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Once again differences in COD's strikes again! I am also diabetic so I can't do FF or TO, but since I am non-insulin dependent the LA Lites are acceptable. And believe me they love to push the LA Lites. The only good thing for me is by eating the Lites I get the chocolate that I want without eating all the candy bars I would like...

Oh well - now if someone could tell me how to count a sugar free cookie I would be a happy camper...
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The 8 Week Makeover is what they sprung on me today since I hit a plateau. The way she described it to me was that you buy 4 bottles of TO Juice; Do TO or FF for 2 days every other week and in between you eat the same number of exchanges but from a modified list of foods. Seemed like mostly light protiens and starches and mostly green, leafy veggies and only certain fruits.

I just couldn't see committing myself to that level of extreme yet. But I have lost 20 lbs. in the first 8 weeks on the program. I guess I am due to slow down a bit.
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Kansas - I don't think it's necessarily a difference at the COD. I just mentioned maybe she couldn't do the lites because she is diabetic. She didn't say insulin dependent or not. And since I am not diabetic I don't have any knowledge or experience with what their parameters are.
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I'm not insulin dependent either. I could not do TO or the supplements and they did try to force the LA Lites down my throat. My last visit I let them know I had NO intention of buying the LA they just started pushing the other stuff. Just let them know you are not going to buy them. I now have to do the shuffle to avoid buying the other stuff. Have a shake, have some soup, yada yada yada. I've been practicing all week. "NO...NO..NO THANK YOU...NOT TODAY...UH UH" How's that?

If my scale at home is any indication I will be dropping these shakes and the Kashi bars. I'm a bit nervous about the weigh in. I knew I felt bigger since I've stayed completely on plan for 2 days now. I think it's too much food for me.
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My grandmother is not insulin dependent, but they still said that she is unable to do the drinks bars, or any of the other products. She did not agree with them so I bought the stuff for her and she did great on the diet, but they did not know about it. Actually when she was on the diet her health improved greatly (Not to say this will be the same for everyone).
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