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Default former lawl'er here...the twins came!

Hey...this board has some serious turnover since I got pregnant with the twins, but I wanted to announce their birth for the few oldbies that remain. Some of you may remember my dad was killed shortly before I got pregnant with the twins. Well, one of them reminds me SO MUCH of my dad. It's really sweet.

I am cutting and pasting this from the pg forum because I am lazy:

"Ok, I am ashamed it has taken me this long to post this, but my boys Hayden James and Jackson Lane (aka Jack) were born 2/15/7. I called the on-call doc about really bad gas pains and he told me to rush to L&D (I was 37 weeks pregnant). I show up insisting I just have some gas pain, but then after getting on the monitors I see I am contracting every 3-5 minutes. Whoa. I had a pitocin induced labor the first time and was always told that was harder than labor that started naturally. WRONG. That pain was coming out of my earholes. I had sweaty palms and could barely talk for lip quivering and shaking. Anyway, they ask if I want to deliver and I tell them no, so they gave me fluid and sedation in order to try to stop the labor if it was false. Instead it organized my contractions so was hurried back for the c-section. Hayden came out first at 6lbs, Jack was next at 6 lbs 2 oz. I am giving them breast milk, but after a scare with a low number of poopy/wet dipes for Jack I started pumping...a lot. I am going to try to transition back to the breast at 3 mos. It's too hard to try to nurse twins and be a mom to a 3 year old boy and nursing babies this young kind of annoys me anyway...too floppy, too slow. If it were one I could handle, but two..NO WAY. We still practice nursing though to make sure they will still be able to when I try the transition. Downside: I gained 69 lbs and still have 35 lbs to go to lose to my pre-pregancy size. The doctor says I cannot try any sort of diet since I am nursing twins. Ugh. I notice I stress eat a lot when they cry (which is pretty much a lot of the time). Oh well! I guess I will be back over at the lawl board in a year."
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Mary, welcome back! Actually, I was just thinking about you this week and wondering if everything went ok. Do you have pics of the little ones?
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Huge congrats on the babies and a successful pregnancy. I know you're probably ran ragged with the twins, but I know you will savor every minute of them!!
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Mary--CONGRATS--double!! I am so thrilled to hear all is well--what big boys you had!! With 3 under 3 you'll lose your baby weight and then some in no time. Take care of yourself--let everyone help!!!
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Mary- I have been wondering aobut you for a while now! Congrats! And BTW, my guess is that those 35 lbs will melt away with the nursing. Dont't be a stranger!!!
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Let's try this again . .
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Mary! Good to hear from you-congrats on the twins!

Sounds pretty crazy around your house-I can understand the stress eating-been doing quite a bit of that myself. I call it my faux-pregnancy weight gain. I'm not going to change my ticker-I'm back on plan today to get rid of it. This last month is chalked up to a learning experience.

So-relax about the weight gain-you've got enough to occupy your mind!
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Mary.......Welcome.........I have not had the pleasure of meeting you........but from reading one of your seems like we would get along great. You just have to have a sense of humor when you are surrounded by madness (or kids, whatever you choose to call it). I take it you are a SAHM? My post baby weight never melted matter how many stinkin kids were under my care. I always did home daycare when I had little babies, except for my last one. I have 5 kids......but no twins. I always feared/loved the thought of twins. I cannot imagine it. I hope it is all going well with you.......and really, I admire your sacrifice........nursing twins. I always figured I would nurse......even if I had twins.......but I know it cannot be easy. YOu must either be pumping or feeding every minute of the day.......LOL. I know......probably not funny to you. I always hated waiting to diet until I was done seemed so unfair sometimes........but the benefit sure outweighs having to wait to diet. I am sure I have said enough...........we don't even know each other congrats on the new babies.......and I hope you get some breaks every now and then
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I had been thinking about you lately as well, and wondered how you were doing.
I highly recommend that you visit and visit their forum there-there are other women there nursing and pumping for twins, and they would be wonderful support for you.
Since you had a multiple birth, if you can, contact the major baby companies such as Pampers, Huggies, Gerber, etc. as well-a lot of them if you provide the birth information, will send a gift or discounts for a multiple birth.

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Congratulations on the birth of your boys !! How is big brother doing with his ne brothers ?? Congrats again !! Like Katie said - that weight should melt off in no time BF twins !!
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