the laundry is always there waiting for me………so I’m never bored!!!
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Let's try this again . .
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Nicole-I understood EXACTLY what you wrote . . . . .it's an awful place to be.

So last weekend I took all Josie's clothes to my mom's so we could wash and sort and decided what to pack. When I get there-with my 4 bags of clothes (seriously)-she asked me if I brought baby soap. I'm like, "huh?"

There's a lot of things I need to learn about babies-but I thought I knew how to do LAUNDRY for cryin out loud! Anyway-off to the store for Dreft and liquid Downy . . . .OMG-those clothes smell and feel so good . . . .
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Barb on LAWL
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WHAT COOKBOOK are you all talking about????????????
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Let's try this again . .
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Barb-Deb has complied a word doc of recipes and is willing to share it if you PM her with your email address . . . . .
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Hehe.. you all thought I meant 4 Smarties.. even I sclae obessed couldn't be that uptight.. it was 4 mini boxes.. and I did I mention the extra Lite and handful of gingersnaps.. Nicole your explanation of how you feel when over indulging is right on the nail.. you are so ticked off for even thinking of it, consciously aware when you are doing it and keep eating even when you should be done.. your 'full' button is shut off.. I used to have many many of those nights.. usually ending in some drive throughs and the convenience store.. now it still happens like last night but on a smaller scale. I think we talked on this board a few months ago about the Self Sabotage Monster.. when you are very close to a goal but then you go and cheat.. I'd love to take some psych courses to understand all the meanings behind that!
Nicole.. you can only take the job if it means we don't see any less of you.. do they have an overnight shift??
Joni.. you broke the girls' hearts.. I just promised them a handmade wooden carved Easter bunny from Auntie Joni!!

Keep at it guys.. I'm covered in paint splatters trying to prime a wee bathroom that we took 15 year old wallpaper off.. just stumbled and banged my head on the wall which has my bangs completely coated in white primer.. stop laughing Kim.... so will shampoo get this out and how can I get the paint off my hands without using turpentine.. I do have delicate skin ya know!!!
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